Margaret Hodge, filthy social workers and the VIP child-abuse connection


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Time and time again we hear tell of social services departments across the UK turning a blind eye to complaints of wide-scale child abuse rings and in some cases being implicated in them.

Who the hell gave them the power to snatch children in the first place and why would they?

One of the most horrific paedophile scandals involved Islington Council and led to the tragic death of Jason Swift.

Thousands of children were abused with the full complicity of the council and whistle-blower social workers were vilified or sacked.

The disgusting piece of filth, aka Margaret Hodge MP, was part of the Islington Mossad Mafia and was an integral player in the procurement of boys who were snatched from homes and raped and often murdered.

She has, quite unbelievably, been allowed to put her councillor son-in-law Joe Caluori, in charge of a new white-wash investigation into the scandal.

Hodge (nee Oppenheimer) is best pals with some of the scummiest, most psychopathic, bastards ever to have walked this earth.

They include Tony Blair, Peter Mandeslon and Charlie Falconer, to name but a few.

Blair has recently been in the news because of his links to the Lambeth care-home ring which again saw social workers supplying boys for politicians.

Hodge’s family the Oppenheimers are close chums with the sadistic, money-grabbing Rothschilds.

What a f*****g shower.

Her nephew Philip Hodge was holidaying at the Praia de Luz complex at the same time as Maddie McCann disappeared.

Her late husband, Henry Hodge, ran a solicitor’s firm Hodge, Jones and Allen.

We have it on very good authority that they have worked with corrupt and lying social workers in order to deliberately to snatch children from loving parents.

Was Margaret Hodge behind this vile travesty of justice?

Did she want to ensure her political buddies had a steady stream of lads to bugger?

Most definitely, yes.

You see, when Blair promoted Hodge to Children’s Minister, one of the first pieces of legislation she concocted was the horrific 1989 Children’s Act.

Under the guise of ‘ putting the child first’, what the CA actually legalised was much more sinister.

It came jam-packed with many, many nefarious clauses that strengthened social workers legal rights to put children into care and also to gag parents with the threat of prison if they dared to speak up.

It all makes sense now that we know what sort of person Hodge really is and why she was hell-bent on increasing the powers given to social services.

Once you realise what the bigger masterplan was, it all falls into place.

So many loving parents have suffered unimaginable pain because of the sick machinations of Hodge and Blair et, al, and some may never see their children again.

In the London borough of Richmond, it’s now been reported that social services knew full well that children were being abused at the Elm Guest house.

In Sunderland, former Director of Social Services, Colin Smart, tried in vain to alert his superiors about abuse taking place in children’s homes but was vilified and dragged in front of the High Court for his efforts.

According to a report by Nick Davies:

Cover-up has become part of the story of child abuse, particularly in the children’s homes which were swept by a wave of rape and assault during the last three decades. Over and over again, somewhere in the midst of this wave, a lonely figure would appear, yelling for help, only to be ignored or submerged by the powers that should have reached out a hand.

In North Wales, it was Alison Taylor, the manager of a children’s home, who spent five years banging on the door of her employers at Gwynedd Council, the police, the Welsh Office, the Department of Health, and the Social Services Inspectorate. All turned her away. Undaunted, she compiled a dossier of 75 separate allegations, won the backing of two local councillors and finally secured the conviction of four men for an orgy of abuse. As a result, the Government finally ordered the vast public inquiry which has now heard nearly 300 former residents of homes make detailed complaints of physical and sexual assault against 148 adults.

By that time, however, Alison Taylor had been suspended and sacked.”

In the case of Mr X, Bryn Alyn, Westminster Council and the Dolphin Square scandal we find that, rather than stopping child-abuse taking place in children’s homes, social services departments were actually throwing millions of pounds at the owners.

If, as we’re now beginning to discover, a wide-scale VIP child-abuse ring has been operating in the U.K. for decades, who’s been supplying children to the filthy abusers?

Who else could it be but social services?

Under the guise of ” child protection”, disgusting social workers have been able to gain a steady stream of victims from often poor and powerless families who’ve been unable to fight the system of secret courts and harrassing social services.

