Westminster Council and the paedophile connection

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If you thought for one minute that Westminster City Council is really as it appears to be, you’re very sadly mistaken.

Beneath the polished veneer of a prestigious, wealthy and thriving flagship local authority, lies a core so rotten, vile and despicable it literally beggars belief.

You see, hard as it is to believe, Westminster Council is actually a pivotal player in Britain’s murderous VIP paedophile network.

Over 5 years ago, we were given a tip-off that the Council’s finance department was operating in a less-than-kosher way.

After investigations, we found that multiple payments were being made into false accounts and many millions of pounds were being syphoned off fraudulently.

The Audit Commission has not signed-off WC’s accounts for years and the department operates in total chaos.

Of course, at the time, we had no idea that these financial shenanigans were linked to a huge child-abuse ring, with tentacles reaching throughout the whole of the British Establishment.

Despised hag, Shirley ‘ I’ve legged it to Israel’  Porter, was vilified in the media and High Court, when it was found she’d been gerrymandering in order to retain the Conservatives hold on the council.

What nobody realised at the time was the ‘ Homes for Votes’ scandal was a total charade, used to cover the crimes of WC councillors linked to the Dolphin Square boy-brothel, and to deflect attention away from the brilliant investigative journalism of Scallywag.

Simon Regan and his team had uncovered the sickening secrets of Dolphin Square and its links to the Bryn Alyn home, where boys were trafficked from North Wales to be abused by VIP filth.

Tory boy-rapist, Derek Laud and his sick chum Ian Greer organised sickening parties at the Pimlico address, which were attended by many of the British Establishment, not least Westminster Councillors, Simon Milton, Robert Davis and Alan Bradley.

Simon Milton and Robert Davis were feted as the new faces of homosexual London and were best pals with Boris Johnson and Shirley Porter.

Simon Milton mysteriously dropped down dead, less than two days after we asked him about a suspicious company he owned called Robingold.


Did he really die or did Shirley Porter and Boris help him escape to his homeland of Israel?


Robert McAlpine was part of the scandal and also mysteriously died too.

Well, that’s was the papers would have you believe.

We, however, have it on very good authority that Lord McAlpine didn’t die at all and is in a secret hiding place at this very moment, bricking himself that he’s going to be discovered.

How strange.

Shirley Porter once founded a fraudulent charity with ex-Guiness crook, Gerald Ronson, which was actually a front for money-laundering:


Gerald Ronson owns the bully-boy Mossad-controlled Community Security Trust:


Creepy Establishment coroner, Paul Knapam, has been covering-up VIP murders for decades, many of them based in Dolphin Square and Westminster.

Knapman is very close to Councillor Robert Davis as they worked together as the Queen’s Lord Lieutenants ( along with deceased child-rapist, Cyril Smith MP), and he may have a lot of extremely important evidence to share with police officers.

Many other Local Authorities are petrified of Westminster and will do their bidding at any cost.

This is because WC knows the sordid secrets of other councils and will threaten to expose them if they don’t play ball.

The current leader of Westminster Council is Philippa Roe, the daughter of Tory Peer, Dame Marion Roe.

Marion Roe was a member of Margaret Thatcher’s paedophile-infested cabinet and may have information for the police about VIP child-abuse.


Former leader, Colin Barrow is also up to his neck in filth of the highest order.

He was named in Wikileaks documents as being a money-launderer and drug-dealing Mr-Fixit and most definitely has links to the paedo-ring.


Strangely, Barrow is also the director of the Policy Exchange organisation, along with Times editor Danny Finkelstein.

Danny recently claimed that child-abuse allegations are ‘tiresome’ and anyone believing them is a ‘nutter.’

He also said that isn’t evil for poor people to sell their organs to the rich.

How macabre.

In fact, Shirley Porter herself is linked to the recent Israeli organ trafficking scandal and Paul Knapman hid the organs of the Marchioness riverboat disaster victims.

Some people believe that raped children are often killed and their bodies are then sold on the black market.

Does Westminster Council have a part to play in these most gruesome activities?

Most certainly, yes.

You see,  Westminster Council is not only involved in decades of child-abuse and cover-up but is also guilty of murders and trafficking too.

But not for much longer.

It’s about bloody time the police got down to 64 Victoria Street, SW1 and arrested the whole filthy lot of them.

Make it quick boys before they all drop down dead or clear off back to Tel-Aviv.




48 thoughts on “Westminster Council and the paedophile connection

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  2. New Labour was set up by Lord Levy with money channelled through David Abrahams from Rothschild Associates.

    John Prescott’s office leaked like a seive, and from this we learnt that both Sainsbury’s and Tesco supermarkets also donated to New labour, whose sole purpose was to put British troops into war in Iraq whilst leaving out Israel and the Jews.

