Is there more to Stephen Fry than meets the eye?

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What do we really know about BBC luvvie, Stephen Fry?

At first glance he appears to be no more than a pompous, arrogant, smug, prat, who loves to lecture all and sundry about grammar and gayness.

Look a little deeper though and an altogether more disturbing picture emerges of someone up to his neck in filth of the highest order.

Does Stephen Fry have anything to tell officers investigating Britain’s VIP child-abuse ring?

According to Pink News, Fry was sexually assaulted as a child.

” TV personality Stephen Fry has revealed that he was sexually assaulted by another pupil while at school.

Appearing on the new More 4 programme Shrink Rap, Fry said that an encounter with a sixth former during his first year of boarding school led to the assault.

According to sources close to the programme, Fry denies that the event had lasting consequences for his mental health.”

The Mail reported that Fry recently gave a lewd and lurid speech, which sickened his audience:

”  Stephen Fry was announced as President of the Hay Literary Festival at a dinner in the City of London this week.

The comic treated guests to a graphic story about Gore Vidal’s stay at a top London hotel where he rang a gay escort agency to arrange a boy for an energetic afternoon session. 

Despite being attended by usually liberal-minded literary types, Fry’s lurid details of the sex act with the young man and what he would or would not perform was too much for some guests. ‘Fry’s speech was deeply distasteful,’ blusters my corduroy-clad mole.”

Fry once wrote a play about paedophilia in schools:

” Plans to stage a comedy penned by actor Stephen Fry about paedophilia in a public school were condemned today.

The award-winning play, which details a homosexual affair between a teacher and his 13-year-old pupil, is to be staged at Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe.

But Latin! Or Tobacco and Boys, billed as “a play in two unnatural acts”, has come under fire from a children’s charity and city councillors.

A theatre company is about to sign a contract to stage the comedy as part of the Fringe programme.

Cambridge-based Activated Image said the play celebrated “the love of a man for a 13-year-old boy”.

But the leisure and culture spokesman for Edinburgh’s Conservative Party, James Gilchrist, attacked it as “gratuitous smut”.

He said: “Stephen Fry’s contribution to the world of theatre could be written on the back of a postage stamp.

“What kind of person thinks that paedophilia is funny? Hopefully theatre-goers will have the good sense to give this a wide berth.”

Lorraine Gray, of charity Children 1st, said: “We work with young victims of abuse who have been scarred for life by their experiences.

“So we would be very concerned about any play that legitimises or trivialises the exploitation of young people by those in a position of trust.”

The play, set in a remote old-fashioned boys’ school, depicts a relationship between effete Latin teacher Dominic Clark and his star pupil.

Described as a “weird, wonderful and just a little twisted comedy”, the play, which Fry wrote as a Cambridge undergraduate in 1979, contains scenes of sadomasochism.”

In 2013, the Independent reported on a BBC investigation into claims that Fry trivialised paedophilia:

” The BBC Trust has rejected a complaint that Stephen Fry “trivialised” child abuse during an episode of QI in which he recited a limerick about a chaplain’s desire for a choir boy.

A report by the BBC Trust’s Editorial Standards Committee (ESC) said the broadcast was “at the margins of acceptability” but had not breached editorial guidelines.

During the episode, Fry recited the lines: “There was a young chaplain from King’s / Who talked about God and such things / But his real desire / Was a boy in the choir / With a bottom like jelly on springs.”

The ESC report said a woman complained because “she felt that the BBC showed a lack of understanding of what the limerick implied. The complainant said that the limerick trivialised the subject of paedophilia.”

The episode of QI, broadcast on BBC Two on 11 January, was followed by a Newsnight edition focusing on the Jimmy Savile scandal.

The committee said: “The likelihood of causing offence was, we acknowledge, increased by the news agenda on the day of broadcast. However, the comparisons that can be drawn between the scenario described in the limerick and the nature and extent of the abuse perpetrated by Jimmy Savile are, in our view, limited.”

Some voices claim Jill Dando was murdered because she knew about child-raping Savile and the BBC paedophile ring linked to Government and Royalty.

