The disturbing case of the Tory cabinet minister, ‘Jane’, serious rape allegations, sinister cover-ups and the Operation Fairbank connection

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It’s becoming clearer, as each day passes, that the filthy British Establishment will stop at nothing to keep a lid on their sordid child-raping secrets.

Their usual tactic of smearing and vilifying victims and witnesses who come forward is faltering thanks to social media and their dirty tricks campaigns are being exposed in the full glare of the public eye.

One such disturbing example of how they try to silence victims can be seen in the recent furore over rape allegations linked to a tory cabinet minister.

According to investigative journalists at Exaro News and the Sunday People, a sinister, high-level cover-up has been in operation following claims made by ‘ Jane’,  that she was seriously sexually assaulted by the minister.

It also appears that Parliament’s whipping boys, the Met police, have been pressurizing and ‘leaning’ on victims and seem more concerned with doing their master’s bidding than actually questioning suspects.

The Mirror reported on the sinister machinations:

Tory cabinet minister accused of rape ‘protected from arrest in a murky establishment cover-up’

The alleged victim became so concerned about the failure of police to act on information she gave them that she angrily confronted a senior detective involved

The woman who accuses a ­budding Tory star of raping her ­believes he is being protected from arrest in a murky establishment cover-up.

She became so concerned about the failure of police to act on information she gave them that she angrily confronted a senior detective involved, reports the Sunday People

Her experiences left her convinced that ­officers looked for excuses to shelve their investigation and shield the man – who had gone on to become an MP and Cabinet Minister.

The alleged victim, who we are calling Jane, said in an interview with the Sunday People and the investigative website Exaro: “Compare the handling of this case with celebrity investigations.

“There appears to be an inconsistency.

“Celebrities were quickly interviewed by police, and yet my allegations are similar. I am concerned that people may be protecting this man.

“I am mindful of the fact that there have been cover-ups after cover-ups.

“I am realistic about what has gone on with regard to this person and how much has been done to cover up.

“I simply wanted to help the police, to be able to get things out in the open, which they have not been able to do.”

Her fears are shared by Labour MP Tom Watson , who made allegations of a network of sex abusers among senior politicians and dignitaries to the House of Commons in 2012.

Mr Watson believes that by not interviewing the former MP who Jane ­accuses, police failed to follow their own guidelines on rape allegations.

At the centre of the dispute is whether or not Jane made it clear she did not consent to sex.

She says police have argued that she “voluntarily undressed” – which she disputes.

She went to police after watching on TV the dramatic Commons exchanges between Mr Watson and David Cameron, in which the Prime Minister was urged to investigate historical claims of a “powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No10”.

Mr Watson’s extraordinary intervention followed the exposure of BBC DJ Jimmy Savile as a paedophile.

The Metropolitan Police responded by launching Operation Fairbank, to investigate claims, also revealed by the Sunday People, that senior political figures sexually abused children.

Another inquiry, Operation Fernbridge, began looking at claims from three decades ago that senior Conservatives and other VIPs sexually abused boys at the Elm Guest House in South West London.

Jane decided the time was right to offer detectives her evidence that she was raped in 1967 by a man who later became a Cabinet Minister.

She first contacted local ­police outside London, who interviewed her and took video testimony.

The case was then referred to the Metropolitan Police. Jane said: “They clocked it ­because of the name of the person.”

Scotland Yard passed the case to its paedophile unit, which was already investigating allegations that the man had sexually abused male teenagers and at one point planned to arrest him.

A female officer was assigned to liaise with Jane, who then gave a second round of detailed interviews.

Months later the liaison officer fixed an appointment with Jane and another CID officer.

Jane said that during the meeting, at which her partner Michael was also present, the liaison officer commented that she was already sexually active at the time of the alleged attack and had “an illegitimate baby”.

Jane said: “It struck us as odd. What relevance did that have to what ­happened?

“It was very insensitive of her just to throw it at me like that.”

The detectives then told her the case would not proceed.

One read from an email she believed was from the Crown Prosecution Service, saying the reason was Jane had not explicitly refused to consent to sex.

Jane ­recalled: “I was totally taken aback. I might not have gone forward if I had known they felt they wouldn’t have enough to prosecute.”

The detectives insisted the alleged attacker had received no special treatment and had not been identified to the CPS, ensuring ­objective treatment.

“Jane remembered the detectives seemed deeply disappointed by what she assumed was a CPS decision not to proceed.

She said: “I am not sure that they were surprised but I think that they were upset.

They wanted to move forward but could not.”

Although there was no DNA evidence and nothing to support Jane’s testimony about the attack, the detectives accepted that her account of what happened on a blind date with the man in 1967 was supported by other people, including Jane’s former flatmate.

She said: “They said they fully appreciated what I had gone through and felt for me – but there was nothing more they could do.”

Jane asked the officers if it would help if she brought a private prosecution.

She was told: “If you want to lose your home.”

Some time later, Jane asked her liaison officer for sight of a letter from the CPS that would confirm, as had been implied to her, that its lawyers decided against proceeding.

She was astonished to be told there was no letter from the CPS, nor indeed any record they made that decision.

Jane then met a Detective Chief Inspector in charge of investigations into the former Tory minister.

Both she and Michael recalled that the DCI told them he – NOT the CPS – took the ­decision not to proceed because there was no evidence.

“He had, however, taken ­advice from prosecutors.

