The mysterious death of BBC DJ Mike Smith

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Former BBC DJ, Mike Smith, has apparently died of heart surgery ‘complications’.

None of his friends knew he was unwell.

He is the third high-profile BBC name to die in mysterious circumstances this year.

BBC comic, Rik Mayall, also died of a heart-related ‘incident’, despite his wife declaring on the day of his death:

At least we know it’s not his heart as he’s just had a check-up and been given the all-clear.”

Rik knew all about the paedophile ring at the BBC which is linked to government and royalty.

Presenter Peaches Geldof started to tweet the names of child-abusers linked to Ian Watkins.

Her close chum at the BBC, Fearne Cotton, used to date Watkins.

Peaches was soon found dead and a heroin-overdose story was concocted to cover-up her murder.

This was the exact tactic used to kill both Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence, who also knew about Savile and the paedo-ring.

Mike Smith claimed that he had to fend off the advances of male DJ’s when he worked at the BBC.

Many DJ’s linked to Savile were predatory homosexual paedophiles, including Joe Meek, Chris Denning and Alun Freeman.

Mike Smith and his wife Sarah Greene were nearly killed in 1988 when the helicopter they were in lost power and fell from the sky.

Their careers suffered and they were rarely seen on TV again.

By a strange coincidence, Rik Mayall was also nearly killed in a quad-bike accident and again his career never recovered.

Top BBC presenter Jill Dando knew all about the murderous VIP paedohile ring operating at the BBC.

She tried in vain to alert her bosses but was soon shot dead to silence her and warn other journalists to keep their mouths shut.

Jill was friends with Chelsea boss Matthew Harding who was linked to Mandelson and Blair and realised that Mossad was running blackmail-paedophile rings to trap politicians and celebs.

In 1996, Harding was killed in a helicopter crash when it lost control and fell out of the sky.

We recently published the following post:

If you thought for one minute that the BBC is, in anyway, as it appears to be, you’re very sadly mistaken.

Behind the comforting British TV façade, lies a paedophile network ,so vast and sordid it literally beggars belief.

It’s ringleaders are so dangerous that speaking out about the abuse can lead to murder.

The following high-profile names were all killed because they had knowledge of the child-raping ways of the BBC:

  • Jill Dando
  • Kristian Digby
  • Natasha Collins
  • Mark Speight
  • Kevin Greening
  • Paula Yates
  • Rik Mayall
  • Peaches Geldof

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Jimmy Savile was a lone pervert stalking the broadcast centre.

He wasn’t.

Savile was, in fact, working as a VIP pimp, procuring children to be abused and often murdered, by Royalty, Government and showbiz entertainers.

He managed to hoodwink the British public for over 50 years due to his close links to Prince Philip, the Secret Services and Margaret Thatcher, who were themselves up to their necks in filth of the highest order.”

” Without a shadow of a doubt, these high-profile presenters met their end because they had knowledge of the sordid child-raping activities taking place at the BBC.

In a strange twist, BBC children’s presenter Mark Speight was implicated in the death of his girlfriend Natasha Collins in 2008.

He subsequently disappeared and was found hanging in a disused section of Paddington Station.

We now know Rolf Harris has been arrested by officers from Operation Yewtree., investigating a paedophile ring at the BBC.

It transpires that Mark Speight had done a lot of work with Rolf Harris.

At Mark’s memorial, Rolf made an emotional and tearful address:

It was joyful to work with Mark.

‘I realise now that I never told him how much I appreciated his programmes.

‘You realise you should always tell people what you think, you should tell them you love them because it might suddenly be too late.’

Rolf sang Sun Arise, backed by a band complete with didgeridoos.

He also did his version of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven.”

We know Mark Speight did volunteer work for Childline and was one of their spokesmen and a high-profile campaigner.

Some say Childline is a “front” organisation used to filter out callers who may have been abused by VIP’s.

The coroner who held the inquiry into the deaths of Mark Speight and Natahsa Collins was Paul Knapman.

Knapman was responsible for many high-profile inquests during his 30-year tenure including the following:

He was heavily criticised for his bizarre and gruesome handling of the Marchioness riverboat inquest in 1989:

Chris Pond MP raised serious and urgent questions relating to the conduct of Westminster coroner, Paul Knapman.

He sought to highlight the shocking treatment of families of victims of the Marchioness boat tragedy by the creepy coroner.

For some unexplained reason, Knapman horrifically allowed the victims hands to be cut off and their body parts and tissues to be removed without permission and treated concerned family members with utter contempt.”

Knapman was up to his old tricks again when he claimed that BBC DJ, Kevin Greening, had killed himself in a gay bondage session that went wrong.

The murder of Jill Dando has remained conveniently ‘unsolved ‘ for the past 16 years.

Since 1998, we’ve heard various theories about possible motives for the murder including the involvement of the Serbian mafia or a revenge attack for her work on Crimewatch.

Were these theories merely red herrings, planted to throw investigators off track?

Most certainly, yes.

You see the brutal murder of Jill Dando was not carried out by a lone-stalker or Serbian warlord.

She was murdered by the British Establishment with help from sly Israeli intel agency, because she was about to expose the ring.

Jill’s close friend and confidante, Cliff Richard, has himself been named as a visitor to the notorious boy-brothel Elm Guest House, where vulnerable children were trafficked from local care homes to be abused by filthy VIPs.

