The Great British Parliament Paedophile Purge


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Top-twat, David Cameron, has been forced into a panic-stricken emergency cabinet reshuffle in the wake of devastating child-abuse allegations.

He’s had no option but to cull many of his close chums in a bloodbath not seen since William Hague wrestled Seb Coe in the nude.

Desperate Dave’s organ-grinder ( what a repulsive thought) is none other than paedophile apologist Danny ‘the fake’ Finkelstein.

Old Danny know’s the game is up and has ordered his whipping-boy Dave to get rid of anyone who might be embroiled in the VIP abuse ring threatening to bring down this country.

Some of the high-profile names to go are:

1) William Hague

2) Ken Clarke

3) Michael Gove

Of course, we all know that bald-oddity Willie has been up to his neck in filth since he was groomed by boy-lover Margaret Thatcher.

Danny Finkelstein was his political advisor.

He used to live in den of iniquity, Dolphin Square, and has been blackmailed by tptb for decades because of his less-than-manly predilections.

Mossad rent-boys. Mi5, used the Pimlico address as a high-tech honey trap to film and then coerce politicians to remain pro-Israeli throughout their careers.

Many young boys were trafficked from care homes to be raped by this filth and the abuse often led to murder.

Willie was put in charge of the Jilling’s North Wales probe which was investigating these crimes and was a predictable whitewash.

By a strange coincidence, Tory pervert, Leon Brittan has shared the same North Yorkshire constituency seat with Willie for years.

The seat is known as Richmond, which is not to be confused with the London Borough of the same name.

It was in this London borough, that yet again hundreds of boys were raped by VIP’s, including Leon.

Leon’s cousin, Malcolm ‘the poof’ Rifkind, runs the British and Israeli secret services and is a key player in the VIP blackmail paedophile rings.

He recently introduced pathetic new airport security measures against fake baddies ISIS, in a desperate attempt to take the media spotlight away from Brittan.

Nick Clegg is himself embroiled in the filth as he used to be a member of the Conservative Association at Cambridge University.

It’s members are known for being some of the most evil cnuts in the country and past chairmen have included Kenneth Clarke, Simon Milton and Leon Brittan.

Cleggie was also groomed by Leon and caught the old bastard’s eye as a youngster.

Cyril Smith was adored by his political chums who knew of, and in many cases shared his love of, buggering young boys.

Child-raping peer Greville Janner has recently escaped police action over scores of abuse allegations.

Janner shares a love of Israel and the Holy Book (Talmud) with Danny Finkelstein.

Danny is the real power behind the Tories and writes all the scripts for Cameron, Osbourne and Gove.

All three of his puppets have recently proclaimed they will support Israel until their dying breath and Cameron is himself secretly Jewish.

He was also a protégé of Maggie and they went on a jaunt together to South Africa to buy illegal nuclear arms.

The sordid mission was arranged by Tory pimp and child-rapist Derek Laud who is close chums with the Camerons

Laud ran the boy-brothels at Dolphin Square with Ian Greer and Julian Lewis.

Danny Finkelstein works in cahoots with Rupert Murdoch and didn’t take too kindly to us pointing out that he is sympathetic to paedophiles.

He launched into a bizarre diatribe against us and proceeded to denounce us as ‘nutters’ and ‘loons’.

You really shouldn’t have done that Danny because what you don’t realise is that we’ve been privy to some of your deepest and darkest secrets and they make for very grim reading,

Very soon, the whole horrifying truth will emerge about what’s taken place in this country over the past 50 years and no amount of reshuffles or resignations will stop it.

The clock is ticking on Britain’s dirty secrets.

It’s only a matter of time.







86 thoughts on “The Great British Parliament Paedophile Purge

  1. The UKKK, like the USSA, is infested by a group of ‘illumined’ individuals who are a traitorous, in-bred and self-sustaining tribe of Israel-first, Fifth Columnists, hiding behind a mask of alleged ‘decency’ supported by a continuous whine of ‘Perpetual Victimhood’ – perpetrated by facilitators, sycophants and agents of the aforementioned; and that ‘shitty little (wanna-be) country’ is, in fact, the slimy tail of Lucifer that wags these (and other) fat country dogs…and that ‘tribe’ is the root cause of it all.

