Cliff Richard’s Biggest Secret

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It was comforting to hear beloved Christian singer, Cliff Richard, pontificating about rumours that he’s a closet gay-lord.

Cliff kindly informed us that his fans wouldn’t mind one dot if it were to emerge that he loved menfolk.

He even went as far as to proclaim to the world:

What difference would it make if I was gay?”

I have got gay friends. Most people have gay friends.”  

Would you not come to my concerts because I’m gay?”

Unfortunately though, Reverend Cliff forgot to mention some other altogether more disturbing rumours, that his faithful fans might not be aware of.

They include the following:

– that Cliff and Melvyn Bragg share a repulsive hobby that the average person would find sickening.

– that Cliff is linked to notorious boy-brothel Elm Guest House,where boys were trafficked from local care homes to be abused by VIP filth, and used the pseudonym, Kitty.

– that Cliff knew about the BBC paedophile ring, linked to Government and Royalty

– that Cliff was questioned several times by police officers following the brutal murder of his ‘close’ chum Jill Dando, who was about to blow the lid on the ring.

 – that Cliff recently renounced his British citizenship and is now a fully fledged Barbadian

– that Cliff has been helped by his pals in Mi5 to evade justice when abuse allegations have been made against him.

– that Cliff is really nothing like his wholesome, religious, celibate persona at all and has actually hoodwinked us, Jimmy Savile style, for decades.

So you see, being exposed as gay is the very least of Cliff Richard’s worries.

His biggest secret has yet to be revealed…











68 thoughts on “Cliff Richard’s Biggest Secret

  1. Wonder when a Met Squad is going on a ‘ summer holiday’ to Barbados to apprehend this ‘ walking, talking, living troll?’

    • It wouldn’t make any difference if they did, we have no right of extradition with Barbados.They would be as influential there as a traffic warden. Far better to stay at home and see who else they can throw the much at.

  2. people would have respected him more if he had been honest and said look I ama poof and I like boys, the christian thing is just a mask
    but no he lied constantly and pretended he was a decent human being.

    I knew a low IQ teenage boy who joined his fan club and used to write to Cliff. Cliff invited him to come to a performance, my pal with his low IQ was thrilled, Cliff gave him alcohol to drink in his dressing room and took him to a “party”. The boy walked out and Cliff followed him and as the boy was half drunk and sat down on a doorstep Cliff forced his d***k into the boys mouth.

    Not only was he blackmailed by Mossad but the IRA was after blackmailing him too, I dont know if they succeeded.

    • get some help… such a lie!… if you really knew that… others would have known too, and it would have come out. I wish all you sick people would stop your lies. If Cliff had done anything to anyone, it would have come out… but there is NO ONE who can prove anything or have anything on him… get a life people.

      • Get your head out of the sand and start looking. You are in denial and very ignorant if you think the MSM reports on this. Heard of injunctions? Look what Blair did with Operation Ore. This goes very deep into the Establishment and as soon as the high echelon masons are brought to justice the better. You can start by googling Cliff Richard’s association with Boothby. Then engage blogs like this.

      • You should really get a life yourself or go back on your meds for delusions you idiot.

      • Do you regret this comment now? Did you so believe saville amd harris were innocent? Read up on it, there are several names that keep cropping up and cliff richards was one of them for years!!!

      • We all have a life, which is why we spend it researching things on the internet and making our own minds up, not just blindly following some pop star because we think he is a “nice” person.

      • It IS coming out…wait & see – ‘Kitty’ will be next. We’ve only just scratched the surface.

  3. I dont know how to get this news out except through a blog like this.
    The police have a team that is now investigating “historic abuse cases ” and contacted me over a comlaint i made over 50 years ago.
    how many of those homosexuals who drugged and attacked us are still alive ?
    and the mugshots the police showed us, are all old men , they were not old when they comitted these crimes.
    many of the abused boys passed round by these men are dead, by suicide or as claimed murdered to silence.
    I dont hold out much hope they will catch anyone after all this time

    • Let it go. You loose your own life obsessing over the past. Like you I have reason to feel sad but I’m not after revenge. Far better that the police look into today’s crime and stop this sort of thing as it’s happening than waste time investigating the inmates of a cemetery.