According to the Telegraph:

” Hundreds of social services staff accused of disciplinary breaches, including paedophile offences, were left free to look after vulnerable people while decisions about whether they should be suspended or struck off were delayed.

Hearings into their cases were put off for months, and in some cases years, so that the regulator could delay paying the costs, according to a report for ministers. Some of the most serious cases were abandoned with “little or no” investigation, by staff who felt under pressure to shelve cases regardless of the dangers to the public.”

Many decent social workers have deserted the profession, or been sacked, and that’s left the gate wide open for only ruthless, aggressive, and sociopathic social workers to remain.

Are these not the perfect characteristics needed for guilt-free child-snatching to satisfy VIP abuse rings?

Just what Margaret Hodge wanted.

Does she rub her hands in glee when yet another family is split apart and she can offer a child up to one of her sordid, raping, murderous chums?

Yes, she bloody well does.

But we have a word of warning for Hodge, her pals and her gang of sicko social workers.

This vile injustice, which has not been seen since the biblical times of Pharaoh, will soon be over and they will find themselves on the receiving end of the most mighty of punishments for what they’ve done.

In fact, they may well come to regret the day they were born.

Take it from us.

The clock is ticking on Britain’s dirty secrets.

It’s only a matter of time…



48 thoughts on “Margaret Hodge, filthy social workers and the VIP child-abuse connection

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  2. Hi Coleman,

    In answer to your question:

    “Who the hell gave them the power to snatch children in the first place and why would they?”

    Unfortunately we did via the Birth (berth) Certificate and Registration of a Live Birth (the vessel). We give our children away when we do this so they are no longer OUR PROPERTY.

    Admiralty Jurisdiction operates in their ‘courts’ so they can privateer (plunder) as pirates and this involves taking ALL our PROPERTY, which includes our children.

  3. Hi, this information is so important and I forward your posts to a lot of people that I know. I am so frustrated that we still don’t have any significant arrests, I am dismayed but feel sure that when one big story breaks, mainstream will have difficulty covering up when things start rolling.

    Many are suffering right now and I feel that things are so very desperate. There must be a way of getting this information out to the mass public in some credible way. You do a wonderful job and you are very brave, I salute you for this.

    Best Wishes, Peter Giles, Merthyr Tydfil, S.Wales.

    • Thank you Peter.

      The wheels are in motion and very soon there will be a deluge of evidence so great that they will have no way of stopping it.

      Keep the faith.

      It may not seem like it but we’re nearly there now.

      Just a little longer to go…

  4. Margaret Hodge was part of the scam to rob the BNP of the election in Barking and only a fraudulent count gave it to the corrupt Jewess.

    Barkingside police station said it was the talking point of the year how they did over the BNP.

    The Oppenheimers with the Rothschilds own Africa, some of the richest stuff in the world emeralds, gold, diamonds, it all comes from the mines, yet the people live in the most abject poverty and dont even have clean drinking water.

    The average man in a mining town lives to age 37.

    The Jews hate black people because they associate them with dark spirits, but this is pure nonsense.

    • @ Gerald

      The Jews hate blacks because they are racially of the same origins i.e. Canaanites and they are like a thorn in the flesh to Jews as a constant reminder. Jews do not see themselves as white.

      If you google Professor Tony Martin, who is black, you will learn about the Jew’s role in black slavery. Apologies if you have already done this research.

      • Ethiopians are predominantly Cushites and of the same tribe as the Indians of the sub-continent – they are not African blacks.

        There are some black Jews, but much of the black Jew thing is over stated and exagerated – jewtube noise. Canaanite Jews are predominantly white even though they do not see themselves as white, being descendants of Ham, not Shem. Jews hate the white peoples who are from Shem – true Semites.

        Anti-semitism re the Jews, like the holocaust, is a lie and a hoax.

        Do a jewtube search for: “Anti-semitic – it’s a trick we always use it”

        Eustace Mullins, although not totally correct, was very well informed on this subject – his book The Curse of Canaan is well worth a read. It’s available in pdf format.