    ‘They’ souled out to Satan…and that’s the truth of it.

    Would suggest all these followers of the Synagogue of Satan take themselves and their servile servants, and any other lickspittles so deserving, and make their way back behind ‘the wall’ to await the outcome of Divine Justice. Because, it is coming…and there is no escape…not ever. And their just reward will be for ever.

    Pax Y’all

    pax verbum

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  3. Stephen fry saw his solicitor to discuss suing anyone who named him as a boy-nobber
    Stephen shared boys with michael Barrymore to such an extent that his name has been given to an obscene act
    ‘to Barrymore a young lad’ For too long these jews brought in by William the conqueror and then oliver Cromwell
    have been committing crimes that have been covered up by the israeli embassy’s rules on diplomatic immunity
    but now we must hold them responsible

  4. God’s blessings be upon you, Mr. Coleman, for shining a brilliant light into these darkest corners of the Establishment, where the lowest filth on the planet crawl around, engaged in their disgustingly vile activities whilst all the time projecting an image of uprightness and respectability of themselves to the largely credulous, yet slowly awakening, outside world. Keep up the good work, sir! Daylight is and always has been the best disinfectant.

  5. The biggest cover up in history is about to burst ….the whole rotten lot are coming down at last !! they have had their way with all of us for too long. Their murderous filthy time is over. How many have suffered at the hands of this monstrous regime who thought they were winning, Going after the middle classes has unleashed their living hell. The fear they have peddled is finally turning on them. Terrorists and terrorisers finally getting some back !!! You cant buy everyone or silence people forever. We have a chance to clear the decks and reset. Hip Hip Hooray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Looking at the background of our high profile politicians there seems to be a lot of Jewish representation in government over the years in what is a C of E nation? How many christians serve in the Israeli government, as an observation? Also can you tell me if is against the law to criticise anyone who is jewish? Because that is where we are in the C21st. No human is above the law no matter their colour, religion or sexuality of the individual. It is time for the world to rein in Israel on all fronts.

    • “Also can you tell me if is against the law to criticise anyone who is jewish?”

      Yes, there are ‘hate speech’ Acts or Statutes that have recently been passed which are not real Laws, they are legalese rules and regulations that apply only to those who are members of The Law Society or slaves of the UK Corporation (fictions).

      They do not apply to flesh and blood men and women.

      “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire

  7. “The fear they have peddled is finally turning on them. Terrorists and terrorisers finally getting some back!!!’

    Spot on Mamamia. They will very soon become insane to the point of incapacity due to their own tangled lies and consant fear.

    There could be no worse punishement.

  8. Thank the lord satan 666 innocent men, women and children have been arrested in the biggest paedo arrest thing since the last big non paedo roundup cover story.

    NSPCC Peter Mandy cumflyme will be looking after the arrested kids with the help of Clegg and his old boss Leon Brittan.

    The folks suggesting this is a fake distraction and cover for Dolphin Square and the NSPCC Childline MP children sex parties are wrong.

    Those people who say such cruel things about our ministers, our judges and chiefs of police need sectioning under new mental health laws.

    Our elites are only interested in protecting us from brown muslims with hooked hands and beards.

    GCHQ ,Mi5 and 6 and our friends in the Mossad can sort this out given enough white wash paint and time.

  9. ”………………And was Jerusalem builded here………………. Among these dark Satanic Mills……………….”
    WHEN are we going to lose our blinkers? The Zionist pawns must go.

  10. ”…………………………..I will not cease from Mental Fight,

    Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand:

    Till we have built Jerusalem,

    In Englands green & pleasant Land………………….”

    WHEN are we going to lose our blinkers? They’ve almost succeeded. Wake up before it’s too late.

      • Says who? Oh I went to school too and was on the receiving end of the ‘official’ interpretation but when I really opened my eyes and did my own thinking I asked myself, how could it NOT be? As many people ask themselves, Why Jerusalem ? Why not ‘ Paradise’ or ‘ Utopia ?’ or some other word without Jewish connotations to depict an ideal place? JERUSALEM is undoubtedly embedded into Jewish religious consciousness. YOU may interpret it as having nothing to do with Jews but I beg to differ. It’s also interesting how ‘Jerusalem ‘ is being insidiously promoted to be the English/ British ‘ National Anthem. ‘ Understandable as ‘God Save the Queen ‘ has nothing to offer the ordinary Brit but he should be alert to the fact that ‘Jerusalem’ hasn’t either. Perhaps ‘All You Need is Love’ by the Beatles should be the anthem of choice

      • Real history says who not the crap you were most like conditioned with in your local Bolshevik Marxist conditioning centre you thought was a school.

