Filthy Britain’s Satanic Secrets

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We all know Britain is run by lying, sociopathic, thieving, murderous, paedophilic filth.

What’s less well-known though is their secret obsession with the Devil.

You see, hard as it is to believe, the rulers of this septic isle are, in fact, practising Satanists.

They love nothing better than to partake in gruesome rituals that the average person would find sickening.

They also see no wrong in abusing or even killing children during their filthy gatherings.

They’ve even been know to sell the organs of their victims when they’ve finished the abuse.

Their sordid secret is shared with Royalty, Judges, Intelligence Services, MP’s, the Police and even Showbiz ‘stars‘, to name but a few.

They find it hilarious that the British public have been so easy to deceive all these years and they’ve been able to carry out their Satanic debauchery unchecked for so long.

Unfortunately for them though, their sickening secret is finally being exposed and a light in being shone into the darkest and most disturbing corners of their secretive world.

Their devil-worshipping days may be numbered.

Satan himself may be about to cut and run.

Who will help Britain’s devilish leaders when the full truth about their nefarious activities is finally revealed?

Who will help them now they’ve sold their own souls?

Who will help them when the whole filthy house of cards collapses?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?


8 thoughts on “Filthy Britain’s Satanic Secrets

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  2. My uncle was an AA patrolman in Devon in WWII , he had to watch for military vehicles and see they found their way as signposts had been removed.

    One evening he saw a convoy of limousines and jeeps creeping though with no lights, he followed at a safe distance, and crept along to see in the dark, Winston Churchill and others hold a child sacrifice at the Devil’s Chimney.

    He slunk away and later asked the locals who said there were often strange people at the Devil’s Chimney at night,
    this was later confirmed by Churchill’s pal Dennis Wheatley.

    Black magician and child snatcher Roald Dahl was often seen there too ( which was also later confirmed by Churchill’s secretary, John Colville).

  3. This is a global phenomenon, not just confined to the UK And US. These dark practices have been going on for thousands of years; the practitioners hope to gain wealth and power in this life and the next. Seems to work, too, worryingly.
    But there’s no such thing as a free lunch as these bastards will discover when the bill comes due – and there’s a truly terrible price to be paid. Wealth and influence will be about the last thing that’ll be on their twisted minds when that day comes.

  4. it’s time for the mainstream media to stop lying and start exposing this story about the 9th circle cult and all it’s members!

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