Mazel Tov Danny Finkelstein!

Daniel Finkelstein

It would appear that congratulations are in order for Times journo, Daniel Finkelstein.

Football-loving Danny has managed to score a brilliant own-goal in his recent twitter conversations about VIP child-abuse.

You see, we appear to have rather rattled @dannythefink with our post about his apologist views and the congenial ‘Mr nice-guy’ mask slipped away to reveal a much nastier side.

Despite Danny stating the following in a recent article:

” Cyril Smith may have been a monster. But until we have reliable evidence we must not rush to judgment . Can I ask you a question? How do you know, really know, that Jimmy Savile is guilty of child abuse? The truth, let’s face it, is that you don’t.  You are like me.”

…he didn’t take too kindly to being reminded of his twisted views and he launched into a bizarre twitter tirade, claiming:

It is the maddest, most bizarre thing I’ve ever read in my life and anyone who pays the slightest attention to it is an idiot”.

”  if you wish to pursue the rubbish from that nutter, or retweet this it or any more about it, our open line is closed...”

I never met Cyril Smith or had anything to do with him. I was aware (from a friend) that he was a financial crook ”

…heard about the child abuse when everyone else did. Although now I read that Private Eye made the allegations years ago.”

Honestly though, Alan, really don’t dabble in lunatic conspiracy theories. You are better than that.”

the man who writes it is clearly bonkers

”  I am so so sorry. I just find you impossible. I have decided after a good deal of thought to block you

you also are beyond irritating and I just can’t be bothered. You take too much time with rubbish.”

The most disturbing response by Finkelstein was in response to this legitimate question about Operation Ore:

” Was Cyril Smith MP listed in Op Ore, a document which,we are told is held by your newspaper @Dannythefink ? “

To which he replied:

It’s too irritating and time consuming and I just can’t be bothered any more”

He then proceeded to block many followers who wanted to hear his views.

And his claims that we’re all bonkers, idiots and conspiracy theorists for raising these issues is the standard modus operandi of the British Establishment when their secrets are exposed.

After all, many abused children have themselves been vilified by the authorities after reporting their abuse and many whistle-blowers have been called nutters after trying to expose VIP abuse-rings.

So why,oh why, has Danny Finkelstein reacted in such a similar fashion?

Could this infamous tweet hold the clue?

DannytheFink and Greville Janner

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?














16 thoughts on “Mazel Tov Danny Finkelstein!

  1. Thanks for the lowdown on finkelstein, he is a typical jewish apologist for homosexual abuse.
    This is because the child abuse networks exposed in the USA were according to heide fleiss who ran then jewish run for mossad, Jonathan pollard in prison staements also said the USA security is compromised by child sex rings as is canada australia and Britain, After W W 2 london was awash with foreign prostitues and all run by jewish gangs
    the recent 120 russian run brothels in the south of england are known at the top to be jewish run, maybe finkelstein was apologising for the abusers because of this

  2. Seems you hit a nerve. In that case it could be because, yes, he did know about Smith due to Operation Ore and yes, Greville Janner did manage to walk on a charge of raping a child. Oh, and yes, Greville Janner WAS questioned over Elm Guest House but says he can’t remember due to having Alzheimer’s. Although that does not seem to stop him voting in the House of Lords…

  3. I met Finky once at Blood Oaks Farm lovely evening Jimmy and Esther, Margaret Hodge, Harriet Harmon, Andy Coulson and Lord McAlpine.
    I can assure you Greville Janner is very good looking and I agree with Fink, Janner would have made a perfect Prime minister in the Edward Heath mode.

  4. I had underage sex with police officers at guest house used by ‘VIP paedophile ring’: Astonishing allegations by masseur who worked as a 16-year-old at notorious party venue ‘used by politicians, judges and pop stars’

  5. send him a twitter or a face book thing ask him about oto ask him about hastings and kent ask him about bob the gob.
    ask him about bob g and russia ask him about paul and as it is all connected ask him about tavistock and 7 7 : )
    nice boy is fink loose lips at parties i here.

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