Did Jimmy Savile kill Suzy Lamplugh?

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We now know that Jimmy Savile was a murderous VIP pimp as well as a paedophile.

He had very close links to the royals, Intel agencies and the UK and Israeli governments.

Savile famously threatened anybody who crossed his path and boasted that his contacts in the IRA and criminal underworld could be called on to assault or murder his enemies.

Some claim he was the real Yorkshire Ripper and the girls who were murdered knew about his child-raping ways and had to be silenced.

He spent a lot of time aboard the QE2, and was once kicked off the ship after allegations that he had attacked a 12-year old girl.

According to the Mirror:

“We may never know the full scale of his abuse, but there are several rumours emerging about his conduct on board cruise ships.” Cunard has now axed a planned sail-by of Savile’s burial site in Scarborough, along with several other commemorations”.

Many staff members, and possibly other passengers, on ship may have been witness to Savile’s paedophilic ways.

On one of Savile’s cruises, a fellow passenger mysteriously fell over board:

” A WOMAN disappeared from the luxury liner QE2 while passengers partied during a pounds 2,000-a-head New Year cruise.

As soon as it was discovered she was missing, the ship sailed back to its last port of call in Madeira – but there was no sign of her.

TV celebrity Jimmy Savile was among those on board for the 16-night Atlantic voyage.

Detectives yesterday quizzed passengers and crew about the 62-year-old German woman when the QE2 returned to Southampton docks.

She vanished early on New Year’s Eve as the ship sailed through the Bay of Biscay .The sea was calm. The alarm was raised by her husband.

One passenger said: “We had to return to our cabins while the crew did a head count and a detailed search of the ship. We spent four hours sailing back the way we had come, trying to find her, but it was hopeless.”

Some voices claim that children and adults have been murdered on cruise ships and then thrown overboard.

By a strange coincidence, Cliff Richard also enjoys cruising.

It’s a little known fact that holier than thou Reverend Cliff Richard loves to cruise.

A couple of years after the tragic death of Jill Dando, Reverend Cliff kindly organised a big cruising holiday for his closest chums to celebrate his 60th birthday.

He even managed to act as matchmaker and find a new love for Jill’s fiancé, Alan Farthing.

According to the Mail:

” Jill Dando’s former fiance Alan Farthing last night revealed he is taking the first tentative steps of a new romance with a beautiful actress.

Handsome gynaecologist Alan is dating 35-year-old Helen Hobson.

The couple met eight months ago on a cruise to celebrate Sir Cliff Richard’s 60th birthday”.

Some voices claim that Jill Dando was aware of Jimmy Savile and the paedophile ring operating at the BBC and was going to publish her findings and was shot in the head to silence her and warn other journalists to keep their mouths shut.

Strangely, Cliff Richard was one of the last people to speak to Jill and was questioned by police at the time of her murder.

Barry George was found innocent of all involvement in Jill’s death and was obviously a fall-guy for the Met.

Despite being wrongly jailed for 8 years he was cruelly denied compensation in a vile miscarriage of justice.

In 2006, Steve Wright was found guilty of the murders of 5 prostitutes in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Wright has always maintained his innocence of the crimes.

Were these girls also murdered to silence them and if so who was the real murderer?

The disappearance of estate agent, Suzy Lamplugh, has, to this day, never been fully solved. Several theories have been put forward including one claiming that she was killed by notorious serial killer Fred West.

She went missing after going to a property in Fulham to meet a mystery client named ‘Mr Kipper’.

In Judaism, the hat worn by Jewish men is known as a Kippah. Jimmy Savile was a devoted friend of Israel and often wore the hat himself.

Jill Dando lived in Fulham and at the time of Jill’s death, the Met linked Suzy’s disappearance to the murder.

According to the BBC:

” The policeman in charge of the Suzy Lamplugh inquiry, Detective Chief Superintendent Brian Edwards, is appointed as the investigating officer in overall charge of the Jill Dando murder case.”

In 2011, Mohamed Al-Fayed claimed that the Royals were involved in the death of Princess Diana. For some unknown reason, he likened Prince Philip to Fred West.

Some voices claim that Savile procured victims for the Royals to ‘sacrifice’ during Satanic rituals. Others claim that Fred West was a major player in the procurement operation.

On the comments section of a blog the following claims were made:

Jimmy Savile was a satanist,along with Tony Hardman, Ken Bailey, Stephen Paul Merrfield, David Adams and others.  The satanic circle involved people inside and outside the world of entertainment. David Adams murdered Clare Stagg during the 1980s and Sandra Court was murdered after she recognised some well known faces at the Steppes nightclub in Bournemouth.”

