Is Myra Hindley really dead?

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It’s a little known fact that notorious child-killer Myra Hindley had friends in high places.

Was this because she was working for Jimmy Savile, procuring children to be abused by VIP filth?

We now know Margaret Thatcher was a close friend of Savile and loved to surround herself with paedophiles.

She cruelly refused the pleas of Winnie Johnson, the mother of moors victim Keith Bennett, to force Hindley into a confession about her son’s burial site via the use of hypnosis.

Was it because she knew of Hindley’s true role and her closeness to Savile?

One of Hindley’s most famous supporters was Lord Longford, who spent years lobbying for her release.

Lord Longford went on a fact-finding mission in the ’70’s to investigate pornography. He took along Jimmy Savile and Cliff Richard.

Jill Dando knew all about the BBC paedo-ring run by Savile and told her close chum Cliff. She was soon shot dead on her doorstep as a warning to others to keep their mouths shut.

Longford was the uncle of Harriet Harman MP, who has recently been embroiled in the recent PIE paedophile scandal.

Harman is in turn a cousin of Prime Minister David Cameron, who is in turn a cousin of the Queen.

Another high-profile Hindley campaigner was wealthy journo, David Astor who spent 20 years corresponding with her and was close to Longford:

Longford and Astor had known each other since Oxford. Their paths had often crossed in the beaten ways of liberal postwar Britain, and they shared an interest in prison reform. Astor was agnostic, verging on atheist, Longford  a devout Roman Catholic. Both were fascinated by the idea of redemption.”

By a strange coincidence, David Astor was the step-uncle of Samantha Cameron.

Some claim that Cameron is up to her neck in filth of the highest order.

The brave MP Geoffrey Dickens tried in vain to expose the VIP paedophilic Satanic network which has been running in the UK for decades.

His constituency included Saddleworth Moor, where Hindley and Brady buried their victims and he called for the reintroduction of the death penalty for child-killers, which had conveniently been withdrawn four weeks before their trial.

Was Hindley helped by the filthy establishment to avoid a real punishment?

Has she also been helped a second time and is not really dead at all?

Quite possibly, yes.

” On the 15th November 2002 Moors Murderer Myra Hindley, 60 was said to have died in the West Suffolk Hospital at Bury St. Edmunds after a chest infection which hospitalized her on November 12th – following a suspected heart attack two weeks previously. She was said to have received the last rites from a Catholic priest in her bed at 4.55 am after a disturbed night in her isolated solitary ward.

On 18th November Greater Suffolk coroner Peter Dean was told by Home Office pathologist Dr Michael Heath, who carried out the post mortem examination at West Suffolk hospital, that Hindley died of bronchial pneumonia due to heart problems.

She suffered from high blood pressure and poor blood supply to the heart, resulting in blocked coronary arteries, he said.

In surprising haste she was cremated on 20th November 2002 although no family members attended. She was reported to be cremated following the service at the crematorium.

The inquest into Hindley’s death was opened and adjourned at Highpoint Prison near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and a jury hearing was scheduled to take place at a later date. It opened on January 23rd 2003 at medium security Highpoint prison, Suffolk. It was disclosed that in her final months Hindley, 60, had been prescribed a range of 24 drugs for a range of problems including angina, asthma, bronchitis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and raised cholesterol including temazapam for insomnia.

In a unique arrangement for such an inquest there were no protesters, friends or relatives at the resumed inquest ” because of the intense media interest in Hindley” therefore it was convened in a Highpoint building used for the training of officers at the desolate prison.

The jury of eight women and three men took 48 minutes to reach the unanimous decision that Hindley, died of natural causes: bronchial pneumonia, brought on by hypertension and coronary heart disease.

Her medical records were filed under a false name: Christine Charlton.

Graham Cook, a fingerprint expert with Suffolk Police, said that he had compared Hindley’s prints with those on the National Fingerprint Archive, which had been taken in October 1965 in Cheshire, and was able to confirm the identity of the dead woman beyond doubt.

Hospital staff, some of whom attended the inquest, redecorated Hindley’s room after she died.

Her ashes are said to have been be scattered at an undisclosed location. Her death certificate has never been published – but presumably exists in official records somewhere.

A curious tale in which the only direct evidence is from a small circle of employees of the Home Office.

A plausible tale which a reliable, honest, respectable and well informed contact assures us forms the basis of an elaborate agreement for Myra Hindley’s release from custody, very much alive , after she had served double the sentence usually served by convicted murderers with good records of behaviour. A subject which has been very recently widely discussed by social workers at a senior level in a certain area of the UK.”

We then find this shocking eye-witness report:

” A primary school nurse was driving through a country lane about six weeks after Myra Hindley was supposedly pronounced dead. It was night time and the nurse’s car was suddenly hit in the back by another vehicle.

