Who is Britain’s Mystery Paedophile Politician?

Mystery Pervert Politician

Following the recent revelations about child-raping filth, Cyril Smith, MP, is yet another, even higher-profile politician, about to be exposed as a paedophile?

According to the Mail:

  • Labour MP Simon Danczuk may unmask someone ‘much more important’
  • He may use parliamentary privilege protection to name the former MP
  • Danczuk has urged the politician to come forward of his own volition

The MP who exposed the paedophilia of the late Cyril Smith is threatening to name another former senior politician alleged to have had sex with children.

Simon Danczuk, Labour MP for Rochdale, where one of his predecessors was Smith, said he may unmask someone ‘much more important’ who allegedly abused boys at the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes, South-West London, which was used as a venue for a paedophile ring of VIPs.

‘I have been contacted by people making serious allegations.’ The MP says he could use parliamentary privilege – which would give him legal immunity – to name the former influential MP.

He added: ‘It would be best for him to come forward of his own volition, but I would consider using privilege to name the parliamentarian.’

Mr Danczuk spoke as it emerged that disgraced former Co-op Bank chairman Paul Flowers faces questioning over an alleged cover-up of child abuse at Knowl View School, a special school in Rochdale linked to local Liberal MP Smith.

Over three decades, boys as young as seven were repeatedly abused at the school by Smith and his cohorts.

It was described as ‘a sweet shop for paedophiles’ and pupils were driven to public toilets to have sex with men who had travelled from all over the North.

In 2012 – two years after Smith’s death – the Crown Prosecution Service admitted the MP should have been charged with historic child sex offences.

At the time of the alleged cover-up, ex-Methodist minister Flowers was vice-chairman of the social services committee at Rochdale Council, which oversaw Knowl View School.

He is to face claims that he and other Rochdale councillors ignored a series of damning reports detailing the abuse.

This week Flowers, 63, who has been charged with three counts relating to possession of cocaine, ketamine and crystal meth, will receive a letter saying he must answer questions from Andrew Warnock QC, who is leading the investigation into the council’s handling of the allegations.”

Quite who this perverted politician might be is a complete and utter mystery.

But one thing’s for sure, it’s  about f*****g time the police got down to Parliament and started arresting the filth who infest its corridors of power.

After all, why the bloody hell wouldn’t they?







12 thoughts on “Who is Britain’s Mystery Paedophile Politician?

  1. I remember a radio show some 10 years back on I think conspiracy radio, where the leader of the labour party Tom Driberg was named as a persistent visitor to boys homes along with Lord Tony Pandy and George Thomas by a chap called T stokes.
    He said Cyril Smith was a high level freemason who was outed by a lady chiropodist who used to visit Cyril to do his feet and saw some horrible literature there on boys being abused.
    He claimed that the brightest star in British Intelligence a chap called Stephen de Mowbray, asked many times for the police to interview these 3 men but were refused permission. It stuck in my mind as I had an uncle who was a dead ringer for Cyril Smith and people used to stop him in the street and say what a great constituency MP he was. I know he brought a lot of people into the liberal party, but recent sex scandals have cost them dear, including my own vote.

  2. It’s so obvious isn’t it? A live one? It would start to bring down their entire stinking pile, they’re either active paedophiles or covering up and protecting active paedophiles. Either should bar them from public office of any sort. Go Danczuk!

    • Looks like you have judges who use good judgement. Too many of ours in the UK let off many nonces with little more than a slap on the wrist. Of course, there are also the elite nonces who are protected by others of their ilk and never see the inside of a court room.

  3. Danczuk ‘MAY ‘ unmask a more important political figure. MAY? Danczuk himself should be prosecuted if he has reliable information that he doesn’t share with the scum’s employers ( i.e. We, THE ELECTORATE ) There should be no second chances for these animals.

  4. This, as usual, is ridiculous. Leon Brittan has been directly named in the press twice already. The allegations under discussion are thirty years old. I believe he should have been prosecuted then, Evans recent case helps the cause of those to pressure CPS into not prosecuting his like. But isn’t this really distracting us from the present day? Who are the rich and powerful rapists TODAY? Which CURRENT cabinet ministers have hidden lives? Who is covering up for them? No doubt in another thirty years we shall find out…

  5. Simon Danczuk exposed Cyril Smith?? WTF! When?? I live in Rochdale and I first found out about him 10 years ago when id just left school! My teacher referred to him as a “kiddy fiddler”. I didn’t believe him until I asked my dad who said it was true!! it turns out every man and is dog knew! Also Id been told about the Asian gangs exploiting underage white girls years before it made it onto the news! many people around here still think its all going on! I don’t know why Danczuk is taking all the glory, if he knew back in the day then why is he only saying now when its all too late!! Dick head!

  6. Anyone interested should watch the following video entitled “Nightmare on Elm Street”:

    In the video, Chris Fay, former national adult advisor to NAYPIC (National Association of Young People In Care) claims to have been shown a photograph of Leon Brittan at Elm House, naked (except for a maid’s pinafore and cap) with a naked boy on his knee.

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