Jeremy Kyle, Queen Mother, Paul Kidd, Diana, Jill Dando, Stuart Lubbock, Michael Barrymore and the Jimmy Savile connection


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It’s been announced that disgraced ex-TV presenter, Michael Barrymore, is to appear on the Jeremy Kyle show next month.

He will apparently be ‘grilled’ about the murder of Stuart Lubbock who was found drowned in Barrymore’s pool.

For some unknown reason, he will not be subjected to a lie detector test like other guests.

Jeremy Kyle’s father used to be the accountant and personal secretary to the Queen Mother.

The Queen Mother’s butler, Paul Kidd, ran a paedophile ring in the Palace.

He introduced abused boys to the Queen Mother and they all shared tea-parties together.

The Royals have many links with paedophiles.

Including Jimmy Savile, Jeffrey Epstein and Bishop Peter Ball..

Quite why they enjoy the company of child-raping filth so much is a complete and utter mystery.

Princess Diana was once warned by the Queen Mother to keep her mouth shut about sordid royal secrets or she would end up dead.

The Elm Guest House was a notorious boy-brothel used by VIPs, where vulnerable children were trafficked from care homes to be raped.

Diana once counselled a boy who had been abused at the Elm.

Shortly afterwards she was killed in a car crash along with Dodi, the son of Harrods boss, Mohamed Al-Fayed.

Less than 18 months later, BBC presenter Jill Dando was shot in the head at point-blank range on her doorstep.

Jill knew all about Britain’s VIP paedophile ring and was about to expose what she knew.

In March 2001, Stuart Lubbock was found dead at the Essex home of Michael Barrymore.

He had suffered horrific internal injuries.

Barrymore claimed he knew nothing about the death and was never charged by the police.

Stuart’s father, Terry fought a long and brave battle to bring his son’s killer to justice.

In 2009,  pathologist Dr Ian Calder,  made the following horrifying claims:

” STUART Lubbock may have died as a result of a violent rape, a senior pathologist said last night.

Dr Ian Calder says Lubbock, 31, was possibly also sexually attacked with an instrument like a broom handle.

And the pathologist says he is not even sure Stuart was found in a swimming pool and was unlikely to have drowned.

The father-of-two was found to have severe internal injuries after his death during a late-night party at 55-year-old comedian Michael Barrymore’s house in Roydon, Essex, in March 2001.

It was said he died in a drowning accident in the swimming pool and a coroner recorded an open verdict after an inquest heard conflicting evidence from four pathologists.

But Stuart’s father, Terry Lubbock, 63, has maintained a relentless campaign.

He is convinced his son was raped and murdered. And Essex Police’s senior investigating officer, Det Chief Supt Gareth Wilson, said he believed Stuart was killed and is continuing to probe the case.

A C4 programme called “Michael Barrymore: What Really Happened” – on tomorrow at 10pm – is set to boost Terry Lubbock’s campaign.

Dr Calder, who was the coroner’s pathologist at Stuart’s inquest in 2002, has revealed what he believes happened.

He said: “I was asked if I thought Stuart had been raped and I said I was certain his anal injuries were not caused by a hospital thermometer which had been suggested.

Rape would be a likely explanation and it could have been caused by something like a broom handle being inserted. It is possible the shock of that happening could have killed him.”

Terry Lubbock, who appears on the documentary, said: “I am boosted by hearing the views of Dr Calder.”

Mohamed Al-Fayed wrote a letter to Terry Lubbock urging him to continue to fight for the truth ” however much wealthy and influential people would try to suppress it”

Barrymore arranged a meeting with Terry and used it as a photo-op so it would appear that Stuart’s family had absolved him of any wrongdoing.

A vehement denial of this claim was made to the Press Complaints Commission:

Sadly, Terry died before the truth about Stuart’s death could be fully established.

The police seemed to do everything within their power to ensure that Barrymore was never treated as a serious suspect.

This was the same tactic employed by numerous police forces whenever an allegation was made against  BBC paedophilic filth, Jimmy Savile.

By a strange coincidence, Michael Barrymore used to work at the BBC with Larry Grayson.

He undoubtedly knew of Savile and the paedo-ring linked to government and royalty.

Barrymore and Savile were reunited on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006.

Tory boy-rapist, Derek Laud also appeared on the show the previous year.

A most disturbing comment was left on a post:

” The police are, almost to a man, Freemasons and a Freemason cannot act against a brother.

This was why it was obvious to everyone that when Michael Barrymore drugged raped and murdered a “straight” and walked away with it, evidence of Barrymore and young teenage boys was not allowed.

Had it been allowed that he had raped small boys in care homes with unknown others, the case may well have gone the other way.”

How very, very strange indeed.

Isn’t it about bloody time Michael Barrymore was made to take a lie detector test?

After all, why the hell wouldn’t he?









29 thoughts on “Jeremy Kyle, Queen Mother, Paul Kidd, Diana, Jill Dando, Stuart Lubbock, Michael Barrymore and the Jimmy Savile connection

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  2. The Jeremy Kyle show has been called car crash TV, it is the most vile prog on TV, both Kyle and Vanessa Feltz were caght employing actors to play the pars of ignorant low class dumbed down goyim.

    Kyle replaced the hopeless Tricia Goddard show which was a copy of the US show Oprah Winfrey, this is TV at its very worst.

    Sir Anthony Blunt, who shared boys with his live in sodomiser John Gaskin, tried to get the KGB to kill Gaskin when he found out the extent of Blunts crimes, Gaskin finally “fell”under a train and was killed.

    Palace insiders have told us that Paul Kidd, Sir Anthony Blunt and Jimy Savile all took small boys to share tea and cakes with the Queen Mother, who was a chain smoker and loved sweet cakes.

