Breaking News: Cliff Richard’s home searched in child-sex abuse enquiry

Don't forget boys

The home of beloved Christian, Cliff Richard, has been searched by officers investigating historical child-abuse allegations.

Cliff has denied any wrong-doing and claims internet rumours about him are false.

Of course, he would say that wouldn’t he?

As a long-standing member of the sordid British Establishment, Cliff is used to having his misdemeanours covered-up by the police and Intel agencies, but it looks as if those days are well and truly over.

You see, without a shadow of a doubt, Cliff is being thrown to the wolves as a sort of wrinkled sacrificial lamb.

The powers-that-be are so petrified that the full extent of Britain’s VIP paedophile ring is on the verge of being exposed via social media, that they’ve had no choice but to dump Cliff in the most unceremonious of ways.

If Cliff falls, who really cares?

As he’s been the butt (careful) of so many jokes over the past 5 decades, throwing in child-abuse allegations will only add more ammo for comedians and provide a useful distraction from the more high-ranking paedophiles who have yet to face justice.

Whilst we’re all tittering about Cliff and his penchant for the Young Ones you can bet that many politicians, judges and members of the Royal Family are breathing a sigh of relief that the pressure is not on them.

Well we’ve got a message for the paedophilic scum who run this country from behind the shadows.

If you think the exposure of Cliff Richard is enough to stop the full truth emerging about your child-raping ways, think again.

Keep watching your backs you perverted filth.

Every single f*****g one of you will gets what’s coming to you.

It’s only a matter of time…



83 thoughts on “Breaking News: Cliff Richard’s home searched in child-sex abuse enquiry

    • What made me laugh was when Cliff said it wasn’t fair that the police had told the press about the forthcoming raid, but had never informed him! How utterly deplorable to treat a ‘SIR’ in this manner! No wonder the country is going to the dogs if this is the way we treat a venerable old wrinkled prune who is a National treasure, well, he looks like someone’s just dug him up anyway!
      I just bet Elton John’s arse cheeks are tightly clenched as he dashes around checking his collection of ‘Artistic’ pictures in case he’s next on the list!

      • I think you are confusing things. Who’s saying Elton John is a paedophile? There’s no crime in him being gay!

      • Oh dear yet another liberal dupe and I am confusing nothing.

        Sodomy is a crime in God’s eyes punishable by death, and was also a crime in the UK until the sixties when paedophilia was not the scourge that it is today. Yes it went on, but not like today. As sodomy has increased and sodomites have become more brazen with their anti-family heterophobe poisonous gay pride marches, so has paedophilia and that’s because most sodomites are pederasts. Now tell me EJ is not a paedophile. You’re OK ‘cos my other leg has got bells on.

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  2. Let’s not allow them to hang him out as the pound of flesh for all that happened at that B&B, they all need to be dragged out and made to account and it needs taking to the highest level. In cases like this we ought to have an international body when the mud is at the government’s door. We can’t trust an inquiry conducted by any of these people or their honchos. That poor woman was dragged to the ground and shot through the head, point blank, for being good someone needs to pay for that.

  3. The following is an extract from Cliff Richard’s (s)hit record ‘Living Doll’
    I have capitalised the lines I find most sinister

    Gotta do my best to please her
    Just ‘cos she’s a livin’ doll

    Got a rovin’ eye
    And that is why, SHE SATISFIES MY SOUL
    Got the one and only, walkin’, talkin’, livin’ doll

    Take a look at her hair, it’s real
    And if you don’t believe what I say, just feel

    • Somebody should probably pen a parody of ‘Living Doll’ and make it thoroughly disgusting…. Internet joke (in bad taste of course):
      Why is it that when Cliff sings about wanting an intimate relationship with a ‘Living Doll’, everyone finds it charming and endearing, yet when I get caught trying to f*** a mannequin in Debenhams, I get asked to leave sharpish before the Police are called?? — As usual, one rule for the rich and famous and one rule for the plebs!

  4. I totally agree with everything you say. The kids I worked with were not abused by Cliff but did say he was part of that circle of people. Let’s keep these perverts on the back foot. Thanks to the power of the internet the truth is closer than it has ever been. We need to keep up the pressure !

