Prince Andrew, Mossad, Mandelson and the Paedophiles

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We all know the Royals love to befriend paedophiles.

Quite why they enjoy the company of child-raping filth so much, is a complete and utter mystery.

According to the Mail, a bombshell court document proves that Prince Andrew knew about the paedophile activities of his close pal, Jeffrey Epstein, despite previously denying  any knowledge of his crimes:

” Three months ago, a solicitor called Jack Scarola walked into the vast art-deco county courthouse in West Palm Beach, Florida, and handed a 23-page legal document to its clerk.

Rubber-stamped Exhibit D, and intended to be used as evidence in a forthcoming trial, the neatly typed bundle of papers — which the Daily Mail obtained a copy of this week — offers an extraordinary insight into the life, and crimes, of one of America’s most notorious sex offenders.

It carries a transcript of a lengthy telephone conversation between Mr Scarola and a 30-year-old former resident of Florida, Virginia Roberts, who now lives in Australia.

Ms Roberts is one of scores of women regarded by U.S. prosecutors as ‘victims’ of the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Sixty-one-year-old Epstein achieved infamy in 2008 when he was jailed for soliciting under-age girls for prostitution. His downfall scandalised America due to both the high-profile circles in which he had moved, and the audacity of his crimes.

The billionaire had counted numerous celebrities, politicians and socialites as friends, including President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, businessman Donald Trump and supermodel Naomi Campbell.

In the past, whenever the Epstein case has been reported, it has been claimed there is no suggestion that Andrew was ever aware that the tycoon paid under-age girls for sex.

But in Exhibit D, Roberts alleges otherwise.

Asked whether the Prince would have ‘relevant information’ about ‘Jeffrey’s taking advantage of under-age girls’, she replies:

Yes, he would know a lot of the truth.’

Exhibit D will also raise questions about the alleged role in Epstein’s sordid crimes of Ghislaine Maxwell, socialite daughter of the late disgraced media mogul Robert Maxwell.

Ms Maxwell, 52, is a long-standing friend of both Andrew and Epstein. She is believed to have introduced the two in the Nineties, and was once pictured cavorting with the Prince at a Halloween-themed fetish party in Manhattan.

Since Epstein’s fall from grace, Maxwell (who was once his girlfriend) has also been accused of helping recruit under-age girls to work for the financier — allegations that she has always denied.

But in Exhibit D, Virginia Roberts goes so far as to claim that Maxwell directly participated in the tycoon’s abuse, and took ‘sexually explicit’ photographs of victims, which were used to decorate his home. It should again be stressed that the Mail has no evidence to support the claims made by Virginia Roberts in the document.

Last December the Sunday Mirror revealed how Andrew  paid almost pounds 50,000 to open up Sandringham House for a surprise birthday for Ghislaine Maxwell – almost as much as his annual Navy salary.

” He paid for entertaining from the pounds 250,000 he gets each year from the Civil List.

In the last year Prince Andrew has developed a taste for the high life. He went on an exotic holiday in Thailand and a trip to Los Angeles and New York, where he attended a “hookers and pimps” ball with supermodel Heidi Klum.”

According to Icenirising:

On 13th March 2011, the Mail on Sunday reports on Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean island, Little St James, and on his ‘little black book’ listing phone contacts.

Among those whose names have been linked to Epstein are:

Ehud Barak

Bill Clinton

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and his daughter Hannah

Lord Mandelson and boyfriend Reinaldo.

Ghislaine Maxwell

We now know that Ghislaine, the daughter of media-mogul Robert Maxwell, has been procuring children for decades, to be abused by VIP filth.

Some voices allege that both she and her father were employed by sly Israeli spy agency, Mossad.

Did they supply children for Britain’s filthy Establishment?”

The Aangirfan blog has reported on their links:

“Jeffrey Epstein was once presented with three 12-year-olds from France as a birthday gift”

” Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Robert Maxwell, is a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein who was jailed for involvement with ‘child prostitutes’”

” Former Mossad officer Ari Ben-Menashe reported that in 1986 Robert Maxwell tipped off the Israeli Embassy in London that Mordechai Vanunu had given information about Israel’s nuclear capability to the Sunday Times.”

” Does Mossad run pedophile rings?”

” Virginia Roberts worked for Jeffrey Epstein.

She has stated that when she was aged 15 “She was ‘given’ to men ranging in age from their 40s to their 60s.

They included a well-known businessman, a world-renowned scientist, a respected liberal politician and foreign head of state.”

Is Andrew aware of this international child-abuse ring linked to Britain and Mossad?

Why don’t the police call him in for questioning so he can tell them all he knows?

We’re sure he’d be only too delighted to help.


38 thoughts on “Prince Andrew, Mossad, Mandelson and the Paedophiles

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  2. It’s kind of like a natural continuation of the old slave trade for Jews like Epstein and Maxwell to take up rolls such as fixer and procurer of children for the abuse and enjoyment of rich old perverts. It comes naturally to them. And their so-called ‘Holy book’ (the Talmud) gives them carte blanche to ply this trade in gentile children. It’s only verboten in Jewish law if the children involved are Jewish (then they’re safe ‘cos they’re off-limits and enjoy a certain level of protection.) But non-Jewish kids are in terrible peril when they become exposed to vile individuals such as these two. The police and the CPS don’t give a shit and neither do the judges! I wonder why? (That last sentence is rhetorical – I know damn well why). DIY justice: that’s the only way forward when the courts fail us and the legal process is constantly de-railed.