  4. My ex husband is one of the police investigating these historic cases and he said it was just a few men who were at it all the time, he said the police could not act before as their hands were tied, but said Elm house and similar houses were indeed used by homosexuals on a daily basis, its not just rumour it is true, he named Dirke Bogarde Elton John Robin Allan Freeman Jimmy saville Gibb Freddie Mercury Frankie Howard the old man in stepto and son, and Derren Brown and several football types as prolific offenders.
    people do not understand why when most homosexual relationships last 5 minutes in any public toilet why they should get married ? it makes no sense, and cliff richard has been named too many times by boys to escape justice

    • “Most homophobic relationships last 5 minutes in any public toilet.”What ignorant, homophobic nonsense you’re spouting.I’m gay and I’ve never had sex in a public loo and my last relationship with a man lasted over a year. Also in case you’re wondering, I’m certainly not into young boys either.

    • Cliff Richard has not been named too many times- your husband who knew so much doesn’t seem to have named him. So stop dragging him

  5. What baffles me is that before anyone gets a Royal medal, the palace will phone special branch and ask “is anything known ? ”

    Special Branch, which had a name change recently, will look up and liaise with Intel, so Cliff Richard and what he was into would have been known.

    Exactly the same with Jimmy Savile; the palace knew, the BBC knew and the police knew.

    Some years ago an uncle served many years in the Metropolitan police, he said angrily Sir Anthony Blunt was arrested many times hanging around boys schools, public toilets football games etc, but one phone call from the palace and it all went away. Same with Jimmy Savile.

    This uncle loved working in the police but just before he retired he told us , its not the same now, we are being taught we no longer serve the public, the public are our enemy.

    He also told us when the Jimmy Savile info first came out on the truthseeker website, Paul Gambaccini, another pervy DJ, offered to give evidence against Savile if his crimes were overlooked.

    The police agreed at the time then started checking into Gambacinni who was furious.

  6. Well we all know now what happened to poor Mrs Jill Dando. Me personally thought years ago, she must of known something really big and powerful to be bumped off. This whole thing just confirms it. Fuck Saville, BBC, THE BRITISH ROYALS and all who protect pedo sexual case beasts. As for Cliff he knows his own doings and he’ll face upto to it if Criminal.

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  8. What the fuck eva sir cliff is a legend he’s no Druggie stop trying to get money off ppl and start looking for the really pedos money grabbers

  9. So what’s the big deal he is gay. Leave the man along he isn’t hurting any one and you don’t pay his bills. There are some people that make a big deal out of things that aren’t even there business. I never even heard of the man now the world knows thanks to the news people looking for a buck.

    • Tina, no one gives a flying fuck if he’s Gay, its the documented History of visits to Elm House and signing in under the name ‘Kitty’ in order to have sex with under age boy’s, that’s why people are baying for his blood and want him to be brought to justice, as a fan of his are you scared of what you will find out about him if you did your research!

  10. suppressed by the homosexual hate comments above , between consenting adults anyne can d what they like where and when they like …… under age or coercion has little to do with orientation and everything to do with being a sexual deviant.

  11. If Cliff ts gay so what. However its another matter with underage boys.If he is guilty then he should be punished along with all the other pervs that hide behind a cloak of respectability.Its this do as i say not as i do mentality that gets right up my nose.

  12. Even if Sir Cliff Richard is pursued he’ll never go to trial – what might come out would be an ‘appalling vista’? He will be bumped off by the darker forces before he would get to trial – of course typically in these cases it will look very like suicide or some tragic accident – eg David Smith (Savilles driver suicide) or Princess Diana – or indeed Jill Dando- all bumped off to save the establishment – and just another example of British Justice at work

  13. I heard at Sony records his nick name is Coffee Tablle Cliff…and the why he has that nick name is disgusting…he is far from an Angel

  14. type ‘cliff Richard kitty’ into Google. Do your research and make your own mind up, cliff has been named as being involved with paedo rings for years and years. Go on.. I dare you!

