The Pathetic Panorama Savile Whitewash

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The pathetic Panorama documentary about Jimmy Savile has just aired.

You’d be hard pushed to find a bigger pile of tripe if you tried.

The so-called expose was just a predictable mish-mash of voices claiming nobody knew anything about the child-rapist Savile, with yet others refusing to comment for legal reasons.

Of course, putting the BBC in charge of a documentary about one of it’s own, is akin to the Pope investigating paedophiles in the Vatican.

It’s bound to be a whitewash.

For all those viewers who want to know the real truth about the BBC Savile cover-up, here are just some of the facts that Panorama conveniently forgot to mention:

1)  Savile was a murderous, mass-rapist and also a VIP pimp, procuring children for the Establishment for decades.

2)  He was an integral part of a huge paedophile network linked to Royalty, government, Intel and many other agencies.

3)  His close links to Prince Charles and sly Israeli spy agency Mossad, made him untouchable.

4)  Every director at the BBC knew full well about his sordid activities.

5)  Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando was about to blow the lid on the paedo-ring but Savile soon shut her up with a bullet to the head.

6)  Her Crimewatch co-host Nick Ross, recently said he’d watch child-pornography given half the chance.

7)  Ross runs the Crimestoppers organisation which is a ‘front’, used to filter out calls about Establishment crimes. The Crimestoppers helpline stopped working at the time of the Jill Dando murder appeal.

8)  His wife’s cousin is BBC filth Esther Rantzen, She runs another ‘front’ in the guise of Childline, which monitors VIP abuse calls.

9)  Rantzen knew all about Savile and his child-raping ways. She is known to hold sordid parties at her Blood Oaks estate, which some claim have resulted in the deaths of children.

10)  Paedophilic, Rothschild bum-boy, Peter Mandelson runs the NSPCC. They mysteriously ‘lost’ 500 child-abuse victims files. The initial figure of 1,000 plus children alleged to have been raped by Savile has for some unknown reason dropped to 500.

11) The NSPCC is one of the most corrupt and evil organisations in Britain and a key player in the child-procurement and paedophile ring.

12) Mandelson and his close pal Cimestopper’s trustee, Waheed Alli, are closely linked to Bob Geldof whose daughter Peaches knew about the ring and was found dead in suspicious circumstances.

13)  The suspicious deaths of BBC staff Natasha Collins, Mark Speight, Kristian Digby and Savile’s driver, David Smith are all linked to the scandal.

14)  Jimmy Savile was not a lone-wolf as the BBC would have you believe. He was one of many who have, courtesy of the BBC, raped, abused and in some cases killed, thousands upon thousands of Britain’s innocent children.

These horrifying facts are unfortunately merely the tip of the iceberg where filthy Britain’s dirty secrets are concerned.

You won’t get the truth from pathetic Panorama.

Never in a million years.

But the truth will out anyway.

It’s only a matter of time…



27 thoughts on “The Pathetic Panorama Savile Whitewash

  1. Coleman, I am an ex-member of Brit Intel and I have to say you are not far wrong here. Each boss of the BBC is Jewish, all the major players mentioned are Jews, including Nick Ross and Edwina Curry is also a Jewess.

    If you look up Jewish ritual murder you will get an idea of whats going on here.

    The thousands of kids who disappear never to be seen again must be going somewhere, and several whistleblowers have reported on this, a good website is ” I am the witness “.

  2. What gets me is why no mention of all the boys abused by Savile ? I could never think why, but a spokesman said it’s because it would derail the government’s pro-homosexual agenda.

    If they can decriminalise it totally, bigwigs will then be safe from prosecution.

  3. I was told by a family member who is in the anti terrorist squad (now called SO10) that the scale of boys abused in these homes is so big, that the government had to legalise homosexuality.

    They play down offences on boys and cover up the care homes scandal, because they plan to decriminalise offences on boys and this sounds about right to me.

    • There is no De-Criminalise, they do what they WANT anyway. Unless we get angry and make so much noise/fuss over them trying to hide it, send all politicians emails telling them YOU WANT ANswers they WON’T do anything. I Know we know it does little good, but little good may stop ONE child being hurt, and that is worth a MILLION Emails.

