Why has paedophile Greville Janner been allowed to escape justice?

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It’s been announced that child-raping Labour peer, Greville Janner, wont be charged in connection with a series of sexual assaults against young boys.

Janner, who has a history of grooming, then buggering, vulnerable boys in care homes, apparently has dementia and has been declared unfit for questioning.

Well if that’s the case why does he still sit in the House of Lords and retain an office there?


According to the Mirror:

” A Labour peer facing more than 20 allegations of historical child abuse looks set to avoid prosecution after doctors said he was unfit to be quizzed because he has dementia.

The member of the House of Lords will not be interviewed or arrested by police investigating the alleged sexual assaults – which include claims of rape – on vulnerable boys in children’s homes.

One man said he was aged seven when the politician visited his care home and entertained him and the other youngsters there with magic tricks.

The suspect, who was the local MP at the time, then allegedly took him aside and sexually assaulted him.

His alleged victim claims he reported it to police but it was not properly investigated. He said: “That man humiliated me. He told me to undress and then fondled me. It scarred me for life. I complained previously and the police made a mess of it. But they are being very good now.”

Officers have compiled a dossier of more than 20 complaints against the peer, who was previously accused of child abuse more than two decades ago.

At the time, the serving MP agreed to be interviewed by police and a file was passed to the Director of Public Prosecutions, but no charges were ever brought.

Another police investigation into similar allegations is ongoing and a file has been sent to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Sources confirmed the peer would not be questioned after two doctors examined him and concluded he was unfit.

A police spokesman said the decision was taken for “operation reasons” and added: “The inquiry has had a number of individuals who have come forward and made complaints. We are investigating their allegations, and providing them with professional support.”


His victims have been cruelly slapped in the face for their courage in coming forward and reporting this vile piece of scum to the authorities.

Of course, what these poor boys wouldn’t have realised is that paedophile Janner and his son are both barristers and know all about faking an illness to avoid justice.

Janner was previously embroiled in the Leicestershire care-home scandal where he buggered a young boy for over two years solid and groomed him with toys and sweets.

He would often rape him in the marital bed when his wife was out and also took him to hotels to be abused.

Frank Beck, the children’s home manager, always denied his involvement in the abuse and claimed he was framed by Janner who has friends in high places.

He was sentenced to five life sentences in prison but strangely, just before an appeal hearing. Beck died in prison in mysterious circumstances.


One of Janner’s best pals is deranged Israeli spoon-bender, Uri Geller.

Geller is employed by Mossad and is a key player in the VIP child-abuse rings operating in this country.

He recently took our advice to f***k off back to Israel and has sold his Berkshire home and bought a new pad in Tel-Aviv.


Scumbag Janner might well be planning to do the same.

But if he thinks he can escape justice that easily he better f*****g think again.

Keep watching your back you paedophilic piece of shit.

You’ll get what’s coming to you.

It’s only a matter of time…


From the Jewish Talmud (Holy Book):

Sanhedrin 54b.:   A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.

” When a man commits sodomy with a boy under nine years of age, it “is not deemed as pederasty” (Sanhedrin, 54b,55a).” 

” Yebamoth 98a. :  All Gentile (Non-Jewish) children are animals.”

” Sexual intercourse with a boy under the age of eight is lawful since it isn’t fornication (Sanhedrin, 69b).” 






34 thoughts on “Why has paedophile Greville Janner been allowed to escape justice?

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  2. Why has paedophile Greville Janner been allowed to escape justice?
    Masonic cover up? no no yes yes.


    Don’t wanna mess wid der Mossad donte wanna mess with Mossad agent Murdoch.
    Information on everyone is the power.
    It is not important, after all his crimes are against us goy, he would never rape little Jewish boys.
    What’s the beef? His crimes are not crimes in the Torah.
    Janner and Mossad’s little black cube info book.
    Informational industrial blackmail

  3. “Well if that’s the case why does he still sit in the House of Lords and retain an office there?”

    Because that’s where most of the scum sit. Better to keep them in one place.

    Being a Lord or Lady obviously marks you out from normal society. It is a badge of corruption.

    • Not a very enviable position for certain ‘honourable’ members, I’d have thought….
      Being marked out from the crowd wearing what you still think is a badge of distinction, when everyone else around you is seeing a badge of corruption.


  4. Lord Charles Drake:. I can confirm to the House that NSPCC Mandy or Lord Janner have never been near my bum hole what what.

    If we keep talking about this beast ,this filthy evil demonic animal,this low level mossad informational gathering tool, maybe we can get him Maxwelled or McAlpined.


    Dead in word only but very much living the kosher undead, what what.

