Nice try, but it’s way too late now….


Dearest Readers,

We would like to apologize for the lack of posts over the past few days.

We have been unable to access our blog.

The filthy British Establishment appears to be extremely pissed-off with us.

They would no doubt love to shut us up once-and-for-all.

They want to get rid of the Coleman Experience and many other sites which are exposing their vile antics.

Unfortunately for them though, they can’t.

It’s way too late for that now.

You see, we have the one thing they don’t have

We have right on our side.

God is with us.

We know their sordid secrets.

Their perverted game is up.

The end of the road is nigh.

Try as hard as they might they cannot contain this filth any longer.

And make no mistake about it dear friends.

The truth will f*****g out after all these years, whether they like it or not.

The clock is ticking.

It’s only a matter of time……





57 thoughts on “Nice try, but it’s way too late now….

  1. Excellent! Welcome back, I knew you would make it. I actually believe that this blocking activity is working against them. When the big day comes we will know all the organisations to get rid of as (in THEIR words!) “not fit for purpose!”

  2. welcome back and keep giving them hell,you have got them rattled and they know it.
    earthlinggb has been missing aswell, tptb are getting panicky which is good,bit of luck they might start throwing themselves off tall buildings,we live in hope
    keep well

  3. Not to worry. In your absence I’ve had the Daily Telegraph to keep up to date. All that is necessary is to think the opposite of what the Telegraph (and all the mainstream media) says and you have the truth.

  4. Hi I figured as much. Same happened to Angirfan, & Uprooted Palestine’s first site… pressure was applied and all of a sudden they had broken some rules and were locked out of their blog. This is the problem with all free hosted blogs. I have seen it happen time and time again.
    Glad you are back, You should get your own wordpress site or join deliberation

    Peace in every step

  5. Coleman Experience – the force is getting stronger & stronger 🙂 keep up the brilliant work, tick tock …. Can’t wait for the BOOM.

  6. That was a scary eleven days! Hoped the reason for you not posting was that you’d gone on hols, but then thought you would have said if you were going away.So glad you’re safe. I wish the poor children were. Been crying over your poem today. Welcome back!

  7. Nice one, Coleman. God bless you for keeping up the good work. Daylight is the best disinfectant. Shine a light into the dark corners where these perverts dwell; they don’t like it one bit.

  8. Glad you are back and god bless you for the work you do.

    Now, many people cant understand why the Government has been pushing the homosexual agenda,
    but this comes primarily from Rockefeller, second only from Rothschild.

    The idea began with the feminism movement which sought to masculinise women, then to feminise men, this was done by encouraging Carnaby Street fashions with feminine mods boys etc but more recently it has meant putting so much oestrogen in drinking water that the fish in the seas are changing sex.

    The idea is for the sexes to meet in the middle with just one sex, this is in part to cut birth numbers on the planet, but to ccontrol everything, sex urges according to Freud are the most basic of urges and to control that you control the population, and this is why all the trash TV soaps now have homosexuals in good positive roles, while the heteros are disturbed unhappy maladjusted individuals- it’s all part of the social programming.

    Benjamin Britten has recently been named as a sodomiser of small boys, the Establishment did not mind this but investigators delving into his background are dsicovering some very high ranking homosexual abusers at the very top of society in the same cell as Britten.

    Disgusting stuff.

  9. Nice to see you back! Another futile attempt at trying to silence a blog, by the ‘cover-up brigade’, has failed. Good. F*** ’em. Keep up the excellent work 😉

  10. Welcome back. We have all missed you. Heartened this morning to read the latest Jesuit Superior General has resigned, hopefully in the aftermath of his being named in the historic criminal lawsuit in The International Common Law Court of Justice. As you have written, the truth will out and justice will be served.

  11. It’s wonderful to see you back!

    You are so right, the battle lines have been drawn between Good and Evil and we WILL win – life and goodness and truth is ALWAYS stronger in the end than destuction and lies.

    Keep up the excllent work.

  12. I read somewhere and cant find it now, that Benjamin Britten was an abuser of boys, and part of a large cell of homosexual abusers. I also know from my time in newspapers that the Israeli leader Menachem Begin was a kidnapper rapist and murderer of small arab boys.

    ( BTW if you ever write to a newspaper do not put your real name and adress, as the newspaper industry is totally corrupt especially Archant press and Murdoch, and they will keep your address and at times pass the letter to the police if it’s controversial or not).

  13. Only just found you Colemen – thanks to twitter – will be a regular reader from now on!
    Keep up the good work – the covers are well and truly off now – all people need to do is WAKE UP and SEE…

  14. We will not be silenced. We will not be stopped. The truth will out. Thecolemanexperience Is at the spearhead of this ever advancing awakening to the moral corruption and decay at the heart of the established order. Keep turning the screw T.C.E. we stand together with you.

  15. If you ever get locked out again, I will publish anything you need to get out. The Outlaw is fully paid up and is not going to disappear anytime soon. You know where to find me 🙂

  16. You sir, are unbelievable. A true saint in the sewer. One child – our child. To turn a blind eye is to be
    complicit. We are angry. Hey pervert . Leave our kids alone. One doesn’t need to look below for Satan.
    He is active here on earth. Satan’s limbs.
    Thank you

  17. Am so glad you are back, I recommend this site to many people, mainly those who have been abused and are only just waking up to their abuse. Instead of counselling I suggest that they read other accounts of abuse to affirm, confirm and make their experience real.
    Counselling only makes them victims and helpless, this site gives them strength and hope.
    I know cos it has helped me x

  18. I used to work as a nurse with people on a daily basis that led me believe with no doubt that pedophile rings operate in children,s homes, care homes for the learning disabled, care of the elderly, care of mentally ill people, care of fostered and children in need.
    In fact I blew the whistle so many times that I was promoted ………. Yes promoted ! Promotion was used as an incentive in the NHS to shut you up.
    I was paid to shut up!
    42k to shut up or put up.
    I now earn £1900 a year working in prison, guiding the sons of the mothers who I nursed as mentally I’ll , abused by the system, abused by the Carers entrusted by a system (sewer) and I am on performance related pay.
    Father forgive them for they know what they do

  19. Girls find it difficult to carry on when they have been sexually abused, but boys dont cope at all, many commit suicide.

    It has affected every area of my life and I am near 70, one homosexual teacher can be in a position to rape many boys before being found out and I know of a few boys who took their own lives.

    Reading what Ellen has said has helped me a lot, thank you Ellen.

  20. Like one of your other readers, I thought you’d gone on your hols! Fantastic to see you back ; please stay back.
    I’ve always known that there is a huge paedophile ring in Camden (among so many other places in this appalling country) ; social workers corruptly take children away from poor families for God knows what sort of reason, pretending the families (especially young parents) are incapable of raising their own children – why not support them?? No, too controversial !!
    This must stop ; ever since I discovered your website it’s has restored my faith in people ; that we can work together to bring these sick minded people down; let our children live the lives they deserve.
    I’m slowly bringing others round; directing them to your website- it must keep going, it’s so important.
    By the way, many thanks for all the hard work & investigative work you’ve achieved thus far.

  21. So glad to see you back. Obviously, aangrifan has been shut up too. You and a few others are a bulwark against these baby raping, Satan worshipping, freaks at the top of the pyramid of scum. There are so very few places in the world free of their influence. Their love of bringing misery, horror and pain to the most innocent of our children has not went unnoticed by God. Continue to expose them and may God himself protect you from harm.

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