Cliff was interviewed at length by detectives investigating the murder of Jill on several occasions.

Why was he such an important ‘ witness’ ?

Jill’s fiance, Alan Farthing, came face-to-face with Jill’s killer but conveniently forgot to tell the police.

Alan has since risen through the ranks of the medical profession and is now the doctor responsible for the birth of Kate and William’s new baby.

Was his promotion linked to Jill’s murder?

Jill’s colleague on Crimewatch, Nick Ross, recently said he’d watch child-porn given half the chance.

Nick is married to Sarah Caplan the cousin of Esther Rantzen, who is also implicated in the Savile scandal.

Caplan and Rantzen founded Childline which appears to be a ‘front’ organisation used to filter out callers who may have been the victims of VIP child-abuse.

Nick Ross founded the ‘front’ Crimestopper’s helpline.

This helpline conveniently stopped working following an appeal for witnesses to Jill’s murder.

There were many procedural ‘mistakes‘ made by the Met Police during their investigations.”

Top judge Lord Neuburger hates social media and wants Twitter to be state-controlled.

His wife Angela was a top BBC executive.

She was also the producer of Crimewatch and a close friend and colleague of Nick Ross and Esther Rantzen.

In 2002, Mike Smith became embroiled in a legal and financial battle with the agent of his sister-in-law, Laura Greene.

The agent was Jon Roseman.

Roseman’s most famous client was none other that Jill Dando.

How very, very strange indeed.

Is there more to the mysterious death of Mike Smith than meets the eye?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?




93 thoughts on “The mysterious death of BBC DJ Mike Smith

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  2. my brother used to work in the garage which serviced Jill Dandos car, he said she was a lovely lady and not just to look at,
    she was always so polite to the garage workers and always gave him a 50 P tip for himself, she spoke about how rotten and corrupt the BBC was but never any more than this tantalising bit of info.
    My brother said she was a favourite at the garage and very fussy about having the car valetted, my brother said he wondered if she thought it was bugged ?
    The saying that ‘all roads lead to rome’ gives you an idea of how much of the corruption goes back to jews, they run all entertainment , most DJs are jews, almost all agents, they run the BBC for themselves, and rupert murdoch is their man who runs the press. Jill did say she had an avid admirer who was high in the police force, but she was a one man girl and laughed.

    • That’s right, Carl. Most people think that DJ stands for Disc Jockey, but the original translation from the Greek equates specifically to ‘Dangerous Jew’. As we all know of course, it was no accident that in 1822 a Jewish scientist named Sigmund Bashevis Einstein invented the disc, which by the various nature of its round shape confuses anti-Semites as unlike the original Aryan creation called ‘the box’ they, by contrast, have no way of knowing where the disc begins or ends. Calculating Jews invented the disc as a means to an end: so that they could put songs on them to brainwash Aryans into buying Jewish products en masse particularly at key Christian festivals – e.g.”All I want for Christmas is Jews” etc. Having raised enough geld, the disc (which is a round shape) was then used to create wheels on IDF tanks which then invaded Gaza. Of course, this is often concealed by the MSM as in most photos of Israeli tanks the wheels and tracks are obscured by the desert dust.

    • How does the saying ‘All roads lead to Rome’ give an idea of how much corruption ‘goes back to Jews’? I would say that it gives an idea of how much corruption goes back to Rome, myself.

      ‘Most DJs are Jews’ – really? John Peel, Simon Bates, Noel Edmonds, Mike Rei, Chris Denning, Paul Gambaccini etc etc are Jews?

    • That’s a really racist comment against Jews and has nothing to do with this whole scandal. People abuse, murder and lie… doesn’t matter what their religion or skin colour

      • Samantha also makes the same point, but about Jews not the RC`s. It is no single group. The corrupt and pervs are found in all organizations, but obviously it is wrong to tar all in any given organization with the same brush. I never could understand why some people do that. Crazy.

  3. Around the time of the Jill Dando murder, the young singer Charlotte Church was tipped off that she was being ripped off by her agent a Jew named Jonathan Shallit.

    After Charlotte examined her documents it turned out she like 3 others were being robbed by Shallit, Shallit explained he needed to make a substantial donation to Israel and Charlotte took legal action to regain her missing money.

    Shallit warned her that he would ruin her reputation. Shallit then went on the BBC to explain what a nice man he was on breakfast TV not once but over several mornings.

    Charlotte then had several daily newspapers rubbish her in which they suggested she was a drunk, promiscuous and a has-been.

    At one point when she got out of a taxi a man rushed at her and lifted up her skirt so a photographer sitting on the pavement could geta pic up her skirt.

    This vindicteness upset Charlotte her family and fans, that a very talented and beautiful girl could be treated this way by the Jews who run showbiz shocked us all

  4. My uncle was a teddy boy in the long jacket and tight trousers in the early sixties, and he said back then Jimmy Savile was well known as a ‘queer’.

    Savile would often be called out to when he was playing his music at dance halls, and Savile would have a couple of bouncers strong arm the lad outside and hold his arms behind his back as Savile hit him with his heavy gold rings on his fingers, and stub his cigar out on boys heads.