  5. In the Old Jewish Law (Talmud) its ok to have sex with kids as long as they are not Jewish.

    They also say to drink the blood of a child gives you the energy of a child, and to have sex with the child is very good for you.

    They see nothing wrong in it, and this is why Simon Cowell gives 50 grand to legal defence work to every Jew caught having sex with boys, but not girls as in the Paul Gadd case ( Gary Glitter ).

  6. I think it was the Children Act 2004 – the most intrusive one yet – that Hodge engineered. It happened around the same time as the creepy ‘Every Child Matters’ initiative and also introduced the drive to set up the Children’s Database aka Contact Point, which didn’t go ahead, at least not in its proposed form. The excuse for all of this was supposedly the Victoria Climbie case – this child has been mercilessly used as a tool for emotional and ‘moral’ blackmail – but intrusive anti-family legislation was being enacted internationally at around the same time.

  7. Both the Damilola Taylor and Victoria Climbie cases were just a small part of children posted into Britain to be brought up and educated by the British state and payed for by the taxpaper, the real numbers are in the thousands every year.

    The reason the NHS is collapsing is because of all these foreigners coming in as health tourists on our health service, women come in to have babies which they often leave here, have operations.

    In fact one Russian mafia leader has admitted he charters planes to bring in people for free NHS treatments from all over the world.

    I used to be in social services and I have seen in my time there a child taken from a settled happy home and placed somewhere else just to make work for the social worker.

  8. I’m afraid Satan can’t be conquered by us. But it has already been done 2000 years ago. And Satan’s followers know it and are quaking in their boots at what their demise will be. I feel it is close but that’s just my opinion. Ironic that those who killed Our Lord ( Rome and Jewish power base ) are still in charge today committing their hideous crimes, on a global scale.

  9. I was a witness to something back in about 1968

    The Kray twins had at least two suppliers of boys from care homes, Terence Stinchcombe and Terence Stamp, both ex- rent boys who knew the game inside out.

    Ronnie Kray would phone one or other of these two and say deliver me 4 boys to this address, some came from the Athan House club, some from the WWB and some from Warwick school. Others I was told back them were from London care homes.

    Steve Messham is being attacked from all sides but as an ex-insider I believe his story of persistent abuse in these homes, they were a mecca for homosexuals.

  10. This unspeakably wretched woman, Hodge, tried to undermine and destroy the integrity of the Promenade Concerts by claiming they weren’t “inclusive” enough! The sight of all those northern Europeans of various nationalities joyously getting along so well together, peacefully and happily, clearly rattled her innate Jewish paranoia. She felt threatened by it and of course what Jews feel threatened by – which is basically everything pure and wholesome – they set out to destroy.
    For this ghastly woman and her ilk, the day of reckoning draws imminent; “die Rechnung kommt gleich.”

  11. Dear Coleman,
    I’m absolutely amazed at your work and information regarding the scum at the top of our corrupt system. I love the fact that you name names. How do you manage to not end up like Jill Dando?

    • Well fortunately for us George, the advent of mass social media means we’re all able to research, access and then publish information, which must sicken the PTB.

      The Savile scandal has been exposed and the extent of the BBC and UK government paedophile ring is out in the open.

      Savile was no lone-wolf and many senior figures who are implicated have yet to be bought to justice.

      Poor Jill Dando knew about the ring but wasn’t able to get the information out to the public in time. She was shot to shut her up and warn off other journalists.

      We don’t scare so easily and this time round we intend to nail the bastards.

    • It’s a bit like a cosmic game of chess, essentially, whether you believe it or not. You can’t just go killing someone off and get away with it. There’s a high price to be paid – an unearthly price; nothing to do with our courts and prisons – and I believe the Elites are well aware of this. So they will only sanction killing when it’s a very high-value individual who could wreck their plans in an instant. I’m talking someone with direct, personal, inside knowledge of deeply damaging facts who plans to go public with them. People in that position are at grave risk, for sure. But liquidating rumour-mongers and conspiracy theorists simply isn’t worth the ensuing bad karma.

  12. Hiya and thanks for all your comments! I was touched because I was believed 🙂
    As you know I lost my baby son to the system (catholic church ………. System is Greek for sewer)
    I know my son was taken from me and sacrificed , there is no other explanation so therefore I spent the whole of my life working in the system to uncover what I believed to be other sacrificial victims.

