The mysterious death of Rik Mayall

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Anarchic BBC comic, Rik Mayall has died in mysterious circumstances at the age of 56.

As in the case of Peaches Geldof, no initial cause of death has yet been given.

According to the Mail:

Comedian Rik Mayall ‘seemed so happy and so healthy’ as he chatted to a friend’s son just 30 minutes before he died, it emerged today.

Mr Mayall’s close friend, Comic Strip founder Peter Richardson, 62,  spoke of his ‘shock’ this morning at the 56-year-old’s sudden death yesterday, shortly after he was ‘happily chatting away’ to his son.”

Rik Mayall was best known for his comedy roles in iconic show “The Young ones” and for his role as Tory MP, Alan B’stard.

He met his wife Barbara Robbin in the BBC make-up department.

Rik knew all about the paedo-ring which linked to Savile, government and royalty.

In 1995, he featured in a production of the play Cell Mates alongside Stephen Fry. Not long into the run, Fry had a nervous breakdown and fled to Belgium, where he remained for several days, and the play closed.

In 2007, Mayall said of the incident:

You don’t leave the trenches … selfishness is one thing, being a cunt is another. I mustn’t start that war again”

Some claim that Stephen Fry is a known paedophile and the real reason he quit the play was due to a 13 year-old boy making a complaint against him in Norwich.

In 2005, Rik Mayall launched a damning attack against his former employers at the BBC, claiming you had to be ” black or gay ” to get work there.

The cast of the Young Ones, including Rik, became close to Cliff Richard on set and also recorded a song with him.

Cliff is not quite the Christian singer we all think he is.

He’s been named as a visitor to vile boy-brothel the Elm Guest House and incredibly has links to both British and Israeli intelligence services.

Cliff was close to Jimmy Savile and was forced to befriend Crimewatch presenter, Jill Dando.

Jill knew all about the BBC paedo-ring and Cliff passed on what she told him to his bosses.

Jill was soon shot dead with a bullet to the head.

Rik Mayall was in Portugal, only last week, to film a new production.

Cliff has a property close to the Praia da Luz complex where Madeleine McCann went missing.

Portuguese police have just finished digging for Madeleine’s remains.

Some claim her disappearance is also linked to Britain’s VIP paedo-ring.

In April 1998. almost an exact year before the assassination of Jill Dando, Rik Mayall was seriously injured in a quad bike accident.

Since the accident he had memory problems and seemed to have mild brain-damage.

Was his accident more sinister than it first appeared?

Other celebs with links to the BBC have died in mysterious circumstances.

These include:

– Mark Speight

– Natasha Collins

– Kristian Digby

– Jill Dando

– Kevin Greening

– Peaches Geldof

How very, very strange indeed.

Could there be more to Rik Mayall’s unexpected and untimely death than meets the eye?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?







99 thoughts on “The mysterious death of Rik Mayall

  1. Stephen Frei: a vile, vile, entity.
    A ghastly little shirt-lifter with much indeed concerning young boys and a good deal else to hide.
    An utterly revolting individual by any metric. No wonder he he’s in demand at the BBC.

  2. Does anyone else feel like we’ve entered the twilight zone?! The World is just so weird right now, I don’t know what to think anymore other than let the truth out and any evil wrong doers be brought to justice. Please GOD let it happen.

  3. I REALLY liked the Mayall character of Kevin Turvey, early in his career. Made me laugh. A lot. His part in The Young Ones was….. ok; more popular with my daughters; but the voice presence of C Richard Esq really put me off.

    I have always reserved a special deep, deep and intense dislike (for a variety of reasons) for Blair, Thatcher, Broon, Cameron, Osborne, Rifkind (TELL me about it!), Bruce Forsyth, Prescott (what WAS his hold over Blair?), Jimmy Tarbuck, and the Lennies Henry of this world.

    However. There is a dark place, deep within me, that harbours a complete and comprehensive loathing for the individual known as Stephen Fry. The feeling has been there ever since I first encountered him and his self-opinionated, crass, pompous, bombastic, over-precious, over-acting persona. I have such an intense dislike of him, I think it is probably, detrimentally, affecting my life.

    RIP Rik. You made me laugh. And thank you for that. You seemed like one of the good guys. Simon Dee…. et al. Yes, I have a long memory.

  4. Funnily enough when I heard Rik had died I said to my wife that’s another one who worked for the BBC dies suddenly.

  5. Tavistock control assets, song writers who give songs away or at least publication information.

    You have the Jagger and the failing Macca not so singer song writers more bad acts.

    Comedy is just another military intel tool of Rothschild zion.