        Your first assignment is to check out The Ten Planks of The Communist Manifesto and see how many already apply the The UK.

        You also need to learn who The Jews are otherwise you will continually fall foul of their satanic deceptions and lies.

      • ”………………………Real history says who not the crap you were most like conditioned with in your local Bolshevik Marxist conditioning centre you thought was a school………………….” (YOUR REPLY TO ME )
        If I could make head or tail of your statement ( above ) I could at least discuss the issue with you but I can’t , so I won’t! Truth not doctrine ? Don’t think you’re qualified enough mentally to know the difference .

      • Real history says who not the crap you were most like conditioned with in your local Bolshevik Marxist conditioning centre you thought was a school………………….” (YOUR REPLY TO ME )
        If I could make head or tail of your statement ( above ) I could at least discuss the issue with you but I can’t , so I won’t! Truth not doctrine ? Don’t think you’re qualified enough mentally to know the difference

      • Until you come to the realisation that you have not received any education at all about our true origins or about who really governs us and sets the Bolshevik Marxist Jew school syllabus in order to brainwash and condition the masses, which includes you, you will remain in ignorance.

  11. Thank you calla. I always wondered, all those years ago, when forced to sing ‘Jerusalem’ in school assembly, “WTF do those words have to do with living in ENGLAND?” And I never got an answer ….

    • The answer is that the Anglo-Saxon & Celtic peoples are True Israel.

      The Gaelic and Old English tongues are Hebrew in origin. William Blake was an authority on British Israel teaching.

      “And did those feet?” Is a reference to Jesus Christ having lived in Britain from the time that his step-father Joseph died until He returned to Samaria and Judea in 27 AD to begin His mission. He was brought to Britain by Joseph of Aremathea (Mary’s uncle) who was a tin and gold merchant (Welsh gold).

      The Jews are Canaanites, not Israelites.

      • And who was Jesus pray tell ? The Son of Man born of immaculate conception to a Jewish mother ? You say his step dad was Joseph ( a Jewish carpenter ) so tell me again, who have you got his father down as? A Welshman ?

      • It’s not theory and legend that The Gaelic and Old English tongues are Hebrew in origin – it’s truth and fact.

        It’s not theory and legend that The Tuatha de Danaan (The Tribe of Dan – one of the the Twelve Israelite Tribes) arrived in Ireland around 1200 BC if not earlier and these things are recorded in the annals of the Ancient Irish histories – again truth and fact.

        Ireland was once known as Ebernia named after Eber, Abraham’s forefather – truth and fact.

        The name Hebrides is from Hebrewdes.

        The Scots are descended from the Scythians who were recorded as living in the Black Sea and Caspian Sea area about 650 BC where the Assyrians (ancestors of the Germans) carried off the Israelites as captives circa 725 BC.

        The Bagpipes are a Middle Eastern instrument.

        The word British comes from the Hebrew Berith-ish. Berith = Covenant; Ish = Man. British means Covenant Man.

        The Saacae or Saca (Isaac’s sons) who migrated from the same area as the Scythians were the forefathers of the Saxons.

        There is always truth within legends.

      • “Britain” comes from Latin Britannia~Brittania, via Old French Bretaigne and Middle English Breteyne, possibly influenced by Old English Bryten(lond), probably also from Latin.[1] The earliest known written references to the British Isles derive from the works of the Greek explorer Pytheas of Massalia; later Greek writers such as Diodorus of Sicily and Strabo who quote Pytheas use variants such as Prettanikē, “The Britannic [land, island]”, and nesoi Brettaniai, “Britannic islands”. ( WIKEPEDIA )

        What is truth, what is legend, what is disinformation? You’re quite entitled to your version of it but please don’t post as though you have the definitive answer to history’s mysteries. It really is annoying and dogmatic . We’re all thinkers on here . State your case and leave the readers to ponder.