    I trained as a mental health nurse in the 70’s and uncovered various practices like vulnerable female patients being picked up in big black limousines and taken from the hospital. When I asked who they were I was told they were family members who had come to visit.
    Somehow by coincidence or serendipity I later discovered those same females on the pages of cheap porn magazines , posing in squalid rooms and looking lost, detached being abused by men and animals.
    I saw those women return to hospital traumatised and unable to tell their story because half the men who worked in mental health hospitals were also abusing them.
    During the 70’s most women who had mental health and Learning disabilities were routinely abused by the male staff and yes there were dignitaries who often visited on the pretext of checking that things were running smoothly

    I also worked in the “could not care less “in the community sewer, which sees unqualified, non committed dim wits attending to our most vulnerable.
    I have recently been commissioned to teach COMPASSION to care workers in an inner city London borough .
    Please Father give me strength xxxx

  13. Christinne:

    No, not that Terence Stamp.

    This one was a low psycopathic petty criminal who stole money from his mum to buy a car, a total knobhead.

    i want to see the Freedom of Information act used on toe rag Tony’s background, I know when Cherie found out she was in tears.

  14. I found out about all this from my brother who was spent time on prison

    While in prison he got to know DJ Chris Denning, Chris told him that both he and Boy George were rent boys from age 12 and earning money from the homosexual community, Chris told him of parties in Lea Bridge Road, East London where boys were bussed in drugged and used for sex, he said 4 boys died in these attacks and were not seen again and just treated as runaways..

    The MOD movement was an early attempt to homosexualise boys, Carnaby St played a part, and we are seeing this today with the fashion industry, the homosexual lobby is very powerful.

    The word MOd is a corruption of hoMOsexuual Deviant, the traditional lads who resisted this were ROCK n rollERS or Rockers.

    The DJs just assumed all Mod boys were homosexual and most of them were not they were just daft fashion dummies.

    The young are very easy to manipulate and Chris Denning said TV programmes like Top of the Pops and Ready Steady go were venues for teling kids you could get them on TV to meet their favourite pop stars if they drop their pants.

    Ready, Steady Go was swamped by a guy on the prog with various drugs.

    Jimmy Savile was just one of many, Paul Gambaccini was one of the worst after the mod boys.

    Tony Blackburn saw it all but denied he knew about it.

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  16. @ELLEN M my heart goes out to you.

    In the Catholic orphanages of the 50s and 60s evil like this was commonplace, and social workers health visitors knew and did nothing.

    Have you seen the website Zoompad ?

    Barbara exposes the homosexuals behind the crimes on boys and she gets death threats and hate mail

  17. The Rolling Stones are going to tour Israel, paid for by US stolen money.

    A spokesman has said “they are retiring soon and have made their money anyway, so they dont care “.

    Well they will care if their fan base falls away, it did with Elton John when it was disclosed he and his partner were sleeing with teenage boys, and look at Cliff Richard; no-one will touch him now.

    Think again Rolling Stones.

  18. I got a job in London a while back which lasted 8 months. Anyway, I got a flat in Islington, and the lady next door knew Margaret Hodge and said she was a slime ball, I said what do you mean ?

    She said she’s in tight with Tony Blair and from what was said I think it was her supplyng boys from care homes to New Labour which was a party of homosexuals ( as stated by Cherie Blair).

    Both the Blairs are lawyers and these people are as crooked as they come.

  19. @ Paul: I was at the GLC for a while and Margaret Hodge was rumoured back then to be suppressing news of boys being abused from the children’s homes.

    It was also said her and Esther Rantzen were behind it all, I wonder if we will ever know the truth, you never know with these Jews do you ?

  20. It’s not just Jews, look at the C of E, yesterday they said any churchmen voting for UKIP, BNP or NF would be immediately sacked, statements like this are hateful and racist.

    The Catholics have a reputation of having homosexuals as priests and even the spiritualist movement is top heavy with homosexuals in fact their own newspaper ‘the psychic news’ was so full of poofs that they determined policy for the whole of the movement.