The murder of Sandra Court in 1986 was also linked to that of Suzy Lamplugh but was not pursued by police.

By a strange twist, it emerged during the trial of Steve Wright, that he was once a close work colleague of Suzy Lamplugh.

They had both worked together in the 1980′s aboard a cruise ship.

That cruise ship was the QE2.

Is there more to Savile, the QE2,  the Royals, mysterious murders and innocent patsies than meets the eye?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?


81 thoughts on “Did Jimmy Savile kill Suzy Lamplugh?

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  2. We were thrilled when Jimmy Savile offered to help out at our Leeds cub scout group, knowing he was there boosted our numbers by half, but on a weekend camp under canvas 2 boys claimed he abused them, the scoutmaster was loathe to call the police but the parents said if he did not they would.

    While this was being investigated another boy came forward who said Savile sodomised him and his injuries were consitent with that, suddenly the troop got a solicitors letter demanding an apology with a gagging order and a demand for travel expenses for Savile.

    Savile told the scoutmater he had friends in Mossad and he would go missing and his body never found.

    We were all shocked that the police took no more action, we took his threat about Mossad seriously and did not speak of it again.

    We later found Savile had also assisted at a cub scout group in Leicester.

      • Let’s not forget that FRED WEST and his brother both worked on houses in Fulham…………..The WESTS were in deed the Kippers as in John West Kippers………………and poor Suzy was the chosen for whatever reason……..But it must be that she and Barry knew something concerning the cruise and Savile!!!!

  3. Re the Steve Wright case (who BTW is innocent of the murders of those girls) two or three of the girls were found spread out in cruciform fassion which tells us immediately that they were killed by a Jesuit or Jesuits. These murders were most likely a distraction to take people’s minds off the “Cash for Honours” scandal that was engulfing Blair at the time.

    • Yes, well FFS let’s avoid commenting on this matter as we don’t want to give the authorities the excuse that this person can’t get a fair trial as nearly happened with the Coulson case.

    • The thing about the Jews is that the only way of life they’re familiar with is gross brutality on the one hand, and servile, obsequious grovelling on the other. There’s really nothing in between with the self-Chosen.
      I believe it was Churchill who remarked that if the Jews are not kissing your boots, then they’re kicking you in the teeth with theirs. This is a strikingly accurate truism. I think if more Western “leaders” understood this primary character trait of the Tribe, they’d have far more success trying to manage relations with the squatters currently occupying the stolen land formerly known as Palestine. This is the key: you have to show them who’s boss or they will never respect you.

  4. Some years ago I heard a radio interview with a guy called T Stokes, whose voice was failing with age but he said some things which stuck with me, one of which was that his friend the actor Robert Morley was an army major with close links to the intelligence world.

    Morley was a bit of a gossip, and although seen as a pillar of the Establishment, was secretly a Socialist
    and had pro-Soviet friends during in the cold war,.

    Apparently, Morley as being watched as a Soviet agent,either real or potential, because someone was giving info to the reds about who was involved in homosexual activities at several boys homes including and especially Barnardos, this info was intercepted by MI5, who could at that time have stopped all the abuse of boys which was rife at that time as claimed by Jeremy Thorpe.

  5. There was a Tory MP named Alan Duncan who was asked by the security services to stand down for boy-nobbing offences,
    David Lawes just scraped through, but there are other homosexuals we need to hunt down and sack

  6. It was a while back but an ex intelligence guy exposed that Barry George and the Stefan Kiszco chap were both innocent, many say others were like the Soham murders fella- Huntley

  7. Leon Brittan being questioned over an alleged rape of a woman is designed to divert attention from his links to the Elm House scandal.

    • This technique works Alanb.

      Classic Tavistock Mi5.

      Get an ex government low level secretary make up a fake rape cover story contain all the others who come forward.

      Much better than a meme involving boys under 10 years old.

      Machine like containment with a multi billion pound budget the fact as the artist taxi driver guy stated is this what the fuck is mi5 doing covering up for all of these cases?

      We understand that it is the blackmail grid but most folks still think Mi5 and Mi6 protects us from mad Muslims with beards and hook hands.

      The funny thing is Sid James’s son who plays Bond is a gay another little in joke : )

      Jimmy Savile may well have been involved with Lamplugh maybe he had his mate Peter Sutcliffe out on day release.

      Sutcliffe is not an ideas man just the muscle henchman.