    Think of a comic of the msm probably a low level agent a James Bond with the skill set,
    rapist tools comedy they said long ago was the new rock n roll.

    Death comes by naturally enough but it can also come to those who go off message and leave the satanic reservation.

    Who said Rik had a quad bike accident? The MSM.

    Why not car boston brakes followed by a bit of reprogramming then all’s right as rain your satanic majesties.

    Poor Rik.


  6. I seem to recall that Kristian Digbys neighbour was reported by the Daily Fail as having seen him enter his house ‘with a dark haired man’- shortly after his death by alleged auto asphyxiation was described as a ‘solo sex game that went wrong’.
    I know that these kind of ‘sex games’ are more widespread than we think , but they do seem to crop up in many deaths of young people (men) mainly, and are a quite convenient ‘writeoff’ of further investigation. Sorry to be wildly off topic….
    Rik Mayall was a great performer and I will miss his talent like many of my generation.

  7. It was said a while back that there was only one straight BBC comedian, and his name escapes me, all the homosexual innuendo and unfunny PC stuff, like Lenny Henry who just is not funny.

    But Rik Mayall was a secret whistleblower on BBC boy-nobbing parties and similar.

    What has always intrugued me was the car crash with Leslie Crowther anyone know about that ?

    I ask becuase the garage who dealt with the car said something very fishy was going on.

    Why dont we just close the BBC?

  8. This is a list of 8 million USA dissidents who are said to be soon incarcerated in Fema camps

    I know for a fact that similar lists have been drawn up in England, and I believe Ireland too.

    In WWII English nationals who spoke out were locked up without trial for the duration of the war.

    So keep watching your football and Simon Cowell shit, tell yourself its ok for your kids to be given loadsa vaccinations and taught homosexuality at school.

    Just eat your GMO foods and poisoned water and keep your heads in the sand

  9. Rik Mayall was too outspoken for the BBC who like to put on not-funny politically correct stuff with subliminals, they even have to dub on laughter so people know when to laugh.

    I have 5 children and whenever a BBC poof comes on we turn off the set it reached a point where its not on any more. my Church group also stopped watching BBC tv as there was so much poofery on at all times of day.

  10. Yes, that comment is correct, it is all linked.

    Rik Mayall wanted a fair and level playing field for all performers, and told us he did not see why Jews and homosexuals should always get preference, dont get me wrong he was never prejudiced, but he didn’t think the BBC should be either.

  11. Anyone notice all the aircraft activity in the Lincolnshire area last night?

    A USA aircraft dropped an engine from one of its craft, and they were searching for it, I phoned the US base and they said ‘we havent lost any engines’ so I thought ok I’ll sell it for scrap then because it landed on my field
    but it could have easily landed on one of the homes nearby.

    Lincolnshire has been taken over by Polish communities in the same way as Boston was taken by the Russians and Birmingham by Asians.

    Also because England has been ethnically cleansed now of it’s people, no one could speak to the US airmen asking questions in the area because they couldn’t speak English

  12. The Rik Mayall character, Kevin Turvey was a punk.

    This started as a joke on impressionable goy kids to make themselves look stupid, and it worked, with safety pins through their ear and babies nappies.

    They were meant to, and did, look ridiculous and the Jews laughed all the way to the bank.

    The idea that Rik died 16 years after a motorbike accident is not really valid, we can only surmise what it was that took him, but this may help you to dig further:

  13. @Chrisjourno; these auto asphixiation deaths are very rare, I can tell you of 4 of famous people whose deaths were faked this way. Those working at the coroner’s office are usually told what to find and what to say.

    Mossad use this method in particular as they like to humilate someone even in death.

    They will hold the knife to someone’s throat and before the cut will insult them and offer an old testament curse.

    This is why every intelligence agency in the world will tell you Jews are scum.

    • Mossad, Kidron techniques, feathermen whatever you wanna call it.

      A body with porn nearby is just a wanker perverts death.

      The problem is most of the time the wanker had a helping hand.

      Most deaths like this are highly suspect.

      Never trust a bedroom or toilet death.

    • From the figures I have seen that relate to the USA- the estimate there is 500-1000 deaths annually from Hypoxyphilia – mainly males under 40. Yes I agree rare , although mortality rates under represent the practice , according to the author S.J.Hucker , it has been suggested that in North America mortality rate for it are around 1 per million.
      Though in my work over a time span of 30 years I have come across 3 deaths from auto-asphyxiation , I agree, wholeheartedly with your comments regarding the faking of suicides , and thank you for taking the time to respond.

