Breaking News: The scandalous disappearance of thousands of Britain’s care children

Missing Child

As we edge ever and ever closer to discovering the true and horrifying scale of VIP child-abuse and murder in this country, the Mail reports on the shocking scandal of thousands of children ‘disappearing’ from council care.

According to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act, a staggering five thousand children have gone missing over the past two years, including babies, some of whom have yet to be found.

How the bloody hell can the Met police be given millions of taxpayers money to search for one child, Madeleine McCann, yet thousands of care children are discarded without so much as a missing person’s poster?

What is really happening to Britain’s missing care children?

The tragic truth is that most of them have been wrongly snatched in the first place, taken from loving parents by psycho-social workers, desperate to get a filthy bonus and meet their paedophilic master’s targets.

Parents are often poor and powerless and are unable to fight against secret courts, lying scumbag lawyers and the evil and twisted SS.

Their children are then thrown into a deliberately chaotic care-system, which is not monitored at all, and parents are not allowed any further contact with them so they conveniently ‘fall off’ the radar.

Unfortunately, this means they can often end up being groomed, raped, abused, and sadly sometimes murdered, by not only foster parents, care-home workers etc. but also by members of Britain’s VIP paedophile ring.

Labour filth, Margaret Hodge knows all about these rings and is the ultimate child-snatcher for her paedo pals, having instigated the vile Children’s Act, which gave the SS more and more powers to steal children from innocent parents.

She cackles like a demented slag when yet another family is split apart.

Some voices terrifyingly claim that mass graves exist in this country, filled with the little bodies of children who have been ritually abused then killed by these scumbags.

Why the hell don’t the Met get their diggers out on our soil first before s*****g themselves over the Portuguese hunt for Maddie?

Because they bloody daren’t that’s why.

But dear reader, know this.

Justice will soon descend on this septic isle of ours and God will expose their most heinous deeds to us all.

And when that happens, those who have perpetrated such evil crimes against the British public, may well regret the day they were f*****g born.

The clock is ticking now.

It’s only a matter of time…


27 thoughts on “Breaking News: The scandalous disappearance of thousands of Britain’s care children

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  2. I’ve got to wonder why the scum of society are instructing their media to release as much as they have. Why now? Is this the standard MO used in the transitional phase from one ’empire’ to another? We know Rome never ‘fell’ – just masticised to Britain and from there, America and Israel. Before Rome ‘fell’ the debauch of the same scum then as now was fully exposed as a part of ‘normal’ life. Now, as we enter the final fall of nations, leaders and royalty, all the dirt is erupted before the public eyes but where are the public minds? Too scrambled for intelligence to connect any dots and probably bored sick by now of ‘another celeb pedo scandal’ whilst they fawn over the dross of celebrity and media regardless. Why now? Reminds me of those ‘Batman’ and ‘James Bond’ scenarios where the hero is captured by the dastardly foe who cannot help but reveal all to the bound and helpless victim, before his seemingly inevitable demise. In these holly wood versions, the hero escapes miraculously at the last moment and the villian is vanquished. Will humanity be so lucky? Or is all hell about to break loose?

    • I think you mean ‘metastasised’ and I agree, evil has spread like a cancer (although I would argue it wasn’t as simple as you say) and obviously the patient is now very sick now. But the way things pan out in history is never quite as predicatable as the PTB would like to think. And the proles are never quite as stupid.

      The survival instinct is now kicking in at a quantum group mind level and we are in uncharted territory.

      One of the lies told to us about cancer is that spontaneous remissions dont happen.

      There is a close parallel here with the present state of humanity.

  3. “What is really happening to Britain’s missing care children?”
    As you may have guessed by now, the outrageous number of children that go missing every year – permanently missing – meet a terrible fate at the hands of the power Elites in Westminster, Brussels, Strasbourg and Washington. Again, this is not a phenomenon confined to GB alone.
    I’m able to connect the dots because I’ve read a vast number of books on the subject from an early age. I never practiced any of this stuff, but I can promise you it is NOT the “load of old nonsense” they want everyone to believe it is. These are powerful forces at work and you dabble with them at great peril. Nevertheless, craven greed for money, power and status has led certain people to prostitute all their values (if they ever had any) to these false gods and the deeper you get into it, the more you want, the more you have to do for the demons who serve you…..
    Colin Wilson is a great writer on the paranormal. If you read his books you will see for yourself how this all fits together. I recommend his 1973 contribution, “The Black Arts” for starters. Should still be readily available through Amazon, ebay or what-have-you.
    Anyway, yes, the children are disappearing and being pressed into service for Satan by the very same people who seem so smart, well-groomed and specious as they quietly articulate their more palatable views on the economy, jobs and public services in the hope you’ll vote for them in total ignorance of what they truly are: Satan-whoring child torturers and slaughterers. The mainstream media know all about it, yet choose to keep schtum. So we can confidently predict they’re also part and parcel of this monstrous evil we face – even if they don’t actively participate themselves, they get well-rewarded for maintaining the illusion of normality – and ensuring the Plebs’ feeble brains are otherwise occupied with meaningless drivel about celebrities, soaps and sports. There’s a hell of a reckoning coming….