In a strange twist, Fry tweeted the following eulogy to Savile:

Oh, Sir Jimmy Savile is no more. Spent a train journey from Leeds to London with him once. He was not as other men. Fascinating & rare: RIP

In the comments section of a blog the following shocking claims were made:

” I have been waiting to see a major BBC celebrity unmasked, this man is protected but you cannot live a life of satanism and debauchery without some inkling coming out.

Stephen Fry lived at Wells- next -the- sea in Norfolk, where the rich Londoners have their holiday homes.

Fry was due to play the lead role on the West End stage in a play about the apostles (Rothschild’s gang of homosexual spies working for Russia), when he suddenly ran away and hid and the search to find him was intense.

Stephen fancies himself as a biliard player and he has a very nice large table at his home, but the wagers were not for money they were for young boys.

One of these boys went to the authorities and the police, because Stephen Fry had connections, brought in MI5,

They tried to get the boy to tell his friends to remain silent as Stephen Fry had contacts who would make things very uncomfortable for the boys.

The BBC legal dept said a performers sexuality is his own, and various pressures and threats made the accusations go away, and he returned to the stage and the play and the public acclaim”.

How very, very strange indeed.

Maybe Stephen Fry should pay a voluntary visit to his local police station and make a statement about his knowledge of the BBC paedophile ring.

After all, why the bloody hell wouldn’t he?


42 thoughts on “Is there more to Stephen Fry than meets the eye?

  1. This was very good inded, some really did their homework here.

    Now I spoke with a man who on the proviso of immunity told me the following-
    Stephen fry is a Jew and a homosexual giving him top prority with Mossad who now run MI5,(who run the BBC), this man on seeing a court case at the Old Bailey, went through the solicitor’s dustbins and brought back a large bag of papers relating to the Jill Dando case as an offshoot of another case.

    From these papers he found links with Stephen Fry to Elm Guest house, Jill Dando and a man named Walter Clack.

    Walter was a lifelong predatory homosexual and close friends with Sydney Cooke who had links to both Paul Kidd, the Queen mother’s butler, Jimmy Savile and Sir Anthony Blunt.

    Before Walter Clack could be interviewed by police he very conveniently killed himself. Police found what was described in reports as “a huge tranche of boy porn, lists of boys, snuff films photos and an adress list for sharing of some very well known homosexuals, many at the BBC.”

    Its time everyone recognised the filth that is the BBC and stopped paying their TV licence

  2. Stephen Fry is not popular even amongst the homosexual community and Sir Ian McKellen is known to despise him claiming Fry is a gossip who cant keep his mouth shut.

    McKellen, whose name is on the list of visitors to several boys homes including Barnados and Nimrod house and Elm Guest House, believes in total discretion.

    Maybe Stephen Fry would be the one to question about the inside world of sex perverts ?

  3. I wish someone would do a little digging around in Fife (hometown of Gordon Brown), I’ve been fighting to protect my daughter for over 2 years against her Dad, she is now 5, before the Savile scandal came out, police and social work attempted to give him full custody over her, just because I was reporting what she was telling me and questioned their attitude and conduct. I was told to stop reporting things or a child protection order would be made from the first health visitor involved. So far I have fought against 1 police constable, 1 detective constable, 2 detective inspectors, 3 health visitors, two social work team leaders, 3 social workers, 1 head teacher, 2 GP’s, 2 lawyers (not including my own) and 1 sheriff. I have made a complaint to the chief exec of social work, the Scottish Social Services Council, the chief exec of Fife NHS trust, the Head of Professional standards of the police, and I have gotten no where. I am under the impression that everyone is afraid to speak up. It is my belief that an organised paedophile ring is operating in Fife within all levels of local government, the justice system, health and education. Luckily I still have my daughter due to a couragous Child Psychologist and psychiatrist ( yes I had to agree to a psychiatric assessment!!). I am on a court order and forced to hand her over every fornight overnight all weekend to her abuser, she has said numerous thing to different agencies, including police, SW, health visitor, GP and education, yet I was told by my lawyer at Christmas that I can still have her taken off me. I have been hit with a fierce and relentless process that is designed to undermine the victims and glorify the perpetrator. There is historical abuse and historical psychiatric illness on her Dad’s side of the family, that hasn’t even been mentioned. It is my belief that the abusers at the bottom are being protected to protect the abusers at the top of sociecty. I have since learned that the Director of SW for Fife is leaving, I find this suspicious as I sent him a three page letter not so long ago, I also called asking to speak to him, which he wouldn’t, he didn’t even reply to my letter, he passed it on to the Chief Exec of Fife Council, whom has consistently denied everything. I am now at the stage where I find out if I get to keep my daughter in a few weeks, and have to make a complaint to the Public Services Omnbudsman for Scotland, which I think will be a waste of time. I have experienced evil in its purest form, and therfore can say that the satanic worshipping that is going on is highly credible. As it has been guidance from the Lord God that is getting me through this.

