The mysterious case of Rik Mayall’s inconclusive post-mortem and Britain’s dirty secrets


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It looks as though history is repeating itself once again, vis-à-vis the recent mysterious death of BBC comic, Rik Mayall.

In an eerie copy-cat of the Peaches Geldof coroner’s report, it’s been announced that the post-mortem into his sudden departure has proved inconclusive.

This fortuitously buys the filthy PTB a little extra time to cobble together a ‘believable’ reason for his hasty demise.

Here is the BBC report on Peaches dated 9th April 2014:

And here is today’s identical BBC report about Rik:

How very, very strange indeed.

Of course, the dark masters of murder and spin in this septic isle of ours are well trained in dirty tactics, having been taught these sinister techniques by their bum-chum masters, Mossad.

Their sly methods have previously worked in the unexplained deaths of Gareth Williams, Dr David Kelly, Princess Diana and Jill Dando, to name but a few.

Unfortunately for them though, their demonic tricks are starting to unravel right before our eyes and before too long the whole truth about how many murders they’ve committed to cover their sordid crimes will soon be revealed.

The clock is ticking ever faster on Britain’s dirty secrets.

Can you hear it?


It’s only a matter of time.


Following this post, Rik’s wife has now stated that he died from a heart attack following a morning run and not from an epileptic fit as first suspected.

By a strange coincidence Wayne Kellett made this comment two days ago:

” I believe that Rik Mayall’s death will be blamed on a weak heart, wait for it.”

How odd.

Anyone would think the PTB are making this crap up as they go along.

Oh yeah….. they are.


25 thoughts on “The mysterious case of Rik Mayall’s inconclusive post-mortem and Britain’s dirty secrets

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    • The BBC presents Yentob’s gardens, what what.

      Rich in genetic information nutrient dense,no need for extra cow or donkey shit.

      Let the breaking down children take the strain.

      Party the night away at Esther’s blood oaks farm for starters down New Forest way.

      Yes, good old loyal rabbi Yentob digs deep for zion and Rothschild Windsor.

    • A black, gay, female Jew?! I’m all for a good conspiracy theory, but I really don’t see how Mossad could possibly have anything to do with the demise of Rik Mayall. What exactly is it we think happened? I was under the impression he killed himself, and that the family were being understandably coy about that…but what? You think he was murdered?! Why?

  2. Poor Rick
    he joined the club
    but wanted out
    that funny boy certainly had a loose lip some say.
    Discretion is always the safest of an Englishman’s position.
    Shining lights in basements is just not done what what.
    Ho hum.

    chatham house A
    The Chatham House Rule reads, ‘When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed’. The rule may be invoked at meetings to encourage openness and the sharing of information. It was devised in 1927 and revised in 1992 and 2002.

    • It would just be simpler to burn to death all the members of the RIIA and send the cunts to hell, thereby cutting out the middle-man.

  3. I noticed that he may have died from a ‘cardiac EVENT’ , whatever that means. Always a bit sus when they start creating strange , new descriptions.


  4. When (a short time ago) freedom fighting journalist, Michael Hastings was killed in the US by a domestic drone and died in his flaming car wreck, his wife vowed vengeance on the New World Order. A short time later, however, she was having nothing to do with such claims. Same thing happened with Jackie Kennedy. They kept their mouths shut, most likely as a result of threats to their remaining families. Looks like we’ve got an unrepentant, kiddie-fiddling variant of the Mafia running the world…

  5. Funny how on the day of his death his wife was quoted on the BBC saying along the lines of ‘It can’t have been his heart, he recently had a check-up & he has a strong heart.”

    • That quote must have been noted by a lot of people but it is now being called a cardiac “event. A helpful commenter over at Yahoo has explained to us that since everyone dies of a cardiac event, when the heart stops beating, it is correct to say that Mayall died this way.

      If this is the semantic get-out by the PTB too it’s a p**s poor one.

  6. From Mike Simons.

    I just watched BBC Question Time for the first time in years, it was from Kings Lynn in deepest Norfolk, but as the audience spoke I did not hear one Norfolk accent, because they were a specially bussed in audience from outside who agreed with the panel.

    The panel consisted of Chris Bryant, a homosexual Labour MP who sends boys email photos of himself with an erection wearing his underpants and Iain Duncan Smith, a Tory lunatic behind the cutting of benefits, which has put up the street sleeping londoners numbers up 12% last month.

    The 2 women on the panel seemed more human and the main voice for Britain was an articulate Muslim woman from Birmingham who noticed the questions were skewed to obtain the answers the way the BBC wanted.

    Close the BBC someone please.

  7. The most beautiful women in Hollywood had to change their religion and become Jews to stop sleeping with directors:
    Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe.

    Marilyn once said thank god I am no longer a goy and have to suck Jewish cock.

    Natalie Wood was murdered to silence her as was Jayne Mansfield.

    Do you think its any different over here?

    Well it isnt and the BBC is part of the filth and Rik Mayall in the pic with scummy Yentob was trying to show us this.

    Rik always said his one duty was to his fans and his people

  8. You have a pic of the British MP Stephen Milligan above.

    I had inner connections at that time, the brothel Madam Lindi St Claire said the next day to an MI6 operative,
    (now retired), quote-

    I knew Stephen Milligan very well and I knew his tastes, he likes one particular girl, he was not a sensation seeker and was totally sexually normal, this man was killed for some reason to make him look foolish’

    Now that reason is that he had spoken out twice in what was seen by the Israelis as anti-Israel, and this bore all the hallmarks of a Mossad killing.

    The INXS singer was going to write a tell all book about the corruption in showbiz, so he had to go too.

  9. I also thought it extremely bizzare that no rerason of death was given by the authorities. Who needs autopsies and pathologists when you have a cunning wife sat at home to give the verdict of death, hey?

    As usual, something really shitty going on here. But people are so confused and scared that they refuse to even acknowledge what their own senses tell them and will follow the state mandated verdict out of a sense of security.

    If I could be guaranteed the ‘real’ truth about this, my money would be going on another David Kelly rub-out job.

  10. I’d suggest everyone here listen to Rik’s final major work, an audio series titled ‘The Last Hurrah’, about a secret society. To say it’s based on certain things and it’s title is strangely apropos would be an understatement. You can hear it on Spotify.

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