Urgent Appeal: Nottinghamshire Child Abuse Witness Taken By Police, Now Missing

Beechwood Children's HomeNotts PoliceBeechwood House abuse

The UK Column website has reported on the disturbing disappearance of a victim of child-abuse at Beechwood children’s home who was taken by Nottinghamshire police and is now missing.

According to their report:

” A key whistleblowing witness and victim of child abuse at Nottingham Beechwood Children’s Home is effectively missing after sending a text to the UK Column starting…”pls ring urgent, something has happened n I don’t trust the police and I may be locked up tomorrow…” Sent at 21:22 on Wednesday 9th July 2014 the UK Column has been trying to locate the witness ever since.

This witness has reported to us rape, intimidation, beatings, physical and emotional threats as just some of the abuses suffered by vulnerable young children at Beechwood, but some youngsters were also witnesses to ‘suicides’ – children ‘falling’ from upper windows. Other witnesses report that children’s bodies were hidden on the site.

Fearful for the physical safety of this highly vulnerable witness, who already alleges a police cover-up and is fearful of the police, we contacted Nottinghamshire Police via their 101 phone line. 

After speaking to the civilian telephone operator and expressing grave concerns for the safety of the witness, Nottingham police were asked if the witness had been arrested and if they were safe. In a short return call the operator said that a police officer had said that the witness was safe. Unconvinced by the vague reply, we asked the name of the police officer and a shoulder number. The operator said they were unsure. They were also unsure as to whether the witness had been judged ‘safe’ at home, had been arrested and was ‘safe’ in custody, or was in a psychiatric facility.

The UK Column duly asked for clarification from a named police officer with their personal number and was promised a call from such an officer. No such call was received overnight. Our worst fear remains that the witness has been sectioned and held in a psychiatric unit in order to silence them.

Early this morning Friday, 11th July 2014 the UK Column again made contact with Nottingham police via their media team. Again requesting information as to the whereabouts and safety of the witness, Richard from the media team would only confirm that the witness was safe, but would not give their location, state if they had been arrested nor give details of the police officer or their official number. He also appeared unsure as to why the police refusal to give full and proper details about the location and safety of a vulnerable child abuse witness would be in the public interest.

The UK Column has also expressed concerns for the safety of this individual to Bassetlaw Nottingham Labour MP John Mann. Mr Mann has recently spoken out about child abuse in Westminster stating that ”there was a cover-up with regard to child abuse investigations in Nottingham.” He also reported on his Twitter post:

“On Monday Nottm court Beechwood children’s home abuse. No prosecutions for 100 victims. County Council denying liability.”

Further posts state:

“No answer yet on how many files destroyed by Notts County Council involving child abuse..Notts County Council offering [£]9000 to child abuse victims but admitting no liability.”

BBC Nottingham news team who have previously reported on the horrific child abuses at Beechwood, were also informed by the UK Column of the witness safety concerns, particularly in light of increasing reports from across UK of police forces failing to investigate paedophiles, and reports by witnesses of police harassment and threats to silence them.

To date Nottingham City and Nottingham County Council, holding joint responsibility for the now closed Beechwood home, have paid out some £250,000 in compensation to 17 victims.

It is believed the payouts included gagging orders. Nottingham police have previously stated to UK Column that over 92 victims of Beechwood abuse have come forward, but there is no murder investigation.

Again, because of the sensitivity of this case we are extremely concerned for the safety of this witness. We would like to ask that members of the public contact Nottingham Police about the Beechwood child abuse witness via their local 101 telephone number and ask for more information. ”

This is a scandalous abuse of police powers if Nottinghamshire police have locked up a child-abuse witness to prevent them from speaking out.

An investigation needs to be undertaken by the Home Office as a matter of utmost urgency.

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56 thoughts on “Urgent Appeal: Nottinghamshire Child Abuse Witness Taken By Police, Now Missing

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  2. An investigation by the Home Office??? What earthly fucking use are they? I think we’re going to have to do the digging ourselves to get to the bottom of this rat’s nest of corruption. Expecting the authorities to openly and impartially investigate themselves when paedophilia is rife throughout the whole stinking system is simply a non-starter.

  3. Can anyone confirm that a well known actress is the latest pervert to be arrested for paedophile acts.
    She is 59 G.B

  4. lord charles drake. top cop hogan howe will sort these westminster child rapists out.howes past cover up's where clerical errors what what

    I remember a long time ago Matthew Parris in avana with Gary Glitter it sounds strange to think of now.
    This was before Gary went to jail I think but what an odd coupling.
    Gary had an apartment in Havana the fucking creep, like Unkle Jimmy he is a child wrangler.
    i wonder what Matthew and the bald headed leather faced Gary Glitter man talked about during those hot tropical nights.
    Gary and Matthew such normality what a coupling A.