    • Hardened ‘fans’ of his don’t want to know the truth do they, I made a similar reply to Tina about researching him under ‘Kitty’ no one gives a damn about him being Gay its his perverted liking to underage boys which disgust’s most decent folk. we have a really sick and evil lot of people in the celebrity and establishment areas of this country.

  15. Whatever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’? To be honest though I’m not very surprised that another celebrity of his age has been named, it was only a matter of time. I’m guessing that the accusations are true but that’s only my assumption and I will save judgement until he’s proven guilty.

    Anyway all these people are disgusting but what’s even worse is how so many people have covered up this massive dark age. Police, Media(BBC more so), Government (including PM’s – Thatcher, especially), the Royal Family and even the MI5. Then there’s the fact that those who do know are at risk of murder (‘suicide’ or ‘natural causes’ apparently) if they reveal what they know. What we need is a completely independent body to take over.

    Just to note to some previous posters your ignorance is ridiculous. Homosexuality is not the issue here. These sex offenders may have gay tendencies but paedophilia is a ‘preference’ on it’s own – these people are sick, straight or gay it doesn’t matter. It’s not right that the gay people should be associated with such things. Throughout the world there’s more straight sex offenders obviously due to the fact that there’s more straight people.

  16. hopefully this is a witch hunt by reporters who knows?cliff was a great rock,n,roller the only brit really who challenged elvis.but as a young fan in the 60.s must be prepared.

  17. Geri Myland
    JULY 7, 2014 AT 10:34 AM REPLY
    “Better to be thought a Rapist than a Pedarast”? Could be a risky strategy that may explain the recent reports of the alleged Rape of a 19 year old WOMAN in 1967……..?
    It may be the last “Roll of the Dice” for a certain former Tory Minister from Thatchers Government…….
    Probably not I fear, for the MSM (Main Stream Media) will continue to be hit over the head with Super Injunctions & ” D NOTICES” !!!!!
    Now correct me if I’m wrong…….but isn’t the definition of a D Notice ” a REQUEST to withold information where National Security may be threatened?
    My point is this : the difference between a REQUEST and an ORDER bears some scrutiny perhaps?
    When will people realise that the whole Celebrity Paedophile frenzy is merely a diversion to sate the publics thirst for blood….
    The “Powers That Be” (by which I mean the REAL Powers) have used BLACKMAIL to control Government/ Business for as long as anyone can remember………
    It’s simply this decades ago Adultery was enough to get the job done, then Homosexuality followed by ever increasing levels of debauchery (even Murder)!!
    The placement of ” FLAWED PEOPLE ” (with certain weaknesses and or Perversions) into KEY positions within the structure of any Government be it left or right enables COMPLETE CONTROL

  18. I think the rumours are disgusting, he has been found guilty in the press without a trial. What scumbags are on the internet.

  19. These queers like to abuse little boys. Good friend of Savile too! I do think that these has-beens are being used as scape-goats to protect the more deviant scum higher up the ladder though.

    • Are you havin a giraffe, do your research into ‘Kitty’ Richards, if all that is written about them is slander they would take them to court, Guess why they wont?
      speaking of which Lord McAlpine estate owes a lot of money to people that he sued, as they say ‘the best form of defence is attack which was what his Lawyer did and got away with it.

  20. Who writes this rubbish and puts these ludicrous pictures together. Especially the one with the filthy George Michael who has been caught many times, literally, with his trousers down in public toilets. So because he has lost his moral compass he desperately feels the need to call someone vile. Someone who has never been convicted of any crime. If Cliff Richards is found guilty then I’ve no doubt they’ll ‘throw the book at him’ and justifiably so. However, in this country people are still innocent until found guilty, despite filth like the ‘article’ above being circulated.