  5. Thank you for your efforts on this site. I read it regularly, but this is my first comment. I felt I had to say that.

    I ditched facebook a few years ago due to boredom with the mundane and trivial comments and photos. Having rejoined a week or so ago, with the intent of trying to ‘educate’ people, I see nothing has changed. People still refuse to join the dots and read anything other than banal comments and shallow banter. It certainly doesn’t do anything for my popularity, mind you I suppose I am past that stage, being branded a lunatic.

    It does make me despair, but when I see the commitmment on this site and other ‘alternative’ (real) news sites I realise that I have no choice but to continue.

    This is really about saying thank you.


    • Welcome to the lunatic club Mogs. We are growing in number exponentially. Must be an epidemic. One day soon we will look back and be very proud to have been one of the lunatics.

  6. How come Cliff’s good old gal pal coming from military background, Olivia Newton-John, hasnt said anything about the mess surrounding “the national prune” aka “Sir” Cliff?

    • ” The national prune”………………………love it! Call a spade a spade and a prune , a prune Christinne . Not only is a prune all wrinkled and nasty it sure plays havoc with the nether regions!

  7. He’s now a resident of Bermuda with a millionaire’s pad so he certainly did a bit of forward planning. His ‘bolt-hole” is just the thing his best buddy Charles Lynton likes to slip into whenever he gets the chance.
    I’m not sure what the place is called. Could it be Miranda’s Bottom or maybe Elm Lodge Hideaway. I’ve probably got those names completely wrong.

    • George: It’s actually Barbados, where his splendid Caribbean mansion – which he had built in 2001 and is worth £6million – is called Sugar Hill, if that is suggestive enough of a title for you? Don’t forget Cliff’s £2.5 pad in Sunningdale, Berkshire, England, and his Portuguese vineyard cum mansion finca in Albufeira in the Algarve.

      • Another ancient entertainer gets thrown to the baying hounds of public opinion. Will that satisfy the mases? Hopefully not. When is the Royal family going to be investigated? And Parliament? And the police? And social services? And why just the “historic abuse”? Why not the abuse they are all up to at the moment?

      • I know. I know. After a couple of glasses of rouge and every island looks the same. Once you type and send it you can’t get it back. Still it’s nice to know someone reads my comments.

  8. I have been working near Barnes and Richmond for a few years and our security comprised of mainly high ranking ex police officers who had retired from the force.I have been to social events and suspect masonic connections as there are with every force.Sir Cliff has taken out a Super Injunction banning publication of press reports linking him the the list of diginitaries involved at the Elm Guest House in Barnes.The celebrities included Sir Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith and many more suspects.
    Anyway the ancient policeman was sipping tea and Rolf was on the telly.He produced this rambling account that he was a Royal Protection officer and worked in the Vice Squad in the City of London, and I have seen trophy photos of arrests.He said it was rumoured there was another house in Richmond and Kittie was dropped off by his chauffeur.

    The Duc was also driving around in a taxi with uniform.The ex police officer remarked ,”He is a bad man.”What is that supposed to mean?

  9. i wonder do all psychopathic elite put names into a hat (big f**ckin hat at that) to decide who next to be fed to Joe public
    xx tks Coleman

  10. Hi, I’m ‘waking up’, have been since Christmas 2011. I’m Intrigued to know what some people have in common with others. Take me, I have a mate called Martin, me and Martin share a passion in Parrots. Say anything to a Parrot and the bugger repeats it. What other passions do you think may exist out there, you know, shared between two people?

  11. When I first came across this site I was rather dubious about its content, but now it seems to be correct on a lot of things and this makes me sad for a number of reasons. The first is that people we have admired are not what they seem, and although I heard rumours about Jimmy Saville in the late 1960’s ,it’s strange that so many people in the BBC never heard a thing about this creep. I was told stories about certain politicians but put most of it down to gossip. Just could not understand how the security services and the media did not do anything about it. Yet at times the Media did hint at certain activities of our politicians, and we thought it was a joke? Sad thing for many young people it was not funny at all and that’s the sad thing about this story. But it is not a story it was and is real and going on today. I feel like applying for citizenship of another country. The one’s I blame most are Newspaper owners who could have stopped all this but instead used for their own interests. Could a well known Newspaper proprietor be charged for withholding information to criminal activities.
    Here is a good link, well we were told about it,

  12. Ex-Greater Manchester Police officer jailed for rape of a child
    John Travis John Travis starting abusing his victim in the early 1980s

    A retired police officer has been jailed for raping and sexually abusing a child.

