Who knows the truth about missing Alexander Sloley?

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It’s a little-known fact that thousands of children go missing from the UK every year.

Many of them are never found.

The authorities refuse to keep official records on the number who disappear.


What is really happening to Britain’s missing children?

Take the tragic case of 16-year old Alexander Sloley.

In August 2008, Alexander appeared to disappear from the face of the earth.

He was a bright college student and hoped to train as an accountant.

As in the case of another missing child, Andrew Gosden, Alexander had little money, no wallet and no bag with extra clothes to indicate he was planning to run away.

In fact he had been on his way home to celebrate his birthday and had shown no signs that he was unhappy.

Police have been unable to find a clue to his whereabouts.

It’s like he disappeared off the face of the planet,” said one officer.

As there has been no contact or confirmed sightings of Alexander and police have been unable to find a clue to his whereabouts, his family is having to accept the possibility that he is dead.

What could have happened to Alexander?

Again, as in the case of Andrew Gosden, the family of Alexander feel that the Met police didn’t do enough to try to trace him.

Indeed, police investigations have failed to uncover what really happened to Andrew and Alexander which has caused terrible anguish for their families.

Why are children vanishing into thin air on Britain’s streets?

Why aren’t the police fully investigating these disappearances?

As these boys don’t appear to have run away what the hell has happened to them?

Who really knows the truth about Britain’s missing children?

It’s about bloody time we found out.






2 thoughts on “Who knows the truth about missing Alexander Sloley?

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  2. i hada pal a few years back we were in our mid teens, he was quite a big lad but one day arrived late and very shaken up, he said a van pulled up besdie him and a man leaned out and asked him where tescos was, as he stopped to point out the way
    he was bundled into the back by another man and driven to the common, he said two doge were tield up in the back and the men threatened to let them looose on him if he did not slip off his trousers for them, my freind then said they buggered him and let him out at the common and told him not to look back and not to think badly of homosexuals, he ran to our house where my dad drove him to the police station, where the desk officer said oh not another one these poofs should all be shot,
    another officer went to his home to take a more detailed statement but we never heard anymore

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