    Only fellow homosexuals to be promoted, and many are on the sex offenders register, the medium Keith Hudson is a prolific offender.

  21. remember jersey
    remember the sniffer dogs going mad because of the smell of dead bodies.

    800 babies and kids dumped down a well dead
    no one knows how
    not africa but lovely ireland
    nobody got arrested the catholic church knows nothing : )

  22. Reading here about BBC DJs being mostly homosexual, I can endorse that my story began when I was 7 years old and a gay uncle began abusing me and renting me out to friends.

    By the time I was 10 I always had money for sweets and to take a friend to the cinema, I was taught all the things a rent boy needs to know like mastering the gag reflex, by age 12 I had been with a lot of homosexual men and made a friend of another rent boy I met at a gay party on Brighton seafront, he had been with Freddie Mercury and Robin Gibb, both secret Jews who used young boys.

    As I learnt more about the trade I was in I grew mentally ill and developed a terrible stutter, then by the age of 22 I moved from Luton to Kings Lynn, a centre for the sordid trade of all types of prostitution, and here I tried to change my life style and became a postman but two managers there knew my past because they go into your background for the job, and they forced me to do again what I was trained for.

    After a time I refused and was sacked on trumped up chages and then had to fall back on selling my body
    although I was small and a delicate build and looked younger than I was even in my mid twenties, my career as a rent boy was over, because the men only want very young boys.

    So I moved to Bury St Edmunds where I now do gay massage.

    My message to any boys who are being forced into doing what I did is go to the police,tell people, tell your family tell anyone, but get out.

  23. I saw mention of the criminal and rent-boy Terence Stinchcombe.

    When one of the Krays gang came out of prison there was a big party for him at a big house down near Priory Court, Forest Road, Walthamstow.

    There were about 70 people turned up to welcome this guy out, he had taken the rap for some very serious crimes that were done by the Krays, there was a large bank account in wait for him and a party that night with a couple of beautiful prostitutes.

    But Stinchcombe had been talking to a detective about the Krays and they knew about it so he was given a Mickey Finn ( sleeping tablets ) in a glass of beer and he was soon asleep , he was carried upstairs to the bathroom and put in the bath in his Savile Row suit, the plug was put in the bath, and a sign put up “toilet out of order please do it in the bath ”

    During the course of the evening with people popping up for a pee the bath began to fill up with this guy stil asleep in it, by daylight he was up to his armpits in smelly horrid piss, he woke about 9 and was horrified.

    He stumbled downstairs and the stink was unbelievable, the Krays told him go and dont come back or you will go into a buildings concrete foundations somewhere, and we never saw him again

  24. Your posts continue to amaze me, as they add chapters to my ongoing ‘shock therapy’, dear Coleman! Pity that WordPress doesn’t allow reblogging more than once!

    I can assure you, from the #childsnatchuk end of the spectrum, there are MANY parents who never see their children again! Systematically, non-UK parents get deported whilst their kids are kept in ‘care’ or for adoption. Once kids report molestation by carers, they are GUARANTEED not to see their parents again. Grooming and brainwashing turn them into god knows what…

    I seriously wonder what else has to happen: more individual cases exposed?

    More statistics?
    According to Channel IV, a child is taken every 20 minutes!

    More passion in Brussels?

    BUT: the magnificent seven have started a ball rolling in Westminster. Let’s snowball their initiative!

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  27. Sutton children’s services has its fair share of certain overseas social workers or so-called social workers. I find it very hard to find just one who speaks the truth. I fear for children in care in Sutton, Surrey from what I have investigated. so far (and that’s the tip of an iceberg).

    In the sad case of Terence Steels, they have without question stolen his baby, on evidence of colluding which I have uncovered. My own case I seek and fight for justice and will never stop until i get it- but that’s me when you pick on someone and think you can down them all you can, then they have picked on the wrong person.

    How much longer will the Liberal Democrats be around covering up child abuse, the stealing of children and babies by their own councils? Where councillors turn a blind eye to what the excutives are doing to so many families, who are now victims for life and their children.

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