    John Travis, 63, of Turf Lane, Royton, was found guilty after a trial of two counts of rape, four indecent assaults and two counts of indecency with a child.

    Police said Travis started abusing his victim in the early 1980s when she was only 11.

    He was sentenced to 17 years at Minshull Street Crown Court.

  13. There has been an expose here in Scotland the daughter nolessof a very prominent QC saying that her father abused her and passed her around can,t remember his name but she said one of the men was Sir Nicholas Fairbairn a very top QC she named others as well the Lord Advosate McLuskey I think said he couldn,t believe it oh yeh a girl is going to accuse her father of this heinious crime but he can,t believe her,I would fcuk them all out into the North Sea.

  14. Coleman, keep up your good work — please — Don’t let these monsters get away with their filth — we as normal people must keep these vile people in the spotlight — and get them sent to jail for a very long time — not just 5 years and out in under 3 —
    life in jail after all they have ruined the lives of many young people. BANG EM UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY!

  15. As you will no doubt be aware, Coleman, the high profile nature of the raid on this ugly property in Berkshire has generated a bunch of new and previously unheard complaints against Cliffie. Should be interesting to see what ghastly fresh murk arises from the investigation as it gets up to speed. It seems every new perv uncovered generates a string of new complaints; cascade sort of effect. No one, no matter how outwardly respectable, is beyond this filthy and unforgivable behaviour, that much is clear.

  16. What is needed to help people understand the incredible depth and breadth of the Vile Inhuman Predators (VIPs) – a perversity that pervades our top echelons of Government, the Media, the Professions, Social Services, the Judiciary, the Police, Military, and Others, etc., is a WWW website which identifies…
    WHO: did what to whom (allegedly)
    WHAT: they did (allegedly)
    WHEN: they did it (allegedly)

    Action Required / Taken: by Police, Solicitors, etc.
    WHERE: are they now?

    With updated photo links included, it should be able to bring every interested person seeking justice, up to speed in a jiffy, as well as become a collection point for data capture.

    Anyone who posts an allegation(s) will be required to identify themselves with documentary evidence (passport, etc.) or via their solicitor, and this will avoid frivolous posters.

    There should also be a REDRESS section for the alleged perpetrator(s) to comment / acknowledge (via their solicitor(s)) that they have seen the allegation, and will take action, as desired.

    There could also be an (anonymous – except to the owners of the site) CONFESS section, for those who are sick of being tormented by their dreadful actions, and wish to make it known that they will hand themselves into the Police for action as required.

    The owners of the site would also invite representatives from each of the Professions / Law / Police / Military / Jo Public to sit on a review / oversight board, to aid transparency and help provide oversight. If any one of such attempted to interfere with the running of the operation, they would be named and shamed, and then shown the door.

    Would this be workable without becoming mired in controversy or even as a vehicle for a witch-hunt? Not sure, but it would be a start. And most important of all, it would need to be accessible and transparent in its operation. Not sure how that could work either, but, anyway, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    Pax y’all

    pax verbum

  17. That Billy Graham is another wrong ‘un. A craven, money-grubbing parasite of truly monolithic proportions. His dumb ass should never have been let into Britain where he has done no end of damage – if only to the wallets and purses of decent, god-fearing people. IF robbing vulnerable and gullible people is ALL graham is guilty of then that small comfort is to be welcomed. I fear something very much more sinister, though. You can’t help judging people by the company they keep.

    • Well said Mr Cheney. Mr Graham is an obvious player in the occult services. He has courted presidents throughout his working life and I particularly squirm at his “holy ” whitewashing of Clinton, who apart from his serial philandering, is implicated in a plethora of crimes against humanity. A must watch if you haven’t already………..

  18. good suggestion, Paxverbum. I have been thinking along similar lines myself. the main danger with ideas like this though is that they invariably get hijacked by devious, deceitful scumbags who offer to help but when entrusted with the responsibility make every effort in thier power to wreck the project and destroy all the evidence. you have to be eternally vigilant against such attacks.

  19. Bless you, Mr.Coleman. You’re doing a terrific job of exposing this previously invisible underclass of sub-human faeces. They will get what they’ve got coming alright. Even if not in this life then certainly the next.

