Desperate Dan’s Lost the Plot


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It appears that Times journo Danny Finkelstein is rattled.

He hasn’t taken too kindly to recent posts about his knowledge of VIP paedo rings operating in this country.

He didn’t like it when we pointed out that he made a glowing appraisal of child-raping filth, Greville Janner.

He was less than enamoured when we mentioned that Danny’s poodle, David Cameron, is actually Jewish.

He got the right hump when we quoted his articles which cast doubt on Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith paedophile claims.

In fact, Danny was so upset that he took to Twitter yesterday to try and start a smear campaign about this little old blog of ours, tweeting:

This guy actually has quite a few readers who take him seriously and ask me to comment

Danny then got lots of his pals to tweet derogatory nonsense in a desperate attempt to deflect attention from serious questions being asked of him.

He even got political nobody, Matthew d’Ancona, to crawl out from under a rock ( no, not Patrick Rock).

He claimed, in a quite chilling tweet,  that our blogs are….wait for it…

beyond parody

Ooooh… get you Mattie!

Other followers trotted out the usual conspiracy theory shyte, when they have no real argument against facts, including the very predictable:

the guy’s a loon

what an arsehole

surprised he’s not talking about lizards/aliens

and the almost surreal:

horrendous to read those things and know some peppers believe them” (wtf?)

Danny and his pals also tried to claim that saying David Cameron follows Judaism is slanderous.

What’s wrong with being Jewish, Danny?

All sounds a little anti-Semitic if you think about it.

Of course, this is the same Danny Finkelstein who recently claimed that child-abuse allegations against certain politicians were:

tiresome rubbish

and that Operation Enamel is investigating

demonstrably false rumour

How strange.

It may well be that the stress of all this is getting to Danny and he is slowly losing the plot.

Because less than a fortnight ago he went on a wild Twitter blocking rampage, refusing to talk to campaigners who mentioned the C-word.

Which is quite strange really as he’s just opened the debate again by mentioning us to his pals all over the internet.

So you see, although Danny likes to call us “nutters” and claims we ” need our heads examining“, the very same thing could be said about him.

Listen Danny.

Take a chill pill.


Go see someone at the Tavistock if you need to.

You never know.

We might even see you there!





8 thoughts on “Desperate Dan’s Lost the Plot

  1. The 2011 Be Election saw Deborah Abrahams take a safe labour seat helped by Dan Frankenstein, but the reason the seat became vacant was that the then MP Phil Woolas was suspended from the New labour for 3 years and had to resign as an MP.and he was damn lucky not to go to prison for his hate and racist antics ( Northern Herald page 2 )
    Phil Woolas as a teenager joined the Anti Natzi league, but which was not actually anti natzi but pro communist jewish organisation started by mossad cheerleaders Mirian Karlin Vanessa feltz and other leftish jews to cause trouble.
    Mass murderer Dennis nilsen was an active member.and a dyed in the wool boy-nobber.
    The list of postal adresses for a particularly unpleasant defunct homosexual/boy loving magazine lists a philip woodlas,
    and a similar name appaears on the list of PIE members, is this the same man ?
    The New labour party thought so and expelled him, what Phil woolas did was to arrange a late night leaflet drop
    in white areas inflaming race hatred about immigrants moving in, he then did similar in the muslim areas suggesting only a vote for him would ensure their safety and his main rival who was a lib/dem, he smeared with various slanders.
    , Brian Harris a leaflet distributor said the leaflets were designed to inflame hatred and anger towards other communities
    and were distressing to read.
    So was Phil Woolas the same man as Philip Woodlas ?
    you decide

  2. We are not vegetables, you Twitter tomatoes! We are the fruits of Colemans’ labours in investigative journalism, But really,we are ‘simple’ people who demand an end to the prostitution, rape and trafficking of children here. I think it’s fair to say that this readership is particularly concerned by the fact that many of those who are running this country into the ground and their forefathers should actually be in jail for crimes against a very vulnerable group, according to the evidence accumulated by a number of investigative journalists over the years combined with survivors’ testimonies..
    We seek to protect children, which is ethical and rational, not mad.
    I don’t know why you’ve been slagging us off on Twitter,but the tweets reported above don’t contain any valid arguments to to disprove what the blog presents as facts that I can see..They seem to seek to mislead. We have already noted Dan’s determination to deflect relevant questions on Twitter. That old chestnut the alien/lizard conspiracy theory-you should drop it- Conspiracy theory shyte began with a psy op, in my book. I know exactly where the aliens are;(It’s a long story) also that people are not lizards. I’m a herpetologist.
    Saying that it seems some can shape shift into snakes seeing as that Anaconda man has slithered out from under a stone to make semantically silly utterances.
    As for the state of the CE writer’s sanity, I’m a linguist (a snake interpreter) as well as a reptile specialist, working in the schizophrenia field, so I feel qualified to say that the Coleman’s writing shows no signs of disordered syntax that might suggest he experiences irrational thoughts, or inconsistencies indicative of delusions relating to time and space; and that it’s cohesive. In my opinion Coleman has far from lost the plot.
    Finally I fail to see how calling Cameron Jewish can be construed as slanderous. The point of the article was to expose a deception

  3. I think you’re doing a superb job here. For those of us like myself who are banking on a reckoning some day not-too-far-distant-at-all, this blog provides a rich seam of culprits to mine. Another 3 culled here today for the PEL. Thanks again and God bless you!