  21. Get your heads out of the gutter all these nasty and disgusting comments, Let me remind you that Sir Cliff is innocent until proven guilty. I am not naïve either
    as my son was abused at the hands of the Christian Brothers however I have followed Cliff’s carer for decades and I personally feel that Sir Cliff is innocent. He has always been a subject of gossip & slander, for not finding a women, the love of his life & getting married, Cliff has his carer to consider every woman in the would love Cliff to fall in love with them.

      • He’s a disgusting paedophile. Why do you think he has lived a clean pure virtuous life? He is pictured with all the other disgusting nonces. He’s sick. Anyone who craves sex with a child should be tortured slowly and l would be just the one to do it.

      • I have worked in the theatre and I can say with 100% truthfulness, from first hand experience, that your rather silly sweeping statement ‘The public image of celebrities is all bs!!! Jesus!!’is misleading. In fact it is in itself bs, as you like to put it. You assume that celebrities are guilty, but why, could it be that this charge is based upon how you might want to behave if you were a celebrity.And even if there were some substance to the charge that has been levelled at Cliff Richard, I think we should evaluate it first. He is accused of groping. He is not accused of penetration nor rape, just groping.That means feeling. Surely not even the British need to work themselves into a frenzy over that. Does it really justify all this bally who and self righteous indignation from little England? Let us contain our unholy zeal until something more tangible has been created from this casserole of accusations and ‘terrible grief’ . In short , let us grow up a bit.

  22. Cliff is a celebrity and very famous and it goes without saying that he has been photographed with all kinds of people – like Jimmy Saville – but that does not make him any less of a Christian. He has done nothing wrong – he is just famous – and he was on Top of the Pops – and yes, his photo was taken – the same applies for the Beatles – but that did not make any of them guilty of being paedos – or whatever? Cliff is innocent!

    • Well said. I would not go so far as to say Cliff was innocent because I do not have the facts to hand but I like your rationale. It is a sad fact that many of the people on this forum have already made up their minds. It is to be hoped that they never find themselves in the hot seat. This has become an age of ‘ Hunt the Paedophile’ with ageing show business celebrities as the fox and bigots as the hunt. They don’t even wait for evidence, the merest sniff of scandal and they’re in there with bell book and candle.

  23. The truth for many is stranger than fiction it has been said many times. It is only the tip of the iceberg, and for those who are not wanting to believe that their idols are satanists, eugenicists,; they will not even investigate or research for themselves any evidence to support the revelations that are coming out. Shame …

  24. ‘Whoa’ hang on there ‘Ruby Harper, I’m one of those older generation and personally don’t give a monkey’s about ‘Kitty’ Richards sexuality, what pisses me off is him having sexual relations with young boy’s, he should be castrated without anaesthetic as should all men abusing boy’s and girls. what happened after his Flat was raided when he was in his bolt hole, is it still being investigated or have his friends in high places made sure it goes no further?

    • ”what pisses me off is him having sexual relations with young boy’s, he should be castrated without anaesthetic as should all men abusing boy’s and girls.”

      Perhaps you had better wait before you leap to such a resolution, or have you already decided this man is guilty? Don’t get over concerned if you have, you’re in ‘good’ company, there are many in this country who would love to resort to such barbarism. But worries me is your assumption that a police accusation automatically implies guilt. I’ve known people that have been on the wrong side of a police accusation and believe me it can be very difficult. Even on my own account I was told that I would be charged with a motoring offence. I was made to sit in the back of the police car and the senior of the two PCs turned to me and said ” You can of course appeal, but there are two of us remember, and one of you”.

      The police are not saints as witness the fact that they sold this story to the BBC. You would be well advised to hold your tongue until more, if any , facts come to light.

  25. My grandad, an ex chief constable from Essex turn moved to dorset 40+ years in the police force once told me he raided cliff Richards house and did in fact find him in bed with men!

  26. Until there has been an investigation and a court hearing people accused of sex crimes should not be named. This is because there are those who cannot be guaranteed to act in an adult fashion. Once a man, or woman for that matter, has received the ‘black spot’, in other words once they have been named in connection with an investigation, they become automatically guilty in the eyes of the ignorant witch burners.

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