      • @ Calla

        Mary and Joseph were not Jews, they were Royal Judahites from Judah and Tamar. You must understand the difference.

        Jews are descended from Judah and the Adullamite’s daughter Bathshuah. Adullamites were Canaanites. Read Genesis 38.

      • @ Calla

        The Hebrew predates the Greek intellectual nonsense.

        What I am telling you is the truth and I have provided the evidence – all you have to do is question your own agenda and what motivates it. What are you trying to defend and why?

  12. Jewish Paedo filth & friends of Molech: We’re closing in on you. Flee to Izrahell whilst there is still time for you you. It won’t save you but in this one life, but will buy you time in Eternity – perhaps! Flee! Flee Jewish Paedo filth before your crimes against your host countries cause the Lord your G-d to smite you with murderous force, as He has before, you filthy paedo scum!

  13. 6 month police investigation 660 humans arrested
    666 we are not the satanic mi6 mossad run police

    ‘The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.’-Robert Peel

    Summit gone wrong init?

  14. Thank you Mr. Coleman. Your acerbic wit continues to cut these child rapists down to size. They will reap the whirlwind!

    Please keep up the great work. Ever since I found your blog, my eyes have been opened to the truth tellers like you, Bill Maloney and Chris Spivey and even David Icke on his saner days. Excellent investigative reporting. I never knew that Mervyn King and Malcolm Rifkind were Jewish… nor how many other Jews run this country. They all seem to be related as cousins nephews, uncle, aunts, brothers and sisters in sin…sick sick sick. More please sir.

  15. My close friend Teresa May makes a statement about the terms of reference that will be in relation to the Butler- Sludge inqueerings, now that Butler-Sludge has stepped down after the Jimmy Savile conflict of interests saga.

    Lovely Teresa explains that the inquiry, sorry Raymond Review, sorry getting confused.

    ‘There is a review about lessons learned and the protection of children;

    ‘There is a review which is looking into work that was done in the Home Office, oh I give up.’

    A false flag distraction maybe?

  16. The words of what has become the ubiquitous quasi and quesy-making anthem ‘Jerusalem’ were written by William Blake in 1804 in a poem about Milton. Blake as inspired by apocryphal stories about the young Jesus visiting England; also the Book of Revelation verses about the Second Coming, wherein Jesus establishes ‘a new Jersusalem’, a metaphor for heaven on earth.

    For Blake Jesus’s return to England would bring about harmony, love and peace, in contrast to the ‘dark Satanic mills’, which he saw as diabolical enslaving machines – and the start of something very ugly.

    • Considering that Blake spent his entire life in London ( apart from three years in Bognor Regis ) one wonders how many of the ‘Dark Satanic Mills ‘ of your interpretation he actually came across .

      • Just for the record, Blake lived for three years in a village near Bognor Regis called Fepham (not Bognor Regis town) He wrote the poem ‘Milton’ in this place and his deep love of the land began there. Blake was a visionary poet and didn’t need to physically see things to get what they were all about. Slightly mad he may have been (as he admitted himself) but a parochial ignoramus he definitely wasn’t.

      • Jesus Christ was NOT Jewish – a Royal Judahite yes, but not a Jew ( TRUTHNOT DOGMA)
        Now come on, I’ve nothing against the ordinary rank and file of Jews……………….like us, they are cursed with power hungry leaders…………….but to say Jesus wasn’t a Jew is stretching credibility a bit too much. The Jewish leaders were supposedly furious at the ‘King of the Jews’ label because they were expecting a glorious leader to free them from the Roman yoke. What they got instead was a Jewish ‘terrorist’ preaching love and peace.
        Whatever, we’ll never know for sure because we weren’t there!

    • ”…Jesus establishes a ‘ new Jerusalem ‘ in England. ………………..I may not be as erudite as you but surely Jesus was Jewish.

      • Jesus Christ was NOT Jewish – a Royal Judahite yes, but not a Jew.

        This is why The Jews were furious with Pilate when he placed the sign above Jesus Christ’s head “The King of The Jews” – to them this was the ultimate racial insult.