  14. just watched bottom the tv series a month ago. riks character on that was very close to the family guys baby.
    hadnt even heard about him before. was really hoping new material.

    the government has their lists and we have ours. would be interesting to have em side by side and see who are the real terrorists here.

    at least he wasnt tortured. but i quess that is what they leave for the innocent who are no danger to them.

  15. Bless looky here:

    David Walliams, Stephen Fry, Tony Parsons telling us how sad they are.

    Tavistock instructing us how to feel.

    These Zionist, papal freaks will be at the Grove, Watford or the Athenium Club London soon enough, getting down with the eyes wide shut.

    Missing children lollipops…

    • Walliams has always creeped me. 100% he is a closeted gay. Of course zero chemistry between him and his “beard”, the Dutch (mind-controlled) model Lara Stone.

  16. Cut out the Papal freaks stuff it is offensive to a lot of us, we are well aware of the “beasts” guising as Catholics they have never ever been Catholic.

    There never has been anything in our creed that encourages behaviour so heinous.

    • You are offended? You pass YOUR opinion, but don’t want others to pass theirs if it disagrees with yours? I assume you are an adult, If so, grow up. You are offended. So what.

      • I am not RC. However, I think many people are unaware that in the past and undoubtedly even now, in many impoverished countries the one and only `job` that would at least guarantee at least food, a few clothes and a roof would be to become employed by a religious institution. This applies to many religions but the wealthier ones are the most obvious draw. Italy, for instance, was once tremendously poor – or at least the majority of people were. It wasn`t/isn`t so uncommon for complete disbelievers to feign faith to gain admittance to the clergy. Then there are those who began as believers but lost their faith. For examples, a read of `In God`s Name` about the murder of their honest and genuine Pope, John Paul I, will illustrate my point. No doubt he would have gone on to tackle perverts as well as the mafia Vatican Bank, etc., had he been allowed to live. The point is, any organization consisting of decent people always becomes subject to infiltration of the corrupt. The clothes have nothing to do with it. That`s just a uniform, and many wear uniforms to depict their jobs. We cannot tar all in a particular faith with the same brush. Also, it is genuine, decent RC people who have struggled to open the lid on perverts and the mafia connections to that bank. Apart from a little bit done in the CofE, what other religious organization can claim to be outing their evil? Any of the Jewish sects? Islamic sects! Buddists? Hindus? Seikhs? Jains! Zoroastrians (Yazidis)? ANY others? All undoubtedly have their financially and sexually corrupt, so why is it just the only religious organization to really and publicly tackle them that is always vilified? It simply doesn`t make sense, and frankly is tunnel visioned.

      • I don’t particularly wish to partake in religious arguments but surely this issue is one of the SCALE of power?

      • Brilliant! This made me laugh out loud. Thank you!

        But… we MUST obey instructions from celibate men in frocks………………..

      • You’re welcome.

        Nothing gets me going more than wretched Roman Catholics attempting to defend the indefensible and reneging on their supposed status as Christians, which, of course, they are not – they’re Romans in the truest sense.

        Their title Pontif Maximus dates back to ancient pagan Rome circa 700 BC and nothing really happened when Rome ‘fell’.

    • Romanism is a counterfeit Christianity, with Pagan gods and goddesses renamed as “saints” and still prayed to – in violation of Scripture – as patrons of this or that aspect of life. All very Pagan and at odds with Christ’s claim of exclusivity in the role of mediation between man and God.

      John Gill, writing in his commentary on the entire Bible in the 1700s, identified Romanism as the fake church, the Whore of Babylon, whose “nakedness” mentioned in Revelation as one day being exposed would find fulfilment in the excesses if its vile clergy coming to light. Sadly, Revelation indicates that the mass membership would not turn to Christ; instead, they would abandon all pretenses of Christianoty and join the monstrous beast of secularism – full of names of blasphemies – instead. This is precisely what has been happening across the world in recent years with Rome’s crimes against children coming to light.

    • ‘Offensive’? Free speech IS offensive. The only guarantee of liberty is people putting a check on their sense of entitlement by growing a thicker skin. And ‘guising’ is scarcely a word, much less a verb. Ever thought how offensive ‘a lot of us’ find American barbarisms like this? Probably not.

  17. Thank you Charlie Drake and Christine Radu, fine comments here.

    I wanted to tell you that Jeremy Kyle uses a polygraph in his progs, which is set to give results that are questionable and sensational, and incorrect.

    So I am saying Jeremy Kyle is a fraud.

    I believe that Rik Mayall’s death will be blamed on a weak heart, wait for it.