    Matthew Parris and Liz Davies discuss the panic about paedophilia

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  6. You Brits need to get your guns back-


    Did you know that the Dunblane Massacre, cited as the reason all law-abiding citizens had to be disarmed, was a PEDOPHILE PLOT??




    And of course the book; Dunblane Unburied; and many posts at Aanirfan.blogspot.co.uk and aangirfan.blogspot.com, and brynalynvictims.blogspot.com, and spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com and many others-especially Bill Maloney, et al, at pieandmash.

    Why does the vast pedophile conspiracy want law-abiding citizens disarmed when all statistical evidence shows law-abiding gun ownership prevents harm to innocents, and lowers crime? The answer is in the question.

    The vast pedophile conspiracy has royals, MP’s, judges, police, doctors, lawyers, etc. in it’s ranks, all dedicated to protecting each other and furthering their cause, which is more victims, more abuse. They know that the only thing they have to fear is a popular uprising- and if those rising up are armed, the game is over. This is why it is so very important you work to get your guns back. There may very well be a massive cover-up underway- and if MI-5, MI-6, the military, are not all part of the investigation, the abuse will continue and grow. AND GROW. AND GROW!!!!


    I urge you all to contact the MP’s calling for an inquiry, present them this information, and demand that they put forth legislation to restore law-abiding citizens’ right to lawful self defense with guns. Their willingness to rise up and question the blatant cover-ups of the past, in concert with the ongoing Savile horror unfolding, is a perfect platform to re-present this issue to the country.The natural consequence of an unarmed helpless citizenry is a gov’t mad with power, travelling down a path history shows us is well-trod, to child sacrifice on a horrendous scale.

    • Of course ‘we’ knew that – although the newbies have only woken up since Savile and know nothing which is unreported in mainstream as most of the links in these comments demonstrate. Guns? What use are guns against drones and psychotronic weapons? Tazers are the more realistic option. Nothing more radical would be needed than the noddies junking their TV’s and other beloved mind-control gizmos but they won’t do it. The entire pedoscam is being paraded as a bit of salacious gossip, a bit of a scandal, a bit of ‘oh, isn’t it terrible’? Then we have our bandwaggon jumpers/shill agents like UK 5th Column and Baloney. Wise up people, wise up….there’s such a thing called ‘counter-intelligence’ and their agents proliferate so-called alternative news sites.

  7. The only way forward is to show our contempt for Cameron’s fake “Inquiry” and set up our own one on the net, either here or elsewhere, preferably a substantive site in its own right specifically for the purpose, whether that be in the form of a blog or something more bespoke I cannot say at this stage. The idea being:

    1. to show the “authorities” that we’re not interested in yet another whitewash and have no faith in anything undertaken by them investigating themselves – yet again.
    2. To ensure the “over-arching” nature of the official “Inquiry” is defeated so all accounts of abuse won’t be conveniently collected in one place under the vice-like grasp of one, single (obviously tainted) person.
    3. To provide a contrast in outcomes between the two methods. Clearly if Dame BS’s efforts throw up nothing of any note, yet ours provides dozens, scores, or even hundreds of compelling accounts against elite figures, then Operation Whitewash will be thrown into doubly sharp relief and it will enjoy no credibility – even among its genuine yet gullible supporters.
    4. The vile sub-humans under investigation will enjoy no comfort in that their roles in this scandal will be carefully managed and eventually air-brushed out of the picture. They shall enjoy no such security. Don’t let these filth sleep at night from fear of what might be eventually released about them as a result of our truly independent efforts, say I.

    Think about it, peeps. There really is no alternative if we’re ever to get to the bottom of this – AND WE MUST. The children who’s short lives were wrecked and destroyed by these evil fiends deserve no less. What kind of a society would sweep these matters under the carpet? I don’t wish to be a part of the human race if that’s what we’re prepared to do and let the guilty go free. Chew it over.

  8. Let’s have a think about how we could best implement my suggestion above in practice, please. We owe it to all the legions of murdered and tortured children… 😦


  10. a secret dossier was bought by a daily newspaper and they are considering letting some info out, apparently it fingers greville janner among others with witnesses names and addresses but is not up to date matthew parris and paul gambaccini are named

  11. liz butler sludge has gone.
    thank god.
    we outed jimmy saviles sister and the vampyre fled back to the dark.
    now time for the mi5 rape blackmail and filming machine to be deconstructed.