  8. Barry George, according to his sister Michelle, was ‘fitted up’ by the Met, because they considered his life was ‘disposable’ and they needed a patsy to take the rap. George gave a personal interview to The Mirror in July 2013, and in 2014 The Mirror ran a piece saying that George’s lawyer was asking Chris Grayling MP for a review and was also considering taking his case for £500,000 compensation for wrongful conviction/imprisonment to The European Court Of Human Rights. ~ As Tom Pride says above, George’s compensation was denied in 2010 after his conviction was quashed, and he has never received a penny, despite serving 8 years in jail, having his passport and all his house furniture and effects confiscated, being hounded everywhere since his release by Special Branch, having his reputation shredded, and being forced to take up residence in

    • These Masonic Satanists like to have their actual sacrifices and then the living sacrifice of a patsy to take the blame. They do the same thing here in NZ – the consistency of the key dates and events surrounding sacrifice and the vehement denials of the accused make such travesties plainly obvious to those who have the eyes to see, but as they are often few, it engenders a sense of compromise and weakness as, “If they can do that to so-and-so, what can they do to me?” I have had the experience of being fitted up after “orders from the highest possible authority (according to the former minister involved when I collared him after he had lost his job and career…) and the sense of powerlessness is numbing – suddenly you realize that the Government monster known as Ziz has turned its attention to your “case”…

    • Actually the real half-wits are the conscious-less twats who would do this crap to men, women and children. When the enormity of what they have NOT done, to wit, to love and serve their fellow man, confronts them in the refining fire of Gehenna, they will gnash their teeth and writhe at the thought of not what they have done, but what they have NOT done, for as surely as you have NOT done it for the least of these, you have not done it for me. You see, it is not about what we consciously do, but what we unconsciously do, i.e. who we really are on the inside…as in “When did we do it Lord?” OR “When did we not do it, Lord?” Sheep or goats alike, all will call Him Lord on that day, for He died for both, and what is sown in the flesh is reaped through the labour pains of the flesh, but what is sown in the Spirit is reaped through (by) the Spirit, and henceforth we are to know NO man after the flesh…

    • It was a very common police tactic in the 70s. If you couldn’t find the real culprit, then just fit-up the local weirdo/oddball/half-wit. They did it to extinguish the huge public pressure you always get from local people after serious incidents of the kind under discussion here. A despicable tactic carried out by despicable and heartless individuals who should never have been admitted to the police force no matter how desperate they were at the time for officers. They’ll pay a terrible price for what they’ve done in the great hereinafter. It’s only then that they will finally get the justice they deserve.

    • The american service man mentioned is the same one who did both the soham girls and the japanese girl he later arrested and jailed in the u.s but his name as slipped my mind..

  9. Yes that SCUM Britton who’s had allegations of rape against him has one downfall against him -One of his victims stated he has a mark on top of one of his legs-We’ve not heard the last of this by a long chalk especially if more witnesses come forward and this claim is proven.

  10. It makes me wonder just how many innocent people are in jail, a top policeman once said that Hanratty was hanged for a crime he did not do, they hung him and in the days after a nutjob named Peter Louis Alphon confessed to the crime and gave details that none else knew bar the police.

    I have always thought Huntley was innocent, but a psychologist said kill a person and you are banged up for life, kill a million and no one bats an eyelid, he was referring to Tony Blair, I often think back to that as it is so true.

  11. I dont know but it strikes me there is a world of difference between these MPs who as known homosexuals, go and buy the services of professional rent boys, and those that go to care homes and orphanages and rape little boys, you cant compare the two, OK all homosexual acts are perverion yes, but it’s in the degrees of….

    • First of all we need to understand that most prostitutes were groomed at a young age usually by family members to earn the crust……………A rent boy taken from a “home” is no different than the RENT BOY on the courner who has NOT home to go to…………………..how many poor kids in care end up running for their lives to actually end up on the corner of Westminster asking for a few bob???

    • I don’t buy it. I think the Fat Jewess will stoop to anything for publicity purposes. Another point is that she is so totally UNLIKE any of his other victims that we know about. I believe Fatz is lying; the aussie nonce has better taste than to go after some well-bored old skank like Fatz.

  12. I’ve also read some comments elsewhere where a contributor is trying to suggest that Fred West was involved with Jimmy Savile in procuring kids for the Royal Family. Fred West!!! Fuck me, I really don’t think so. Can you see West ever having been a top, well-in member of the ‘funny handshake brigade’? I certainly can’t! Even the Freemasons have *some* standards. LOL!!

    • Look at Fred West as an English Marc Detroux.

      Jimmy was the enabler he need muscle for the heavy lifting so look at Fred West as local muscle.

