Who knows the truth about the disappearance of Andrew Gosden?

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It’s a tragic fact that thousands of children go missing from the UK every year.

Many of them are never found. 

The authorities refuse to keep official records on the number who disappear. 


What is really happening to Britain’s missing children? 

Take the tragic case of 14-year-old Andrew Gosden. 

In September 2007, he disappeared from the face of the earth. 

Andrew was a quiet boy and a very gifted mathematician. 

On the day he went missing, Andrew withdrew £200 from his bank account. 

This was the last time the account was ever used. 

He left his home in Doncaster and bought a single ticket to King’s Cross. 

When the woman at the ticket booth tried to explain to him that a return ticket was cheaper, he refused to buy it. 

This may mean one of two things: 

1) He never intended to return 


2) He’d already made arrangements to return to Doncaster with someone but this person let him down. 

Who was that person? 

Andrew arrived at King’s Cross station and this is confirmed by CCTV images. 

Strangely, the police have not been able to find any other CCTV evidence of Andrew in London. 

This is despite King’s Cross being one of the busiest areas of London and home to thousands of CCTV cameras. 

Was Andrew picked up by somebody in a car? 

There have been many theories about Andrew’s disappearance. 

Some claim he’d made friends with a stranger on the internet and had arranged to meet them. 

Some claim he’d gone to meet someone to buy computer games, hence the £200 withdrawal, but the seller was not who he appeared to be. 

Others claim he’d wanted to go missing and had pre-planned everything. 

Andrew left home without a change of clothes or any of his personal belongings. 

To this day, police investigations have failed to uncover what really happened to Andrew, which has caused terrible anguish for his family. 

Why has no progress been made on the case? 

The following comment was left on an internet site which was discussing missing children: 

I remember a report of a man going to a police station in London, saying he had information about Andrew. 

He was told to come back at a later date but never did “. 

If this is authentic, who was that man? 

Have these reports been followed up? 

Are the Metropolitan Police really doing everything within their power to find Andrew Gosden? 

Are the police really doing everything within their power to find all of Britain’s missing children? 

We bloody well hope so. 

Don’t you? 








36 thoughts on “Who knows the truth about the disappearance of Andrew Gosden?

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  2. There are so many runaways who come to London and especially Kings Cross and Victoria that they are watched for and then offers to help with their bags etc mean they fall into the hands of unscrupulous people.

    A bodyguard close to the Krays named Filthy Frank used to pick up runaway kids from main line stations, and offer them somewhere to stay.

    Jimmy Savile was one of those connected to young runaway boys, the BBC wanted to paint Savile as just a perv who abused girls to save the homosexual agenda from going down the drain but the truth is for many years he only abused boys, and Mecca ballrooms who employed him in the early days had him listed in their books as a predatory homosexual.

    Filthy Frank and Jimmy Savile both knew Charles Saatchi, and it was the Saatchis who masterminded the election of Margaret Thatcher for Rothschild, she believed everything they told her and only at the end whe she was thrown out did she realise she had been had in another Jewish sting and cried her eyes out on camera as the car sped away.

    Charles Saatchi had a thing about big breasted women as many men do, and told untalented Jewess Tracy Emin if she shared her magnificent 32G cup assets with him, he would make her rich and famous,

    Tracy went on to do the unmade bed , the least artistic and trashy exhibit yet devised and was seen on every TV staion and like Damien Hurst sold rubbishy stuff for milions, but who bought them ?

    The truth is that it was all a huge hoax and all the trash art stuff including Hurst’s cows cut in half and the unmade bed was in a london warehouse being stored when a fire destroyed it all, but purely by coincidence Charles
    Saatchi had it insured for milions, wasnt that lucky ?

    Tracy Emin cheated Charles by having a breast reduction, and was dropped from the media circus who had her in Jewish owned papers and mags every week, Charles married Nigella Lawson but the relationship was very troubled.

    Not many people realise but Picasso was a Jew and was one of those who did peculiar and weird paintings which most people wopuld put in the bin, but the Jews made it seem that these were great pictures, so debased had art and music etc become that Hitler banned it from Germany in the late 30-s, so now the Jews ae trying it again on us, the best thing that could happen would be for Charles Saatchi to have another fire and burn the whole damn lot.

    Jews are beging buying football clubs as football is a distraction exercise for the wek minded and latent homosexual types, every footballer takes drugs but no one says anything becuase ah that’s football.

    Pop music rap and punk is just crap and a laugh at us goyim.

    • Thanks for your informative comment.

      Picasso was known to be a misogymist.

      Interesting, too, about the Jew Saatchi and his fire.

