Morrissey, Cliff, Elm Guest House, Moors Murders and the Jimmy Savile connection

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The gay, morbid, daffodil-loving singer, Morrissey, has bizarrely invited Cliff Richard to join him on tour.

Cliff, who is now so elderly he resembles a melting raisin in a wig, has gleefully accepted.

The thought of Morrissey and Cliff on stage together has caused derision in musical circles.

Morrissey has recently claimed that eating meat is akin to paedophilia.

Strangely, this statement has meant that all previous references to Morrissey and paedophile scandals on Google- search have been erased and only the meat-related articles remain.

In his autobiography Morrissey detailed how he was inappropriately touched by a teacher at school:

His other revelations include being inappropriately treated by teachers at Stretford Grammar School in Manchester, where each day was “Kafka-esque in its nightmare”.

One PE teacher, he recounted, “stands and stares and stands and stares” at naked boys in the shower, while he remembers another for the way he rubbed anti-inflammatory cream into the young Morrissey’s wrists.

He wrote: “At 14, I understand the meaning of the unnecessarily slow and sensual strokes, with eyes fixed to mine.”

Sick BBC pervert DJ, John Peel, was a huge fan of Morrissey and extolled his music on his radio show.

Some claim Morrissey has been forced by Intel services to ask Cliff along in order to deflect from disturbing rumours about Britain’s most beloved Christian star.

Cliff has been named as a visitor at vile boy- brothel, the Elm Guest House.

He is rumoured to have had an affair with murderous scumbag, Tony Blair.

He was a close chum of Jill Dando and was questioned several times about her murder.

Jill knew all about Savile and the BBC paedophile ring which was linked to royalty and government.

She was soon shot dead with a bullet to the head.

Cliff was also close to Savile and they went on a pornography fact-finding tour in the seventies with decrepit filth, Lord Longford.

Lord Longford was the uncle of labour slag, Harriet Harman, who was recently embroiled in the PIE paedophile scandal.

She is also the cousin of Jewish PM, David Cameron.

Longford was a long-time supporter of moors murderer, Myra Hindley.

Some claim Hindley isn’t dead at all but was released from jail under an assumed identity.

Hindley and Brady were VIP pimps and were most likely employed by Savile to procure children to be abused and murdered.

By a strange coincidence, Morrissey once wrote a song about the moors murders, called ‘Suffer Little Children.’

The song caused outrage with the families of the victims but sly Morrissey managed to convince them that he wasn’t glorifying the murders.

Here is a sample of the sick lyrics:

“Suffer Little Children”

Over the moor, take me to the moor
Dig a shallow grave
And I’ll lay me down Over the moor, take me to the moor
Dig a shallow grave
And I’ll lay me down Lesley-Anne, with your pretty white beads
Oh John, you’ll never be a man
And you’ll never see your home again
Oh Manchester, so much to answer for Edward, see those alluring lights?
Tonight will be your very last night A woman said: “I know my son is dead
I’ll never rest my hands on his sacred head” Hindley wakes and Hindley says:
Hindley wakes, Hindley wakes, Hindley wakes, and says:
“Oh, wherever he has gone, I have gone”.

But this is no easy ride
For a child cries: “Oh, find me… find me, nothing more
We are on a sullen misty moor
We may be dead and we may be gone
But we will be, we will be, we will be, right by your side
Until the day you die
This is no easy ride
We will haunt you when you laugh
Yes, you could say we’re a team”.

Morrissey has long been accused of referencing paedophilia in his songs.


In 2007, the Sun newspaper ran a story about two of his most controversial singles, claiming they glorified paedophiles.


Predictably, sly old Morrissey denied these accusations.


The ‘Hand That Rocks the Cradle’ contains some of the sickest lyrics you’re ever likely to hear:


Hand that Rocks the Cradle


Please don’t cry
For the ghost and the storm outside
Will not invade this sacred shrine
Nor infiltrate your mind
My life down I shall lie”


There’ll be blood on the cleaver tonight
And when darkness lifts and the room is bright
I’ll still be by your side
For you are all that matters
And I’ll love you to till the day I die

There never need be longing in your eyes
As long as the hand that rocks the cradle is mine
Ceiling shadows shimmy by
And when the wardrobe towers like a beast of prey
There’s sadness in your beautiful eyes
Oh, your untouched, unsoiled, wonderous eyes”


I once had a child, and it saved my life
And I never even asked his name
I just looked into his wondrous eyes
And said : “never never never again”
And all too soon I did return
Just like a moth to a flame
So rattle my bones all over the stones
I’m only a beggar-man whom nobody owns
Oh, see how words as old as sin
Fit me like a glove
I’m here and here I’ll stay
Together we lie, together we pray”


” As long as the hand that rocks the cradle is mine
Climb up on my knee, sonny boy
Although you’re only three, sonny boy
You’re – you’re mine
And your mother she just never knew
Oh, your mother …
As long … as long … as long
I did my best for her”


The song ‘Reel Around the Fountain’ was also filled with sordid references:


It’s time the tale were told
Of how you took a child
And you made him old It’s time the tale were told
Of how you took a child
And you made him old
You made him old

Reel around the fountain
Slap me on the patio
I’ll take it now

Fifteen minutes with you
Well, I wouldn’t say no
Oh, people said that you were virtually dead
And they were so wrong

Fifteen minutes with you
Oh, well, I wouldn’t say no
Oh, people said that you were easily led
And they were half-right
Oh, they…oh, they were half-right, oh

It’s time the tale were told
Of how you took a child
And you made him old
It’s time that the tale were told
Of how you took a child
And you made him old
You made him old


It is highly likely that sicko Morrissey has a lot of information for police officers investigating Britain’s VIP paedophile ring.


