Urgent call for National CSA Inquiry

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Children’s rights campaigners are fighting a brave and tireless battle for a National CSA inquiry to uncover the truth about decades of abuse in the UK.

They’ve recently launched a Twitter campaign to ask for the direct support and intervention of MP’s to press for a full-scale investigation.

At present, over 100 Parliamentarians have joined the appeal, which leaves almost 400 who have yet to sign-up or reply.

Full details can be found on the Ian Pace and Exaro websites:



The call for a national inquiry comes in the wake of the Jimmy Savile BBC paedophile scandal, which was covered-up by the authorities for years due to Savile’s links to government and royalty.

Despite many brave victims coming forward they were often ignored or threatened by the police and not just in the Savile case.

From Kincora to Jersey; from the Elm Guest House to Islington; from Lambeth to Dolphin Square; from Bryn Alyn to No 10 and Buckingham Palace, thousands of innocent British children have been denied justice for their suffering.

And make no mistake about it, these children weren’t only horrifically raped and abused, they were, in many instances, also murdered.

The tentacles of filth reach far and wide and encompass local councils, police forces, social services, the judiciary, the media and central government; every part of the British Establishment is involved in the abuse and subsequent cover-up.

What we urgently need now is a single, over-arching, national inquiry to finally uncover the sordid truth about Britain’s VIP paedophile-ring.

Every MP in the land should be rushing to join the fight for justice, including Cameron, Clegg and Miliband.

Not to mention every member of the House of Lords.

And if they’re not, ask yourself this.

What possible reason could they have for not wanting justice for abused children?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?



10 thoughts on “Urgent call for National CSA Inquiry

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  2. “The tentacles of filth reach far and wide and encompass local councils, police forces, social services, the judiciary, the media and central government; every part of the British Establishment is involved in the abuse and subsequent cover-up.”

    Strange, too, that you will find Freemasons in large numbers in all the above named groups. Any connections I wonder?

    • Yes, the Freemasons. Some very peculiar “brothers” indeed at the higher levels in that organisation. Aren’t there some Royals in it, too? By Jove I believe there are! Still, despite all their obsessive secrecy, I’m sure it’s all perfectly above board!

      • “I’m sure it’s all perfectly above board!”

        Apart from what’s hidden behind their aprons!! At one time I believe they had to be naked with only the apron on for that part of their weird ritual – symbolic of Adam’s fallen condition and all that that can lead to on the negative side.

  3. Interesting times of revelation are upon us right now! Please if you feel you can, will you inform your readers about the wonderful work of Kevin Annett. A people’s Hero!

    Bless him. Peter Giles, S.Wales.

    • I’ve been keeping up to date with the work of the International Common Law Court of Justice, it has been very revealing what the hidden agendas of the Vatican, Crown and Governments have been…..A very brave man indeed.

  4. Just watched the One Show on BBC 1 And am shocked by what I saw. There was some Hollywood show rehearsal with scantily clad waitresses singing songs that were inappropriate ……

  5. Let’s keep a very close eye on this campaign and see who’s not so keen to sign up for it, shall we? Perhaps in due course you would be good enough to publish a list of all our “honorable” parliamentarians who didn’t feel inclined to support these calls for an investigation…..

    • Funny you should say that Keith M,i emailed Nick Brown mp to urge him to add his name. No reply yet and he hasn’t joined the list either. I also rang the office of Chi Onwurah mp and after waking up her secretary i was informed that she didn’t know if Ms Onwurah intends to add her name as she hasn’t been asked to and that only constituents should be asking her.

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