        Jews are Canaanites (Hamitic), not Israelites (Semitic)

  17. Although some might think that extract from the following message taken from the BBC Suffolk newspage tonight isn’t strictly relevant, read the article first, then my comment below it will tell you why l think it is: > >


    A councillor who promotes road safety messages admitted he was as “guilty as anybody” after being caught speeding and driving while using a mobile phone.

    Graham Newman, chairman of the Suffolk RoadSafe partnership, said the “slip-ups” happened months apart.

    The Conservative denied they made his position untenable and said he wanted people to “learn from his experience”. In an interview with Mark Murphy on BBC Radio Suffolk, the Suffolk county councillor said he was cautioned after being seen by a police officer checking emails on his phone


    Why I think it is relevant, is that these were 2 offences on separate occasions. He he gets caught twice but only ends up with a caution for using a mobile and a trip to a speed awareness course. He has the cheek to say that “he wanted people to “learn from his experience”, Well, what I have learned from his experience seems to be that anyone else would have got points and a fine, but if you are Tory councillor your “friends” in higher places will see to it that you only get a caution.

    Hypocrisy is certainly still alive and well for Tory councillors running road safety campaigns in this country.

  18. The best thing to do with paedophiles, whether they be Jewish or gentile, is to make an example of them but making them publicly undergo the most horrific, long drawn-out and painful death imaginable and to televise the experience on worldwide TV. You know it makes sense. It’s the only way to stamp out these filth. We’re encouraging these filth – Jewish or otherwise – with our soft sentencing policies, which have become a joke.

    • And you are then lowering yourself to their level of humanity. Of course you can ALWAYS prove 100% that someone is guilty of a crime? If not then inevitably some innocent people (maybe even you) could find themselves at the mercy of the punishment you suggest?

      • Your comment must be based upon the current injustice system where 90% of prison inmates should be set free due to their false convictions. If real law is adhered to then two or three witnesses must have FIRST HAND knowledge of the accused’s crime in order for sentence to be sound.

        I would not condone long drawn out punishments (torture) but I would not oppose swift public executions.

  19. Someone well worth reading up about on ‘Wiki’ is convicted Tory peer, on 26 May 2011, Hanningfield was found guilty on all six counts, Lord Hanningfield.
    This man is seriously worth investigating. Hanningfield lives in the village of West Hanningfield in Essex with his Bernese mountain dog.

      • They are Marrano’s.Catholics in high places are usually crypto jews..for example madeline albright and johnkerry.Then of course there were the financiers the Medici’s of Florence.The billionaire Paulmann in Chile whp owns supermarkets is another Marrano.Ditto Goebbels whose wife had a close association with a leading zionist.Ditto the disgusting four eyed geek Himmler whose close relative married an Israeli.

  20. BBC News website now (Sat p.m.)


    The late George Thomas was the House of Commons Speaker between 1976 and 1983

    Anger over gay former speaker claims

    Police say they are investigating allegations the former House of Commons speaker George Thomas sexually abused a nine-year-old boy.

    The alleged victim, now aged 55, told the Mirror newspaper he was abused in the 1960s and 1970s by the late MP who was a friend of his foster parents.

    Police issued a statement saying they were investigating claims first made in 2013 and apologised for the delay.

    The force has referred the matter to the police watchdog, the IPCC.

    The alleged victim, who now lives in Australia, told the newspaper he was raped by Thomas, who later became Viscount Tonypandy, at his home and another address in Cardiff.

    “He spent a lot of time at my house as my parents were good friends with him. Things started small but then got a lot worse. It has been with me all my life,” he said.

    He claims he reported the abuse to South Wales Police on two occasions but was “disappointed” with the response from officers.
    ‘Unacceptable delay’

    South Wales Police Assistant Chief Constable Nikki Holland said: “We were made aware of these allegations in April 2013 and have attempted to get in touch with the victim.

    “Unfortunately, incorrect contact information was used and as a result we failed to make contact with him. We have since spoken to the victim, apologised for the delay and are investigating his claims.

    “This delay was clearly unacceptable and we have referred the matter to the IPCC.

    “It is important that victims have the confidence to come forward and speak to us. We take any allegations regarding sexual assault or rape extremely seriously and urge anyone who has been a victim of this type of crime to make contact with us.”

    A spokesman for the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) confirmed it had received a referral from the force and was assessing it.