The woman driver who hit her got out of her car and came to talk to the nurse. The nurse looked carefully, recognised the woman as Myra Hindley and said: “Oh my God you’re Myra Hindley.”

The woman burst into tears and replied “you can’t say that, you can’t say that” and drove off hurriedly.

The nurse however, noted the registration number of the car and upon returning home called the police. She recounted what had happened, telling them that it was “Myra Hindley” at the wheel of the other car.

The police visited the nurse the following day but rather than assist her with noting an accident, they scared and intimidated her. They asked her to withdraw the accident claim and report, and suggested instead that the incident had “never happened”.

The primary school nurse was just a normal, law-abiding person and by now she was very scared although still certain of her facts – that even though Myra Hindley was believed by the world to be dead – it had been her driving the car that had hit her.

Regardless of her story, the police continued to intimidate the nurse and she was frightened into taking any further action.

However, unknown to the police, the nurse had reported the incident to a friend of the family who had in turn passed it on to a school friend who was a local journalist.

The journalist took the story to a major tabloid paper who was at first very interested but the following day told his fellow journalist that the story of Hindley being alive “had to be buried”.

Despite this, within a day or so, orders from “the top” were given to publish a story on how the “ashes of Myra Hindley had been found.”

That story made all the papers in February 2003 and threw many off the scent. Now, to all intent and purposes, Hindley was proven to be dead because her ashes had been found on the very Moors where children had been killed.

What is interesting is that the car incident happened six miles away from the residence of the priest that converted Myra Hindley to Catholicism and who later committed burial rites on her.

What is further interesting is the location of a convent very close by. Is Myra Hindley in that convent living a clandestine life away from society?

Not satisfied with the tale of ashes being discovered and believing the story of the nurse, the journalist called Lord Longford’s son and informed him that the ashes of Myra Hindley had been found. The journalist taped the conversation. The words from Longford’s son echoed in the journalists ears:

If you believe that, you’ll believe anything”.

In a post discussing the case, the following comment was left:

Myra Hindley was in a Manchester hospital after having minor facial reconstruction. After four days recovering she was given a new identity and taken out of the country. I was one of the nurses working on the ward She was  in a side room with 3 private nurses whom had never worked at that hospital. We were not aloud in the room or to speak with the nurses.  Two years later working at a different hospital I worked a shift with one of those nurses, who quite openly admitted that it was Myra Hindley in that room.  I truly believe my co-worker as a lady nearing retirement I wonder what she had to gain by disclosing this information. Especially as I asked her a direct question about an incident that had happened 2 years previous.  I believe that the government had no choice but to release Hindley, she was the longest serving serial murderer and unlike Brady she was deemed medically sane. It was claimed she died of pneumonia that came after a heart attack, coincidental that her latest appeal was about to be decided.”

Has Myra Hindley been released as a reward for her role as a VIP pimp for Filthy Britain?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?,_Viscountess_Astor


30 thoughts on “Is Myra Hindley really dead?

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  2. All I would say is that we desperately need some changes here in this country. We need to bypass the “Authorities” – which are totally infested with paedophiles and do the real work ourselves. The police are fucking useless and many senior officers are themselves involved in satanic child abuse.
    In a post-revolutionary Britain, the death penalty will be restored and available for crimes such as child rape and high treason – but not before those convicted are lengthily tortured live on TV for public entertainment – and most importantly – as a warning to others that such foul and unpardonable crimes will be dealt with by the harshest measures available – no matter how high up and well-connected these fiends may be.

  3. In the 70s I set up a hostel for women from Holloway prison and was told many times by the ex prisoners that many were afraid of Hindley and in church on a sunday no one would sit close to her, many told me Hindley had the most evil eyes. After it was reported that Hindley had died I was informed by ???? that this was the only way that governments could let her loose, had they given her parole the shit would have hit the fan because of childrens bodies still missing on the moors, so they changed her ID and wheeled her out as dead. There is a D notice on on this info along with Blaires 100 years silence on governments information.
    The British people have always been known as lambs to the slaughter and untill they rise up it will continue. And talking of prisons in 1972 i was the founder of the prisoners wives and families society now known as PACT and within the research we did i suggest that people look into PRINDUS the prison industry woolworths use to have all of their garden furniture made in Pentonville then there was Burtons tailers engineering works so much is made in the prisons and prisoners are used as cheap labour, who maintains the prisones out side companies , look again it may have changed from the 70s.. As for PACT what better then to take the children of prisoners and sell them for adoption fostering and to the paedophiles, But then it is up to the lambs to turn this country around.