  12. lord charles drake. i remember the country suppers in oxford the children crying in the basement mi5 camera crew at the ready what fun.

    it is all historical
    things are not like that today
    the past is another cuntry
    the 1980s come on a vague memory.

    let us think of today
    and the future.
    thank god all the perverts are dead
    and the mi5 the police lords and ladies have cleaned up all this nonce sense init.
    butler sludge is gone let us move on.
    mossad wills it.

    Attorney General Michael Havers brother to Butler-Sloss was a VIP paedophile


  13. its not just the catholic church C of E and evengelicals, I got involved with spiritualism and they were only promoting homosexual mediums, and discriminating badly against heteros, this was so bad that the spiritualist magazine was closed down and the psychic news only reopened after the promise of a clear out of everyone on the sex offenders register,
    the psychic news lost all their money which was being spent at boy nobbing parties in brighton

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  16. it was matthew parris who outed peter mandelson, because of his association with rent boys, the new labour party sprang to pervy peters defence and said all rent boys were over the age of consent as if that makes it right.
    Greville Janner cannot be prosecuted as the Israeli Knesset has said it would take reprisals on the people of the UK

  17. Perhaps an ‘Open’ (to the Public via online recordings or similar) ‘Truth Out’ Amnesty Commission – where those who know can reveal what they know in public, and in relative safety, without fear or favour, organized and headed by the ITTCS with Kevin Annett and Chris Spivey and + Bishop Williamson (Roman Catholic) and Representatives of Other Faiths including Christianity (C of E and other Protestant or Christian Sects), Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, etc. and Honourable Members for the Judiciary / Legal Profession (if any can be identified) and any Other Noteworthy Individual(s) (tbc) and a Sitting Jury of 12 Lay People (per case), to sit, and hear, and gather the evidence.

    It must be done with full transparency and without anything that is said by any witness (under oath) being removed or redacted by any person(s) or Government- or Military- or Intelligence-Agency, quoting ‘National Security’ or any other such untruthful nonsense.

    No person, whether high-born or low, will be above or beyond the reach of this ‘Truth Out’ Amnesty Commission; and all will be treated just the same, i.e., without fear or favour.

    Once a witness has completed his/her testimony, said person’s name will be entered into the records as being awarded a complete Amnesty for any action or part they may have played in such awful crimes. Until the whole process is complete, each witness that comes forth will be given a simple code, e.g., Witness 0001, 0002, etc. to protect their identity in the early stages. Once certain information becomes available, and is deemed credible, others’ in the know or with similar or identical knowledge will feel more confident in coming forward.

    The true identities of each witness will be known only to the ITTCS; after the complete Amnesty Hearings are concluded, said witnesses will have their identities made known to the public, and they will also be offered an opportunity to enter a witness protection programme, if desired. This last part might be difficult to organize, and to stomach, but, if we are to encourage witnesses to come forth and speak the truth, then we must also understand that they may well imperil themselves and/or their loved ones, or, they may be frightened of the consequences to their ‘position’ and/or ‘status’…so, it is important that they be given an inducement to step up to the plate, and reveal what they know…and then to put their absolute Trust in God’s Mercy.

    With respect: Please take ‘God’ to mean whatever ‘God’ may mean, with respect to each individual’s own personal set of beliefs; and the same goes to one and all.

    The proceedings will be open to the gaze of the Public via online communication streams, and/or via the MSM (if they dare to show their bought-and-paid-for, despicable, presstitute faces) – but on this last point, probably not. Any independent journalist or reputable news organization will be able to receive and file a report based on the same information – as provided by the ITTCS on a daily round-up basis, so that they can have access to same, and have an unrivaled opportunity to publish and/or be damned, accordingly.

    As for awarding suitable punishments for those who are identified as being the organizers, procurers, facilitators, traders, end-users, etc., and any other ‘connected’ individuals – again, depending upon their reaction to being ‘outed’, and any co-operation they might provide, and if they fully reveal what they know, there would be a tiered system based on JUSTICE, tempered by clemency and mercy. This would be established in advance by those qualified to do so, under the auspices of the ITTCS, guided by God’s Laws (10 Commandments) and by the Will of the People. There will be no kangaroo courts and no baying-mob lynchings either. God’s Laws must prevail. As too, must the rule of Common Law prevail, if appropriate.

    I hope that the a/m might inspire brighter minds to think and act; it is in that vein that I present it, rough as it is.

    Pax Y’all

    pax verbum

  18. I see a retired policeman from barnet is saying they knew what greville janner was doing but were told he had diplomatic immunity, and was untouchablem he went on, it made us sick, we were almost all family men and to know what this disgusting wretch was doing to scared little boys in orphanages made us sick to the back teeth

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