The sickening crimes of child-rapist Jimmy Savile; Dead Bodies, NHS Cover-Ups, BBC Paedophiles and the Royal Family Connection

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Sick psycho and VIP pimp Jimmy Savile was able to abuse patients for decades across NHS hospitals according to a series of reports released today.

The twisted child-rapist also boasted that he would sleep with dead bodies and wore rings made from the glass eyes of the deceased.

The Independent reports on Savile’s filthy crimes:

” Disgraced DJ and presenter Jimmy Savile subjected patients in NHS hospitals across the country to “truly awful” sexual abuse for more than four decades, a series of chilling reports have revealed.

His victims at hospitals ranged from five-year-old children to 75-year-old pensioners and included men, women, boys and girls, who were patients, visitors and staff, an investigation into claims of abuse at 28 NHS hospitals including Broadmoor psychiatric hospital has found.

Investigators were given “macabre accounts” of Savile “acting unacceptably” with dead bodies in the mortuary at Leeds General Infirmary.

One witness was cited in the report as saying he “wore huge rings that he said were made from the glass eyes of dead bodies” held in the mortuary there.

The investigation heard the entertainer claimed to have “interfered with the bodies of deceased patients”.

Dr Sue Proctor, who led the investigation into his abuse at LGI, said a student nurse recalled a conversation with Savile in which he claimed he performed sex acts on the dead.

She said there is no way of verifying the claims regarding corpses, but said it should be considered in context that controls around access to the mortuary in the 1980s were “lax”.

At Broadmoor, investigators found “clear failings” in the way access to wards was controlled, as Savile had keys allowing him unrestricted access within the security perimeter.

Female patients there in the 1980s were often required to strip and bathe in front of staff, during which Savile would often watch and sometimes made inappropriate comments, the report found.

It said his “flamboyantly inappropriate” attitude towards women was considered as part of his public act, “just Jimmy”. The report also described an inappropriate culture of sexual relations between staff and patients.

The reports on LGI, which Savile had a 50-year-association with, and Broadmoor are the most extensive to emerge. It comes after allegations that he had abused children were broadcast during an ITV documentary in 2012, which saw over 100 people come forward with accounts of abuse at the hands of Savile in hospitals.

This prompted individual investigations by hospital trusts, which was overseen by Kate Lampard QC for the Department of Health”

These sickening revelations follow reports of decades of abuse at the BBC where hundreds, if not thousands, of boys and girls were raped and abused by Savile without anyone saying a word.

Of course, the only reason Savile was able to get away with these vile crimes was because he wasn’t working alone as the authorities would have us believe.

Au contraire.

Savile was in fact a close friend and ” fixer” for the Royals, MP’s, BBC directors and many other British Establishment figures who he would procure children for, to be abused and often murdered.

He spent a staggering 11 New Years’ holidays with Margaret Thatcher and was awarded many Knighthoods and Honours from both the UK and Israel and was linked to Intel agencies in both countries.

It’s been hinted at that he was involved in the Moors Murders and may even have been the real Yorkshire Ripper.

There are also claims that he was the notorious Mr Kipper in the Suzy Lamplugh case.

The Daily Star reported that any mention of the Royal Family was redacted from police interviews with Savile and they have been silent over their close friendship with him following his death and subsequent paedophile revelations.

The Royals should now be questioned as a matter of urgency over what they knew about his murderous antics

You see, it beggars belief that Savile was able to rape, abuse and kill so many children over the past 50 years without one of the biggest ever cover-ups taking place.

He was no lone wolf.

He worked with, and on behalf of, many high-profile figures, but this has all been conveniently hushed-up.

Jimmy Savile is dead but his co-conspirators are very much alive.

If we want real justice for his victims it’s about bloody time we started investigating the living.








21 thoughts on “The sickening crimes of child-rapist Jimmy Savile; Dead Bodies, NHS Cover-Ups, BBC Paedophiles and the Royal Family Connection

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  2. The type of society we live in is always dictated from the top.
    The hierarchy would always like you to believe that corruption starts at the bottom or somewhere in the middle and THEY, of course, had NO IDEA IT WAS GOING ON.
    So first in the frame is the Royal family and all they stand for. They are briefed by the government and all of the security services. Charlie boy even has regular tea and biscuits round at MI6 as far as I can make out. So as far as I’m concerned they know everything.
    Anyone that accepts an “honour” from this lot are to my mind either completely on the make, self important prats or part of the “keep stumm” brigade.
    So whenever I see a person with a “title” or “honour” my first thought is:- “What dirty little secret are you hiding then?”

  3. I fully agree, Coleman. Why all the focus on the dead – those who can never now be prosecuted? It screams “coverup!”
    Jimmy Savile was a product of the BBC. Without the BBC this disgusting piece of sub-human filth would never have enjoyed the ‘untouchable’ star status that allowed him to freely abuse so many vulnerable children and adults. We can do nothing now about Savile apart from learning lessons – and the most important lesson is that the chief Hive of Evil, the BBC, where such sickness is robustly encouraged to flourish, must be shut down forthwith.

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  5. I suspect this is the real reason why we are always implored to never take the law into our own hands. If you think about it, it’s the only way these filthy perverts would ever see justice – albeit at the end of a hastily slung rope!
    I now see the police, CPS and judiciary as a resolute and determined, monolithic roadblock to justice. If we are to obtain justice for all those untold numbers of murdered and abused children, then taking the law into our own hands is precisely the course we must follow. Each of us, individually, in our own way, chipping away at the evidence and forming conclusions with our own innate abilities; at no stage relying on or involving the establishment for anything. Keep them totally in the dark until the last possible moment, and always go public on the internet first to protect yourself.
    It’s not in any way sufficient for some of the lower ranks in the police to mutter darkly about being hampered by colleagues higher up the chain. Doubtless that’s the case alright, but to those lower ranks I would simply say, if you don’t come out and publicly name names when you KNOW a pervert is being protected by senior colleagues; if all you do is mutter discontentedly about it under your breath then YOU are as guilty as the abuser themselves. Show a bit of spine for once and speak out against this evil. How you can live with yourselves without doing so is beyond me. The protection of children MUST COME FIRST. DON’T REMAIN SILENT ANY LONGER. SPEAK OUT!!!

    • I’m sick of hearing about all these investigations into allegations against rotting corpses. What earthly use is that? Apart from the obvious reason of course: the police expending their energies and our resources on dead suspects enables them to avoid having to investigate any surviving establishment pervs who might end up in jail, or spilling the beans, or both. And we can’t have that, can we? “Honourable” people of high standing might be implicated. Heaven forefend!

  6. A report from CNN/ There are some photos, including one with Norman Fowler and another with the Jersey Holiday queen.


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  8. Start with children in Peterborough because it says nothing about Peterborough police on the forces involved or the hospital which has an is being knocked down my mums best friends with a undercover officer who as a child I see indecent images on his home computer police dont listen I’ll just warn them an if someone looks into my offending amount of crimes burglary theft I committed somebody get me hypnotherapy seen as mental health team dont think Il benefit my mother was taking me back an forth to hospitals as a child to prove her innocence of I was the problem when the doctor told her 3x in 6 yrs it the way I’m being told off more like something else was happening an to make it look like she cared an the way my 2 sisters side by the parents is beyond me other than they’re capable of having kids an drug dealing boyfriends

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