      Michael Winner, also a Jew, had an uncle who was a builder in Shepherd’s Bush who also had a very mysterious fire at his builder’s yard and work shops and, of course, well insured. It is alledged that this insurance money was used to start Michael Winner’s career in films etc.

    • Careful about exhonerating Hitler. He was a British Rothschild bastard and agent, horribly MC’d and terminally deviant. He would have only banned ‘goy’ good art. According to the Pink Swatzstika, over 300,000 ‘gays’ invaded Berlin (homojewsAshekeNaxis) in the run up to WW3, and the burning of the Reichstag had the benefit of destroying over 40,000 documents on the seriel sexual crimes of the inner (jew) Nazi Party.

      • I agree Hitler was not all that he seemed, but the British Agent/Rothschild stuff is questionable and not proven e.g. Greg Hallet is a disso.

        As for pink Nazis look no further than anti-nationalist Jew propaganda and much of it in the Alternative News Media (controlled opposition). The only time there was no paedophilia on the Channel Islands was when the Nazis were in occupation.

      • Nothing is as it seems. However, it is unavoidable to conclude that Hitler was indeed a British Agent and in all likelihood one of ‘Rothschilds’ offspring from raped women/breeders. If you know anything of history, the City of London jewry foistered both the extreme right and extreme left wings of Socialism aka Nazism and Communism and would have been instrumental in grooming and placing the perfect pupputmasters in this late stage of their ‘final solution’. As for Hallett being ‘disinfo’ – there’s a huge baby being thrown out with a little muddy bathwater. For those who can see the ‘fork’ in the road.

        I don’t know about that – a bit of a sweeping claim that under occupation was the only time in Channel Island history when children were not buggered was under the Nazis! C’mon …… IMO Stalin’s regime as an ally and 80 years of terror on white Russian Christians was by far the most effective criminal on Britisraeli agenda. It sounds insane to say that Hitler was ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than Stalin for they were all as bad as the Rothschild/Warburg/Oppenheimer/Schiff/Milner/Rhodes effluent who created them.

        There are plenty of disinfo, ‘change’ agents and perps jumping on the pedoshow and Hallet was not and is not one of THEM.

      • I have to take from your comment that you’re sold on Hallet – that is a bad mistake on your part IMO.

        Hallet boasts about there having been at least ten attempts on his life and I’ll tell you straight that Mossad/MI5/CIA or whoever are just not that sloppy, so his claim is just an attention grabbing lie. He’s 24 crt disinformation and/or controlled opposition.

        You also cannot compare National Socialism with Communism or Bolshevik Marxism. National Socialism is a philosophy with a spiritual (small ‘s’) dimension, not an atheistic, cold blooded, psychopathic, political dogma such as Bolshevik Marxism that holds no value in life or the individual.

      • Thought I’d covered that one? When you’re a seasoned investigator, you can actually tell the wheat from the chaff. Any disinfo agent provides solid information to get the ‘hook’ and it takes discernment to avoid being ‘hooked’ into the false leads. Your idea that there is any REAL distinction between Social-ISM, Commun-ISM and FascISM is the produced of a controlled perception shared by the vast majority of unthinking lazy people. This issue is SO BCE! I’m not here to defend or defame Greg Hallet but have thoroughly examined his interviews, extracts and two of his books. I was drawn to his work because I KNEW Hitler had to be a British Agent, as was Stalin. Brith-ISH. People of ‘the Convenant’ so we’re back to the same old ….B’Nai Brith Cult. As for Hitler himself, he has been cast as the No 1 Enemy and cause of the second phase of the global war on humanity but IMO, Stalin was far far worse and did more damage over a far greater period of time, as did Mao – another Brith-ISH placement. The Round Table/Milner Group sold Communism to China .. go figure it out.

      • Unfortunately you have covered nothing and if you’re a seasoned investigator then I must be Father Christmas. LOL

        So let me educate you. There is no comparison between National Socialism (a philosophy) and Bolshevik Marxism (a psychopathic murderous political dogma).

        Under National Socialism the individual is highly valued and his prosperity and the family unit matters and is of crucial importance to the building of the nation state – THAT IS NATIONALISM. Under Bolshevik Marxism the individual is nothing, nor is the family – they are cattle TO BE WORKED TO DEATH within the COLLECTIVE and that’s because Bolshevik Marxism is Jewish.

        Your use of ‘isms’ to try and make a case is laughable and puerile and your lack of understanding of these two basic fundamentals is beyond ignorance.

        Then you deny defending Hallet which is blatantantly not true.