    Viscount Tonypandy, who was an MP in Cardiff from 1945 to 1983 died of cancer in 1997, aged 88.

    The Methodist preacher held the role of Secretary of State for Wales from 1968 to 1970 and was Commons Speaker between 1976 and 1983.

  21. “Bolshevik Marxist Jews call nationalism petty and do all in their power to destroy nation states.”

    You are off-beam my friend. I was not calling nationalism petty (per se) and I am no Bolshevik Marxist Jew!!

    To re-phrase:

    Small-minded, aggressive/ xenophobic nationalism (petty nationalism) is a variety of nationalism that visionaries such as Blake have evolved past. There is also a genuine love for the land of one’s birth. This is the kind of ‘nationalism’ Blake had in mind.

    • No I am not ‘off beam’ as you so erroneously put it, and yes you were referring to nationalism as petty, which you are now attempting to deny.

      Your term “small minded, aggressive/xenophobic nationalism” is straight out of a Bolshevik Marxist Jew propaganda manual.

      Nationalism is nationalism and Bolshevik Marxist Jews hate nationalism of any any kind and no matter how it is demonstrated.

      All nationalists love their country.

      In contrast internationalists (Marxists, communists, socialists) have no loyalty to any country.

      The Bolshevik Marxist Jews had no country until 1947 and have always hated the host nations that were/are stupid enough to allow them to live within their borders.

      Any put down of nationalism on your part only makes me very suspicious of your elitist sounding comment.

  22. can you imagin a book being wrote about all these murders,rape ,what a story that would make ,and they sure would make it into a film,, it would make the authur a millionair over night,itsallthere on the internet,freomthe prime minister edward heath rapist and murdereand to daythey say ther yur,taking all those membersof parliament out on his boat to jersey paying jimmy savil for the orpand boys 21 of them ,and he could not rape them all himself the membersof parliament help him,thenthe search for more bodies at the jersey orphanage where they found another 35 bodies burnt up ,allther names were inthe hjersey orphanage,then the raping and murder at elm house london,,wales orphan home,scotland orphan home northern ireland orphan home hundreds of boys,no other murder syndicate in the world have ever killed so many,we have margaret thatcher mentioning the paedophile in westminster even her aid was one,even todat they say there is ten still in parliament 1982 dickens made up a list of paedophile in parliament ,barbara castle 1983 called allher cabinet to a meeting which was typewritten document on 16 top mps oinparliament who were paedophiles,this dossia document must never leave westminster for any reason ,but she took a copy to the daily star newspaper to print but the police swooped down andtook the copy away but is there still a dossia in westminster,,patrick rock ,david cameron man in his office ,was a paedophile,4 whistblowers have been threatend ,if they say what they have found out they will be killed,this is westminster today,what a book this all would make and there are lost more to add,people are coming forward every day but thepolice are still tryingto cover it all up,but with a book it will ,be good bye conservative party hello fresh air,

    • I have sent info to Coleman regarding a now ex-MP (Tory of course), which will not do the Con party any favours when it is published. How this sadistic 6u99er came to be selected as a suitable candidate, will destroy them

  23. Why do some keep on about Jews or RC`s only? Neither allows the `marriage` of 8 yr old little girls who can be raped to death by their `husbands`, with that man being considered to have done no wrong. Vile pervs are in every strata of every nation, political party and creed. It isn`t only Britain that has dirty perverts. True, it is only that it is apparently ENCOURAGED in the upper echeolons that we and other countries have such week laws – that are too often avoided anyway. However, `Dirty World` would be more appropriate and would convey that decent people worldwide need to communicate and pull together on this. Is the such a global network? Even a facebook page where Bing can be used to help people worldwide to co-ordinate efforts? There is little point in each country`s peoples trying to stop it in just their own bordes, as pervs travel (e.g. Thailand). This requires a concerted and sustained global effort worldwide.

  24. Sorry but it is all business as usual…nothing short of a violent upheaval will get the changes that are required.The British.secret police led by the crypto jew parker os up to its neck in filth and perversion…then there are the windsors who closely associated with one of the most depraved monsters in British history.I’m picking the jewish elite will try to rebrand the hideoys parasites known as the wimdsors by making william the new king..skipping the twat charles….the windsors are all tarred with the same brush…including the two grandsons…

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