Filthy Britain’s Wall of Shame

DianaGareth WilliamsDr David KellyPeachesGeldofJohn Smith MProbin-cook[1]Andrew Muriel-DLA PiperPaul CastleJillDandoMark SaundersGianniVersaceJames RusbridgerJacinthaSaldanhaRikMayallJean Charles De MenezesGudrun Loftusdanielmorgan1JamesForlongStephen+MilliganJustin FashanuKristianDigbyNatshaCollinsMarkSpeightDodi Al FayedIainMillsMPSeanHoare-NOWBarry MannakeeJonathan MoyleMichaelColvinAlexander McQueenLadyAliceEgertonMichael Hutchene and Paula YatesGottfriedvonBismarckNeil MunroMichaelToddRichard Chang-Abbey NationalKevin GreeningChristopher ShaleSavile driver David SmithGary SpeedGeoffreyDickensMPSgt Richard FullerCaroleKasirKlaus WagnerJill grave


These are just some of the famous faces who have died in mysterious circumstances over the past 20 years.

Without a shadow of a doubt they met their end because they had knowledge of Britain’s dirty secrets.

How many more deaths have been passed off as ‘accidents’, ‘suicides’ or ‘bondage games’ gone wrong?

We may never know.

One thing we do know is that the British Establishment will stop at nothing to cover their filthy tracks.

And that includes murder.

Isn’t it about bloody time the police looked again at these and all other unexplained high-profile deaths that have occurred on this septic isle of ours?

After all, why the hell wouldn’t they?


16 thoughts on “Filthy Britain’s Wall of Shame

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  2. Two famous whistleblowers left out here are Rudolph Hess and supergun inventor Gerald BUll, who warned of Israeli killing gangs in every world capital- its time we made all these Jews accountable for their actions

  3. It’ll be interesting to see how they’ll try to keep a lid on it all when it goes viral and pre-emptive killings will by then achieve nothing. More info surfacing every day now; pretty soon it will achieve its own momentum and become unstoppable. The bastards responsible will be as naked as the day they were born before the whole world come that time. There’ll be nothing remaining for these high-level pervy scumbags to hide behind….

    • Massive scepticism among the DM commenters in response to that piece … did the hundredth monkey just cotton on?

    The Moshe Solomons radio show often has other dissident Jews on the prog, and they said ages back that Mossad killed Gareth to silence him, the killers were going to take the bag with the body in away with them.

    He apparently broke a Mossad cell in the UK looking to blame Muslims for stuff, our people knew this all along.

    • “Mr Danczuk has previously claimed that an unnamed “influential” politician still in Parliament visited the guest house, where boys were alleged to have been groomed and abused by a paedophile ring that purportedly included Sir Cyril. Mr Danczuk told the IoS: “I’m confident there are questions to answer. I base that on quite extensive conversations I’ve had with the police.” A number of allegations have been made about events at Elm Guest House, but no charges have been brought.”

      There you go: same old story. Grassroots coppers banging their heads against the wall trying to get action taken against against Paedo filth whilst all the time their evil senior colleagues and the scumbags in the CPS are blocking their efforts.

    • Just imagine the abject terror that goes through these “senior politicians” minds every Saturday evening as they contemplate the possible next day’s newspaper headlines…
      Must be pretty waring, mustn’t it?

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