He said no one had spoken to Jane’s alleged attacker, who was neither ­arrested nor interviewed under caution.

The DCI said the evidence suggested Jane “voluntarily” took off her clothes – which she angrily rejected.

He then read from a summary of her alleged statements to police.

But she insisted: “It was nothing like what I told detectives. I asked him why he was doing this to me.

“He said: ‘We only have your word.’ But if they had questioned him it could’ve been tested.”

Jane said the DCI told her: “With you, it is all about who he is.”

But Jane, who says she feels “brutally misled”, added: “No. It is about what he has done.”

Scotland Yard said: “All matters under Operation Fairbank remain under review and we will not be discussing further.”

Slowly, slowly we’re getting to the truth about who really counts in this country, and it’s certainly not abuse victims.

In the eyes of the filth running this septic isle, they count for nothing.

But the day is coming when all that will change and the child-raping scum who’ve destroyed thousands of children’s lives will get a taste of their own dirty medicine.

That day is coming sooner than you think…





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11 thoughts on “The disturbing case of the Tory cabinet minister, ‘Jane’, serious rape allegations, sinister cover-ups and the Operation Fairbank connection

  1. OK in specific regard to what Jane says, the police are, almost to a man, freemasons and a freemason cannot act against a brother.

    This was why it was obvious to everyone that when Michael Barrymore drugged raped and murdered a “straight” and walked away with it, evidence of Barrymore and young teenage boys was not allowed.

    Had it been allowed that he had raped small boys in care homes with unknown others, the case may well have gone the other way.

    Everyone in the law industry, politics etc must be a mason to get on.

    This seems like nonsense to outsiders but their rituals are based on the Jewish rites of the old testament, which is why when Hitler was wrestling with the Jews for the ownership of Germany, he banned masonry, and the time has come where we should do so too.

    • I agree Freemasonry needs to be proscribed as a full-blown terrorist organisation – it’s every bit as dangerous if the truth were told.

  2. I absolutely agree with what Pete Wilson says, the book The Botherhood tells it all. I would advise looking on ebay for a second-hand copy, the book is so good the author was murdered for writing it. The modern world is no place for a boys club to work in secret against ordinary folk in the courts with police and while dealing with solicitors.

    Incidentally Ronnie Kray once said, “there are more crooks within the law than outside it ” and they should know because they got away with it for years by giving backhanders and supplying young boys from Warwick School etc.

  3. My husband and I do fostering and have done for some years, we were asked to foster a Polish boy and were told nothing about his past other than it was very disturbing, we were not supposed to ask but gently we did. It turned out he was one of the boys rescued from a home after Operation Radium where all the Russian-run brothels were closed.

    The boy, aged 11, had been badly used and abused by homosexual men and would cry out in the night and wet the bed.

    If anyone shouted near him he would shake like a leaf and cry like a baby, he had marks on his back where he had been whipped or similar, he was with us 3 years until the authorities claimed him in Poland and he was sent back to his own family.

    He writes to us from time to time and is now a more settled happy boy.

    How the government can say homosexuality is now ok is beyond me.

  4. Masonic police officers from high security Paddington Green station used to walk the short distance to St Mary’s Churchyard and partake in weird rituals in the middle of the night (in full regalia).

    Not sure if it still happens though.

  5. A customer of mine in the 70’s used to say you can divide the police into three groups – thick – bent – lazy. If we then add in the corrupt Freemasonic dimension, surely only a minority would pass muster.

  6. London M25 Motorway Advance travel delays warning as Families Stage a rolling roadblock on the M25 like the truckers and fuel protesters did. July 24th London South Mims Services 10am NO NEED TO BRING A CAR HITCH A LIFT

    Please read below then share on your websites blogs write to your MPs the police and businesses.

    Mums Dads Grandparents and Children marching for justice.

    The Parents Join Forces No more child kidnapping by the uk social services

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Mums Dads Grandparents and Children marching for justice.

    Imagine the scenes, if all major highway networks throughout the UK were blockaded by thousands of motorists on the 24th of July. You didn’t need much time to organize the petrol blockades did you? Organizing something like this is just as doable. All major motorways and A roads are blocked. How many long distance lorry drivers do you know that have had their children stolen by the state? Start talking to them now and ask them to apply the same tactics as in the fuel crisis back in 2000. If we are to get the Governments attention and I mean full attention, then we must demonstrate how much power we do have. Thoughts please.

    Britain’s Abused And Stolen Children Need You To speak out

    This little girl Below is asking for help WHY should a child have to beg You adults for help we the families should be in our thousands on the 24th July 2014 at the M25 Blockade to support all of the children “screaming to be heard” who are “the silent witnesses” in the care system we have 10.000 kids running away from abuse of the system are they running back home NO because many kids in care are told my the system YOUR families do not want you and I Maggie Tuttle know this to be true after interviewing in the early hours of the mornings the homeless kids living on the streets of London begging and for many who are picked up and trafficked prostituted murdered their little bodies sold for science paedophiles abusing them. Only we the Nation and families who have lost children can put a stop to the abuse and to the multibillion pound Child industry which states ahhaha “IN A CHILD’S BEST INTEREST” I hope to see you all on the 24th July 2014.


  7. Agenda 21 depopulation/family-destroyers hard at work, following the secret plan conceived 80 years ago by the Communist social engineers at Frankfurt University. Cruel and evil persons they must surely be. They deserve no mercy.

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