    The BBC are looking to bring back its most successful ever police story that ran for many years,
    Dixon of Dock Green is being considered for a new series and no doubt PC Dixon will be played by a homosexual black policeman.

  18. Papal freaks words offend some what of the rapists in the Catholic church,what of the murder 800 in a pit in one location in Eire already my boy.?

    The Catholic Church is Zion and vice versa forward and backward all cube saturn satan whatever way ya cut it.
    in the club or Michael Hutchene, Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger dead.

    John Y do you know the Atheneum club? What about the Grove, Watford? Ever been to a Luton hoo event? Freak city
    don’t ya know.

    As for Rik quad biked -no.

    Not sayin he never died for 5 days or so but in his dreams he met Unkle jingly jangly and I am Jack I am back Peter.

    Jimmy often took Peter for away day weekends not on the Intercity train but the old bentley clunk click.

    How the moms and dads and kids waved at the BBC pied pipe,r waved at the copper driver ; his mate Jack the Ripper.

  19. Charlie Drake do you know anything of the teachings of the Catholic Church,have you ever attended mass,if you have you will be aware that we are taught to love to be respectful to be generous of spirit to be humble to pray for others,there is absolutely nothing in the Catholic Creed that encourages anything untoward in the eyes of God,there are many many evil people associated with the Catholic Church,it impacts not on the Catholic Faith that will endure and emerge from what is an evil evil world,faith my friend is all we have.

    • Re the teachings of the money making Catholic Cult, fortunately, he probably doesn’t, but he does know about your organisation’s paedophile track record.

      Ah yes, then we get the mickey mouse unscriptural “Catholic Faith” and therein lies the rub for there is NO SALVATION in The Catholic Faith.

      All you will ever hear are these words from Him: “Go away from me, for I NEVER KNEW YOU”.

      Salvation is in Faith in Yashua Messiah and Him alone.

      Next we’ll get the Peter the pope garbage. LOL

  20. pop down the athenium club in london town.
    look at the members list
    look at the past members.
    ukle jimmy was a member and a child wrangler
    your church is gone been taken over.
    not by tony soprano but a lower order.
    why should you have noticed?
    you cannot come in cos yer not a satanic member

  21. The biggest victims of the Catholic church are the Catholics themselves – I mean of course the grass roots lay members of the church, not the vile filth higher up that gets sicker and more twisted the higher it gets.
    To be an observant Catholic is to be a victim-mind-slave to pure Evil. Nothing is too sick for the monsters towards the top of this pyramid of so-called “Faith”.
    – Oh, to the guy who said he was “offended” – if you don’t approve of other people exercising their inalienable right to free speech, you can always avoid blogs altogether and confine yourself to the BBC and other mainstream sites where you stand far less chance of being “offended” – and of course far less chance of learning anything worth knowing, too. Enjoy.

  22. What are the odds for WW3 breaking out before the end of the year? Something big and ugly is brewing. I reckon it would have already kicked-off if it were not for the cool head of Russia’s President Putin. The Yanks seem hell-bent on a major war and by attacking Russia, they’ll surely get one. Under cover of that, of course, it’s a simple matter to round up the dissidents and intern them in concentration camps without trial. Only a fool would bet against it.

  23. Peter clowes being offended is in no way denying anyone their right to freely express themselves, freedom of speech should be balanced and positive not a rant,as for being a “victim-mind-slave to pure evil” are you a fool or just pretending to be one,what a ridiculous statement and reveals a lot to me about you,take a look closer to home as there are sure to be some vile filth lurking in your ranks,depravity/sexual abuse occur within 85% or more in close familys, you do not have to be a priest a nun an MP an establishment figure it could be you your father/mother/brother/sister makes you wonder eh or would that “throw a spanner in the works”,oh yeah of little faith.

    • “freedom of speech should be balanced and positive not a rant”

      well, thats just your oppinion dude.
      faith faith faith. fuck you!
      didnt your precious little book say something about not having other gods?
      still you go to CHURCH to worship a PRIEST! hello? earth to fucking mercury..

