The curious case of Cliff Richard, Tony Blair and the VIP child-abuse connection

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It was comforting to find that beloved Christian singer Cliff Richard has friends in high places.

He kindly lent his villa in Barbados to close chum Tony Blair.

Cliff was so concerned that Tony was looking ‘haggard’ after starting the Iraq war that he took it upon himself to do a good deed.

It’s a little known fact that Tony and Cliff are employed on the sly as Mossad rent-boys.

They have no choice but to bend over on a regular basis for their Israeli masters.

Rumours abound they’ve even shared a bed together and passed on a myriad of STD’s.

Tony’s wife Cherie Blair QC is also close to Cliff.

She loves nothing better than to attend award ceremonies with Cliff and let the world know what a great guy he is.

They’ve often been joined by another pal, TV personality Melvyn Bragg.

Some voices have alleged that Cliff and Melvyn share a rather repulsive hobby that the average person would find sickening.

Other voices have alleged that Cliff is linked to notorious boy-brothel Elm Guest House and used the pseudonym, Kitty.

Yet others claim that Cliff is a person of interest to Operation Fernbridge officers.

Some have questioned why Cliff recently renounced his British citizenship and is now a fully fledged Barbadian.

Some have also questioned why Cliff befriended Jill Dando shortly before her death and was quizzed by the Met about her murder.

It may well be that Cliff will need a damn good lawyer in the not too distant future.

He need have no fear.

We’re quite sure Tony and Cherie would be only too delighted to offer their services.

After all : ‘One good deed deserves another.’

Is that not the Christian way?


17 thoughts on “The curious case of Cliff Richard, Tony Blair and the VIP child-abuse connection

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  2. Cliff Richard like many more is a Christian in name only but by their fruits you shall know them.

    Many (false Christians) will in that day say: “Lord, Lord, we did this and that in your name” and He will say “Go away from me for I never knew you.” There will be weeping, wailing and the gnashing of teeth as they are cast out.

      • Yes, thanks for saying so – they have no hiding place whether in Barbados or Israel or anywhere else for that matter or within their secret Freemasonic societies, for all will be brought out into the Light, examined and revealed for what it is and what they are.

  3. i worked witha man some years back whose son was one of the boy scouts abused by jimmy savile
    he wrote to the BBC and their solicitors wrote back and said speak about this again and we will sue you, the boys father then wrote several very angry letters to saville, and threatend him with exposure, and savile said you will be gettinga visit from freinds in mossad
    The boys father had two ex army pals whom i saw and i would not mess with them
    and they stayed in the house for several days, one day they saw 3 swarthy looking men get out of the car and walk towards the house, the lady answered and these men roughly pushed her aside and said they would smash up her home, but the army men were waiting and the mossad thugs took a real beating with rounders bats
    one of them was threatened with more and he sung like a canary, saville had mossad protection.
    The army men stripped them tied their hands behind their backs and dumped them off naked
    in stoke newington high st, having first taken close up photos of them naked which they said would be plastered all over everywhere, theboys father hada letter from savile which was just swear words and nothing was ever heard again

    • I am not a violent person and would normally never condone it but I have to admit that as a step dad and grandad, this tale warms the cockles of my heart. Again, I am loathe to admit it, but if there were more of this instant street justice perhaps our kids would be safer as our criminal justice system is a rigged joke.

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  5. There will be lots of stories about Blair before the next election because of Tory scum propaganda against Labour. Most of it about about Blair and Iraq as that’s about all the Tories have to use as propaganda against Labour. I always think all the people continuously going on about Blair and Iraq are Tory trolls, so people forget all the great work Labour did for the country after the awful Conservative years. Why else would they conveniently forget that John Major first made us the 2nd largest force to invade Iraq, and despite more British troops being attacked by USA friendly fire than Iraq, he committed us to staying in Iraq as the only other country with the USA to go on regular bombing raids until the 2nd war, so we were so deeply involved with the USA in the region we couldn’t have left if we wanted. Plus more Tory MPs voted yes to the 2nd Iraq war than other parties. It stems from when Thatcher virtually turned us into a state of the USA. Despite the Tories joining us into the European market in the first place when they thought it would only be good for their corporate donors, as soon as there were directives good for workers such as allowing enough breaks and holidays, Thatcher then turned us into USA state. Such as when she helped cause Lockerbie by making us the only country that allowed the USA to use us as airport to bomb Libya. Other countries made them fly around, and the Queen was upset at having such an uncaring PM. People only remember Iraq, but not the House of Lords reform that the Tories voted against, so their upper class friends could be paid for doing nothing, with expenses and subsidised parliament bars and restaurants. While at the same time the Tories voted against a minimum wage that Labour introduced. Plus more people than ever went to university, shorter NHS waiting lists. I could go on about things people forget while only remembering Iraq. They go on about Blair’s wife, who worked hard to become a barrister, while Tories employ their wives out of expenses to write a few letters.

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