  3. Maxwell, yet another scumbag who met an unexpected death. You’ve got to wonder how so many of us peasants can’t see the connections. He was ‘allowed’ to plunder the Daily Mirror pension fund as if it was his personal bank account . According to Wikipedia , ‘ He was given what amounted to a state funeral in Israel.’ No more to be said. Wake up people!

  4. Epstein also supplied boys, the Royal Protection team were all hoping Prince Andrew would not come back from the Falklands so unpopular was he with the protection team.

    They all knew Andrew was into very young girls, but they said at least it was normal sex and not with boys.

    Robert Maxwell I heard on good account had a special fund to pay prostitutes, called the Black Widow fund and some of this went to supplying under age kids.

    The singer Freddie Mercury was not Zoroastrian as claimed but Jewish, and he had many boys from Epstein, the time he spent with these boys, (many under age) was put down as ‘recording sessions./

  5. The police are unconcerned about threats from Israel to start a bombing campaign in the UK if Greville Janner is charged with over 20 counts of boy-nobbing.

    They say the law must be seen to be working and they don’t give a fig about the homosexual agenda. Police spokesman Paul Cason said if he escapes suddenly back to Israel its proof of his guilt.

    Read it here

  6. the battle against the march of the perverts is taking shape here.
    some years ago a close freind from the intelligence world that i knew for some years told me tha a jewish MP called Leo abse
    was bragging that soon the jews would be bringing homosexual perversion into the mainstream, where it would gradually become accepted then become the norm and eventually those men who went with women would be seen as perverts
    at the time i thought no way ! but the BBC was first to sack all its hetrerosexual comedians except for jack dee who agreed to curtail any mention of heterosexuality, the jewish actor Warren Mitchell has said on record that homosexuality must be encouraged and sex with young boys seen as normal. The jews tried to bring this in in germany but hitler had strict rules of child protection, and anti perversion, and thwarted the jews who are now bringing this hatred to us
    read this

  7. there is a saying in child protection which comes from thirties germany, that those who protect or associate with child abusers are themselves committung child abuse.
    Prince andrew married fergie who has always had lax morals, they both had a bad name in this regard, the queen mother alowed paul kidd and sir anthony blunt to bring young schoolboys to the palace for tea
    this i find disgusting in the extreme
    there was a rumour in close royal circles that the queen mother had asssited or taken part in child buse and jewish ritual murders with anthony blunt

  8. @ Catherine of 5:10pm.

    Andrew is not only unpopular with the Protection Squad. He is unpopular with nearly everyone he meets, has unsavoury business associates, and he is not even generally liked inside his own family (watch the body language between him and Catherine). But he now controls the national funny handshake club. He is THE organ grinder and all others are simply sycophantic monkeys on the greasy pole of self importance .His two freeloading, self-important, trollop daughters know they are untouchable (who would want to?) because of his protection. (Watch the body language between them and Catherine too)

    A VERY nasty trio, to be handled with exceptional care

  9. The emerging scandal concerning Operation Poppy hilights the extremely serious matter of senior police officers’ long-term involvement with paedophile rings. All those A/C/P/O scumbags with the scrambled egg on their caps will by now be busily working flat out over the fine details of the next obligatory coverup.

  10. I do family research and for some years have worked on peoples geneology
    I found i was related to a high court judge, the family split after a biiter divorce some years ago and we had not spoken to that side of the family
    However, I went to lunch with this high court judge and was amazed to learn how many are homosexual and users of young rent boys, the judge told me in discussing family history that these stories you hear about the english being a bastard race of all different nationalities was total hogwash. he said it was marxist propaganda and that only vikings and some hugenots
    came to britain and that it was only after W W 2 that we began frantically importing in people for the zionist agenda.
    I said i wondered why i never found anyone from abroad even when tracing families back a 1000 years
    i can tell you that fords of dagenham wanted to celebrate the years they had been in the UK and found some early photos to be publicised, but the politrical extremists insisted some black faces go into it so they could include it in black history month
    the doctored photos went out all over the country but an old worker from fords early days had the original photos and threatened to go the the press, so at great expense fords had to withdraw the photos and remove all the black faces they had included

  11. of course epstein and maxwell worked for mossad, every jew is told he must, faliure to do so can mean an early death
    Moshe solomons the broadcaster and musician gilad atzmon have both been told they exposed mossad and are on their list,
    the moshe solomons hour on conspiracy radio showed that gareth williams the homosexual welsh spy was killed by mossad
    and our people are too afraid of the americans so did nothing. the amrticans have been deliberateky bankrupted by the jews, all US wealth is now owned by israel who also now own most of libya iraq and a lot of syria
    its time the world stood up to the the zio.psychopaths

  12. Police are searching a Berkshire property belonging to Sir Cliff Richard in relation to an alleged historical sex offence.
    You are absolutely right Mr Coleman when you say the clock is ticking……………tick, tock. All those people to whom I related the Richard’s rumour and looked at me as if was mad, what d’you say now?

  13. Why is prince Andrew on the civil list. Why are we paying for paedophiles with our taxes?

    I see people getting more and more angry as the can of worms is opening wider. I hope to see the peasants revolt in my lifetime.

  14. I have nothing against Jews as Jews, my objection is purely to paedophiles, and the fact is that a lot of homosexuals are inclined that way. What is the actual evidence about Mandelson and Freddie Mercury being abusers of under-age boys? What was Epstein’s connection with Mercury?

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