  4. I have worked for some years asa rec eptionist ata top rejuvanation clinic
    stephen fry was there a while back and cliff richard is back at the slightest sign of the tiniest wrinkle
    and to hear cliff on TV say he puts his youthful looks down to his christian lifestyle makes me want to vomit
    he deserved what Lord boothby did to him, we understand boothby to be brutal with his conquests, and afterwards cliff had to weara colostomy bag.
    bloody good job

  5. Stephen Fry’s work on homosexual liasons in schools, was not Frys idea, but the idea of Peter Tatchell, hes been touting this round for some time.

    Peter’s plan was for a ‘tasteful’ introduction to boy sex which he hoped would be shown in schools.

    Tatchell has some strange people who fund him, the pop festival Shambala secretly donate to his perverted organisation which promotes man sex with boys.

    Several show biz folk and allegedly Sir Ian McKellen, Derren Brown and Derek Jacobi all donate to Tatchell who once wanted to stand for New Labour, known to journalists as the “perverts party”.

  6. thankyou coleman for what you do.
    this website goes a bit further and we know there is a police list on jersey of the homosexuals who came to attack the kids,
    you will be shocked when this list is published, but expect many names you already know to come out

  7. Thanks for this troubling research. I think that when these people are on TV so much, like Fry is, it then becomes a form of protection as in “that nice clever man on the telly would never be involved with horrible things like this”. It seems to have been going on for a long, long time.

    • There’s a Marxist subversion angle here. I have to say I quite like Fry on the TV, and always have to thank him for his part in Black Adder. When someone’s put there to have the country entertained; if he gets exposed as a horrible freakish paedophile we’ll all be upset by it. We naturally pretend to ourselves that we didn’t like these people when they’re exposed; but we’re all victims of the deceit which put them in front of us on the TV for us to be entertained.


  9. And of course Fry was in the House–of-Lorraine funded ‘V for Vendetta’, which contained scenes of churchmen hiring young girls for their pleasure. Notably where the anonymous mask comes from. Join the dots, Anonymous clones…

  10. Fry wades into political shit stirring rolling out the childish zionist trump card and biggest denigration The Hitler Label…… In An Open Letter to PM David Cameron and the International Olympic Committee, Fry equated Putin’s anti gay policy with Hitler’s Jewish hatred. Fry’s argument deserves some attention.

    Hitler, says Fry “banned Jews from academic tenure or public office, he made sure that the police turned a blind eye to any beatings, thefts or humiliations afflicted on them, he burned and banned books written by them. He claimed they ‘polluted’ the purity and tradition of what it was to be German…”

    According to Fry, “Putin is eerily repeating this insane crime, only this time against LGBT Russians. Beatings, murders and humiliations are ignored by the police. Any defence or sane discussion of homosexuality is against the law.“

  11. Stephen Fry is part of the BBC; both are heterophobic and hate bodies.

    Stephen, while attending Norfolk college of Arts and Technology some years ago, was a well known bum toucher and sexual opportunist. He got his nose broken for making a suggestion to the wrong lad in the class.

    He should keep his sexually perverted opinions to himself and leave the boys alone

  12. I’ve been looking at fry, he’s from my home city, he recently appeared on Bear Grylls show, where he let slip some interesting comments on being jewish primarily befor English.

  13. This obnoxious individual (Fry) is on far too many TV programmes for my liking. He always seems to be “hosting” this show or that, some panel game or other – or some awards ceremony. Obviously he’s very popular among his fellow dung beetles who presumably share his repulsive proclivities.
    If only half of what he’s alleged to have done is true, he deserves to burn in hell for what he’s done – and continues to do – to our young people. Pure, unadulterated filth!