    Dame Shirley Porter ( nee Cohen ) was the Leader of Westminster Council, and amongst her many crimes were gerrymandering, vote-fixing and helping Margaret Hodge ( nee Oppenheimer ) to conceal the abuse of young boys in Central London care homes.

    Shirley Porter was found guilty of misappropriating 42 milion pounds, and asked to pay it back. At the time it was said she paid back 12 million pounds but no proof of this ever surfaced and her banks in Israel refused to co-operate with the law.

    Shortly after Shirley disappeared and resurfaced living in absolute luxury in Herzila Pituah in Israel and no further action was possible.

  3. The Cummins report was initiated after a large numberof patients at the maudsley psychiatric hospital had complained of homosexual bullying, the sex specialist Joyce Mc Dougall was an expert in re orientating homosexual bullies.
    Much of the report was based on children from homes in the general Westminster areas.
    This homosexual bullying which the authorities tried so hard to hide up was seen at deepcut barracks where 7 yoiungsters were murderd and at Royal Mail several suicides over sexual bullying were concealed by th eofficial secrets act.
    , the BBC was complicit in the hiding up and such programmes as “whack O ” with sadist pervert Jimmy Edwards constant obsession with small boys bottoms, and “round the horne ” another thinly veiled heterophobic radio show, “Up Pompei ”
    almost all twisted sexual humour, and the carry on films which were full of homosexual inuendo, to the BBC soaps of today which all contain good healthy homosexual story lines, with only the heteros who are maladjusted.
    Several long time workers have whistleblown that the BBC did in fact have a pro homosexual bias, and did hide up homosexual attacks by Frankie Howard Jimmy Saville and Paul Gambacioni, and in fact tried to hide the large numbers of boys that were abused by jimmy saville etc

  4. That is very disturbing news.
    Still I couldn’t help laughing when I came to “Despised hag, Shirley ‘ I’ve legged it to Israel’ Porter”
    Seems that many of the inhabitants of that country are infected by the mind virus.
    Also, I wish I’d had the opportunity to read ‘Scallywag’ magazine. I wonder if there are any copies available on Ebay. Will check ..

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  6. Mr. Coleman, have u ever wondered about Benny Hill? His personal life is still a mystery and most ppl say he was actually gay. I also believe that, the signs were out there for everyone to see. At some point he impersonated Jimmy Saville and no doubt they knew each other and Benny knew what kind of creep Saville was. Was Benny a pedo too? After his mom died, he turned her room into a veritable shrine, just like Saville did for instance. Unfortunately my gut feeling tells me he was. Heres smth that is worth reading Id say (well, more or less)….


  7. http://www.autism.org.uk/news-and-events/about-the-nas/who-we-are/structure/vice-presidents/colin%20barrow%20cbe.aspx
    National Autistic Society

    Colin Barrow CBE is a former leader of Westminster Council and was Chairman of The National Autistic Society (NAS) for six years until 2011. Colin is also the parent of a child with autism.

    Colin studied Moral Sciences and Law at Cambridge University and upon graduating in 1974 took his first job as commercial manager at the oil and gas engineering company, John Brown Group.

    In 1983 Colin joined the Man Group – or as it was then known ED&F Man – to spearhead its entry into the alternative investment market. Colin left to become Chairman of London-based Sabre Fund Management in 1996.

    The following year Colin’s lifelong interest in politics led him to become a Conservative member of Suffolk County Council. He also became involved with the NAS along with a number of other charities. First elected to the NAS Council in 2003, that year also saw Colin become a Trustee and the Treasurer for the charity. Colin was Chairman from 2005 and remained in this post until 2011, when he was appointed a Vice-President.

    In 2002 Colin became a Member of Westminster City Council, and in 2008 he was elected leader – taking on the highest profile local government role in the country. Colin announced his retirement from council leadership in March 2012, to spend more time writing and lecturing.

    He is a co-founder of Localis, a think-tank dedicated to strengthening local government, and a director of the Rambert Dance Company, as well as a member of the Centre of Policy Studies. Colin is also Executive Chairman of hedge fund Alpha Strategic.

    Colin was made a CBE in 2004 for services to local government.

    Uri Geller – 2007-04-07
    Autistic Society dinner

    You know a child with autism. I don’t have to be psychic to say this. A medical condition which once affected just one person in 10,000 is now so common that just about everyone I talk to knows a family with an autistic child — and too often it’s their own family.

    So I was keenly interested when my son Daniel introduced me to Colin Barrow, the president of the National Autistic Society’s board of trustees.

    Colin is also deputy leader of Westminster Council, and Dan chairs the Hyde Park residents’ association. As I shook Colin’s hand, I remembered what Hanna had told me a few weeks earlier: “Daniel is inviting us to much smarter parties than we’re used to.”