    Pretend dead- living out his days in Israhell.

    At least the fucker can breath in all that depleted uranium used by the Israeli and US military.

  5. We quite rightly pursue war criminals into their eighties and nineties. These criminals are usually old frail and in ill health why should this person escape justice and continue to remain a Peer . It would not be the first time that someone has escaped justice by pretending to suffer from dementia or mental health issues. Victims should be able to see justice done.

    • I can only think of 3 off hand, Gillian. There was Ernest Saunders of Guinness fame who got his doctors to sign him off with “pre-senile dementia” following which he made a Lazarus-style miracle recovery. Then there was Lord Spens and Roger whatshisface (Blue Arrow fraud trial IIRC). Roger got signed off cos he found a doc to state that he would commit suicide if forced to undergo a trial, so he got let off. Then Spens’ council claimed the trial couldn’t go ahead without his co-defendent, so he got let off as well! All three of them were Jewish, as is Janner, but that’s probably just a coincidence and not special treatment for this particular ethnic group no doubt crikey no.

  6. Dirty little cunt. Still, he’s in good company with the other “honorable” members of the Houses of Paedoment.
    Janner may now have no choice but to run to Israel for safe haven as any decent-minded, public-spirited person who spots his grubby, gangrenous carcase stalking the streets of England won’t suffer such a piece of shit to live.

  7. Well, bugger me! Butt at least it is encouraging to see that not only are Conservatives boy buggering boof-heads, so are Labourites, and Lib-Dems too no doubt. What about Communists and Nazis? Zionism and Nazism are two sides of the same coin, its the old good/evil relative morality paradigm. If you look at the basic Masonic quilting pattern Kuivers use, such as in the Campbell family crest, it is the two swastikas of good an evil in opposition, in stasis. It also forms the letters NZ and ZN – as in Nazi and Zion. Its a contrived and closely controlled conflict cooked up by cabals whose single ambition is ultimately to destroy God’s creation. If you have a look at the Illuminati card game “Tape runs out…” card, you will note that the planet “splits” at the Indo/Euro plate boundary…which is where the huge US Base at Diego Garcia is situated…and then there is the large hadron collider and the prospect of it setting off the world’s super volcanoes…this is not just about who will rule the world folks, it is much more sinister than that…

  8. “Operation Last Chance was launched July 2002 by the Simon Wiesenthal Center with its mission statement being to track down ex-Nazis still in hiding. Most of them would be nearing the end of their lifetimes, hence the operation’s name. Efraim Zuroff is director of the Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem who serves as the Israeli liaison as well as overseer of this project, the focus of which is investigation, prosecution, and conviction of the last remaining Nazi war criminals and collaborators.”

    The modus operandi of these thieving compensation loving apes is to track down men over 90 years of age prosecuting with feeble evidence.

    Janners been raping kids in the last 10 years.

    The Jews at the Simon Weasel center says age or mental capacity is not important putting these nazis on trial,what is important is the ritual.

    This ape Janner is still smirking for the cameras and collecting his turn up fees at the House of Lords.

    Daniel fiddler Finklestein’s mate Janner has to burn for his satanic crimes.

  9. You Brits need to get your guns back-
    Did you know that the Dunblane Massacre, cited as the reason all law-abiding citizens had to be disarmed, was a PEDOPHILE PLOT??
    And of course the book; Dunblane Unburied; and many posts at Aanirfan.blogspot.co.uk and aangirfan.blogspot.com, and brynalynvictims.blogspot.com, and spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com and many others-especially Bill Maloney, et al, at pieandmash.
    Why does the vast pedophile conspiracy want law-abiding citizens disarmed when all statistical evidence shows law-abiding gun ownership prevents harm to innocents, and lowers crime? The answer is in the question.
    The vast pedophile conspiracy has royals, MP’s, judges, police, doctors, lawyers, etc. in it’s ranks, all dedicated to protecting each other and furthering their cause, which is more victims, more abuse. They know that the only thing they have to fear is a popular uprising- and if those rising up are armed, the game is over. This is why it is so very important you work to get your guns back. There may very well be a massive cover-up underway- and if MI-5, MI-6, the military, are not all part of the investigation, the abuse will continue and grow. AND GROW. AND GROW!!!!
    I urge you all to contact the MP’s calling for an inquiry, present them this information, and demand that they put forth legislation to restore law-abiding citizens’ right to lawful self defense with guns. Their willingness to rise up and question the blatant cover-ups of the past, in concert with the ongoing Savile horror unfolding, is a perfect platform to re-present this issue to the country.The natural consequence of an unarmed helpless citizenry is a gov’t mad with power, travelling down a path history shows us is well-trod, to child sacrifice on a horrendous scale.