    My Uncle Harry tried to find out who Savile’s manager or agent was, but could never find out as he wanted to tip him off about Savile’s behaviour.

    Savile was born on halloween and he said that gave him a special link with the dead, we only found out what kind of a link in recent times, although the rumours were always there.

    But Mecca dance halls knew as they had documents on what he was and so did the BBC, whistleblowers have spoken out
    about Savile from day one yet it took that fantastic article on the Truthseeker website to tell the public the day after his death to kick things off.

  5. I agree with a lot if what is written but not all. My husband was given the all clear four days before a heart attack with a cardiac arrest so was my friend’s father who died. Not everything is suspicious. 

    Keep up the good work. Marion

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  6. Apparently from the staement of one of the workers at the jersey care home, Jimmy saville was a regular visitor and often brought other VIPs with him to have sex with the kids, a woman cleaner known in early statements as “martha ” also said there were rumours of dead children buried in the grounds, this was denied ferociously at the time by the homes owners.
    She claimed those who spoke out were threatened to keep silent.
    It was Martha whose statements led the BBC to deny the care home was a haven for homosexuals

  7. Sadly I have to agree with Coleman that I did wonder about this when the news broke…and yeah, Marion, I had a close relative who died not long after apparently successful heart surgery, which was just very unfortunate ( another subject might be why they don’t publicise the ratio of strokes after such procedures, just the “success” stories- thus let people make informed decisions- but I digress)……. Not everything is non-suspicious either though and I was immediately suspicious of the news of this gentleman, Mike Smith’s. passing.

  8. hey marion windsor if that is true then sue your doctor for incompetence
    any alternative practitioner worth his salt would have spotted this

  9. The pic of Mayall and Fry together made me think of the doco on Fry’s manic depression, and how he is given to buying multiple “toys and gadgets”, probably more suited to teens than to grown men, and which he apparently buys due to some kind of retail compulsion to buy such gadgets as would ordinarily appeal to teenagers, or young men…if you get my drift…

  10. What you have to remember is that Mike Smith was young fit and slim, he did not eat junk and did not smoke ciggies, i.e. he was extremely fit.

    We know from whistleblowers that there are eletric guns which shoot a voltage charge which can stop the heart, the Israelis use these all the time.

    BTW whena Palestinian is taken into custody (even children), they are given a vaccination before release, this is to start diseases which will run through the packed communities which do not have drinking water.

    Sewage runs from Israel into Palestine daily, and doctors are arrested and beaten if they try to enter Gaza.

    The tunnels used to be for bringing in food bottled water and medical supplies.

    The Dr Patel broadcasts on this were very telling, now there are no aid convoys or tunnels so god help the people there.

  11. on another topic dont forget that Tesco supports the israeli terror, the people of palestine have no army no soldiers and few old weapons against the might of the USA supplied israel.
    The jews make us sick in every way, maybe its time we threw them out of the UK once again, cromwell let them back in
    we must treverse that and do NOT buy their produce its easily recognised by the 729 prefix on the bar code

    • To buy into the Ashkenazi Zionist image that all Jews support Israel is just silly – it is not Jews per se which are the problem, but as in prewar Germany, their own leaders fed them to the German wolves. Soon the Jews will be blamed for anything and everything and will be driven out of every country in the world, back to Palestine, and then attacked. The Fourth Reich is all about killing the Jews and the Christians, once and for all – and it will be German/Roman Catholicism at the fore as the World Religion, to go with the Fourth Reich World Govt, and the One World economy. And FYI, London is already rigged for detonation, as are many significant cities and sites int the world, and Israel called all her consular staff back home months ago. This, in the end, is all about the fourth Empire, Rome, which consumed all the darkness of those empires before it, vs Jerusalem. You may like to read the last two chapters of Zechariah’s prophecy concerning the judgment of Israel by God and the judgment of those who presume to play god and judge Israel…the 34 countries which conspired to divide the land and steal it from it’s rightful occupants will themselves be divided, and England, the instigator and abstainer from the vote, so it would be 33 to 13 with 10 abstentions, will suffer seven plagues, one of which will be nuclear. My impression is that the Rugby World Cup finals will be a critical time – look up the Westfield advert from 2011 featuring what looks like a nuclear explosion in the East End of London. Then remember how the Jew Churchill bombed the East End – yes, that’s right…he did…when Hess flew over, to stoke anti-German sentiments. They are all just as bad as each other…but avoid the trap of judgment, that is when you snare yourself by your own words…

      • According to Paul, a true “Jew” is one who is of the Spirit, and Israel is a spiritual dimension with an earthly manifestation. Or as Paul also said, “A certain blindness of heart afflicts a portion of Israel, until all the nations have come in in their entirety, and then all Israel shall be saved”, when the abomination of Jacob, which is the love of money, is removed in a day. He then went on to point out that God has combined all Mankind in the same or common disobedience, for all have sinned and fallen short, as in ALL, so that He (God), may have mercy, to ALL. Yep, I can read alright, and yes, the false prophets of Zionism and Christian Zionism are not to be trusted, as is also anyone who is trying to cobble together a One World Religion (aka Babylon).

        John twice quotes the Spirit as referring to those who say that they are Jews but are not and do lie and are a synagogue or congregation of Satan. Now, when Jesus said to Peter, “Get out of my face, adversary (satan)”, was He talking to Peter,who was opposing and preventing him with his all too human concerns; such as where will I be without you etc., or was He talking to the literal Devil?

