Chris Spivey is Legend….Just Saying

Chris Spivey

The brilliant writer, Chris Spivey, has been under severe attack from Intel agencies over his forthcoming exposé of the Lee Rigby Woolwich ‘murder’.

It would seem that Mossad rent-boys, Mi5, are panicking that their dirty tactics are about to be made public and have launched a full-on attempt to close his website and prevent the evidence from being published.

They’ve even resorted to the most pathetic, underhand, method of calling Spivey a ” conspiracy nut ” via an article in vile propaganda rag, the Sun.

The Sun is of course owned by Rothschild bum-boy Rupert Murdoch who bends over on a regular basis for his Tel-Aviv masters and is up to his neck in shit vis-à-vis the phone-hacking scandal.

He is also embroiled in the VIP blackmail racket, which has seen thousands of innocent British children raped and murdered to keep politicians in line.

Murdoch is a much bigger player than the bunch of treasonous, paedophilic filth running Mi5/Mi6, and his closeness to the psychopathic nutters who control this country from behind the shadows means he calls the shots not them.

But all that is about to change.

You see, Chris Spivey has been working day and night for the past year, gathering information and proofs that the Lee Rigby incident was a staged false-flag event, planned and carried out by the highest echelons of the British Establishment.

The whole charade was executed to stir racial hatred and give the oppressed public an enemy to focus on instead of focussing on the real enemy within ( in a similar vein to the 7/7 bombings).

They used a motley crew of actors and props to carry out what can only be described as a ridiculous pantomime in which their amateur dramatic skills were so weak that they made many blatant mistakes.

Those mistakes have been documented and analysed by Spivey and he has produced a huge catalogue of evidence which blows-apart the official story and which he has painstakingly detailed in his report, ‘Look Back in Anger’.

You can be sure that the PTB are at this very moment shitting themselves so badly there’s not enough Andrex in the land to clean it up.

Because they realise that Spivey is on the verge of exposing their filthy ways for the whole world to see, and once that happens it signals the end of filthy Britain as we know it.

No doubt they will keep up their desperate attempts to stop his article being published, but it will all be in vain.

The truth will out anyway.

It’s only a matter of time…





30 thoughts on “Chris Spivey is Legend….Just Saying

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  2. Yup,Spiveys journalism is something the shit that passes for media these days could learn from. Squeaky bum time for a few politicians just about now. Infact, is there anyway to perhaps mirror the site a few times. More thebetter. Dunno if this is even possible.

  3. What these numpties don’t realise is by trying to stop people like you and Spivey they are only making you stronger. You can’t stop because it’s in your bones-light fighting dark. If your website gets shut down we will look for a link to you and support you that way. Numpties don’t realise they are publicising the case by trying to push it away-while there are people like you they can’t and never will.

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  5. British muslims should police their own communities and practice sharia law and ignore the corrupt British police force and judiciary that declares itself above the law. New Scotland yard does corrupt deals with defence solicitors and barristers Ralph haeems and co to ensure convictions,Bernard Hogan Howe is a corrupt officer who with his d p s covers up police and judicial corruption and is a coward who hides behind a uniform and semantics,the masses have the legitimate and moral right to use violence to defend themselves against a corrupt and violent police force and judiciary that declares itself above the law, “Noble cause corruption” and policeEdit

    “Noble cause corruption” as ethical corruption is a departure from conventional discussions on police corruption, which typically focus on monetary corruption. According to the field of Police Ethics, noble cause corruption is police misconduct “committed in the name of good ends.” In Police Ethics it argued that some of the best officers are often the most susceptible to noble cause corruption.[17] According to professional policing literature, noble cause corruption includes “planting or fabricating evidence, lying or the fabrication and manipulation of facts on reports or through testimony in court, and generally abusing police authority to make a charge stick.”[18] According to Robert Reiner, a professor at the London School of Economics, stops based on statistical discrimination are also a form of noble cause corruption.[19]

