The end of the road for Tony Blair

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It would appear that the end is nigh for warmongering, lying, Mossad rent-boy, Tony Blair.

Blair, who will go down in history as one of the most vile, despised, traitorous, blood-stained, pieces of filth to ever walk this earth, is in deep, deep shit.

You see, the recent media criticism of Blair is down to his Israeli masters who he’s pissed-off big time, and the command has been given to set the hounds of hell on him.

If you thought Blair was a full-blown psychopath, you ought to see his backers in Tel-Aviv.

Fanatical, murderous, scum doesn’t even come close to describing them.

Of course, no tears will be shed for Tony Blair over his public and humiliating demise.

On the contrary.

There will be celebratory street-parties across Britain when the STD-riddled arsehole finally falls.

Because we, the people, won’t forget the evil legacy of Tony Blair.

We won’t forget his involvement in the death of John Smith, who was murdered to let in New Labour.

We won’t forget his collusion with demented slag, Margaret Hodge, over the thousands of care children who’ve been raped and murdered for decades.

We won’t forget his role in the staged 7/7 London bombings and the tragic shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes.

We won’t forget his sickening lies over the Iraq War, which resulted in the deaths of innocent British soldiers and thousand of civilians.

We won’t forget the hand he played in the murders of Dr David Kelly, Jill Dando, and Princess Diana.

We won’t forget his treacherous plan to flood this country with immigrants and destroy our once great nation.

We won’t forget his smarmy, perma-tanned, ugly, satanic face, strutting around the world stage making millions from our misery.

We won’t forget a thing.

Putting Blair on trial here or in the Hague is an absolute waste of everyone’s time and efforts.

Why the hell should we allow that?

The only way to bring Anthony Lynton Blair to justice is to follow the example set during the French Revolution and get him guillotined for his treasonous crimes.

Off with his head we say.

Off with his f*****g head.




49 thoughts on “The end of the road for Tony Blair

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  2. No heads off. We need to round up all the scum, put them on a high security island, give them the absolute basics and let them fend for themselves.

    • I don’t know what our noble host makes of it, but I personally have a bit of a problem with this part:

      “Another court document called the Magisterial Privilege indicated child sacrifice was a regular occurrence at the Vatican. At the tender age of 12 “Svali” of San Diego County California claimed she was brought to catacombs beneath the Vatican to witness the sacrifice of a three year-old drugged boy. In this video her interviewer said that 24 years prior a “Maria” told him she witnessed another satanic child sacrifice rite in the same Vatican Catacombs.”

      I’ve NEVER come across a single report of child sacrifice where the child was “drugged” in preparation for the act. A key aspect of this practice is for the participants to drink the blood of the child at or immediately after the point of death. The idea being that the sheer terror of the experience results in a surge of powerful enzymes into the bloodstream (bear with me, I’m no chemist but this is the gist of what happens) which provide an extremely powerful sensation to the imbibers – an effect which has been likened to the ecstatic hit some thrill-seekers get from a crack pipe. You don’t get these chemicals released to anything like the same degree if the child is drugged beforehand because the fear response is much dulled.
      This vile yet widespread practice has roots in religious history. Do a search on the Jews’ killing of St. Simon for a more expansive explanation complete with horrific woodcuts illustrating the scene in that particular case. IIRC, Simon was 12 when he was murdered. The key thing is that the child must be an outstandingly beautiful one without blemish and be pre-pubescent. The demons apparently reward more highly the killers of beautiful children.
      Sorry if I seem a bit cold and emotionally-detatched in the above explanation, but I’ve been researching the ‘dark arts’ for decades so just have kind of gotten used to it. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not!

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  4. I think it would be better to burn him alive in public. After all, that’s essentially what he did to utterly innocent women and children in Iraq with his white phosphorus incendiary bombs and other weapons prohibited by international treaty. Yeah, that’s the proper approach for this worthless piece of shit: burn him to death. And televise it live around the world as a warning to others who may be tempted to go down the same route of High Treason as a means to self-advancement.

  5. I agree entirely that Bliar should hang and so will the whole of the country also agree.

    At a large private dinner with Margaret Hodge, an inebriated old chap asked her why she did nothing about the massive scale of abuse against young boys, she replied that she knew the government was going to change its stance on homosexuality in preparation for an abandonment of the age of consent for boys, and did not want to jeopordise the government plans.

    She also said she would discuss all this with Tony Blair who she said at that time lived next door,she also said the prosecution of Jimmy Savile and others was out of her hands so she stayed quiet.

    Now is this the kind of person who should have been running as children’s minister ?

    • A great comment and all the reasons why the political system must go. Politics is a cesspit breeding ground for vermin like Hodge and Blair and as soon as one lot are guillotined or hanged another puss filled lot will replace them.

      Oh and the same goes for the public school system and all boarding schools which are sodomite breeding grounds.

      • That’s absolutely correct. Many of us are now moving towards the concept of a future democracy where there are NO career politicians at all and we effectively govern ourselves directly – yet in a totally democratic, accountable and transparent manner where there is no possibility for corruption and treason to arise.
        The old democratic model we have grown accustomed to (parties, presidents, prime-ministers, ‘representatives’ and whatnot) was ripe for exploitation by malign interests and guess what? – it got exploited alright! It only serves the big interests of the megabanks and global corporations. That has to end.