      They have been doing these things since ancient times, THEY NEVER STOPPED. They used to have house slaves, young girls/boys “Under their ROOF” and killed anyone that grew too loud. You gotta realise in Jersey kids home they FOUND murdered kids bodies on small part, then demolished rest/gave it cheap to developer to build on it. Said “It isn’t in Jersey’s INTEREST, to rake things up”. WTF, not in the QUEENS INTEREST, as she is a dictator (literally as UK Law means Sh*t on Jersey really).

      What have you done about IT? I’ve contacted loads of ppl right up to Theresa May (Home Sec.) that’s when I calmed things down and realised she was telling me to shut IT! lol.

    • This world is FULL of Demon worshippers, we CAN beat them easily I promise. Just need to WANT TO! I don’t mean that as a demon v angel fight. I mean Evil ppl out there, Law does Nothing, actually “Protects” the Worst/Biggest of them. We MUST sort this ourselves. Not saying you should commit crimes, but think of your own way to show dissent for this thing that is happening with OUR Taxes.

      I would line them all up and live with the guilt (maybe) of shooting them all in the back of head. Which I personally think is kindness for what crimes they’ve committed. Just I don’t approve of cruelty, even to evil demons. 😉

  4. The “newspapers” are fond of telling us that 70% of crime is down to illegal drugs. This is broadly true, but it masks the real truth behind it, which is so unpalatable that the Establishment have devoted all the power at their disposal towards covering it up, and are happy for the public to accept the headline assertion at face value.
    Novelist and member of the House of Lords, Jeffrey Archer, went to prison some years ago for perverting the course of justice over a libel case involving the Daily Star. Whilst he was in jail, Archer penned a series of 3 volumes which formed his ‘prison diaries.’ These were without doubt the only thing of value that Archer ever wrote. His fiction is tripe, but in his factual, autobiographical prison diaries, one finds the truth behind the “70% drugs-driven crime” figure. Archer’s diaries tell us that sexually-abused boys grow up to take two typical subsequent paths: early suicide or persistent crime. Crime to pay for the drugs they need to blot out the awfulness of their childhoods at the hands of sadistic, homosexual perverts. THIS, ladies and gents, is the underlying cause behind the “70% drugs” headline. On the basis of what he learned in prison, Archer was due to give an important and eagerly-awaited speech on penal reform within a year of his release. But he never made it – and failed to explain his change of heart. I think it’s a fair assumption to assume he was ‘leaned on’ by TPTB to keep schtum about his revelations. No surprise there, then. And the evil game continues….

    • Have you lived inside of the drug world?? I’m not saying you are totally wrong, but this is a rich mans viewpoint in a tiny part of his life. He does have a point, but then forgets to mention it is HIS Friends/Colleagues who abuse said children to begin with. But there are many ppl in the sex/drug trades, who are so shattered they do drugs to remain saneish, sleep, forget. I know, I’ve lived with them for many yrs, but luckily as I was from a decent home etc and did not commit crimes to fund my habit I stayed out of prisons (1 x 6mth for something else…lol Before drugs). So I do have a decent viewpoint, and also my ex-partner of 12 yrs is a criminology lecturer, she’s so intelligent amazes me. So have a broad area to view this subject from. Including an intimate knowledge of illicit substances, of which I am proud to say I have been Off Gear for 1 full year now, and lost my mum during and still didn’t revert.

      TPTB are the very same shady organisations bringing in huge quantities of Heroin into global markets from their strongholds in Golden Triangle, now China is more powerful, took their business interests back to Afghanistan, and ppl wonder why we have Allied troops walking carefully through poppy fields….hahaha. I visited Afghanistan before invasion, and they couldn’t grow Poppies as much as before because Taliban Stopped them, said they were bad muslims to do that. So we took it over and now back supplying 90% world supplies. You’d think I made this up, check “Opium Wars” and Dutch East Indies businessmen (Royals, Banker (Rothschilds, Nobility) set-up a gold trading acct to take funds from Chinese/Hong Kong territories and convert it to global funds (Laundered). They addicted the majority of intellectual Mandarin class, then started civil wars, blockaded China to convince them of best way forwards….and they say we are criminals. They still do SAME today.

  5. The programme really was total shyte, it was BBC spin nothing more. My grandmother said during WWII the BBC was known as bullshit time by the servicemen. The street used to cram into our front room to hear real news by Wiliam Joyce (Lord Haw Haw ) who told us the truth, at night in the blackout anti-Churchill graffiti would appear which was scrubbed off each day after.

    The BBC should be closed now.