  4. Rome fell beacuse the Jews introduced homosexuality, boys were groomed to be nothing than little bumboys so centurions had to be recruited from all over the world.

    Lord Rothschild,at a speech to the apostles in 1938, told them that they had been recruited from the homosexual community to be the trojan horse to destroy western democracy, and those that helped bring in communism would be celebrated.

    The TV soaps, Rupert Murdoch, the fashion undustry have constantly tried to degrade women and make men self sufficient in their own sex.

    I have never spoken before but I’ve worked for Maureen Lipman, among others, and the evil and hatred that comes from that woman is unbelievable.

    Vanessa Feltz is the worst of the lot and is active in black magic ceremonies and I believe child abduction.

    I may not speak out again but Mossad gets the synagogues to tell all Jews what to say and inded what to think, and the Rothschilds run Mossad.

    • U are rite about the rest but what ure saying, that Jews brought homosexuality to the Roman Empire is cretin to say the least

      • There’s probably a lot of truth in what anon is saying. The anthropologist Unwin after exhaustive research came to the conclusion that in the history of hu-mankind and mankind (there is a big difference) there had been 86 civilisations in all and all without exception collapsed after they moved away from monogamous marital unions and family life.

        He also stated that this degenerative process takes three generations to come about.

        If we apply this process to us today as having commenced with the legalising of sodomy in Britain in the 1960’s and a generation is 25 years you can work for yourself that time is running out fast – 2035 or thereabouts and it will be all over unless there is a massive Spiritual overhaul, nationally, in the way we live and conduct ourselves.

    • I believe that article was removed from the Noodle, due to it being wholly inaccurate and based on what appeared to be blatant lies and a desperate attempt to cover up and distract from the simple fact that one of his Twitter ‘friends’ was arrested by the North Wales Police for stalking and harassing historic abuse survivors. Shills are getting easier to spot nowadays. 🙂

  5. I realised as a young lad i could see and hear things that grown ups couldn’t, coming froma very psychic family i soon learnt to use this intuition on a daily basis, as the years went on i became an absolute expert in various magics, and i dont mean the childrens conjuring tricks done on TV but real magic.

    There is something you must understand, when a person reaches sexual climax there is an outpouring of energies
    to the partner through the most active chakra , to be senstive to what your woman is putting out through her climax is as enjoyable as a mans own climax.

    Male and female is positive and negative, and if you look at a magnet ‘like poles repel opposite poles attract ‘ is the old saying and its right on the money.

    Spiritualism was taken over by homosexuals they even ran their newspaper ‘the psychic news’, because when a man goes with a man or a woman goes with a woman, that power released through the climax is not ‘earthed’
    and has no where to go, this is why most homosexuals suffer nervous problems among other psychological and physical conditions.

    In every black magic and mason higher-degree ceremony there is homosexual sex with a boy, this is to steal that youthful energy, this is known in the Talmud and is behind most of the cases of homosexuality, and explains why homosexuality used to be called ‘ the Jewish disease’.

    Dont forget that the recent call to change the age of consent for boys down to 10 and second stage down to 4, was not being done for the boys, but for the homosexual politicians who were demanding the changes.

    Both Greville Janner and Yuri Geller are said to be black magicians by their own Jewish communities, Jimmy Saville was also one but he also raped young girls as well as boys, because in most cases he used their anus, which is the preferred meothod of homosexuals

    • Regarding the energies of sexual climax, honest psychologists report that gay men feel drained and hollow after their conquests whereas straight men feel fulfilled.

  6. The people aren’t necessarily only being distracted with celebrities, soaps & sports. There’s porn, drugs & gangs. There’s sex, alcohol & vile music videos.

    They’re not asleep.


  7. Where do all the organs go? How many people do you know who’ve had any kind of transplant?

    They take them as children to ensure they’re clean & pure.

  8. Whilst they’re pushing sex propaganda to contaminate the children on the outside, they are putting children inside, removing children at birth now to ensure they are unADULTerated. To what ends?

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