Why is spoon-bender Uri Geller moving back to Israel?

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Demented spoon-bender, Uri Geller, has announced his plans to leave the UK and return to Israel.


After spending 40 years here he’s suddenly decided that a ” powerful, mystic, magnet” is pulling him back to Tel-Aviv.


Of course not.

No, the real reason Geller is going has nothing to do with mysticism.

He knows the game is up and is desperate to clear-off before the Met turn up on his doorstep and haul him in for questioning over Britain’s VIP paedophile-ring along with his disgusting pal, Greville Janner.


You see, as with most things on this septic isle of ours, Uri Geller is not who he first appears to be.

Beneath the pathetic veneer of a psychic showman, lies an altogether different character indeed.

Quite incredibly, Geller has been working as a  UK -based Mossad agent for Israel and has been hiding under his spoon-bending guise in exactly the same way as child-rapist DJ, Jimmy Savile.

In fact, Geller and Savile were incredibly close and were both working for the same sickening ends.

They were involved in a long-term Israeli-op to entrap MP’s and others with incriminating evidence of abuse which would then be used for blackmail purposes to ensure that Parliament remained pro-Israeli.

They also both had a hand in the silencing of dissident voices including Jill Dando, Mark Speight, Michael Jackson and John Lennon, amongst many.

Uri was peddling the red-herring myth about Jill’s murder being perpetrated by a Serbian a mere two days after the event, when in reality she was murdered because she knew about the BBC paedophile ring:

So who killed Jill Dando? According to Uri Geller, it was a Serb hitman.

I know this because about two days after her murder, I had lunch with Uri Geller for a project we wanted him to do. I wasn’t looking forward to it as I considered him to be a bit of a charlatan and found his spoon-bending schtick to be tiresome. However, I was surprised as he was quite fascinating. And did he like to talk.

He also said he was convinced a Serbian hitman was responsible for Jill Dando’s death.”

How very,very strange indeed.

Even stranger, is that Uri Geller ‘predicted’ the tragic Paddington Train Crash in 1999 and miraculously avoided death:

TV PSYCHIC Uri Geller told last night how his life was saved after a premonition of the Paddington rail disaster.

He was about to catch the doomed train when his brother-in-law begged him to go by road instead. Uri heeded the warning – and was stunned when he heard on his car radio that the train had crashed.

Last night, spoon-bending Uri, 53, said he owes his life to the vision of death seen by Shipi Shtrang, who is also his manager.

He said: “It makes me shudder to think what might have happened. I owe my life to Shipi.”

Uri had aimed to catch the train at Reading on his way to record an interview about a new book for BBC TV. Instead he travelled by chauffeur-driven car.”

By a strange coincidence the author Jilly Cooper narrowly avoided being killed too as she was travelling on the doomed train.


Cooper had previously included references to the sordid Elm Guest House in one of her novels, Angels Rush In/The Common Years.


Was she being warned off by the PTB?

Some people claim that many of the disasters that have happened in the UK have been “inside jobs”, perpetrated by Mi5 and Mossad for their own sick ends, including the Kings Cross Fire and 7/7.

Was the Paddington rail crash also an inside job?

Has Uri Geller been involved in the dark forces that control this septic isle from the shadows and is now trying to escape prosecution by relocating to Israel?

Most definitely, yes.

The ploy has already been used by wrinkled rogue, Shirley Porter, when she was found guilty in the High Court over the homes-for votes scandal.

Interestingly, the whole charade was invented to cover the on-going Scallywag investigation into Westminster councillors Simon Milton and Robert Davis who had been raping care-home boys at the Dolphin Square complex.

There are even suspicions that Milton didn’t die in 2011 but was whisked away to start a new life with his pal Shirl.

How sick.

Well we have a message for sly old Geller and any of his other dual-nationality pals who are planning to leave this country which they have deliberately destroyed.

You can run, but you can’t hide.

Not forever, anyway.

Justice will eventually come knocking at your door.

And when that happens you’ll regret the day you were f*****g born.

A brokh tsu dayn lebn.
















14 thoughts on “Why is spoon-bender Uri Geller moving back to Israel?

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  2. Ha Ha Ha Counterfeit Is – ra – Hell will only be a safe haven for these pervo rats for a little while. When the troubles really begin Rothschild’s crappy little principality, i.e. the Israel we know, will be wiped off the map. Not long now.

  3. Hopefully the ISIS forces will continue the big push south and subsume everything along the way down as far as Egypt – including Izrahell. After 60+ years of oppression under the Jewish torture regime, those poor Palestinians well deserve a break.

      • Reply intended to Peter
        June 23, 2014 at 9:33 pm Reply

        Hopefully the ISIS forces will continue the big push south and subsume everything along the way down as far as Egypt – including Izrahell. After 60+ years of oppression under the Jewish torture regime, those poor Palestinians well deserve a break.

  4. Only last night I found myself lost
    at a station called King’s Cross
    dead and wounded on either side
    you know it’s only a matter of time.

    Unkle Jimmy loved train stations British Rail let him park his hearse wherever.
    Loaded with kiddy gas for it’s a knockout.

    Vanessa Feltz simply adores Uri and why not?

    Sav ill and Uri : clowns on the outside, men of fun.
    what what

    By way of deception, thou shalt do war.
    and do what thou wilt is the law.

  5. i was stunned to see this post as i was an insider, i spent my life in intelligence, not many people knew what you have here
    i just hope the authorities dont think it was me, because they will be seeking the whistleblower and they will knock on my door
    in their search, for every word of it is true

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