Parietes habent aures


Walls have ears.

In ancient Roman times, many an Emperor was bought down because shocking information was leaked to the public by apparently trustworthy insiders.

Thus the Latin phrase ” Parietes habent aures” , which literally translates as ” the walls have ears”, was born.

According to this passage by Ammianus Marcellinus, a Roman author who wrote about the fall of the Empire:

Excogitatum est super his, ut homines quidam ignoti, vilitate ipsa parum cavendi ad colligendos rumores per Antiochiae latera cuncta destinarentur relaturi quae audirent. […] ideoque etiam parietes arcanorum soli conscii timebantur.”

After these events, it was devised that certain unknown men, who were little to be feared on account of their utter unimportance, were sent to gather rumores throughout all the corners of Antioch and to report back what they heard. […]

And so even the walls, the lone confidantes of secrets, were feared.”

Are filthy Britain’s sick leaders themselves close to being exposed by insiders?

Are their child-raping and murderous ways being secretly recorded at this very moment?

Will proof of their own vile antics cause their much-deserved downfall?

Most certainly, yes.

You see, we’ve been asked to pass on a word of warning to the filth who have systematically destroyed this once great nation.

Be aware:

Parietes habent aures”

Walls have ears.

Your dirty secrets will soon be laid bare for all the world to see.

It’s only a matter of time…





18 thoughts on “Parietes habent aures

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  2. Oohh dear-I am really not sure about this

    John Smith, Robin Cook, Michael Todd the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police.

    David Kelly and child lover John Peel.

    Dando and man in a Pimlico suitcase, Gareth.

    All died of natural causes.

    Some had been for a walk and overdid it is all.

    What what

    • Refer to the Talmud post. The Vatican runs all religions on this planet, including scientism and the newage. Vatican is ‘jewISH’ and typical of Talmudic psychopathy, outlawed natural relations between men and women in the days when there WERE men and wombmen. So it follows that ‘the church’ were and are responsible for child rape, torture, sexploitation and murder – always have been and for church, read ‘jews’. Bear in mind that the ‘Daily Trash’ cites those in the feature who are very involved in this type of activity from the author (he is ‘authorised’ to profit from the loss) to the actress and editor. They are revealing what they are and what they do whilst pointing the finger at ‘the catholics’. Pure deception. Ireland was the prototype of Palestine: Northern Ireland is of course Israel.

      • touchstone you need to do more research starting with history and how Cromwell was financed by The Jews. The Tudors started to let them back in after they were thrown out in 1290 by King Edward.

    • Martin Sixsmith, like most BBC types, is a scumbag Zionist gatekeeper.

      A Chatham House, Rothschild stooge.

      Do not link crap from the daily fail.

  3. Perhaps the biggest high level supplier of boys according to whistleblowers was Sir Anthony Blunt who held parties got people drunk and then photographed them with boys for blackmail by Rothschilds and Russia.

    He died without justice but we owe it to all the other boys to expose the rest.

    The Vatican bank is controlled by Rothschild, the Jews claim they have always run Christianity
    so its daft to say the Vatican runs Jews and this is only said by shills.

  4. Charlie, every ‘tragic accident’ and ‘natural demise’ adds to a load of suspicion that may be a little bigger than some people suspect.

    Maybe that load is ready to drop?

  5. In 2005 I was told by two gossiping cannabis dealers that David Steel’s adopted son Billy had confided in them that Steel and his wife were Satanists who had ritually abused him. I do not know whether this is true but there was no reason for these guys to make up such a story. And if it is true I believe that this information needs to be out there.

    This article mentions family troubles – Billy is blamed for having a “disturbed background”:

    By coincidence I met Billy Steel a couple of times in 2012/13. He was very personable. He told me that he had “a story”. When I indicated that I might know what it was he made a hasty exit, never to return.

    I am appalled and feel very sorry that Billy – or anyone else – has had to go undergo the horrors of ritual abuse. But to have and withhold such key information……if indeed it is true……at a time like this does us all a disservice.

    So I’m passing it on in case anyone has any more dots to join.

  6. Charlotte, ritualistic Satanic abuse and child sacrifice is the BIG secret these globalist scumbags and their rag-tag army of slimy hangers on are trying to keep from us. It’s the underlying, core reason for all the paranoia and spying. There: I’ve said it.

    • Well said, TWO. You are absolutely right, I believe – on the basis of extensive evidence the world can no longer ignore. It is a fascinating topic that joins many dots. I wonder if you are familiar with the Daffodil Rites blog? That poor – and amazingly strong – woman was ritually and horrifically abused by Savile and others and has posted some of her emails to the police – which they continue to ignore.

      At their peril.

      There’s a quickening and a reckoning in the air – we can all feel it coming on. TCE is right.

  7. Hello, Thank You for your latest posts, your last one giving me hope. You end your last post with”your dirty secrets will soon be laid bare for all the world to see”. Bless you for the information that can and will set us free from the evil empire of filth that is the hidden hand of Satin itself.

    How many more innocent children and how many ordinary decent people will still have to suffer before the news breaks to the wider public? Please! I salute all those involved with this time disclosure. Thank You All. Peter Giles, S.Wales

  8. “Your dirty secrets will soon be laid bare for all the world to see” – and I so long for that day. I could never have imagined the depths of depravity that blogs such as yours have exposed; it’s hard enough for me to read about it, let alone the poor mites who are subjected to it. We must shine light on the filth who steal the innocence and lives of children, and stop the rot.

  9. How much of these allegations are verifiable?I don,t doubt that there is so much evil going on but some of the claims are very very wild,unless they can be seen to be plausable then it will lessen the other claims,Iknow it will be very difficult it may be better to condense and concentrate your efforts if at all possible,one thing that struck me was the man who claimed he was abused by McAlpine was on the tv/papers quite a bit he then re-canted his accusation and hasn,t to my knowledge been on either since? strange,he was quite adamant but why would you all of a sudden forget the indentity of someone that had raped you,very dubious.good luck for the future and keep exposing those that abuse.

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