        There is no ‘had to’ about it regarding Hitler being a British agent – that’s pure Jewish propaganda disinformation spewed forth by Hallet who I have now completely discredited with his lies about the mythical 10 attempts on his life.

        Back to the drawing board for you me-thinks. Must try harder read the school report.

        PS Milner is a Jewish name.

      • Shill alert, the jewsual sidetracking blx. If you’re so happy to bitch, I’m certain you’ll find more suitable targets. Always be warned of those with ‘truth’ in title, poised to deceive or too indoctrinated to think for themselves. You are most welcome to remain in ignore-ance, chummy but it is clear to others that you haven’t a clue what your talking about regards communazism or Hallett. Over and out. Adults only please.

  3. I picked up a copy of a homosexual magazine purely because it had an article on missing boys advertised on the front page, the article was a criticism of Chris Cooper Investigation’s report on missing boys.

    The article went on to say that the Russian mafia did in 2000 have boys chained to beds in several brothels, but doubts this happens in the UK now, it did say many boys kidnapped end up in Israel naked in cages where visiting homosexuals can choose a boy, but most of these were Palestinian.

    It said this is a long established practice and the boys looked clean and well fed, The boys in cages had been used by many dignitaries such as Menachem Begin the Israeli leader.

    it also criticised the Moshe Solomon’s radio show which discussed boys being kidnapped for sex work, and a phone-in caller said he had worked in Kosher butchers in the London area and it was widely said that the occasional boy went through the meat processing plant.

    Another caller claimed this was quite comon and that the Tesco meat scandal with horsemeat, meant official experts lookes through and found in the beef products massive aount of kangaroo, some chicken pig and minute amounts of human DNA.

    This was explained as a few Palestinians by mistake in the Israeli production plants which should have gone through into pet food made their way in error to the human food chain and safety aspects were put in place and this would not happen again, so where do all the other boys go ?

    Chris Cooper has said taped phone calls of people like actor Sir Ian McKellern showed that child abuse was seen as a legitemate sport called “boy-nobbing ” and some like singer Robin Gibb bragged of 1000 boys.

    • When talking of homosexual, think ‘jewish lifestyle and procurement of fresh meat’. When talking of ‘Russian’ or any national tag, think jew living in Russia and Israel speaks for itself. As for meat, horsemeat, think ‘human’.

  4. I read this article in the magazine and was disgusted, the tone of the article was to pour scorn on the number of missing boys, and claimed most except for a very small number are alive and well and living in the big cities,hmmm I doubt this as medical records insurance numbers etc of the missing are checked regularly and in most cases children’s savings are never touched again, ever.

    We need a full investigation on the missing boys and why Parliament and the BBC have hindered this at every turn, and arguments such as seen in the mag that we must not upset the Jewish lobby are ridiculous, Greville Janner, Yuri Geller and Menachem Begin should be shown up for what they really are

  5. film of israeli jets and tanks firing into palestinians townships and young lads throwing stones to protect their people
    have caused anger across the world and
    english football fans have been joining protests, and the english football assoc have said feelings are running high and if israel does not stop immediately jewish owned shops and homes in the UK will feel some of what they are dishing out

  6. A friend in London once reported to the police that a runaway child was in her garden playing with her son. The police showed no interest. The friend commented that the police are as corrupt as hell.

  7. Can you imagine the hue and cry if one of the ‘royal’ sprogs went missing? The police wouldn’t be so apathetic then. How can children just disappear like this ? What sort of hateful world are we living in?

  8. Calla

    “Royal” sprogs and sproglets will never go missing.
    If you knew the TRUE cost of the “Royal Protection Squad” you would cringe. The figures are not in the public domain and are not included when we are told “what wonderful value for money the royal family is”, the “royal” family including the two famous parasitic trollop daughters of a top freemason

  9. Paedophiles cause immense damage to young children who carry this damage with them into adulthood. Boys, in particular, who have been the victims of filthy old perverts like Greville Janner (to take just one example) typically never recover. You can pretty much plot out their life paths from then on: delinquency, mental illness, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, violent crime, instability in intimate relationships, imprisonment and an early death – usually as a result of the drink/drug addiction which they fall into to blot out the terrible memories of the abuse taking place. As many as 70% of the male prison population were – and remain all their lives – victims of sexual abuse.
    There is only one proper thing to do with child sex abusers. Provided they can be identified as the perpetrator without a shadow of doubt, then drench them in petrol and burn them to death in public – and show it on TV as a warning to the rest of the filth out there what happens when indulge your twisted inclinations in this vile and utterly reprehensible way.
    God bless you, Mr. Coleman for the good work you are doing here.

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