      Marc Detroux

      As UK so Belgium

      As Belgium so UK

  13. A lovely german lady getting angry about the crimes of Westminster,the courts,the police ,Mi5 and 6.
    sick sick sick

    EU. UK forced adoptions Peti Committee 19.03.2014

    • Its all an act – they are consummate actors, like the royals, they play their parts and strut upon the stage,full of sound and fury, signifying nothing..Catholicism is a con job crossed with a protection racket, and from the home of rackets – it is so riddled with inventions, traditions and lies it beggars belief. IT is the biggest criminal cabal on the planet – one in 6 is a “member” and thinks that they are extra special to God and “saved” – the same delusional abomination that they all bow to – and more like 1 in 4 if you include all the other denominations. Francis will be like Judas, he will betray His Lord with his kiss – he is already saying that Jesus was just a man like us – and that is what the spirit of antichrist does, it denies the Word made flesh. Whether you Catholic, Protesting Catholic, Episcopal Catholic, Reformed Catholic, Pentecostal or Charismatic Catholic, WOF Catholic, even Mormon Catholic – its all the same family tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the seven hills upon which the “woman” sits are the seven mystery religions which all come from a common root in the Middle East 7000yrs ago. It is the religion of Cain, and Korah, it is the way of Balaam, it is the religion of Ba’al and the Black Widow. It is the religion Jesus came to destroy and in a little while, that “leavening of righteousness” He introduced will, like a yeast culture, drive out the old leaven of works and hypocrisy by the New Leavening of Love. How do i now this? I have been shown something of the future…and it is very exciting, but very challenging. The Circe will build its One World Religion and many will be sucked in by it, but also many will refuse to go along with Rome and its Luciferian leadership… 0(:->)

  14. The Establishment will now cynically sacrifice some more low-level political pawns in an attempt to draw a line under the affair in the hope that the real news re satanic abuse, child sacrifice, murder, sex slavery, child abduction and snuff movies will then never see the light of day. The newly announced “Inquiries” are merely a ploy; a sop to Cerberus. It is but a damage-limitation exercise, people. Don’t fall for it.

    • Totally Peter – they will keep offering up the help for cannon fodder…it is beyond the average person to comprehend how someone can seek to attain personal power through inflicting harm to others…you have to put in terms that they can understand, starting with explaining how the sacrifice of war works, and the sacrifice of Jesus…and then get into the Ba’al and or Molloch sacrifices and how they are still conducted today and if they cannot get it through their thick heads that they live in a Spiritual Universe then you cannot help them…they are better off watching Micky Mouse, or East Enders…that is their reality…

  15. Mr Coleman, thanks for your work.

    We need to start talking about the D-notice and how it was rampantly used under Tony Blair.

    The use of the D-notice as a cover tool to protect rapists and paedophiles in power is an outrage and the compliance shown by the MSM in regards to them makes journalists willing accomplices.

    Rape and murder crimes of children has nothing to do with the Defence of the fucking Realm.


    In Criminal Law, contributing to or aiding in the commission of a crime. One who, without being present at the commission of an offense, becomes guilty of such offense, not as a chief actor, but as a participant, as by command, advice, instigation, or concealment; either before or after the fact or commission.

    ( I see they are wheeling out the gatekeepers David Mossad Aaronovitch and Vanessa Feltz : )

  16. Former top judge Baroness Butler-Sloss is to lead the wide-ranging inquiry into child sex abuse,
    ladies and gentlemen and the missing millions of kids.

    Do not worry the Mi5 and 6 and their friends in the CIA and Mossad have this sorted innit.

    Butler-Sloss, a lady with such a rich past history will leave no stone not turned.

    We will fix it
    We will mend it
    We will make the kids
    like new, new, new
    We will cover it
    White-wash white it
    Hide it
    Then burn it too.

    Some music while we wait.

    Oh to be in England,Scotland and Wales in the summer time.

    So many kiddies running around Dolphin Square way, so little Westminster time.

  17. The damage limitation being conducted through the media – ie: offering up ex politicians and “has been” personalities does not seem to be placating people, who are still pushing for more information. I feel that we are ripe for a major “false flag” event rather like 7/7 to take the heat off the child abuse issue and deflect public attention.