        But wait, it get’s better, the anti-Christ Catholic Church claims its first Pope was Peter, and not only did Jesus choose a “Satan”, He also chose a murderer (Saul/Paul), a tax gatherer (Levi/Matthew), a traitor (Judas)…in fact, they were all a bunch rat-bag Jewish prophets except John, the apostle of Love, and Israel is the IRIS of God’s eye. What have we really learned of God if it did not come from the Jews and their antecedents? It is all ISRAEL sunshine, and the Israel of the Spirit is the kingdom of God.

        The last few lines of Colossians 2 inform us that Paul does not know why God has not granted certain folk repentance to the acknowledgment of the truth, such that they should recall themselves and so escape the snares of Satan, by whom they are captured at His will. Whose will? God’s will! In the OT, Satan is know as the vengeance of God, and in the Aramaic as the Policeman of this world…now do you see why God created the Devil?

        The antichrist mob are easy to spot, they are the ones who bring division, judgement and discord and who preach hell, no matter what religion they claim – hell is the backbone of Babylon, once you get free from that myth, it all begins to fall down

        Now, you were saying?

      • Totally WRONG. Israel is Britain (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) Her Commonwealth and Anglo-Saxon USA plus Norway, Iceland and Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Northern France, Finland, Southern Ireland and Switzerland.

        The British Gaelic and Old English tongues are Hebrew in origin.

        Ireland was once known as Ebernia named after Eber – Abraham’s forefather.

        The word ‘Jew’ is a misnomer and was first used in a London play called ‘The Rivals’ in the 18th century then added retrospectively to the KJ Bible and Shakespeare. So back to the drawing board for you on that one.

        Jews are Canaanites – The Tares – sons of the Devil literally and spiritually from Eve and The Devil and then post-flood Ham (Cam) and his mother Naamah (Noah’s wife) the sister of Tubal-Cain who produced Canaan who was cursed by Noah. Canaan being the fruit of that incestuous relationship and it rekindling Cain’s bloodline.

        The Jews are not Israelites. Jesus Christ was not a Jew, Paul was not a Jew, nor were the disciples apart from Iscarriot.

        Paul saying Israel is blind is quite correct and as you look around you at home, wherever that is, you can see it. Britain and America are Godless nations barring a few that The Father is calling to His Son. Many are called, FEW are chosen.

        I will need Scripture and verse where it says The Devil is God’s policeman. Yes He uses Satan when He wants to e.g. Job but I’ve never heard of him being God’s policeman.

        Now that’s what I am saying and that’s just for starters. LOL

      • If you look anew at the text which says many are called but few are chosen, in context, it is about one who is not fitly attired for the marriage supper of the Lamb, to wit, robed in self-righteousness, and who is cast out into outer darkness, where there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. The few who are “chosen” are the ones who are come in privily and uninvited to the feast! So, go read it again…and this time ask the Holy Spirit to explain it to you instead of trying to make it fit your own prejudices.

        As for the tribes of Aprim (the Northern Kingdom) being the nations you mentioned, that is a given, and the seed of Abraham is as the sand of the sea and the stars of the sky – innumerable and literally made of dirt and sunshine and of course, water. God is able to raise up children to Abraham from the stones – get it? You are not nearly as clever or as knowledgeable as you might think. I have Ashkenazim Jewish friends who very much hear from God, but that does not stop them being pricks, nor anyone for that matter…everyone has their own conversation with God, and He does answer us according to our own delusions…

        As to the parable of the tares and wheat, it is not about people being cast into the fire as sons of the devil – you need to become a disciple and then Jesus will explain it to you, but until then it will be a mystery…it is actually about your own inner issues, the tare seeds sown in your own life by others and how the good harvest grows up with the bad and that is why we are not to judge others, only ourselves.

        And God did not “use” satan to work mover Job, Job’s “satan” was his own fear – it’s called allegory. That is why you cannot go before God in payer and have to go through Jesus, for “satan”, the same “satan” Jesus rebuked Peter for being, is yet in you, and he is cast out of heaven and not allowed in, which is why Jesus goes before the Father for all Mankind, not just for some chosen frozen hell hounds. Get it?

        Jesus said that for every idle, or inoperative word, we will be judged. He also said that as we give to others that it would be measured back to us by others. He said that all judgment was committed to Him YET HE JUDGED NO MAN, and that ALL would stand before the judgment podium of Christ, and no man comes before God except by Him. Now, if you can work that out, you will see the mystery of how God is reconciling all things in and to Himself, and will cause all to stand before Him and to come into the full and complete knowledge of Him, even you…but how He shall divide all the hypocrites, those who divide between men and judge others. Yes Jesus brings a sword of division, to separate flesh from Spirit…and when we are as gods, judging the good and the evil, we judge ourselves…

      • WRONG YET AGAIN. The MANY are those who think they can ACCEPT a ‘Jesus’ as their savoiur i.e. on their terms – false Christians – they are called but NOT chosen. They are the ones not fittly atired – graceless Judaisers – salvation by works blasphemers.

        You then said: “and no man comes before God except by Him.”