  6. Jimmy Savile’s brother was on local radio a while back just after Jimmy died, now if I remember right, he said both he and Jimmy were sodomised as very young lads on a regular basis by a queer uncle.

    He said for some time Jimmy would dress in womens clothes and would attend homosexual clubs, the children only came later, and at first it was only boys. My boss where I used to work knew Jimmy Savile in his early days and he said if Jimmy had ben given the help he needed years back this could have all been stopped.

    • This is exactly why gay guys should not be raising boys or gay women should not be raising girls really none of them should be raising any child. There should not be any gay guys in the boy scouts nor any gay woman leading girl scouts that is sickening.

      • You are mixing up Homosexuals with child abusing predators. I know gay ppl, and yes some were abused, but also some knew they were gay. But I hear of heterosexual parents who buggar their boy children, and gay ppl who are great parents. So don’t generalise, does no one any good.

      • I don’t mix up sodomites with pederasts as you appear to be doing. And how do you know sodomites are great parents – how can they be? For UKNews100 read propaganda, spin and BS.

        Beware of those who call evil, good and good, evil.

      • What a Childish thing to do, say I’m not doing that YOU ARE! Like a 7yr old, then shout I’m a BS/Shill because I don’t agree with your view ALL Sodomites are BAD. If that was the case I’d be fighting wherever I go. As I don’t know whether you go outside much, but MANY Gay ppl live with us, in our society. Even though I’m NOT Gay, and don’t even agree with fking women in their anus as I think it spreads diseases etc, that IS MY Opinion, and I’ve grown up enough to know forcing MY Views on others helps no one.

      • There must be something seriously wrong with your capacity for logical thinking and with a complete inability to join the dots.

        Nothing I have said is childish. 1) Sodomy is a satanic vile perversion 2) Most sodomites are pederasts 3) Sodomites are rabid anti-heterosexual fanatics and hate the normality of family life. 4) Their stinking lifestyles AS YOU HAVE ALREADY ADMITTED CAN SPREAD FOUL DISEASES. That makes them anti-social and a threat to society and our health as a nation by default.

        I would state for the record that it’s you that is childish, not me, and I do not force my views on anyone – I am not in power and I am not a politician. However, perhaps you can sense the authority and power of God’s Spirit working through me.

      • Well, I will stick to MY much more balanced view of the world, than say EVERY Gay person IS a child abuser. NOT True is it buddy, unless you ARE actually that delusional and truly believe it. IF you truly do believe that, go and get help. As you are WRONG! Not saying you have to like/agree with homosexual agendas being forced upon the hetero society, as neither do I. But you won’t win ANY Fights by polarising opinion against you.

        I do NOT sense your authority, and certainly don’t sense God/gods trying to shine their light through your actions/words…THAT Is what most evil serial killers say “God/Devil/Voices told me to kill all the kids because they’d grow up to be Homo/Prostitutes etc etc (Fill any blanks with any other types/races you HATE)!!! Your megalomaniac/messianic behaviour is NOT Right mate, it is OK to not agree with lifestyles, but you can’t say they are ALL something some are probably NOT. IF I’m wrong put YOUR Proof, NOTHING like God told me (Read Bible and sensed him) IS Proof, and seeing as so many Christian leaders ARE Child Abusers I’d be careful waving the Religious ppl are GOOD Flags around.

      • Yes you stick with your evil view of the world and just understand that those who condone perversion are more evil than the pervert. Got it?

        Here is the Truth – most sodomites are pederasts – period and all your mealy mouthed excuses for them are like vomit.

        I am actually wondering if you’re a closet sodomite.

  7. I believe this programme was nothing more than damage limitation for Thatcher’s memory and the Royals, absolute whitewash. Nobody was duped by Savile, they all knew, this programme was an insult to our intelligence.

    • It is why he told everyone he was “Protected” or “Powerful” just so they knew what/who he meant. MI5 were protecting Heath from media as Russians had evidence of him abusing/disposing of boys from Jersey Kids Homes, makes sense take them off coast in yacht they fall overboard ooops. F**k*ng Animals! pls excuse, no other word fits. Bush admin used evidence of UK Govt being riddled with Child Abusers, Satanists, Criminals selling UK Out, Blair knew we’d kick them ALL out! So went against us and went to war in Iraq for WMDs that never existed and he knew it, as WE Dealt with/armed all the arab states like Iraq. Saddam was an ALLY to USA/UK! They killed the Body Double as they always do, who’d want THAT job???? lol

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