  18. damage limitation init david : )
    rent a quote
    news fillers
    opinion shapers
    bad acts

    vanessa feltz
    esther rantzen
    spooky keith vaz
    david aaronivitch
    shifty danny fink finkelstein
    ian dale
    harriet harrmon
    margaret diamonds are forever openheimer hodge
    mi5 or mossad or both
    100% gatekeepers

    • The Poop can cry all the crocodile tears he cares to, forgiveness and repentance are two sides of the same coin. They will just use winning words and ways and some cash (which they will get back eventually) to wantonly woo the witless and wayward. Folk who fall for this probably eat McDeath for lunch too, while chatting on their cell-phone, and soaking up a mixture of aluminum obscured sunshine, bathing in a bath of microwaves, and breathing the “fresh” air. You start the revolution by not buying into their shit, and not buying their consumer products and garbage – the answer is actually in our hands, it is simply much more convenient to blindly tails of asses like Savile and Bergoglio it is far more important to be responsible as to our own involvement in this sordid sate of affairs which afflicts Mankind and sees the blinded masses led lemming like to the precipice of the pit of perdition…

  19. Was Phillip serving the country, or saving the cunt-tree? Sorry girls…these wars are all productions, and he is a player, an actor, or as in the Greek, a Hupocrates – a two face – pathos and bathos – they do it so well – they fool many, but not all. I remember at a young age, being bullied by a Scoutmaster to pledge allegiance to the Crown and to God. Somehow I knew that the God they wanted me to bow to was wrong and that the Queen, while she looked like a choir-boy’s wet dream, was in fact inwardly evil, and that i should not trust her or this big bombastic bully. The told me to leave. Years later, he was convicted of historical sex offenses against minors…

  20. So they’ve made the safe choice of the octogenarian Butler-Schloss woman to oversee the Big Cover-Up. This will drag on interminably with no one of any real influence ever getting fingered; they’ll hope we’ll all lose the will to live whilst the farce grinds on and on, making the case of Jarndyce v. Jarndyce resemble 5 minutes in the Small Claims Court by comparison.
    I do hope people will wise up to what’s going on here and the fact we’re being taken for mugs and press for something actually meaningful instead.

    • I don’t think ‘pressing’ for anything is likely to be too successful, unless you have the ability to blackmail them.

      These guys are getting blackmailed all the time and simply sing for their supper. They are not Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela or Thomas Jefferson.

      Now if this is what they are about, then maybe contracting a professional kidnapper to hole up old Leon might be some leverage. Demands for release: his immediate commital for Trial at the Central Criminal Court at the Old Bailey, with live internet broadcast of all proceedings. That might get the ball rolling.

      So long as MH17 is headline news, don’t see too much progress. Some say the Kiev regime shot it down and is putting the blame on the Eastern rebels as part of an agreed plan to try and overthrow Putin, the plan being with Isreal, the US, the EU and probably Saudi Arabia. Maybe a few Gulf Emirates as well. It wouldn’t surprise me, but I have no evidence either way.

  21. I’m unsure about your reasoning behind this. I think a lot the material on your site is good. I’ve been contributing to cluesforum.info extensively over the last few years and I think you should look more into the possibility of the British establishment faking murder stories now and then (yes I know they kill real people too) just to keep the public in a state of fear and paranoia, and because the story can be managed in a ritualistic fashion, with the script adapted over time. The perps also like to revisit the story multiple times for generations in some cases. The Anuj Bidve (Indian student in Manchester) shooting on Boxing Day 2011 was almost certainly faked, for example.

    So, here we have a problem. It becomes more and more difficult to separate fiction from reality, especially when hideous crimes are being perpetrated by the establishment in reality. This muddies the waters and makes our investigative work much more difficult.

    But thanks for the solid information on this website. Your work is appreciated.

  22. John Cannan (convicted murderer and rapist, currently serving three life sentences) is the prime suspect in the Suzy Lamplugh case. It’s Cannan’s M.O. through and through. Everyone involved with the case, from cops to profilers, plus previous associates of Cannan are adamant that it’s him. But the CPS says there’s currently insufficient material evidence for “a realistic prospect of conviction”. To suggest that it’s Jimmy Savile is beyond hilarious. This is a really good website, but the scattergun approach to linking conspiracy theories without credible evidence (or where common sense tells you otherwise) makes it easy for the establishment to dismiss sites like this as the ramblings of fantasists. If you researched things more carefully and edited more ruthlessly, the site would be taken a lot more seriously – as it truly deserves to be. There are some really convincing, extremely disturbing revelations contained on this site, but crap like “Did Jimmy Savile Kill Suzy Lamplugh?” or implicating Samantha Cameron in a massive paedophile cover-up seriously undermines the good stuff and prevents print media journalists taking the more credible revelations seriously. You also need to be careful about using “homosexual” and “paedophile” as interchangeable terms – just as many paedophiles are heterosexual and abuse little girls. Again, this kind of detail undermines the credibility of the site as a whole which is a huge shame.

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