  6. he has done the work brave work.
    let us call up radio 5 bbc radio london and the other shitty one that ian dale is on.
    no matter what the gate keeping subject matter is taxi driver complaints,train problems nhs blah blah soaps and tv shit
    talk about the matter at hand then mention chris spivey see how many times you can mention him futile maybe but good fun to hear them panic then cut you off by saying the mobile went dead : )
    they just gave up rolf harris like max like peter sutcliffe who is to say they spend lots of time in jail.
    unkle jimmy had peter out for weeks on end driven around in the bentley by a fucking serving and retired cops.
    the jingly jangly’s batons been passed too russell bland mk ultra athenium club member and royal cockney cunt.
    here him say hold the little fucker down bono he is gettin loose get geldoff to given another whack.

  7. there has beena campaign for some time now to say Chris Spivey is a jew and faked up photos and emails about him have been doing the rounds. The actots in the lee rigby drama have themselves spoken out, one was on the moshe solomons hour
    taking at length about it.
    we have to realise that the government are traitors to the people, its is the authorities who are serving the jew instaed of us the people, just take a look at this

  8. Off on a slight tangent if I may. Last year I made some posts (F/B) about Rigby and other false flag operations. Also many post about Cliff Richard, Simon Cowell, Leon Britton ect ect ect. they have almost all gone. I come across as a slightly sceptical guy at best. Check your accounts and see what’s missing. Oddly, the stuff I uploaded about Edward Snowdon being a whistleblower was still there? I’m now more certain ever he’s full of shit, another false prophet like, Brand and a few others.

    • I agree, I think the whole Snowden thing is a crock of shit also. If you think about it, if they made the claims of super surveillance themselves people would laugh it off & then seriously question their motive but because it was leaked by a whistle blower then, it must be true. Edward is advocating using Tor if you want to keep your movements on the net a secret however, Tor seem to take a strange establishment type view towards P2P file sharing asking people not to do it on Tor as it slows the connection down for everybody. It is impossible to track every phone call, text, e-mail, skype, instant message, internet history etc, someone is scaremongering & playing on a very basic human trait – paranoia. It is then hoped that people with something to hide will use Tor or other similar services & then will be tracked because they have something to hide. It is the establishment way of sorting the wheat from the chaff & reducing the people to watch to a manageable & realistic amount. It is called reverse psychology.

  9. spivey and his forum were the final dots i was searching for about 3 years. found monsters inc thru taylors blog when the itccs case 2 started. this site and many other worthy thru spiv. usually comments on these sites are excellent giving more insight. great work. lots of reading to do. at least now i have better sources and dont have to go thru so much bs for a nugget of gold:)

  10. there is a lot of stuff that has disappeared off the net, i was a medical student and used ti listen each week to dr patel talking of medical fraud and malpractice, but all his youtube vids have gone and so has kevin fields conspiracy hour and several others and i dont know why ? i personally believe spivey is genuine, i have seen these photos of him with jewish rabbis and read his confessions of faking it all up and i dont believe any of it, and i have even spoken to him on line and he is a perfect gent

  11. a basic understanding of photography is all is needed.
    an understanding of spatial geometry.
    let your brain do the work look at your old photos look at you new digital snaps.
    understanding lens focal length what information a wide angle gives as apposed to a telephoto.
    because so much information is faked today out of desperate control fuck up’s happen all the time.
    i saw much of wool witch as it was rolling out on the news and understood then that is was bull fakery.
    a total joke you see with faked reality it does not have to be as good as the wire or breaking bad hollywood tv show.
    the brain shuts down critical thinking because of the horror of a true brit drummer boy his head cut off on a shopping street.
    shopping street oh my god it could be you or me we love shopping we cannot handle animal butchery never mind drummers that keep us safe.
    the frequency of the tv telly.
    nikola tesla understood all about frequency and resonance so did gatekeeper einstein the power the mind control.
    tavistock 100 years old they got real hi tech gear today enough to fuck you up from a long distance.

    whatever people say about chris making stuff up is just polluting the well.
    it was a piss poor student production many many fuck up’s.

    sometimes i really believe the mistakes are baked in as an in joke as proof of how dumb the fuck wit public really are.
    as an aside listen to radio 5 late at night it gives good insight of future chatham house mi5 and 6 positions.
    sometimes the reports are full of code jokes a scot called rhod sharpe a prime example.