        And NO MAN can come to HIM unless The Father Calls him FIRST:

        John 6:44 (KJV) No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

        John 6:65 (KJV) And He said, Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.

        IF you have: “Ashkenazim Jewish friends who very much hear from God” then the only god they are hearing from is the god of this world – The Devil and/or his demons.

        Unfortunately you’ve been taught a load of codswallop and you also twist The Holy Scriptures re the story of Job in order to turn it into intellectual nonsense and gross error.

        Paul sent a warning about people like you:

        Col 2:8 (KJV) Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

        “Jesus said that for every idle, or inoperative word, we will be judged.”

        Again you err satanically. Yashua Messiah was under the Law and spoke as if under The Law – He was not under Grace.

        Rom 8:1 (KJV) There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus.

        No condemnation – no judgement – a simple fundamental you have not taken on board. You’re too ‘clever’ for your own good.

        People judge themselves by their own words and actions – pointing that out is NOT judging i.e. coming to obvious conclusions is NOT judging.

        If you want me to teach you The Truth just click my handle above and that will take you to my blog – otherwise stop wasting my time with your gobbledegook posing as Scriptural knowledge.

      • Truthnotdoctrine, thank you for your reply. However, I am not getting into arguments about the rights and wrongs of different faiths, agnostics, atheists or any of that. My point is: all beliefs have adherents who are genuine, and others who are corrupt and use a faith for their own self serving purposes. Some people believe they have fairies at the bottom of their gardens. That`s fine, as long as they aren`t harming others. As for who descends from who in the hierarchy, I really don`t give a fig. The point is how people behave and not who`s the daddy, let alone the umpteenth grandaddy 3,000 years ago.

      • Hi Andy I am not getting into arguments either I just tell people The Truth, but they tend to argue back. Yes people have many faiths but there is only one TRUE FAITH – belief in Yashua Messiah the Son of Man and Son of God. All the other faiths are false – deceptions of the Devil.

        Ever wonder why Yashua Messiah called Himself The Son of Man or The second Adam? To let us know He was not a hu-man or a son of the Devil – a Canaanite or son of Cain.

        ‘Hu’ from the Gaelic tongue means serpent so a hu-man is a serpent-man, not a man. Mankind and humankind are totally different beings.

        You see, Andy, us men and women share the earth with these aliens or reptilians as David Icke calls them and he has been mocked continually for this teaching, but as it happens he has stumbled upon something that is also revealed in The Bible and is fundamental to our understanding of what is going on today in places of power i.e. The Rothschilds who are Canaanite (reptilian) Jews and the Vatican which is the Devil’s HQ on earth so many serpent-men there as well.

        The Jews have cleverly made the race issue like walking on egg shells, so all you have to do now is start asking yourself WHY???

      • Truthnotdoctrine, thank you for another reply but it is all off topic, and all that is beyond me. I view David Icke as a man who simply created his own religious cult to become rich, after he was laughed at by claiming to be the son of god and being laughed at in this day and age in Britain. Up to you and others if you want to believe in and spend your time and cash on it. Like I said, some believe in fairies an as long as it isn`t leading to or masking harm to others, fine. I think I will leave it there though as religious debating isn`t for me, and isn`t the topic of this website and forum. No more for me thank you.

      • Truthnotdoctrine, my `infantile` post was a sardonic quip. Clearly beyond your comprehension. Hitherto I have responded quite patiently and politely to your off topic replies, the subjects of which would be better appreciated on other websites that are suited to your particular beliefs. Please do not reply to any more of my posts. If you do I shall have to report that you are harrassing me for my comments. Hopefully, goodbye.

      • As long as Coleman has no objection to me posting here I will continue to rebut your nonsense and disinformation especially the fairy tale BS about Hess which I will respond to separately.

      • Truthnotdoctrine, in that case I shall do as others seem to, and not bother reading anything you write and ignore you. You`re a pest always having to have the last word – which means you will needlessly keep replying to my posts.

      • 7. “But I am telling you the truth, it will benefit you that I am going. For if I do not go, the Advocate will not come to you. For when I go, I will send Him to you. 8. “And when He comes, He shall instruct the people on sin, righteousness and judgment; 9. “On sin, since they did not believe in me; 10. “On righteousness, since, as I go to my Father, and you will not see me again; 11. “On judgment, since the policeman of the world here was judged. 12. “Again, I have much to tell you, except you cannot take it all in now. 13. “But when the Spirit of Truth comes, He will provide you with all the truth, not that He speaks of his own self; except He speaks [only] what He hears, revealing to you the forthcoming [events.] 14. “And He glorifies me, since He manifests what is mine and reveals it to you. 15. “Whatever my Father has is mine. That is why I said to you that he manifests what is mine and reveals it to you. 16. “Soon* you will not see me and a little later* and you will see me, as I will go to my Father.”

        OR, we need not that nay man should teach you, but the Spirit within will lead us in Truth. You are redundant, sir…and empty vessels, and vassals, make the most noise…

      • You’re obviously using a more corrupt version of the Bible than The KJV and that’s bad enough – and always a catastrophic mistake on the part of fake Christians.

        You definitely need a man to teach you as you’re obviously devoid of The Holy Spirit. Now what was it you were saying about empty vessels or should I say clanging cymbals?

