The Mysterious abdication of King Juan Carlos

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The King of Spain, Juan Carlos, has announced his plans to abdicate the throne next year.

He claims the move is due to political reasons.

His abdication comes hot on the heels of two other shock departures in 2013.

Satanic paedophile Pope Ratty Ratzinger ‘retired’ and wrinkled crone Queen Beatrix of Holland did the same.

The media is asking if our own beloved monarch, Bettikins, is going to follow suit.

Of course, what Britain’s pathetic newspapers have failed to mention is the real reason behind these high-profile departures.

You see, the ruling classes across the globe are absolutely shitting themselves that they are about to be exposed and are trying frantically to present these retirements as ‘one-off’ incidents.

They’re not.

They are in fact all linked.

King Juan Carlos is really the father of Prince William.

Diana had an affair with Carlos and Wills was the result of their tryst,

This means Wills has no legitimate claim to the UK throne.

Prince Charles is really a homosexual who has been living a lie for decades.

Diana knew about his predilections and also those of Prince Philip.

She was soon killed because of what she knew.

Philip likes to visit care homes and abuse boys there.

Both Phil and Charles were close chums with murderous VIP pimp Jimmy Savile.

Prince Andrew was supplied children via his paedophile pal Jeffry Epstein.

The Queen and Philip are both involved in the disappearance of several children from an orphanage in Canada.

An International Arrest Warrant was issued against Queenie and Pope Ratty for crimes against humanity.

The Vatican and Royals work together like a mafia family.

If they’re not laundering billions of criminally obtained dollars, they’re raping and murdering children the world over.

But their despicable reign is about to come to an end.

Ratty has gone.

So has Beatrix.

Juan is on the way out.

Queenie will be next.

The British Establishment as we know it will be over.

A word of warning though.

If that shower of shyte think that running away will absolve them of their sickening crimes, they’re bloody well mistaken.

They’ll get their comeuppance alright.

It’s only a matter of time…



14 thoughts on “The Mysterious abdication of King Juan Carlos

  1. If William is Juan Carlos’s son then he and Diana must have been ‘at it’ almost from the beginning of her marriage to Charles. William was born less than a year after the wedding.


    What a crock of shit that prog was, when I was at the BBC it was well known about Savile, this bit that no one knew is a damned lie.

    I heard that the people who spoke on the prog, gave long interviews and little bits were cropped out and used in the prog. and what about the boys he abused ? The cub scouts he would take to the BBC ? No mention.

    This was crap bullshit even by BBC standards, close it and shut it down

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  4. WALTER ASH- I cannot agree more, the Panorama programme was terrible, no apologies from the BBC just denial after denial.

    And we now know the Jewess, whom Mossad told to seduce our Prime Minister, John Major, was Edwina Currie. She gave Savile permission to go into these hospitals as a doctor and interfere with kiddies.

    Also, why are the abused boys being airbrushed out ?

  5. Whatever the truth may be, it must out for the sake of humanity and this planet. Karma is coming for our evil corrupt overlords and they know it!

  6. Will they be pushed or should they jump ?

    The royal spongers are going, ours think they are protected by the Rothschilds, but they are going too.

    When Screaming Lord Sutch said we must print our own banknotes and cut out the Jewish bankers, they killed him so I read, well now he knows, wherever he is, that the day is not far off.

  7. At a certain point Truth achieves an unstoppable, incremental, avalanche-like momentum.

    I sense that point has arrived and I would NOT like to be a member of the perverted, corrupt powers-that-be caught in its path right now!

    Think Pompeii.

    • Please tell me I’m wrong Christopher that you meant by that laugh that you believe the huge and growing numbers of people who are determined to expose evil in this country will be stopped?

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