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  21. People got away with these things for years

    Thank goodness for the international power of the internet

    Treat ANY threat to free communication on the internet with alarm.

    I still await the exposure of a still living former Tory MP from the Thatcher era who l have named him to Coleman. More arse covering in Tory circles will immediately follow, though l suspect has already started as it is called “REARguard action”

  22. As soon as you approach “the door” some other nonentity of a celebrity/entertainer is hauled in for questioning therefore keeping the door firmly closed for a while,remember the FBI sent a list of over 3.000 names of suspected paedophiles a lot of them from the establishment/law/police/army and who was the high profile arrest?I think it was Pete Townsend of the WHO another “entertainer” who was eventually acquitted as he was only interested in paedophilia for material for a book he was writing ffs and I don,t remember of any book re-lease from him on this matter.

  23. Perhaps CR is now earning his knighthood, either that, or they’re just using him to keep attention off the real paedophiles that are still active – Roman Catholic priests and nuns – Rabbis – Anglican ministers – politicians – judges – magistrates – police – social workers – you name ’em, the child rapists are still at it. No child in ‘care’ in Britian is safe.

    • I wonder if the RC Church ‘offed’ Dermot Morgan (Father Ted)…..he must have got up their nose.
      His sister stated in an interview “He wasn’t feeling great at the end of the meal and I went to the bedroom with him. He had had a heart-attack and I didn’t recognise it. “From my limited training in first aid I wasn’t sure exactly what was happening,” said Denise. “The symptoms didn’t match what the books said. I said to him. ‘I think you are OK’ and we went back to the table. He apologised for having left the room and the next thing he just collapsed. We tried to resuscitate him but it didn’t work. He had had a massive heartattack.”[10]

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  25. Excellent work. I have some further info, a photograph and a copy of an American legal document you might like to see. Is there any secure/private way I can get this info to you? Can’t seem to find an e-mail address on this site, but I provided mine when I made this post, so maybe you can contact me? Cheers.

  26. It’s all a diversion tactic. I see that SIR Michael Parkinson is throwing a hissy fit about the way SIR Cliff has been treated.

  27. The truthseeker co uk scored another triumph with its initial exposure of cliff richard and jimmy saville
    how do they do it ? I went to the pop festival secret garden party last month and they hada homosexual disco, where the security men on duty said bags of ecstasy tablets and other drugs were freely avilable, the homosexuals came out in groups
    and walking round were singing ‘ little boy are cheap today, cheaper than yesterday ; they were grabbing passing men and kissing them, and in the healing area which was deserted at night many of these men were having sex
    i have never been so revolted at seeing so much poofery. I know boy george has exposed e;ton john as a habitual boy-nobber, but i long to see this awful man in court

  28. The sun newspaper commissions a guy called chris cooper investigations to let them know if elton john and his bum chums were having it off with young boys, this chris cooper got into eltons home and took lots of photos and a video and pics from his home, where these are now we dont know, but severl times in the mornng young boys were seen discreetly leaving the house. the government is to blame for this by promoting homosexuality, remember this and vote UKIP and get the perverts out of office

  29. One ex intell man said that the whole of the eastern regional crime squad had to be disbanded, through funny hand shakes and mass boy-nobbing. Th squad based at rigg approach lea bridge rd leyton london, had one detective who rana pub in essex, he was very much on the take and was tipping criminals off who to rob, he was also a secret homosexual who was forcing young boys to drop their pants, this is known in the higher levels of masonry.
    Recently a retired policeman died and it was only when his will left a quarter ofa million pounds that questions were asked, david laws MP, freddie mercury elton john boy george paul gambacinni allan freeman and others were named in a homosexual ring that was abusing boys across the country

  30. Today’s news that a former schoolteacher, then Home Office Adviser on children turned out to be a founder member of PIE, will be of no surprise to anybody who was involved with the Tory party in the Heath/Thatcher era,

    “Men in grey suits” of whom you have never heard run the Tory party.

    This will not have changed now.

    Just as Cameron became party leader, I was told “Cameron is too stupid to be Prime Minister, but will be easily manipulated by those who are far too intelligent to ever want to be P.M”. This statement has been proven accurate with time.
    Geoff Dickens was one of those who could think for themselves and became shunned. “Instructions” went out from Tory Head Shed that he was not to stand for a second time in Ealing North, which he failed to gain because he was given very little assistance. A “grey suit” schoolteacher was then parachuted in as candidate, as Central Office effectively told the sheeple on the “Executive Committee” who to vote for. Coleman will reveal more no doubt when he checks the info l have sent.