      • I would want to see the word ‘democracy’ dropped – democracy = politics = voting for some unknown quantity that we have no control over – all that has to go – democracy is a lie and a hoax.

        If you look at our history you will find that the Saxons had the best system i.e. part time leaders, like part time firemen, who only exercised authority when they were threatened by an outside enemy, or there was a crisis in their locality. Most of the time there was no one in power or ruling at all – everyone pulled together when needed or otherwise minded their own business and lived as neighbours.

  6. Our kids dont matter to the government as our kids are only “goy” or as stalin said ‘useless eaters’, now if they were Jewish it would be different.

    A friend of my sons gave a rousing speech to the soldiers going to Iraq, to remember they were not fighting for queen and country, because they did not want Iraq destroyed, they were fighting for Mr Rothschild.

    It was strange as the action started within seconds and the first man killed was my sons friend.

    • I believe the “useless eaters” remark was originally uttered by the former Jewish US Secretary of State, Dr. Henry Kissinger. He’s still around and active in politics, incredibly, crawling about in the shadows with the other publicity-shy global string-pullers. A remarkably long career that man has enjoyed…

  7. Trouble is we are talking about a Gorgon’s head being decapitated. More will spring from the stump.We mustn’t forget that the high profile front men like Blair don’t call the shots……….. just a puppet and plant. Plenty more where he came from. Very expendable. Only the Creator can vanquish the evil which controls the planet. Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done………….

    • Your first point is very valid but isn’t leaving all punishment of these evil-doers to the Creator a massive cop out?

      There must be a sane middle way of justice here on this planet, somewhere between religious fatalism and the bloody guillotine.

  8. perfect discription for this twat.

    On 17 June 2014 20:56, thecolemanexperience wrote:

    > thecolemanexperience posted: ” It would appear that the end is nigh > for warmongering, lying, Mossad rent-boy, Tony Blair. Blair, who will go > down in history as one of the most vile, despised, traitorous, > blood-stained, pieces of filth to ever walk this earth, is in deep, deep > sh”

  9. a good website for this stuff is zoompad, shes a survivor of child sex abuse, something on the website where a gorlfreind said that ian watkins was always obsessed with chldrens bottoms, she said he was part of a secret pedo cell, and not all were jews., but most were show biz jews

  10. I was listening to a knowledgeable man on freedom radio and he said Operation Radium, which closed 120 Russian Mafia-run brothels, only happened because the area had several US airbases and US personnel were being targeted for blackmail purposes.

    Most brothels are back open again now, and he said at the top they are Jewish-run with Russian people in the fall guy seat.

    Notice no one was prosecuted here, just closed down.

  11. Remember it was Tony Blair who agreed to Russian oligarchs ( mafia ) coming to Britain, these men then donated to New labour ( Tony and Cherie ) and ex chief constable Julie Spence closed 120 russian run brothels.

    But these were run by the same Russian mafia Tony allowed into Britain, but what you are not told is that these men are Jews who got their money at the cose of the old soviet union when Russian lawyers changed the laws so Jewish mafia men could financially rape their own countrymen.

    Last week i saw a bumper sticker, saying Tony Blair should hang.

    Oh yes.

    • I’d rather Blair was give a sentence to serve in the community with heavy fines, community service and being tagged so he would have to comply with a nightly curfew. That means no bodyguards so as he comes and goes he will be mocked by the public and be in danger of being killed by somebody.

  12. Thank you Christinne for this news, but both these men were named years back as prolific offenders by boys from several schools, and also named by colleagues of Sydney Cooke and Fred Seaman, who was an evengelical minister looking after a boys group.

    Why did it take so long?

  13. Its not just the Tories and Labour that are corrupt.

    I have seen some correspondence about a homosexual Lib/dem MP David Laws and his rent boys.

    Lib/Dem Simon Hughes admitted to hiring two young boys to go to bed with him at a time, and another Lib/Dem MP had such low self-esteem that he paid schoolboys to urinate on him.

    Now I know there are some people who say well they went with rent boys so what? But I believe we should be able to expect more from our political leaders, and the Lib/Dem party threatened all the newspapers not to print these stories and stood by these pervert MPs.

    But this same Lib/Dem party that stood by these men, then sacked Baroness Jenny Tonge from the party for speaking out about the plight of the Palestinians, so we can see who pulls the strings of the Lib/Dems.

    This bare faced racism against Jenny Tonge cost them a lot of votes, and why should we support MPs who were buggering these small boys ?

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  16. Appointing Tony Blair as ‘peace envoy’ to the Middle East is like asking Field Marshall Goring to preside as chief judge at the Nuremberg Trials.What contempt these politicians have for the electorate.

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  18. I don’t think Tony Blair is responsible for the murder of every VIP on his watch. Sometimes MI5 and the Royal Family act on their own accord without permission or involvement of Blair. John Smith could have been murdered by something to deliberately cause a heart attack or it could be his lifestyle. He did attend a fund raising dinner the night before and probably ate food his doctor had forbidden him to eat. Same for Robin Cook. The stress alone of Blair and Campbell interfering in his private life as well as his career could have killed him off. He’s definitely a war mongerer though.

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