The BBC’s Wall of Shame

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We now know that VIP pimp, Jimmy Savile, was able to abuse children for decades at the BBC.

Without a shadow of a doubt he got away with his child-raping crimes because of his links to Royalty, Government and Intell Services.

Who else knew about his heinous activities?

Some of the above faces may hold the clue to the true extent of the BBC paedophile ring that has been blamed solely on Savile.

The truth, however, is much more sinister than we are being led to believe.

You see, the perverted ring is still in existence to this very day and some of those people who have denied knowing about Savile are actually lying to save their own filthy skins.

The paedophiles who operate at the BBC are also linked to Parliament and beyond and anyone daring to expose them may end up dead or arrested on false charges.

Bill Williams posted the following information:

Jimmy Savile had bouncers who kept out straight DJs from the musical events, my uncle who was one of the bouncers said they warned the BBC that Savile was after the young boys in the mid 60s and they ignored it.

But what is more sinister is the number of abused kids who phoned Childline and were ignored, an intelligence friend of mine said Esther Ranzten was there to monitor who was doing what and keep a lid on the goings on.

Peter Mandelson is director of the NSPCC and he also kept a tight lid on things but it was Margeret Hodge, Children’s Minister who had all the abuse documents arrive on her desk,  at least two dozen from what I saw, and she also did nothing, all this along with the BBC colluded to keep it quiet.

The child abuse, was often called “boy nobbing ” as it was mainly boys affected.”

How very, very strange indeed.

It is now clear that the only way to get to the bottom of this sickening scandal is for the police to conduct in-depth interviews with every BBC staff member, MP or celeb who came into contact with Savile, as a matter of absolute urgency.

After all, why the bloody hell wouldn’t they?




6 thoughts on “The BBC’s Wall of Shame

  1. Ok you hit the nail on the head here, the boy listed here was one of three sexually abused at the BBC, he would not keep silent so was murdered. The BBC in W W II was known by servicemen as bullshit time, it has been jew run for many years and in fact lord rothschild got many of his socialist traors called the apostles jobs at the BBC where they sent veiled mesages
    to activists and also their perverted actvities.
    read below and know this boy wa sone of three murdered

  2. Th BBC ha slong been running pro homisexual subliminals, the programme “round the horn ” was a thinly veiled pseudo comedy with all homosexual innuendos, the very title should have beena giveaway, the actor Simon Hawtrey, spoke of the amount of homosexual activity while filming the carry on series, he gave evidence
    to special branch on TV and film actors abusing boys from care homes, some would actually be brought to the carry on set.
    Simon knew prime minister edward heath and said he was an evil man, simon like boy george and others started as a rent boy for men in show biz, simon knew a hell of a lot, but was threatened many times.

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