Is it any wonder he reached out his filthy hand to Cliff in his hour of need?


We’re quite sure the two of them will have a f*****g brilliant time on tour together.


After all, why the hell wouldn’t they?





36 thoughts on “Morrissey, Cliff, Elm Guest House, Moors Murders and the Jimmy Savile connection

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  2. Dont forget Morrissey’s “anti-royal” image. He’s so “anti-them” but still he’s in a good place, no need to say why….

  3. Getting sick of the old bill only going after z-list, octogenarian ‘celebs’ who are either at Death’s door or well on the path to it. When are we ever going to see any action taken about the vast numbers of Establishment paedophiles that we KNOW DAMN WELL are the worst of the worst of the worst with their child sacrifice rituals to Satan and child snuff movies? When are THEY ever going to get their collars felt? Obviously there are some high-ups in the police and CPS who share the same sickness and who are protecting the guilty for fear of their own exposure. Every time I see another pathetic, so-called ‘celebrity’ nicked for touching up kids, it just throws this disparity into sharper and sharper contrast. Not that I’m excusing lesser offences by any means, just demanding to know why the REAL NASTY BASTARDS are going unpunished.

  4. In my working life i had close connections to the pop music industry, and there were lots of rumours about Morrissey and boys but never in the huge numbers of Robin Gibb, Elton John and Freddie Mercury, ( all Jewish ).

  5. Noel Coward was friendly with Sir Anthony Blunt, a vicious and rampant pervert, and Noel knew that Blunt had many boys killed after sex.

    In WWII she said so many boys just went missing and were never seen again but their disappearance was hidden as wartime casualties.

    Noel and Blunt both took boys to meet the Queen Mother and even played drafts with her.

    If you wish to hear some truth about the WW2 celebrations watch this vid

  6. @Bill Williams – Freddie wasnt Jewish, nor the other two. Dont know where did u get ur thing from, but they werent Jewish. As if white ppl couldnt be pedos, u know….

  7. The itinerant Hughie Gibb (the father of the BeeGees) hooked up romantically with a woman called Barbara Pass, about whom not much is known.

    However, *if* Pass was Jewish, then the brothers Gibb are/were also Jewish, since they were born to her and under Jewish tradition, the line passes down the maternal side.

  8. Thanks for that.

    Off topic I know and apologies, but you’re correct, that’s how we know Roosevelt and Churchill were Jews – the mystery man was Stalin – Jesuit educated yes, but was he Jewish? Some say he was and it would make sense if true.

      • You’re very economical with the truth.

        From “One Evil” web page re Stalin:

        “He was born of Roman Catholic parents. Whatever the real truth, Josef was accepted into the Catholic Cappuchin run school at Gori. He graduated in 1892 first in his class and at the age of 14 he was accepted to enter the “Orthodox” Seminary of Tiflis (Tbilisi, Georgia), a Jesuit institution to be trained as a Jesuit priest.”

        From the “Investigative Journal” re Stalin’s connection with Fr Walsh in Georgetown:

        “Walsh, father of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service: Most of Our Diplomats Trained There.”

        “Joseph Stalin aka Fr. Joseph Stalin SJ”

        “In the letter Stalin wants to keep the Jesuit name out of the Bolshevik newspaper and tells the leaders to be wary and not to print an article by Engels because it refers, in part, to the Jesuits.”

      • Please tell me you don’t take seriously what the shill, Frank O’Collins has to say! He makes it up as he goes along. He never references his sources, because he doesn’t have any. He never mentions the Jews, except to absolve them all guilt. No doubt pay him well.

      • Being a Jesuit or ex-Jesuit I read his info like I would anyone else’s especially if they have inside information like Alberto Rivera. The fact that you’re putting him down so vehemently only confirms my totally mistrusting opinion of you. Opus Dei is it?

  9. I thought this was a site that exposed establishment paedos and rapists but it seems more like a garden fence for anti-semetic nutjobs. Any good work this site does is being hastily undone by those desperate to find a link to Judaism. The abuse of children goes across the board unfortunately, catholics,muslims and jewish people,satanists and i daresay quite a few atheists and agnostics are abusing children and covering up for eachother.

    • Yes, but Talmudic Judaism actually promotes paedophilia. And whereas the other groups you mentioned have received blanket coverage in the Zionist controlled media, nary a word is whispered about about child-abusing rabbis and other Jews.

      • Really? How many moons does the planet you inhabit have? All you’re doing is reciting puerile ku klux klan conspiracy theories. You were the main nutjob i was referring to.

      • I don’t inhabit a planet – the earth is not a planet.

        All you are doing is reciting Bolshevik Marxist Jew propaganda (Einstein included) which your unused brain is full of. In order for you to determine if someone is a nutjob or not you would have to know what sanity and/or insanity is and with your brain not functioning at all how would that be possible?

  10. just found this site. great article.
    to my understanding semite is term used by language historians. refers to peaple who lived in certain are and spoke same language in a time period. so anti-semite would be like a 1961-1965 anti-mickey mouse drawing style hater. funny that.

  11. Morrissey has recently claimed that eating meat is akin to paedophilia.

    Strangely, this statement has meant that all previous references to Morrissey and paedophile scandals on Google- search have been erased and only the meat-related articles remain.


    Bizzare story here. The teen in question claims no underage sex even took place… and look at the name of the father… perhaps I am reading too much into this? Odd coincidence though at the very least…

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