        I also discern that Andy Reid and this Viasollertia are one and the same creature.

      • Doh! Your discerner is out of sync…I think…and the scripture I was quoting is a direct translation from the Ancient Aramaic texts, arguably the purest translation available,short of getting is straight from The Word Himself. FYI I am but a humble jeweller from the other side of the world, in old Blighty’s uttermost colony no less, aka Godzone, aka Aotearoa, aka the Land of the Long White Cloud. Let us simply agree that whoever needs to hear whatever shall do so and that by the Ruach ha Kodesh of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in the name of Eashoa/Yeshuah/Jesus, OK? 0(:->)

      • ALL translations are flawed and corrupted including the Aramaic and the Greek and it’s not the translation alone but, rather, the agenda based spin the reader puts on it – thereby polluting it through lack of understanding.

        As a JEWeller it looks like you’re still well and truly in the Jew World Order (Satan’s) system trading for profit (stealing) from your fellow man – time you found a more honourable way to earn a living.

        “Come out of her my people and be NOT partakers of her sins (debts) and of her plagues (punishments)”.

      • Now you are showing your ignorance – there is no etymological relationship between Jew and Jewel, although one may be tempted to construe such from Jew-El, It is like that silly school boy question, Is Ra El? I think maybe God has made these folk a stumbling block to such as you. And yes I know that the purest source is The Living Word. Last year, the Word warned me that soon the whole world would turn on Israel and that there would be a big double cross and not to have any part of it lest the curse that is upon all who judge Israel should come upon my household and that He could not stop it happening if I so chose to join in the pick circus. So bro, when your eyeballs are melting in their sockets, perhaps then you might learn to see things God’s way…which is of course much higher than that of a fool…and only a fool would judge Israel…

      • So there are no Jews in the diamond industry yeah OK LOL You people and your reliance on intellectual BS instead of simple dot joining and simple word connections. Unbelievable.

        A stumbling block??? The Canaanite Jews? The Tares? The Devil’s Seed? Fit only for burning at harvest time? I really do think it’s time you retired and counted all your money from your JEWelry trade.

        Turn on Israel? Who is going to turn on Britain and The USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand not to mention Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Finland, Sweden and Ireland? I hope they have got a large navy, airforce and army!!! LOL

        My offer still stands to teach you The Truth – when you’re ready and no charge.

      • Viasollartia, I don`t know where ynwu picked that up but it really is a lot of torh. My late father was in the S.O.E. and knew a bit about Hess. Rudolf Hess idolised Hitler and got it into his head that if he could broker a peace deal with Winston Churchill and Britain, his fuhrer would be SO pleased with him. So without telling Hitler, Hess flew here intent on earning great praise from his idol. Of course he never got anywhere near Winston Churchill. He actually believed that even if he failed, the British would allow him to secretly fly back to Germany where he could keep schtumand simply continue as he had there before. He had tremendous difficulty in believing he was to be kept as a p.o.w. When he eventually realized it to be true, he offered to covertly spy for the British if he were allowed back to Germany, quietly. Of course he wasn`t believed and was laughed at. Apparently, he did suffer from some sort of `madness`, and thatwas very quickly obvious. I should think that much could be said about nazis in general. So as not to confuse issues in one long reply, I shall respond in another post concerning the utter loyalty of Winston Churchill to Britain and ouq allies.

      • Hess coming to Britain was Hitler’s last of many attempts to make peace with Britain. He even offered complete withdrawal from France and the rest of western Europe as long he could persue his war with Jewish Bolshevik Marxism in the east.

        Churchill was a Jew and a Jew pawn of The Rothschilds as was Roosevelt.

        Churchill’s bodyguard was quoted as saying he was there to defend Churchill from British people not the Germans – that’s how popular Churchill the Jewish sodomite really was.

    • Hey Jew haters, why don’t you throw JESUS out of the CHURCH and the UK too since he was a JEW as well! How dare you throw ALL JEWS into your sick ideas! NO not ALL JEWS are Pedos or Illuminati NOR are ALL Catholics PEDOS PRIESTS NOR ALL MUSLIMS OUT TO CONTROL THE WORLD THROUGH TERRORISM! WAKE UP and stop being a NAZI, anti- semetics were defeated in WW2 because they were WRONG to hate a race for no reason whatsoever but some maligned Nazi propaganda! I can not imagine a world without Bob Dylan, Einstein’s theory of Relativity, the comedy of Jerry Lewis and of course the complete brilliance of so many like here: and how about Jewish intelligence, teachers, scholars, artists and writers like here: Perh the ignorant GOYEM could actually LEARN something instead of dumping all the problems on the world on Jews, what a completely ignorant and stupid assumption! Try learning WHO you are slandering and also what do you know about ALL JEWS?? NOTHING! How could you??? Here, try educating yourself before you speak your hate!

  12. Pingback: 05.08.2014 – News | ATTRAPPENJAEGER

  13. I wonder … did Diana know anything to substantiate the alleged involvement of Royalty in this VIP pedo ring?

  14. Hardly anyone knows it, but the overarching sculpture above the entrance to the BBC’s Broadcasting House building in west London shows a grown man buggering a young boy. The 1936 piece by Eric Gill ostensibly features Shakespeare’s Areil and Prospero from the Tempest, but is a thinly disguised depiction of a very sick old Communist’s fantasy of penetrative rape perpetrated on a pre-pubescent boy.