  12. Spivey is a warrior, he has put his head above the parapet (?sp) and is now in the firing line. He has the guts to do publicly what some of us with real eyes do when talking to our fellow converted. I tried telling friends, colleagues and family about The Wool Witch hoax on the day after it happened, it was obvious to me after watching Boston, Sandy Hook and the truth about 7/7 that this was another false flag, but I was ridiculed by friends, given a formal warning at work and despised by family members. I was labelled mad, bad and dangerous and as a result only shared views, observations and analysis with those who shared my views. I am ashamed to say that is cowardice on my part, as I should have stuck to my guns (not the best analogy) when confronting the sheeple.
    Spivey is no coward, he is an amazing analyst, forget the robot in a wheelchair, (Hawkins,Dawkins,Fraudkins) who is a fake scientist controlled by a computer, Spivey is flesh and blood, body, soul, mind and spirit!!
    The spirit of truth. I know he has little time for bible and God (dog) but the words of Jesus come to mind when He told His apostles that they would have to leave their families to teach the truth.
    I believe that the truth He spoke of was exposing the lies of Satan and that many family members would be deceived by these lies, like today.
    I have parted ways with family, friends and colleagues because their truth is based on a lie, I will never leave them, never stop loving them but I cannot dissuade,persuade or argue with them.
    Every now and again I send them a link to an article, or point out a contradiction in the MSM and wait in hope that they too will wake up to the lies and deciet of this satanic worl system.
    Chris Spivey awakens those who are ready to wake up and face the hour, but he is troublesome to those who want to continue sleeping.
    He is the best ALARM clock I ever had!

    • Hi, thanks for sharing some of your experience, especially with family and friends. I too was castigated, ignored and ridiculed by my own family and the circle of friends and it really was a very lonely experience. However, I never looked back and nor should you because now, all these years later, the very same family are getting in touch to say, “you were right all along” – which doesn’t bring back those lost years exactly, but does nevertheless satisfy.
      I have been caught out though. I mentioned the Unlawful Killing documentary by Keith Allen but could find no trace of it anywhere online. It used to be hosted by a Russian site, I seem to recall. Anyone know where it can be found? I mention this because naturally, the net is being tidied up – and research I have done in the past is almost impossible to carry out today – just as more and more of those sleepers awake!!

      • Hello everyone, just sayin a quick piece in support of the man Chris Spivey. He truly is one of a kind & not only does he have the balls to say what he does but also the conviction to stand by what he says. This is something previously unheard of in Broken Britain as the truth is a total stranger to our politicians who say one thing & then waste lots of our time & money backtracking & lying to us because it was something they then want to get out of such as false promises in a manifesto etc. Spiv is a much needed breath of fresh air in this poisoned septic isle. Rally the troops, we need more people like him not more successful businessmen, not more bankers, not more politicians as the country is full of shit already & its time for a clean up operation. The documentary unlawful killing can be downloaded from pirate bay which in itself is considered to be unlawful & will carry a stiffer sentence than those not going to be caught for her murder will get if you are caught downloading! Ahhh, least we have a fair & honest justice system in this country lol.

  13. Seems chris is back on Google? What’s going on there then? Can’t wait for the lid to come right off this charade, it’s just about to boil over.

  14. You’re an excellent ally CE. Chris Spivey is a God send but I do fear for his safety with the earth shattering evidence he’s dug up down the years. The things he’s been labelled on the web by his detractors is pathetic. Keep up the good work also CE. Thank God there’s hope.

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