Why the hell haven’t these BBC insiders been arrested yet?

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We now know that VIP pimp, Jimmy Savile, was able to abuse children for decades at the BBC.

Without a shadow of a doubt he got away with his child-raping crimes because of his links to Royalty, Government and Intel Services.

He was certainly no lone wolf either, stalking the corridors of White City.

Not at all.

He was only one of many who have abused, raped and often killed innocent British children.

Some of the above faces may hold the clue to the true extent of the BBC paedophile ring that has been blamed solely on Savile and presumably therefore, no longer exists.

The truth, however, is much more sinister than that.

You see, the perverted ring is still in existence to this very day and some of those people who have denied knowing about Savile are actually lying to save their own filthy skins.

The paedophiles who operate at the BBC are also linked to Parliament and beyond and anyone daring to expose them may end up dead or arrested on false charges.

The deaths of Jill Dando, Rik Mayall, Kristian Digby, Peaches Geldof and Mark Speight are all linked to the child-raping scum who run this country.

Bill Williams posted the following information:

Jimmy Savile had bouncers who kept out straight DJs from the musical events, my uncle who was one of the bouncers said they warned the BBC that Savile was after the young boys in the mid 60s and they ignored it.

But what is more sinister is the number of abused kids who phoned Childline and were ignored, an intelligence friend of mine said Esther Ranzten was there to monitor who was doing what and keep a lid on the goings on.

Peter Mandelson is director of the NSPCC and he also kept a tight lid on things but it was Margaret Hodge, Children’s Minister who had all the abuse documents arrive on her desk,  at least two dozen from what I saw, and she also did nothing, all this along with the BBC colluded to keep it quiet.

The child abuse, was often called “boy nobbing ” as it was mainly boys affected.”

How very, very strange indeed.

It’s now clear that the only way to get to the bottom of this shit is for the f*****g Met police to get their sorry arses back from Portgual and arrest every single BBC Director, celebrity, MP, newsreader etc, who ever had any contact with Savile and throw them in a filthy cell until they come clean about what they know.

After all, why the bloody hell wouldn’t they?


39 thoughts on “Why the hell haven’t these BBC insiders been arrested yet?

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  2. The Establishment at large is infested with paedophiles and their sick proclivities grow worse the higher up they get. It’s so fucking OBVIOUS there’s a whitewash/coverup going on when we KNOW from the whistle-blowing websites about these perverts in politics, the judiciary, senior police and the civil service and yet there has not been ONE single arrest made among this huge pool of suspects. WHY? (that’s a rhetorical “why” by the way, since we already know the answer: they’re ALL in it together).

  3. The Moshe Solomon’s hour was a radio show that never got the widespread support it should have had.

    I remember he would often have dissident jews on the show one of whom was close to the Israeli leader Menachim Begin, apparently this man would have young Palestinian boys kidnapped where he would rape and kill them and they have them secrety buried.

    It was said he would often drink their blood and this man in the early days of Savile’s career was his protector.

    When jeremy Thorpe was in court it came out that his chaffeur would drive him round London to pick up rough sleepers,drug addacits and any young boys for casual sex, and a 5 pound note was the exchange.

    Now Thorpe said if he was found guilty he would name names and did in fact name several people including this
    Menachem Begin chap, and of course it was all hushed up and Thorpe walked away an innocent man.

    How I would like to have seen that list of names.

  4. Th bible says homosexual perverts must be put to death so how can the church then say ah but its ok for our homosexual preists to rape these boys ?


    If priests believed what they taught they would not do it.

    Anyway, my sister works for the BBC and she told me ages back about rumours with Michael Barrymore and teenage boys and I said rubbish the BBC would not stand for that, but stand for it they did and even tried to cover it up.

    Michael Barrymore is a vile wretch and has even given his name to a disgusting act ‘to Barrymore a young boy’.

    • The Bible also says that fornicators, murders, people eating unclean food, idol worshipers, scorcers, anyone dancing around a pole will NOT enter the Kingdom of God………………how many babies have been murdered by their mothers before being born? How many babies have been murdered by their fathers who don’t want to marry the mother and help to abort the child? How many times have you had sex outside your marriege or without marriage? How many times have British children danced around the May Pole? How many times have you worshiped an idol………..celebrity, sportman, singer, family memeber……..? How much unclean food have you eaten? How many times have you watched an unclean movie or horror picture? It all boils down to Satanic preferences………………..God said don’t do it or else………………..he means ALL of it!!!!

      I do understand why you commented………..but we must be careful of what the WORD actually says………Yeshua commands us all to be clean at all times in all things!!!

  5. The church and the BBC all have a lot to answer for, and the government knew what was going on and did nothing, so many of these boys I was reading who signed up under age for two World Wars were used as bumboys for the hated General Montgomery and others.

    Even Churchill was supposed to go to Morocco to indulge in this perversion.

    I hope when UKIP come to power they hold an independent enquiry into the missing children and the sex crimes against them

  6. Reading through all this I saw mention of Walthamstow, which was a bit of a central hub for corruption in the early Seventies with the Krays etc.

    I worked in the Walthamstow High St in a shop beside Mansies pie ‘n’ mash, opposite was a jewellers shop called Moviegold, they had large photos of famous actors all round the walls, not many realised these actors were all homosexual or lesbians.

    The shop was a meeting place for those who came quite a distance to meet up and chat and buy jewellery, many of these people were actors and those on the BBC payroll.