    From the artist’s Wiki page:

    “His personal diaries describe his sexual activity in great detail including the claim that he sexually abused his own children, had an incestuous relationship with his sister and performed sexual acts on his dog.[19]This aspect of Gill’s life was little known until publication of the 1989 biography by Fiona MacCarthy. The 1966 biography by Robert Speaight mentioned none of it.”

    And yet there it is on public display, for all the world to see: the BBC in all it’s unashamed depravity.



    Councillor Peter Lawless guilty of benefit fraud
    Peter Lawless Peter Lawless received £4,839.11 in housing benefit overpayments

    A councillor has admitted receiving housing benefit while failing to declare his earnings.

    Windsor and Maidenhead councillor Peter Lawless was caught after an anonymous tip-off from a resident to the council’s Beat the Cheat hotline.

    Lawless, of Eton Wick Road, pleaded guilty to three charges of failing to notify a change in circumstances.

    He received a two-year conditional discharge and was ordered to pay the council £400 in costs.

    The 62-year-old Conservative councillor for the Eton Wick ward was also ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge.

    David Burbage, leader of Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council, said Lawless had been suspended from the Conservative group.
    ‘Standards public expect’

    East Berkshire Magistrates’ Court heard Lawless had received £4,839.11 in housing benefit overpayments between 16 May 2011 and 6 January 2014.

    He had applied for housing benefit in 2009 on the basis his Royal Mail wages could not cover rent.

    From May 2011, when he became a councillor, until February this year he earned member allowances of £19,590.48 that he did not declare to the council’s housing benefits team.

    He also failed to notify the council of monthly pension payments from the Royal Mail following a single lump sum payment of £13,998.88 on 23 January 2012.

    Mr Burbage said: “This is not the standard the public expect from their elected representatives, and following this verdict we will be taking further action shortly, which we will announce when it has been agreed.”

  16. Fascinating blog, just discovered it this afternoon and I’ve read every article.
    Interested to see the mention of Alan Farthing and the link to William and Kate’s baby, wondering if anyone knows about the rumour that a surrogate was used?

    • I wonder if anyone thought about the visit the Prince of Greyness made to the World leading human reproduction facility based at Wellington Hospital by Britain’s leading luminary in the field. Charles was here for his 64th birthday bash to coincide with the New Moon Lunar eclipse of the Sun. There were at least three instances of people “dying” in Wellington just prior to, and on the day, in highly suspicious circumstances, especially the 22yr old young lady who fell from the Internal Affairs building at moonrise on the New Moon the month before, and the 33yr old mother of two strangled at sunrise on Nov 14 at her home in Sunrise Drive.

      My Guess is that George is in fact a Genetic Experiment – crazy as it may sound. Will he be the GE Ogre? The GE Orge? (Biblical Greek work meaning wrath or anger) A gene splice of Chas, the Pharaohs and George the Turd? Dolly the British sheep leads to George the German ‘Welf Wolf”? The Hanover handover was simply another step in the conquering of Britain begun by that Nor(se)man William the Bastard, who allowed the establishement of the City which became the Crown Corporation in 1111AD. 1066 adds to 4, so does 1111. Look at Dr Phil or Judge Judy – see the Mason’s square behind them? They are like dogs, they have to leave their mark, it’s ass-ociated with trickle down theory…

      George the Turd was born after about the same gestation as George purportedly was, and apparently developed extraordinarily quickly. But then this is from Wiki and was probably written by Charles or one of his flunkies as a cover story. My guess is that the boy George was in fact born on April 20, Uncle Adolph’s birthday, and that Kate left hospital still 7mths pregnant, then repaired to Scotland and the birth of the Ba’al bound baby on or about the Autumn solstice. You can guess the rest…but ask yourself this, why did Wills look like he was holding someone else’s baby and why was Charles behaving more like a new father than a grandfather? Then look up who Will’s real dad most likely is, Juan Carlos of Spain, just as Charles’ real father was Mountbatten. The Royal suck-session relies upon legitimacy, but in reality they are a pack of inbred, elitist bastards for whom the maintaining of the guise of goodness, while hiding their own perfidy behind the illusion of perfection, is the ruse they play upon the people as they not only know that they are a pack of bastards, they want it that way, such is the perversity of their character leading their double life in front of all to see, with impunity. In other words, it is no by chance that they are bastards, but by choice, and i accordance with their real religion…not the one they pretend to practice to please the punters…

      If any of you have ever vowed a vow to the Crown, repent and ask God to release you from the obligation.

      • When it comes to Royalty you really are one ignorant so and so. You need to give up on the Jewtube puke.

        William and Kate are not Royal – they’re Canaanite Jews and will most likely never come to the throne, because they are NOT Royal. Their brat is an irrelevance. Charles III will be the last king, then Yashua Messiah will come and take King David’s Throne.

      • You think so already? Now will this be the real Yeshuah/Eashoa/Jesus Christ, or the imposter who comes first? The Royal brat is the result of a long maintained lineage – Charles is the King of Assyria, amongst other things – he has a slew of titles unmatched, so it is highly likely that the Prince of Greyness is, as his mother is reputed to have said, “The One!”. Wills will likely be sacrificed at some stage, probably the RWC – maybe a stadium bomb. Whatever happens, it will be historic! I think George will be the Little Horn. We shall see…time will tell…but in the end it matters not one jot…because the winner takes all, and Jesus/Eashoa/Yeshuah is the winner!