    The royals all knew about the crimes perpetuated by Blunt, including how he helped Rothschild to trick the British into going into WW2 against Germany when Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain said the Russians were the real enemy.

    Blunt said on record he was recruited by Guy Burgess but this is a lie, all were Rothschild’s apostles, and were recruited by him.

    When the police helped Barrymore to evade prosecution, Freemasonry insiders baulked at covering up for such a vile man.

    He has given his name to a particular crime in which a “straight ” or normal guy is drugged raped and then “barrymored “

  3. There are thousands of kids who go missing in the UK every year, but the PTB always resist public demands for a missing persons bureau which would cover all police areas, instead of each police county being autonymous and confidential.

    People like Sir Anthony Blunt, Robin Gibb and Jimmy Savile are known to have disposed of boys bodies, and to get out of prison early Sydney Cooke gave a long statement incriminating some very big people.

    Unsubstantiated rumours that the Queen Mother was not just a bystander to these crimes and that she joined in with eating child flesh should have been investigated, as the Jews would kill a child, drink the blood and consume its flesh.

    It is said that the only reason Rothschild allowed the royals to stay in place is that they are secret Jews.

    • Not so secret anymore. Anyone claiming to be a Jew either requires education as to the mysteries of what a jew actually is or is beyond understanding and a jury decides its fate on merit of Law.


    So where do the missing 275,000 people in the UK go ?

    During the Tesco horsemeat scandal, experts checked through many tons of beef meat ( cow ), and found traces of kangaroo, pig, chicken and from an Israeli processing plant, minute traces of human DNA.

    Northern news carried the story in full, that dead Palestinians destined for pet food, had by mistake found their way into the human food chain, Tesco said this was an error and promised it would never happen again.

    What I’m asking is a large number of these missing persons, and not just kids, are never found, so where are they ?

    Dr John Oddy

  5. During WW2 children were sent on trains out to country areas, this was said to be for their protection, but a large number of these kids were used as slave labour or sexual playthings, a large number were never seen again, and written off as resulting in enemy action.

    The strange thing is these trains were desperately needed for troop movements, but were deployed for child evacuations instead.

    Winston Churchill employed occult expert Dennis Wheatley ( the devil rides out etc ) to advice on occult topics to help the war effort. Wheatley told friends before he died that Churchill was involved in child sacrifice, which took place at the Devils Chimney on the south coast.

    • War has always served as a cover for child torture and sacrifice as we can see clearly in UN today, capital of child trafficking. One of the many perks of the job.

  6. Some interesting comments here today.

    The Israeli woman terrorist Tzipi Livni has claimed she supplied boys to Dick Cheney,some of whom were murdered afterwards.

    The supply of boys to important men is used to bend them towards Israeli policy.

    Livni also said she has prostituted herself to get in with certain men of influence but most disturbing is the way she condones the indiscriminate shooting of young kids in Palestine.

  7. Do they even require any reason to kill? They are way beyond reason and always have been. There is no reasoning with psychopathic mindset which can only view humanity in anticipation of a continual feeding frenzy for unmitigated lusts. So I wonder ‘why’ this young man was murdered via sexual brutalisation but hey, maybe they just felt like a laugh. I didn’t understand inhumane nature or torture until uncovering what they are.

  8. A lot of people ask, why did the government and BBC cover up the crimes against boys by Jimmy Savile, Michael Barrymore, Robin Gibb etc, and the main reason is that it would expose the magnitude of the care homes abuse scandal, which has been described by Brian Gerrish of UKColumn as “on an industrial scale “.

    To this end, Esther Rantzen took over childlne handling abuse complaints, Peter Mandelson became director of the NSPCC and Margaret Hodge became childrens minister ( all were approved by Tony Blair).

    Remember all these people are Jewish, so those who claim the Jews are behind this are not far wrong.

    • Kyle and Feltz are Jews, don’t know about Barrymore.

      It was interesting how Feltz came on Strictly Come Dancing with her blonde hair and new black partner just to promote black on white interbreeding. It turns out that the black is a sodomite proving it was all a media multicultural diversity promo.

  9. Barrymore and Jeremy Kyle are two perverts together, one likes humiliating people the other likes poking things up their bottom.

    Don’t watch it; seeing paint dry is more entertaining.

  10. An ex-SAS man who feels very let down by his regiment has been whistleblowing,

    The SAS were asked to eliminate Princess Diana they assisted Mossad by all accounts, and the popular Tory politician Christopher Shale was removed from the VIP area and killed in a public toilet.

    Hopefully more to come, on these cowardly SAS scumbags who kill the people who pay them.

  11. Hello Tony. The whole point of mercenary soldiers is they kill for money, the rebels in Syria are not rebels but mercenaries paid for by Israel, Saudi Arabia and Britain, to bring ruination to Syria before they tackle Iran.

    Many British know this and this is why so many support Iran over this. It is only through an amalgamation of christians and muslims that we will we defeat the jews who are behind this outrage and mass killings.

  12. De-*Moral*-Isation.

    Psychopaths have no conscience therefore they have no soul. They will not stop until we are all demoralised & they will plumb any depths to achieve their ends.

    Everything is a lie. There is no democracy, there never was. The only perverts who get squished are the ones whose crimes are against girls. The rest they will only admit to when they’re dead.

    If we don’t do something soon we are finished & don’t for one second think UKIP will save you.

  13. @Paul Norfolk – So Barrymoore is another Jew posing as Irish/English. Faking and lying is in their blood, no wonder. Not much its said about his background/family, not in Wikipedia though….

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