  4. You’re welcome C.I agree with Tallyman about your blog and I will not tolerate the Fink and his trolling team calling you a nut and us vegetables without speaking up in our defence.
    This is not a vegetarian casserole Dan, but a most serious matter. Also, the ‘you lot are mental’ argument is cheap and weak..
    Seems you’e not the only talented writer here C, by the way. Tallyman’s “this blog provides a rich seam of culprits to mine” is a splendidly turned-out phrase, and I like his idea of culling the culprits.
    Personally I dream of whipping them with a formidable whip. Bring back the stocks I say
    PS Please refrain from asking me any complicated questions about non-human reptiles, because I exaggerated the extent of my knowledge of them when claiming to be a herpetologist.

  5. I am extremely worried! I have now spent spent over 2.5 hours trying to post a comment here on the above article. I will come to the point later, but whenever I type the phrase “the Iraq War” in the context in which I typed it, I immediately lost my internet connection, twice, literally on the same phrase. As I am not a “co-incidence theorist”, I have to assume that this happened for a reason.

    If I had doubts about what “conspiracy theorists” write about such matters, these have now been truly laid to rest. I am now very angry indeed, and determined to put my point across, in what remains of our “free” country. I was writing about the attack that The Coleman Experience has sustained as mentioned above.

    I had always regarded The Times as being 1 of, if not the only, British newspaper(s) held to be respectable in the eyes of the rest of the world, therefore for 1 of its employees to have responded to your article by making such childish, almost playground insults, rather than actually rebutting your allegations, fact by fact, it seems to have set the bar of “good journalism” at a limbo level; can it get much lower? I regard this as not only appalling behaviour by 1 who should know better, but a slight on the alleged reputation of his employer as 1 of the great newspapers. When there is added to this what I would call cyber-bullying, were it not for the fact that The Coleman Experience is resilient enough to withstand such attacks, it clearly demonstrates the new low that the standard of British journalism (if you can call it that) has sunk to.

    I was attempting to deplore the fact that what passes for journalism in the majority of the British press these days is of the “cut and paste” variety, whereby stories (and I use that word advisedly) are obtained from 1, or at best, a few sources, and that all the journalist has to do is copy the news, and simply add the required take on it that his employers require.

    I also was trying to mention the sad situation that so many newspapers are now owned by large companies; this does not bode well for the freedom of the press. I cannot imagine that any story critical of the newspaper’s owners would be allowed to appear, at least in that particular journal, or, indeed, its brother and /or sister publications. Another worrying aspect is the unhealthy closeness between certain papers and certain celebrities, politicians, industrialists, etc. There are so many stories that do not get out into the open because of such relationships.

    On another, but related subject, it is interesting that none of the mainstream newspapers did a story on Sir Jimmy Savile’s “darker side”, until after the matter had broken and was generally well known anyway. Contrast this with a particular person who has been writing the truth (as we now know it) about Savile and about Edward Heath for the past 20 years. For this he has been ridiculed, vilified, and attacked by most, if not all, of the so-called journalists who work for all the major newspapers. The fact that he was right seems to have been conveniently overlooked by the mainstream press. Had they had the courage of their convictions and not run scared from the threat of libel action decades ago, how many young people would not have had their lives blighted by JS?

    As examples of the sort of stories that “real” journalists could be looking into, there could be a really deep investigation into the murder of Jill Dando, the extent of the infiltration and influence of the security services into the mainstream press, and the links between what is claimed as “not in the national interest” and what is really just embarrassing for the government of the day. In addition, there is the perception that so many of those who rule us are “flawed persons”. Is this because this makes them more malleable when “difficult” decisions have to be made (the Iraq War) (phew!!!).

    Sorry for the rant, but it makes me very, very, angry indeed when websites such as this 1 are being attacked by the very people who should be doing that sort of work themselves.

    It reminds me of the quote by Mahatma Ghandi, who said, (I am not quoting verbatim), “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, THEN YOU WIN”. The Coleman Experience appears to be at Stage 2 now, so should we be expecting the legal action shortly?

    It is not surprising that there is so much “conspiracy theory” about; 1 of the main causes of/reasons for this is that when something happens that the ordinary person does not understand, the response given by officialdom is such that it signally fails to answer the questions in people’s minds. Therefore, such people seek an answer that does explain what they perceive as the discrepancies in the official story. When that answer fits the facts, that seems to satisfy a large number of people. The answer is very often obtained by people who have done the sort of research that used to be done by what people would have regarded as a typical newshound. If the newspapers were to undertake the same sort of research nowadays, they would be held in a lot higher esteem than they are currently, when, for the reasons outlined above it appears to the objective observer, that they simply regurgitate what they are told to say, from above.

  6. Thank-you for publishing my comment from yesterday above. I have now seen, on another website,, that, on 9/8/14, “Detectives investigating a Labour M. P. over child abuse allegations more than 20 years ago were stopped from arresting him, The Times has learned.” This was published on the said site on the date quoted but obviously was printed in The Times no later than that date. Like I said, I am still catching up… However, my original comments on the general standard of journalism nowadays still stand, especially my comment about the behaviour of 1 of The Times journalists toward The Coleman Experience, particularly in the light of the item from The Times, which appears to fly in the face of his own remarks.

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