      • The imposter has been here for approx 1,700 years, Constantine being the first and the latest Babylonian Hittite being the character who is Pope now although some are saying he’s a Yid.

        The Assyrians were the forefathers of The Germans. Charles is a Royal Judahite, not a German.

        Princess Diana was the daughter of Goldsmith a Canaanite Jew, not Spencer (Royalty) Jemima Kahn is Diana’s half sister.

        William’s father is King Juan Carlos of Spain (The Spanish are The Egyptians), not Charles. William has no Judahite Royal blood in his veins and Kate Middleton is a also a Canaanite Jewess. They will never come to the throne.

  17. Sorry, that is of course Wellington, New Zealand – or New Zion as the Royals know it…their lifeboat when they bug out of Britain and leave you to it, and when they do, the Thames will mean as much to them as the Nile once did…been there, done that…if you do not know that there are nukes already good to go in London…I pity you…it is rigged for detonation….

  18. I am considering my instinctive reactions to some of these named individuals, both now and in former times before there was any suggestion of their being involved in scandals. These gut reactions don’t prove anything, of course, but I still find them interesting and potentially useful.

    Savile I always found strange and out of place in light entertainment – not entertaining, not knowledgeable about music, not a talented broadcaster. It was hard to see how or why he had such a prominent role in the media. But I can’t honestly claim to have been creeped out by him or to have always suspected he was up to no good.

    Smith never seemed to be part of “the machine” – his personality was not that of a typically arrogant, obnoxious Radio 1 DJ (see: Read, Wright, Bates, among others). He always came across as slightly more cerebral, calculating and serious. He wasn’t engaging or charismatic and wasn’t a great broadcaster, but he had a bit more about him than his peers and it’s hard to imagine that he was involved in the unsavoury activities that they were. The way he set up his own innovative and successful business after leaving broadcasting was a) impressive and b) something well beyond the capabilities of any of his Radio 1/BBC tv contemporaries.

    (Two individuals that I have never suspected of serious wrongdoing are Blackburn and Edmonds. I simply don’t get that vibe off them. Whether they knew what their colleagues were up to is another (serious) matter, but I would be surprised if any allegations are made against them. I haven’t picked up any rumours so far.)

    Was Smith murdered? Seems unlikely to me. He’d been out of the public eye for so long that I think most people had probably forgotten he even existed. And a heart operation seems like a non-obvious way to do it. But who knows.

  19. Why is this focused on the BBC only. Coronation Street is ITV, and I don`t care about the `not guilty` verdicts, as I remember when the perv that acted the character of Len Fairclough was caught kiddy fiddling in the swimming baths. Barbara Know, who acted the part of Rita, and others defended him to the hilt and even when it transpired there was a video of him in the act of interferring with little girls that would be used as evidence, not her nor any of that mob showed remorse for having defended his `innocence`, much less voice disgust at the perv. No doubt many of that type would like to see the end of social media. What they fail to realise is that even long before the web, misdeeds trickled down to the man in the street. There were strong rumours about Saville and a lot of others as far back as the 1960`s/70`s. There were also rumours about McAlpine. I am not saying whether all the rumours were true or not. Just that it didn`t need journalists, tv, papers or much later the web for things to be leaked and for the general public to hear. Obviously this didn`t only apply to perverts but to great frauds, various political treacheries that were covered up, affairs and babies born out of wedlock to high public figures, who had drink or drug problems, lots of things the high and mighty believe the public didn`t know were known. The difference now is that at last the ppublic are getting some guts and are kicking up about the worst things. About time!

  20. Couldn’t agree more Andy Reid. They can no longer hide their filthy perversions from us thick peasant types!!

    “Top judge Lord Neuburger hates social media and wants Twitter to be state-controlled.”

    Yeah I bet he does!! The people have a voice. We are MANY they are FEW.

  21. Actually, Lord Ashcroft founded Crimestoppers in 1988, after the Broadwater Riots of a few years previous. Nick Ross fronted Crimewatch with Sue Cook in 1984 on BBC1.

  22. My only thought is if all these folks have been killed in mysterious circumstances why then are you still alive as you are actually exposing these people in a pretty forward and no holes barred type of way? Do you think perhaps that you’re reading a little too much into your own theories?

  23. I don’t know who you are but you are doing an utterly wonderful job. So just in case you don’t know already
    ( and I’m saying this equally for the benefit of anyone who looks at your site ) you really should watch
    ‘JFK to 911: Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick’ on Youtube. It’s the first movie ever to reveal who really killed Kennedy,
    but it does much more besides which I feel you might find interesting. My hope is that you will find it a valuable historical background to all the murders and child abuse we are seeing now; and will help you make sense of it all, in so far as one could ever say it makes any damn sense.
    Best Wishes. FRC

  24. I was once told a story that American band leader Glenn Miller was a paedophile, I was told that during the war he was killed by the U.S secret service and his body was buried near a UK airbase. Reason being if it had been made public it would have been terrible for morale, so these kind of things have been going on for years.

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