Suffer the little children of Britain

Abused child

Suffer the little children.

Britain’s little children.


Abused for decades.






Sometimes killed.

Always ruined.

In care homes.

In schools.

In clubs.

In hotels.

In guest houses.

In cars.

In vans.

In seedy rooms.

In luxury flats.

In parliament.

In BBC studios.

In palaces.

By VIP’s.

By filth.

By social workers.

By family members.

By teachers.

By doctors.

By religious leaders.

By businessmen.

By celebs.

By politicians.

By diplomats.

By ministers.

By royalty.

Lives shattered.

Memories blinding.

Permanent scars.

Never believed.






Suffer the little children.

Britain’s little children.

Hold on tight now.

The end is near.

Justice must descend.

Final retribution.

It’s only a matter of time…






23 thoughts on “Suffer the little children of Britain

  1. ELLEN PAGE SAYS: “With regard to the controversy currently plaguing the film’s openly gay director, Bryan Singer, who stands accused of sexual assault on a minor, she acknowledges that the allegations are “super, super disturbing. … I guess the truth will come out in the way that it does, but it’s hard to hear about someone being in that situation, someone you like working with.” Having grown up on film sets, Page is all too aware of the kinds of abuses that can take place behind doors in Hollywood: “Whatever comes of it,” she says, “I do think that there’s a systemic issue of people in places of power manipulating and abusing young people.”

  2. It’s not just kids, the government used every kind of spin they could, but the Deepcut Barracks was a place of massive homosexual bullying.

    After the deaths of 7 youngsters the government said they were ‘suicides’ of kids who could not handle the pace.

    One soldier even shot himself in the head, took aim and did it again.

  3. The day of reckoning is fast approaching for these filthy perverts. They can’t expect to get away with such vile activities in this day and age. The containment of such stories is no longer possible in the way it was when the MSM was the only game in town. Their historical protections are crumbling day by day.
    The rate of proliferation of inside information currently becoming available will be their undoing. I for one look forward to playing my part in avenging the deaths and wrecked lives of the untold thousands of children who have thus far been denied justice.

  4. The year would be around 1970-72, a small boy being bullied ran away and went into a transport cafe to spend his last pennies on some food.

    A ‘friendly’ lorry driver asked this 13 year old where he was going but
    later on the trip the lorry pulled into a layby and a strangled half naked boy was thrown down into the brush.

    The rain on his face woke the boy who managed to climb back up the bank to the layby where he banged on the windows of several vehicles before one door was opened.

    The boy had no voice as his neck was injured, but later that day in hospital
    was able to write on sheets of paper what had happened to him.

    Police arrested a lorry driver and homosexual activist and a search of his home revealed links to several others of his evil persuasion.

  5. Kevin Annett has put out a release: “Child Killers Identified, Targeted for Arrest – Breaking news and Action Alert from ICLCJ” on the website. If people want to stop this can I suggest we support the ITCCS and it’s actions?

  6. In the sixties the jew dragon pub in london became known asa queers pub, all the show biz and theatre crowd got in there,
    worked as a barman there for some weeks before i could get away.
    they used to lock the doors at closing time and carry on, one of the homosexual songs i remember went like this
    Bum Bandit Bum bandit Bum Bum Bum
    here comes the boys father with his gun gun gun
    Bum Bandit Bum Bandit Bum Bum Bum
    Bang Bang Bang goes the fathers gun
    Run rabbit – run rabbit – Run! Run! Run!
    Dont give the father his Fun Fun Fun
    He’ll get by by making us all cry
    Bum Bandit Bum bandit bumbum bum.
    the song was abaout a homosexual caught by the boys father who comes to shhot him, pity more queers weret caught and shot

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