    Sure enough, the invite Colin and his wife sent, for the National Autistic Society (NAS) annual dinner, at their grand Westminster home, promised to be a real black-tie affair.

    It also offered a dinner prepared by Albert Roux, perhaps the greatest chef in the country — the man who transformed British cuisine when he opened Le Gavroche in London 40 years ago.

    The guests were a treat too. I chatted to the brilliant cartoonist Gerald Scarfe, who’s married to Jane Asher, the NAS president.

    Gerald drew the unforgettable illustrations for Pink Floyd’s The Wall — his art is as instantly recognisable as Dali’s.
    Ian Heath, the political cartoonist from Private Eye — and a hundred other places — was there too. I couldn’t believe how young he was.

    I recognised Edward Fox’s voice before I saw his face. He’s barely changed since The Day Of The Jackal, and like many actors he’s a great conversationalist — totally confident and full of fascinating stories. Hanna and I felt as though we were being treated to a private performance.

    The auction after dinner raised a breathtaking £50,000 or more.

    I auctioned a crystal vase which I designed myself: it netted five grand, but Gerald Scarfe easily trumped me — a guest paid £15,000 to be caricatured by the master.

    I have to admit it’s a prize I’d love, but I was also tempted by the Heath original painting, the weekend at the Grand in Amsterdam and the astrological necklace from Bentleys, with the planets and starsigns picked out in gold and diamonds.

    But perhaps the most desirable lot of all was the house near Rio de Janiero, overlooking one of 2000 perfect beaches scattered across 365 islands…your own private paradise, for 10 days.

    “You’re right,” I told Hanna as we drove home. “Dan really is getting us into a better class of party.”

  8. Robert Harley was anti the left wing communist types who seem to haunt universities, Robert knew of the particularly nasty cell of which Dennis Nilsen the mass murderer was a member.
    Police tre his flat apart and found he was a long time member of the SWP and other leftish extremist organisations, one of which was for homosexuals.
    could robert who was asking questions about the militant tendencys grip on the labour party have anything to do with his death ?

  9. Aangirfan has met several spooks but is not a spook. Aangirfan is not a Bolshevik. Aangirfan has never defended sodomy, which incidentally is something that takes place within many heterosexual marriages. Aangirfan has a long history of opposing dangerous child abusers. Aangirfan’s web page has images of men, women, boys, girls and animals which are used as appropriate. When you are doing a story on Dutroux or Savile, you have pictures of some of the victims. Some of the readers may not pick up on the clues in the pictures. Aangirfan got banned from David Icke when they linked a picture of a boy called Paul Bonacci to the Cliven Bundy story. So, not all the readers are asleep. Aangirfan has had over 14 million page views, so must be getting something right. Certain fundamentalists attack Aangirfan for being Jewish, anti-semitic, Moslem, using pictures of sexy girl models etc etc.



  10. Christine Radu-there were dozens and dozens of complaints about kids being abused in these care homes, mostly boys and the same men were named or described again and again. It’s strange that this long after a few historic complaints are being looked at. As a social worker I saw a lot of paperwork with boys statements just shredded.

  11. Sometimes the smallest thing can unroll nests of high level perverts.

    Some 15 years back a dustman in Kings Lynn pulled out a box of papers for recycling and noticed some photocopied pics of naked boys, on looking through he stuffed a hand full into his pocket and at the end of his shift reported to the foreman what he had found.

    Police then interviewed an evengelical preacher named Fred Seaman who was home-publishing a monthly magazine for homosexuals, police were shocked to see how many people were on the receiving end of these mags through the post. The list included many men already named as child abusers,such as Paul Kidd and Sydney Cook.

    Boys were recognised as coming from West Lynn children’s home, Lambeth, Islington and several other homes.

    Police closed the magazine but Fred Seaman got away with a caution, as he claimed senior Russian mafia figures in the area had forced him to publish the magazine, he was stopped from running his boys groups immediately.

    Police said they were shocked at how organised and widespread the magazine was.

  12. Bolzano-McAlpine:

    In the Alpine Dolomites they shot some flash backs of the movie ‘Death in Venice’ nearby.

    Discreet I hear.

    This site seems to have been scallywagged too.

  13. Hello Christine,

    Yes, they definitely have an agenda and it’s not our agenda of love and decency and protection for our young people – rich or poor – who are our future.

    Have you heard anything from Coleman lately?

  14. Savile exposure by Panorama team on 2 June reveals much, Welwyn Garden City Council ….interesting…!

  15. I am recent in reading of this, having been like most people just vaguely aware from the main media. Clearly, the masses are still in the dark about how widespread and deep this has been in places of power. I do have a specific question and cannot find anything but one vague `answer` on the web – which was very unspecific. My Q is; how did/was Simon Regan (scallywag) die/meant to have died? Can anyone reply to this please?

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    I AM

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