Rebekah Brooks, Hacking Trials, Fall-Guys, Camerons, Incest, Jill Dando, Rothschilds and the VIP Blackmail connection

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The High-Priestess of Hacking, Rebekah Brooks, has been sensationally cleared at the Old Bailey of all charges against her relating to the News of the World scandal.

Predictably, fall-guy Andy Coulson has been found guilty and faces a lengthy prison sentence.

It defies belief that Brooks was unaware of the phone-tapping practises of her staff but her legal defence team somehow managed to skew the jury into accepting her ‘innocence’.

In an outrageous conflict of interest her barrister’s chambers were led by none other than Alex Cameron QC, brother of the PM.

David Cameron is today being censured in the MSM for employing Coulson as his communications chief at No10 but strangely no comment has been made about the incestuous nature of the trial.

Of course, it’s quite obvious to all and sundry that the real reason Rebekah Brooks has walked free has nothing whatsoever to do with justice or the rule of law.

Quite the opposite in fact.

She’s been let-off because she, along with her boss Rupert Murdoch, has so much dirt on the British Establishment they can blackmail them all a thousand times over.

Murdoch, who is close to the sly Rothschilds family, is a key player in the entrapment and subsequent ‘hold’ over countless MP’s and other authority figures, and Brooks is one of his partners-in-crime.

His daughter Elisabeth owns the Shine media company with Labour peer, Waheed Alli.,_Baron_Alli

Alli is up to his neck in filth of the highest order and works closely with Rothschild bum-boy, Peter Mandelson.

He also runs the Crimestoppers phone line which conveniently stopped working at the time of the Jill Dando murder appeal.

Jill knew all about the BBC paedo-ring linked to the BBC, government and royalty and was soon shot dead to silence her.

The whole sickening VIP blackmail charade is carried out with the full complicity of Mossad’s rent-boys, Mi5.

There have even been rumours that David and Rebekkah had an affair which is being used as leverage over Cameron should he dare to disobey his Tel-Aviv masters.

Has the phone-hacking scandal been exaggerated in order to introduce legislation to clamp down on press and social media freedoms via Leveson, who is yet another Rothschild lackey?

By a strange coincidence, Leveson was also involved in the trial of Barry George who was framed for Jill Dando’s murder.

The highest judge in the land, Lord Neuberger, used to work for the Rothschilds and thinks Twitter is ‘out of control’.

In another bizarre twist, Neuberger’s wife was a BBC executive and the editor of Crimewatch for many years and knew all about Savile and his child-raping ways.

Some claim that Britain belongs solely to Israel and the shadowy rulers who control behind the scenes will go to any lengths to protect their grip on us.

Yet others claim that false flags have been perpetrated here so non-existent ‘terrorists’ can be blamed and even more surveillance can be bought in:

Unfortunately for these satanic loons, the wheels are coming off their nefarious plans, and very soon they will be exposed for the whole world to see.

Sociopathic Rebekah Brooks may be free for now.

But not forever.

She’ll get what’s coming to her.

Along with the whole filthy lot of them.

It’s only a matter of time…





17 thoughts on “Rebekah Brooks, Hacking Trials, Fall-Guys, Camerons, Incest, Jill Dando, Rothschilds and the VIP Blackmail connection

  1. I find it astonishing that yet another in a huge mountain of publically financed ‘inquiries’ provides more evidence of a grande ripoff, yet the growing campaign to oust all those complicit in pederasty is calling for another inquiry. Is it not clear that all such Inquiries are controlled by those with most to lose from exposure. Those who make the laws are above the laws, though their legislative ‘acts’ are in no way lawful. Times call for more robust adminsitration of the true laws of nature, as long as no harm is done to another, whether by intention or accident, do anything you want. This is freedom. Transgressing the laws attract instant reprobation for communities can re-emerge where it is possible to know your neighbours. These are the peers who hold those who harm others to account, who will judge according to law. That solves the issue of what is to be done with the miscreants in control past, present and if not dealt with now, future. Under the prevailing maladministration of legal process, these inquiries usurp Law in favour of the criminals pet pony; all at public expense and all to public detriment.

  2. Thanks again for putting it all in perspective, Coleman. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the “Establishment” don’t give a flying fuck about us Plebs, beyond what scale of our resources and property they can illicitly seize for their own nefarious purposes – self-enrichment and self-advancement, basically.
    Such treasonous, sub-human filth deserve to be burned alive at the stake – as used to be the case 800 years ago when Family and Honour still meant something and the child-killing, usurious, Luciferan Jews were justly banished from our fair lands.

  3. Just remind me again how many Rabbis have been caught over the years spray painting swastikas on Jewish tombstones in order to push for enhanced protection for Jews and heavier penalties for goyim convicted of “antisemitism”. There is clearly no limit to the depths of deviousness these evil entities are prepared to explore to subjugate the rest of us and keep us cowed – with the bill for same sent to us on top!

  4. I am a former member of private office working for the home Secretary’s Jacqui Smith and for a short while Alan Johnson. During my time working for Jacqui Smith there was an issue with leaking i had nothing to do with this and so frankly it did not concern me until one day a work colleague I had until recently sat next to disappeared. His mane was Christopher Galley and he had been leaking to the then Shadow Minister for Immigration You may recall the furore caused by the Police’s decision to raid his office over at the House of Commons a raid carried out by Anti Terror Police i believe that these Police were formally know as special branch special branch communicate with the security Security Service.

    I must confess I did know Mr Galley both professionally and socially though I was never anything to do with his leaking I did not and for that matter still don’t condone his behaviour After an extended period of time myself having been interviewed by the Police (whist sat at the Home Secs mtg table) it was decided by the CPS not to press charges. I was shocked and still more shocked to find that I was thereafter I believe still subject to a very frightening surveillance campaign carried out I’m not entirely sure by whom. I eventually decided to talk to my line manager the PS responsible for the Security Service. In brief shortly thereafter I was informed not to worry and that the investigation into me was over. The pressure however remained intense for various reasons and In my opinion it’s possible that the PS responsible for Security Service issues and who was also my line manager was spying on me.

    I would just like to point out that one of Jacqui Smiths special advisers was Katie Myler who went on to work for Ed Milliband she is also the daughter of Colin Myler the last editor of the news of the world…….

    Ultimately it became to much and I felt forced to leave the Home Sec’s private office I was moved into the Home Office Communications department it didn’t work out these issues continued to follow me. The election came and went and some considerable time later i was still in the same position during this period to cut a long story short I misdialled a phone number It must have been similar to another one I had called umpteen times Its my opinion at that point a surveillance effort against me was resumed at this point the PM had Andy Coulsen working for him. if that’s the case then the PM employed Coulsen whilst an active National Security investigation into News International was being carried out and I think Coulsen was still being payed by NI.

    Remember after Coulsen’s conviction the PM would not disclose what advice Sir Gus O’Donell had given him did he advise him against hireling Coulsen whist this investigation was still going on its a key issue and we don’t have an answer it matters I believe. My life has been decimated totally destroyed by this everything is gone for me this has gone on for over six years without end their is no end in site I’d argue the price I paid for working in private office and sitting next to Christopher Galley has been worse.

    I believe that just maybe the Governments Response to phone hacking was the investigation that lead to the arrest of Galley Green that it morphed into the phone hacking investigations that go onto this day and it has destroyed me as an innocent man. What really matters hear however is the question did the PM knowingly put National Security at risk when he hired Coulsen a man who was invited into national security briefings he was never vetted for if my recollection of the evidence given to the Leveinson inquiry is right I think we the public have a right to know and I’m deeply confused as to why it’s a question not really being asked.

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