  10. Janner’s been raping young boys for a damn sight longer than 10 years!!! Who are you – his defence counsel in mitigation? 😉

  11. No doubt there are indeed Jewish pedophiles, but any insinuation that there is a link between Judaism and pedophilia, or that Judaism teaches pedophilia, are simply antisemitic and do neither you nor any campaigns against pedophilia any credit.

    • If that’s the case, and I’m SURE most Jewish ppl are NOT paedos. Then stand up, and shout YOU don’t wish the Talmudic writings denoting fking kids of ANY religion/race/age as Acceptable/OK! Then maybe we’ll be as believing as you sound. Because the Muslims have the exact same thing in their books, in Christian religion it’s the “Unwritten Rule book” that allows high up clergy to fk kids and get protected. WE HAVE Shouted it from the rooftops, and ppl are listening (A pope getting “Resigned”). Yet you must understand to fight this fight, we are against the highest/most powerful criminal/satanists in the world. Secret Service protected, court approved child fking/murdering evil criminals. So YEAH pick your side and stand proud (IF you choose my side, otherwise you can rot with them, when we come to get them ALL). If there is the slightest chance there IS a god, surely he would not want us to rape children for lust purposes, so don’t see why they include it. UNLESS as in the US Military allowing soldiers to fk animals and not be charged, they are stating “It IS Acceptable”. I think that is pretty sick myself, but hey what do I know. Do so many US soldiers LIKE/WANT to fk animals that they require changing the rules??? They MUST.

  12. we do not pursue war criminals, if we did Lancaster bomber pilots would have been done and so would every Israeli who has served in its armed forces.
    Moshe solomons in his moshes radio hour has had several distinguished guests from Israel, where it is wll known that greville janner likes to sodomise boys, as did menachenm begin, moshe solomons has in the past covered all this in detail as well as showing up who Vanessa felt really is.
    BTW paul gambaccine was told by police if he gave info on chris denning jimmy saville and allan freeman, paul would not be charged, the police made the deal but now it looks like he may also be done for boy nobbing
    so much for the governments plan to establish homosexuality as a non perversion

  13. the student newspaper Rsouls had some great photos of greville janners visit to liecester with his bodyguard, they were chased down the road with people shouting, janner got into the lime with people running alongside throwing shows at it and making the uqennelle salute

  14. Alzheimer’s sets in slowly. Victims of the disease lose short term memory first, long term memory remains intact for many years. Doctors can prescribe medication to keep symptoms at bay. However that medication can have deleterious side effects if misprescribed. So why have Leicestershire Police colluded in yet another cover up? A blood test will ascertain if a suspect is taking dementia medication – and even if they are their long term memory will be unlikely to be compromised just a few months after diagnosis. Is this yet more evidence of endemic corruption within Leicestershire Police, who appear to protect the powerful at the cost of the innocent?

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  16. The “Dementia” or “Bang on the Head” excuses are wearing thin now. IF I tried doing something so serious, surely they’d put those NEW brain activity sensors on My/his head (and electrodes to his balls), (NO sorry that’s AFTER we get confessions….lol) then test me to see if certain areas are active/not active very easy. They even have ways to measure the responses, I’d have better, more direct methods, though some may be a little squeamish for that. I believe ANY person who rapes anyone deserves serious punishments. IF the victim is a child, surely the sentence should be that much more severe. Though around the world, the child rapists are protected. I spent a short time in prison (few months), dodging murderers/rapists etc. The child abusers were protected, better food, more cushy jobs, and we’d see new table tennis tables, pool tables coming in, they’d go direct to child abusers/protected prisoners. WTF!!!!!! THEY should spend everyday of life in fear/beaten/threatened as they DID to our children.

  17. There is a list I saw/have bkmarked, that shows all the politicians that are or have been charged with rapes, or sexual deviant behaviour of some kinds. Eye opening, as I’ve worked in many places and NEVER seen this sort of % of child abusers. So there must be a sickness/evil festering within the political world, one that we must cut out by the root and burn.

  18. Leicester police are as culpable as Rotherham police. They raided Janner’s office in December – put off questioning him until May, by which time Janner had conveniently developed galloping Alzheimers. Janner has been protected fir years by a colluding police force. Pity we No longer have the News if the World to track him down and expose his current life style. My bet is that like Ernest Saunders in Guiness Janner will be the second case if Alzheimers in world history to have recovered from Alzheimers. But without good journalists we’ll never prove police culpability in protecting perpetrators.

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