    The 2 men who owned the shop lived together but would regularly go to Amsterdam to sleep with boys, Trever one of the shops partners could arrange for boys to be sent out from a care home to parties for a price.

  7. I’ve tried searching your site, but I can’t find any mention of Nigel Slater. Why does his pic keep popping up?

  8. Is the public-lav-loiterer, Stephen Frei suffering from dropsy, or is his facial asymmetry merely a predictable consequence of his debauched behaviour towards innocent young gentile boys? – Rather in the manner of that scary portrait of Dorian Gray, I mean.

  9. In reply to Eric, Stephen Fry’s face is lopsided after a beating outside Kings Lynn NORCAT College, many years ago.

    Some people do not like his habits, and incidentally Kings Lynn has such a bad name its often called Kinks Lynn.

    It became a centre for rent boys from the West Lynn childrens home, NFN(normal for Norfolk)

  10. I dont know anyone who is interested in football, no one in my street in my pub, no relatives so why is it being thrust at us so much ?

    When the London Olympics were on, the urge to escape London was so great the Glastonbury festival held that same week could have sold their tickets 10 times over, and the GLC, in an effort to stop this escape, demanded the festival not happen that year and so it was.

  11. Does anyone think that a minority group with the power to force Britain into an agreement with Poland, to use as an excuse as cover to attack Germany in WWII in revenge because they threw out the Jewish bankers, that a group with this power would care that its own appointed politicians were using young boys for sex ?

    No they wouldn’t.

    Hundreds of boys names going back 50 years to when these records were kept were taken from London and surrounding area care homes and orphanages.

    During New Labours time, Tony Blair ordered they be destroyed, only a few were kept by renegades.

    The reason John Prescott who was Old labour was brought into New labour which was an Israeli front org, and mainly homosexual, was because John knew where the bodies were buried.

    John who could not keep it in his pants, was not guiltless either

  12. Some years back a man I knew who was ex intelligence said they did a report into the vulnerabilities of MPs and
    they found the hours were not conducive to family men and more suited to the single homosexual lifestyle.

    He also said that they found more than a few were using boys for sex

  13. To E. Taylor: Missing children are the common currency passed around the elites for their perverted pleasure. Sexual torture and murder are commonplace in these circles. The fear of public exposure of the scandal is so intense and pervasive among top Establishment figures that a ridiculously elaborate and expensive domestic spying network has been created to keep the whole sordid business under wraps and to enable TPTB to get first wind about any emerging leaks so the resulting trail of damage can be nipped in the bud. This is without question the absolute No. 1 issue the elites are desperately keen to ensure never, never, never becomes public knowledge.

  14. A a top BBC executive was talking about the Middle East map being redrawn for Israel.

    He went on to say that the homosexual lobby had won a major victory in having homosexuality redefined after it was previously seen by the world famous Maudsley psychiatric hospital as a personality development disorder.

    It was now to be classed as normal, and it’s derivative paedophilia would become ‘child-oriented’ sexuality.

    One of the BBC top stars comdian Frankie Howard had been arrested for watching boys play a school football match and playing with himself inside a raincoat with no pockets in, the BBC pulled strings to get him off and he had to see sex therapist Joyce McDougall at the Maudesley.

    This brought in Rothschild’s man Peter Mandelson who wrought certain changes to rehabilitate homosexuality, which were going OK until the truthseeker.co.uk exposed Jimmy Savile which the BBC could not contain.

    They tried to say that as only girls could become pregnant it was OK to do boys and it was a misdemeanor not a crime, but the flood gates were opened and the Savile fiasco showed he had been raping both boys and girls on an almost daily basis,

    The BBC are still working to discredit and downplay the antics of the perverts it employed.

  15. I know of two health saunas, which are in reality gay bathhouses, where boys on the premises can be bought.

    One has regular BBC staff coming on a Friday night, these are both owned by prominent Russians who are said to be Mafia men


    “….and by his own account did not engage in sexual activity for 16 years from 1979 until 1995”

  17. Its not easy for us who as boys were raped again and again, by these men at our orphanage we were stripped and blindfolded, we heard money changing hands but we never saw our abusers, we knew their smell and their accent yes, but police just wanted visual identification which we could not give.

    And for many of us these homosexual crimes were 50 years ago, several of those boys have since identified Greville Janner, Jimmy Savile, Allan Freeman etc, but mainly by their distinctive voices.

    I fear many of us will never see justice, god help us all

  18. Stephen Fry lives in Wells-next-the-sea, short walk from my mother’s house and I can tell you categorically he never went 16 years with no sex, ask Boy George.

  19. Boy George has said he was one among many who got into show business as a rent boy, doesnt say much for show biz does it ?

    People have said to me, “if you were really abused as boys how come the police did nothing about it “?

    The police would always say, its just your word against theirs, who will believe you ? and a smart lawyer will tear you to pieces in a courtroom, go away and forget it, and all the boys from the care homes did just that.

    We are talking about famous people here, showbiz is chock full of queers and weirdos

    55 years later i still wake up at night with it all

  20. I remember when Tony Blair and New Labour came to power, a women’s mag showed a photo of Tony’s hands to a famous London psychic palmist.

    He said Tony had good communication skills but actually gave the date of his fall from power, the fact he would sell his soul to make big money and his eventual disgrace and fall from power, how interesting that all this could be told so far in advance.

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