    • john y you are saying do not blame the poor catholic sheep for the actions of the farming shepherd.
      compliance blind faith chewing the grass while hearing the screams in the slaughter house.
      no good priest exists because they submit they comply they destroy the evidence provide cover for rome.
      it is a house built on jewish foundations that is why blood is so important that is why the children are the food for the engine.
      every week the vatican is paying off victims you never hear or read because of nda.
      chris patten of hong kong and the bbc is on a panel funneling hush money funds.
      instead of being blog word offended demand answers from your church.
      the little dead bodies are mounting every catholic home and church needs to be dug up.
      if you think your church is worth saving stop defending them until you have found out about the real or the imagined dead.
      contact chris patten i believe he has left the bbc also mark thompson ex bbc

  24. The following article is quite good but in the way Henry Makow often does it slants away from anything relevant.
    Henry Makow is alone in still believing in the bolocuast, as with any childhood programming it begins to fade at age around 30, which explains why so many pop idols die around that time. Makow does not mention why approx 70% of all pop idols are Jewish and 50% are homosexual

  25. My cousin was one of the original members of a punk band, they would prance about and play instruments on stage, Jonathan King helped get them going by getting them gigs in homosexual clubs, they used to advertise they were all ex-rent boys but they weren’t at all.

    Jason Cannon known as the blonde bender was a postman from Kings Lynn, they played a lot round the Brighton area and picked up a lot of gossip about people like Greville Janner.

    My cousin is in a home now but i will see what he can tell me.

  26. Lurker you unfortunately by your rant about going to church and worshiping a PRIEST shows me how uninformed how ignorant you are about going to church and about having faith,it seems to me you have no soul no spirit therefore are incomplete in being a WHOLE human being,I will pray for you,pray that you will find that elusive SOMETHING in life that brings you happiness and contentment in what seems to be a life lived in darkness,I left daily mass to -day along with all the other worshippers with a feeling of goodness/goodwill to my fellow humans hoping that through mine and others prayers someone somewhere would benefit,did you have that feeling?do you ever have it ,I hope so,you should try it someday before it is too late,I can guarantee you you will feel good about yourself and others.

  27. Playground style mud slinging about RCs and Jews distracting from the main issues. There’s a whiff of Machiavellian divide and rule about it.

  28. The post mortem says it is inconclusive the cause of death, but his wife now says it was a heart attack.Previous to this,she said it could have been a fit. Strange stuff.

  29. The same paper stated Savile molested one girl while wearing a sinister ‘eyeball’ ring. He pushed his hand (the one wearing the ring) down her knickers and said “the eye can see everything.”

    Creepy in the extreme, and it’s as good a clue as any that this goes far, far beyond the BBC. Either way, it’s curious that they focussed on the ‘eye’ ring.

  30. Diagree with Rik you have to be a paedo to get work with the BBC. I do not see many black people working for the BBC. What was his problem.

  31. Mike Smith. ex-Radio One DJ, dead at 59 following heart surgery. He and ex-Blue Peter presenter Sarah Greene withdrew from public life in the 90’s following their near-death helicopter accident.
    Hate myself for questioning every high profile death but makes you wonder?

  32. The bbc knew what was going on.its the the filthiest orginisation out there and i wouldnt b surprised if stephen fry was a pedo .hes arrogant and as for cliff richard .well he wont see heaven

  33. edarlingb, I understand your point. Nonetheless, the islamic faith is the second largest in the world and growing. The Jewish faith has a huge number of adherents. There was a quite recent documentary concerning imams, rabbis and others in those faiths practising their peversion on children and how their `flocks` are pressured to keep quiet. Possibly even more greatly and frighteningly pressured more than any RC`s today. My point is; why are those organizations not vilified as openly and as much as the RC lot? There is great SCALE of abuse in those other religions, too? It seems to me to be plain prejudice to pick on one religion but keep quiet about others where the same perversions are almost as profuse. Or is it fear? Fear and cowardice that either the critic will suffer unfair accusations of anti-semitism, or worse have his head hacked off in the middle of a main road?! Certainly, I find it quite sinister that so many of the normally rational public will project onto the RC rrreligion, but will totally avoid criticizing any other almost as large with perhaps an equal number of perverts. Is this the result of social programming and its effect on the subconcious? I suspect so. If not prepared to condemn all that are guilty then don`t be so hypocritical as to make a scapegoat by condemning only the one.

    • I neglected to mention the black magic religions. I read that a childs tortured, abused torso, bearing the symbols of ritual, are found weekly in the Thames but that is alro covered up. Is that due to fear that the mumbo jumbo lot will hex any editor and journalist who exposes those guilty? Or that their bodies will end up in the Thames? Never much read comments and condemnation about it.

      • ODD that within minutes of posting my comment about torsos in the Thames, my phone began buzzing furiously for no reason. That has never before happened. My phone (which I used to write my comments) isn`t set to buzz, and it wasn`t the sound of a usual set phône buzz anyway. Very strange. Has anyone else experienced something similar? I have posted on various websites on various, sometimes contravesial topics and that has never, ever before occured.

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