  14. Some years ago I knew a man in MI5 and one evening he was being briefed by a police detective who had penetrated a club for perverts, and I managed to overhear.

    The club called “Boyfriends” had a strange way of introductions, a pair of brown gloves hanging from the back pocket which was almost all meant plain homosexual, green gloves meant group sex, white gloves meant a virgin, red gloves meant S & M and bloodlust.

    Now what shook me most was the fact that a lot of BBC showbiz folk were mentioned, many of whom have now been outed, some I wait hopefully for in the future.

    Its time now that Stephen Fry and the other pervs were removed from our screens. Our Intelligence Services are leaking like a sieve with whistleblowers almost by the day, and thank God for them telling us about the BBC.

    One explained to me some time back that if you put the word BOY on its side the letter B looks like a bum, put the letter O on top and its like a human body on the bum, put the letter Y on again and an arm sticks up like a penis This seen as a badge was often seen on a jacket worn by bee-gees star Robin Gibb, who claimed to have had 1000 boys.

    Freddie Mercury was said to have one on his sleeve put I did not see that pic myself. It was also seen on a bumper sticker on the Aston Martin of Stephen Fry
    * Both Freddie Mercury and Robin Gibb died of aids, how many youngsters did they infect ?

  16. I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned that Stephen Fry is the president of the mental health charity ‘MIND’. He took over from Melvyn Bragg a few years ago. Coincidentally, MIND was running the Duncroft Girl’s School at the time that Jimmy Savile was abusing pupils there.

  17. So, I wonder if Fry met up with Nihoul and Dutroux whilst in Belgium?? The dates fit. I am trying to find out if Fry was a Cambridge apostle but no luck at the moment.

    If so then dots can be joined (to a degree). The apostles were used by MI5 to select spies etc and were a den of paedos(sorry, homosexuals) ie Anthony Blunt, and we all know of the blackmail of these people by MI5.

    The secret services link into nearly all child abuse networks.

  18. I noticed that Hitchens was a sad supporter of Fry….Hitchens has Jewish links…he seems to have trawled various faiths to find God and then decided to abandon belief….his politics smacked of establishment manipulation….sadly a very good speaker appears to have lain with filth.

    • I have to agree totally with tou on Hitchen. I lost interest in him when he started spouting establishment rubbish. His hatred of muslims was to the extent of extreme bigotry.

  19. A lot of this makes me wonder if his suicide attempts have come at times when he’s nearly been outed for his love of boys. He’s admitted being a member of gentleman’s clubs, but maybe things got so bad that even his connections couldn’t help him? Either way it’s chilling that so many people have asked him to be Godfather to their children.

    Also I can’t help but wonder where this leaves his best friend, Hugh Laurie. I have friends in the entertainment industry both in the UK and the US, and it’s an open secret that not only is he a raging alcoholic, but he also often frequents prostitutes on both sides of the pond. Interestingly, Laurie is from a presbytarian background, but married into a Jewish family. His marriage however is a complete and utter sham to divert attention from his whoring, and preserve his public image, which is worth millions to everybody around him.

    Both men have nearly been outed by the likes of Paul Dacre. Both of them have pulled strings to stop that from happening. I’d be interested to see Laurie’s reaction if Fry was ever exposed. He’d be forced to distance himself by his PR team, but would forever be tainted by association.

  20. Hi folks , very interesting comments on here, I really do wonder how society lets SAME SEX sexual deviants ” buy ” babies when they will be pensioners before the poor children leave school,?? in Elton johns case he will be lucky to be alive and if so an octogenarian , pity the poor desolate woman who tried to sell her surrogate baby and was jailed, no money or fame you see! .

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  22. Has anyone realised that Jimmy Saville, like Edwina Currie who gave him the keys to Broadmoor, like Leon Brittan, Leo Abse, and ‘holocaust’ educator Granville Janner, was Jewish? He was a Frankist cryptojew who practically admitted this to the telegraph and even addressed the Knesset. Frankist jews pretend to be catholics but are actually satanic child abusers. I am not clear whether they are actually ethnic jews or not. Like our latest royals also…How long can this all carry on? Why does nobody care about what is being done to the poor children, to people’s minds?

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