    Others often fall foul of the grey suits. They are shunted into a backwater. Tory Head Shed doesn’t like anyone who can speak for themselves which goes back all the way to when Enoch Powell didn’t follow diktats from the “Torybunker”. There have been others since Powell and Dickens, Ann Widdecombe whether you like her or not, “fell out of favour” and her career was over. Once Head Shed gives you a black mark, you are politically dead, though Powell was the exception as he had a following of working class people.

    IF ONLY the Daily Mail reading sheeple knew the truth about the top of the Tory party, the Tories would be finished irrespective of the Mail again telling their flock “We must give them one more chance”

    Truly, that party is an abomination at the top. These grey suited clones pull strings, and Cameron jumps. I am certain that there is an undisclosed reason for Hague’s “early retirement”. Let us see what it is,

  31. ………..and as I said just now, These grey suited clones pull strings, and Cameron jumps.

    This why you are getting HS2 without any vote
    This is why you are not getting the EC referendum you were promised in this parliament

    Cameron is a puppet, but that is WHY he is Prime Minister.

  32. Below is the letter sent to Mr Cameron on the 2/3/16. The conference has gained much interest even to the fact of an international award winning documentary company will be filming on the day with International guest speakers to include police officers whistle blowers Doctors lawyers evidence of the corruption of the social workers with the evidence of the book given to grandparents also an international speaker on the sectioning of children under the mental health act Sue Reid journalist from the Daily Mail as a guest speaker, this along with many journalist from the media, this conference just may open the doors for the children screaming to be heard and justice for the families. SEE YOU ON THE DAY and together we can tell the Governments and Cameron we are at war.

    David Cameron

    10 Downing Street


    SW1A 2AA

    Dear Mr Cameron

    On the 21/2/2009 before you became the Prime Minister, I wrote asking you to give grandparents’ rights with a promise I would support your campaign to win the election.

    Both you and Mr Clegg via the media used my suggestion for votes, then when you became Prime Minister Grandparents went out of the back door.

    For your information thousands of grandparents whose grandchildren are in care are told by the social workers, “your grandchildren do not want to see you again”, then the grandparents are given by the social workers a book to fill in of their life, with the last page asking:-

    Grandparents are then told by the social workers we will give your grandchild the book when they leave the care system. The name of the book is (From me to you)

    15th June 2015 I personally handed in a letter to No 10 asking for the families of children in care to be allowed to write stories of (Families for ever storybooks) you ignored the suggestion. I wrote again in 2015 asking the same question, still no reply. I also wrote asking why are Prisoners allowed to write a story for their children so that their children can know they are missed and loved, and again you ignored me and continued to allow untold thousands of children to be ripped from loving families and grandparents, with thousands of children who then become lost in a system that states (In a child’s best interest) and yet prisoners are allowed to write stories of love to their children

    There are thousands of families searching for their lost children who were in the care system and with the support of ITV by their weekly documentary LONG LOST FAMILIES there is a little hope for some along with the Heir Hunters program with untold people dying, leaving thousands of pounds and no will. Then only after they have died does it come to light that they were all alone not knowing that they had been adopted or fostered and had families. Is this part of the lost generations.

    There is not one Monument in the UK to represent the victims of child abuse from and within the care system, again I wrote to you asking for permission for a monument and to say that Laura Lian a well know sculptress had designed a monument and to this day you still have not answered, so how can you continually tell a Nation that families are important when they are continually ignored as you have done so by not acknowledging replies to letters (In a child’s best interest)

    Yes Mr. Cameron you continue with your Tory friends to ignore our children who are a multibillion pound industry creating employment, who have for centuries been screaming to be heard and lost in the care system, but I will tell you that on the 23rd April 2016 I have organized an international conference with guest speakers from within the system, and police officers. Should any one in Government want to learn truth of the British child abuse, the conference is free of charge, if not I will continue via the conference and research to let the world know of the British child abuse because you will not.

    Yours Sincerely

    Maggie Tuttle

    The silent witnesses here lies the truth.

    Copied to

    The media the International media and many in Governments.

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