    When jill dando was killed the sound of the shot was muffled because the killer put the gun to her head, and also because the bullet had been altered, it was opened up and some powder taken out, this muffles the sound and makes sure the buillet does not go all the way through
    This is an SAS technique, we know from whistleblowers that Jill Dando Rudolph Hess Dr David Kelly and Princess Di were all killed by SAS or mossad, Gareth wiliams and Christopher Shale being mossad.
    The SAS are not heros but scum mercenaries who kill because they are told to, they are trained to not have any conscience, like psychopaths
    BTW i attented the demo march in london about palestine, groups of jews threw things at us hitting my neighbour an elderly lady under the eye and making blood pour down her face we were screamed at and hit with sticks, yes the police stood idly by
    we know who runs our country and we want it back

  5. “Hindley was proven to be dead because her ashes had been found on the very Moors where children had been killed.”
    What sicko would do this?
    Possibly her silent accomplice, the ‘Other Yorkshire Ripper, Donning A Tracksuit Zipper’.

    As for the death penalty. maybe a bit too severe for our so-called civilized society?
    Better to just remove the penis and have tattooed across the forehead ‘I Repent’.

  6. I was sexually abused at my boarding school by the headmaster we also saw various abusers like Rhodes Boyson
    Wilfred Bramble and Greville Janner visiting the school, Janner would show some childish conjuring tricks then watch the boys closely to see who was impressed them take him out afterwards.

    I never came to terms with what was done to me and then 25 years after I was visiting a garden centre with my wife and i recognised the abusing schoolmaster, i went over to him to be sure and sure enough he had a scar on his upper lip as I remembered, so I proceeded to beat him senseless, the staff ran round shouting and I sat down and waited for the police to arrive.

    They told me i wa sbeing arrested I asked the schoolmaster, now an old man, are you going to press charges and have all this come out ?
    No he said-let him go. So the police seemed surprised and let me go

    Since that day I have been free of the abuse and I would urge others to do the same
    Homosexuality is an abomination.

  7. Jimmy savile was no fool if you saw him like we did without his wigs and brighlty coloured track suits and with no rolls royce and cigar, but witha donkey jacket and wooly hat in an old ford car, you would not know him.
    This is how he came to Nimrod house to abuse us boys, its true what other boys have said we were often blindfolded and could not see who was abusing us, but saville had a distinctive voice, no one belived us but now they are staring to listen , i am 65 and in very poor health, a lot of those boys went before me.
    The one i want to see in the dock before i go is Greville Janner, that spiteful wicked bastard was so cruel, his breath stunk and so did his underpants.

    • Sir,
      that took real courage. Let it all out. Hold nothing back. It is only through forums such as these that the truth will out. Do it for those little ones who perhaps can no longer cry out at the betrayal and injustice suffered at the hands of ‘the great and the good’. Do it whilst you can.

      The truth never dies…truth never lies.

      Be at peace.


      pax verbum

  8. I am breaking a state secret but when Hindley was first taken into custody, things would just fly round the room on their own accord, they sent for a priest who spoke with her and he and she needed an exorcist and quick, so they brought in my step-brother who was an expert in these matters and worked primarily for the Church.

    He deemed it an extreme case of spirit possession and once exorcised she was in fact a normal women,
    but the way the law works she was charged and locked up, although in the eyes of the church she was innocent
    but spirit possession is not an alibi in law

    • What a very interesting comment and the most interesting point for me was the fact that the ‘priest’ couldn’t deal with the demon. What does this tell us?

      “but spirit possession is not an alibi in law.”

      That’s because they do not operate under God’s Law, but man’s law or worse legalese which is the Devil’s law and can the Devil ever be divided?

  9. I have a close friend who works for the BBC, when the Truthseeker exposed the crimes of Jimmy Savile the day after he died, the BBC began a reaguard action to supress any news getting out.

    To this end they check emails of all staff at work and at home, and even have letters opened, they are determined to catch anyone speaking out about their TV stars or the children’s homes scandal.

    They particularly did not want any mention of boys being abused with Savile and co, because of the government’s homosexual agenda.

    This is not my correct name or email adress

  10. While I DO think it’s entirely plausible that Hindley’s death was faked in order to facilitate her release, the “evidence” contained here isn’t at all credible. Very few photos of Hindley had been published during her 36-year incarceration, so how would a primary school nurse be able to definitively recognise her aa night in the dark? Especially if she’d undergone “facial reconstruction surgery”…? Maybe that’s the real reason the police declined to take the allegation seriously – it was not credible and they felt their time was being wasted? Just saying…

  11. How very interesting, I had never for one minute considered she might still be alive!! I am shocked that she had plastic surgery and a name change and no death certificate!! What has been happening while some of us were still asleep?

    To the gentlemen who have spoken out about your abuse please know that there are caring people in this country who admire you for having the courage to speak up. xxx

    I don’t know how we are going to do it, but we have to stand together to stop this filth that walks amongst us. ENOUGH!! We are many they are few.

  12. my ex was a psychology teacher and worked at Cookham Wood where Hyndley was at the time,early 1990s and saw Hyndley a couple of times and says that she had breathing problems,a chronic lung condition and chain smoked.Can’t see her being around now as my ex said she had death written all over her and that was 20 odd years ago.

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