Conservatives, Newspapers and the VIP paedophile connection

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The Tories have been suspiciously quiet over the recent scandal involving Labour MP Harriet Harman and her links to the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange group.

Is it because, they too, have many dark and dirty secrets that they’re desperately trying to keep a lid on?

Most definitely, yes.

You see, the Tories most celebrated heroine, Margaret Thatcher, was herself a great lover of child-rapists and murderous filth.

Quite why she loved the company of paedophiles so much is a complete and utter mystery.

Her closest chum was none other than VIP pimp, Jimmy Savile, who we now know had been procuring children for decades to be abused by the upper echelons of British society.

As well as spending Christmas with Savile for a staggering 11 years, Thatcher was also behind a concerted campaign to award him a knighthood.

According to the Mail:

Margaret Thatcher made repeated attempts to  win a knighthood for Jimmy Savile  despite warnings about his ‘manner of  life’.

The former prime minister made at least five  requests for the now-disgraced DJ to be considered for the top honour, but  senior civil servants voiced fears about his ‘strange and complex’ private  life.

Previously unseen documents from the Cabinet  Office reveal the extent of unease about the BBC presenter, almost three decades  before he was finally unmasked as a predatory paedophile.”

In another report, love letters between Thatcher and Savile, were mysteriously censored:

A letter thought to mark the beginning of the  warm relationship between Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Savile has been made  public for the first time.

But other correspondence between the pair has  been censored, raising questions over what it contains.

The Top Of The Pops presenter sent an adoring  letter to the then prime minister in 1980, singing her praises and declaring his  love for her.”

She responded by inviting the now-disgraced  DJ to lunch at Chequers, spending 11 consecutive New Year’s Eves with him and  overseeing his knighthood.

The letter, part of a Savile file released  under the 30-year rule by the National Archives at Kew today, reveals how well  connected to the establishment he was.

But parts of some exchanges between Savile  and Mrs Thatcher were censored in October this year – eight days after claims  that he had sexually abused people surfaced in an ITV documentary.

The text of a letter from Savile to Mrs  Thatcher and a phone message that he left for her were deleted from the file  under the Freedom of Information Act on October 11.”

By a strange twist, a fire recently broke out at the National Archives, prompting fears that important documents might have been destroyed or removed by the Intelligence services.

Of course, Thatcher was already known for her links to paedophiles and appeared to enjoy filling her cabinet with sordid characters, many of whom had links to the P.I.E and also the infamous Monday Club.

She persistently blocked all attempts by brave MP, Geoffrey Dickens, to expose abuse by MP’s taking place at the Dolphin Square complex and the Elm Guest House where vulnerable boys were trafficked from local care-homes to be raped by male MP’s and celebs.

She gave powerful political roles to Leon Brittan, Peter Bottomley, Michael Portillo, Derek Laud and many others, who have allegedly been linked to all manner of sordid shenanigans.

She also groomed bald oddity William Hague from the age of only 13 and was a key influence in his political career.

We now know Hague used to live at Dolphin Square and was also involved in the North Wales child-abuse scandal and subsequent cover-up via the Jilling’s report.

Thatcher was also responsible for grooming current PM, David Cameron, and took him to South Africa on a cosy jaunt organised by Tory pimp, Derek Laud,  where they infamously bought banned nuclear weapons on the sly.

By a strange coincidence, Cameron just happens to be the cousin of Harriet Harman, and may himself have lots of evidence about Thatcher and her love of paedophiles.

Cameron is also the poodle of Times editor, Danny ‘the fake’ Finkelstein.

Danny has been quick to label anyone who exposes VIP paedophiles as ‘nutters’ and ‘loons’.’

That’s not very nice Danny.

We were recently sent this most disturbing comment:

” I was in a job centre in Central London in about 2005/2006 when a young man walked in.

He sat near to me, where the free telephone booths are, and took out a list of what appeared to be the names and numbers of national newspapers.

He proceeded to phone each of these numbers and each time said the following (roughly anyway):

I would like you to put me through to your editor or news editor please….I think I’ve got a story for you……..pause……yes….well… can I talk now?… well…erm…..I was abused by a lot of men when I was younger……so were other boys too…. some of them died…. hello…..are you still there?…. yes…erm… now I know they were politicians ….yeah, well I recognise some of them of them… think they are from the conservative party……..yeah conservatives….hello?…hello? are you still there?……”

Each time the newspaper editor, or whoever he got through to, put the phone down on him even though they must have heard from his voice that he sounded genuine (because he did).

I wanted to say something to him but for some reason was frozen to the spot by a mixture of shock and fear.

He then quietly folded up the list and walked out of the building.

This only just came back to me in light of all the recent scandals but made me realise that the media probably know full well which politicians are involved yet say nothing”.

How very, very strange indeed.

Why don’t the police get round to the offices of our beloved newspapers and start questioning their editors about VIP paedophile-rings and the Tories.

After all, why the bloody hell wouldn’t they?


18 thoughts on “Conservatives, Newspapers and the VIP paedophile connection

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  2. Some 30 years back I answered an advertisement for Ford car for sale in Walthamstow East London, I told the car’s seller in conversation this was Kray’s territory.

    The car seller whose name was Pat Dellow told me he had himself been a rent boy but also assisted in the supply of rent boys to airline staff, politicians and people in show business.

    I mentioned I was into girls myself, and he said I can fix those too, in the conversation he mentoned orgies at the hell fire club, I said wasn’t that 300 years ago ?

    He told me it had been resurrected several times and was at present Brighton based, I often wondered if what he said was true, but reading this blog I think it may have been.

  3. i listen to all the conspiracy radio phone ins and stuff and my grumble is people call these abused boys names like rentboys, bumboys ben dover boys fuckpigs etc, for gods sake these are sexually abused boys, i hate this homosexual language
    same as the word gay, they are not gay they are homosexuals
    just gets my goat

    • The correct terms are sodomites, pederasts, catamites and paedophiles with the possible additional term child rapists. People have been dumbed down with the modern terms ‘homosexual’ and ‘gay’ – the worst of their meaningless expressions being ‘homophobe’.

  4. thankyou truthnotdoctrine, very good, has anyone noticed the homosexual sport for seducing little boys has come to be known as “boy-nobbing ” ? another sick knickname
    i am reminded of rothschilds apostles catchy song sung while drunk
    “little boys are cheap today, cheaper than yesterday ”
    filthy treasonous wretches

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