Why was Jimmy Savile given the keys to Broadmoor?


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Why was murderous child-rapist and VIP pimp, Jimmy Savile, given the keys to high-security psychiatric hospital, Broadmoor?

Was it because, as well as being able to freely abuse residents, he was also able to stay in close contact with notorious killers, Ian Brady, Ronnie Kray and  Peter Sutcliffe?

Most certainly, yes.

You see, there is a very strong likelihood that Savile himself was involved in the killing sprees of both Brady and Sutcliffe, (and no doubt many other murders that have taken place across Britain), and wanted to spend time with his sordid partners in crime.

In 2013, the Mail reported on Savile’s role at Broadmoor:

” Disgraced entertainer Jimmy Savile was given a key position running Broadmoor and personally selected managers, it was claimed last night.

A former manager claimed that politicians and civil servants thought he was the ‘bee’s knees’ and appointed him to a task force to run the hospital in 1988.

The Top Of The Pops presenter has since been unmasked as one of Britain’s most prolific sex offenders, but was ‘given the keys’ to Broadmoor.

Savile had had a long association with the hospital, having been a volunteer worker there in the 1970s and 1980s with the unofficial title ‘honorary entertainments officer’.

He had his own set of keys and living quarters on site and is accused of sexually abusing a number of patients.

It is now claimed that he had a far bigger role than previously thought and was able to choose managers to run the hospital.

He is also said to have been put in charge of a committee which examined the welfare of patients, even though the new management were given no say in his appointment.

A female civil servant at the health department had complained to her boss that Savile had kissed her on the mouth before a meeting with Edwina Currie yet nothing was done.

He was appointed by Mrs Currie, then a junior health minister, despite the fact he had no expertise in mental health.

The Broadmoor taskforce, which replaced the previous suspended management, was set up in August 1988.

The Earl of Dundee told the House of Lords that Savile was ‘devoting his considerable talents to ensuring that the hospital functions smoothly’.

Alan Franey, a taskforce member and later Broadmoor’s general manager, said:

‘Savile was appointed to the task force by Edwina Currie, but it would have been on the recommendation of civil servants. It was a bit odd.’

Cliff Graham, under-secretary at the Department of Health and an advocate for NHS change, recommended that Savile sit on the taskforce.

Former Broadmoor staff recall being called to meetings with the DJ.

Mr Franey said: ‘I had an unusual meeting in the Athenaeum Club in London [Jimmy Savile and Cliff Graham were present]… and I was persuaded that a move to Broadmoor would be a good career step.’

The late David Edmond, the first chairman of the Special Hospitals Service Authority (SHSA), recalled:

‘I [was] asked to a strange meeting at Stoke Mandeville Hospital with Cliff Graham, Jimmy Savile, a retired Department of Health senior civil servant and other department officials…

One manager at the hospital reflected on Savile’s influence: ‘We were told that he was a valuable asset, that he was well thought of in high circles in the Department of Health and it was important we got on good terms and that we cultivated what he had to offer.

‘Cliff Graham quite explicitly told me those things and said much the same to David Edmond.’

Mr Franey added that Mr Graham was in favour of Savile. He said: ‘Savile’s connections were significant. Everyone knew of the close friendship between Margaret Thatcher, then prime minister, and Savile, whom she regularly invited to Chequers.’

Richard Harrison, a psychiatric nurse at Broadmoor for 30 years, said of Savile’s appointment: ‘The lunatics have taken over the asylum.’

He added: ‘I considered him, as many of my colleagues did, as a man with a severe personality disorder and a liking for children.’

Quite why Edwina Currie and Kenneth Clarke were so enamoured with Savile is a complete and utter mystery.

In 1997, a disturbing child-abuse video ring was uncovered at Broadmoor:

According to the Mirror:

Sex-and-kill “snuff” movies were among the hard core porn hoard discovered at Broadmoor, it was claimed yesterday.

The videos were said to be among 100 “vile and disgusting” movies found in a swoop at the top security mental hospital, which houses some of the country’s most dangerous criminals. Child sex offenders and killers are copying the smuggled videos using their own recorders. Staff are now probing an alleged ring dealing in child porn.

An insider said: “There’s no way we can stop these videos coming in. There’s a softly-softly approach which allows patients to rule the roost.”

“If a search is planned, the news is leaked to prevent disturbances.

“Some patients are smoking drugs in front of staff. But there’s nothing we can do. It really is a case of the inmates running the asylum.”

The videos were found during a search of rooms at the hospital in Crowthorne, Berks, where inmates include Yorkshire Ripper , Peter Sutcliffe. Two patients – sex offenders Peter Oates, 33, and Lee Glover – have now been moved to high security areas.

The move followed their refusal to allow staff to check their video collections.

Last night, the Prison Officers Association called for stricter checks and tougher handling of patients.

Chairman John Boddington said: “These are some of the most dangerous people in the country. We must have reality.”

In 2012, the Telegraph reported the following claims that Savile was quizzed during the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper and may have been linked to the Bryn Estyn care home scandal.

Bald oddity William Hague, Thatcher’s diddy toy-boy, conveniently whitewashed a report into the scandal.

” Jimmy Savile was questioned by police investigating the Yorkshire Ripper murders, a senior officer who worked on the inquiry revealed.

Former West Yorkshire Police detective John Stainthorpe said yesterday the disgraced presenter was a suspect in the notorious case more than 30 years ago.

Savile, who died last year aged 84, has also been linked to allegations of abuse at a acre home in north Wales, according to reports.

The Sun newspaper claimed boys were molested for the former DJ’s ”entertainment” at Bryn Estyn in the 1970s.

” Mr Stainthorpe, who spent 40 years in the force, told ITV’s Calendar News:

”When the Ripper was really active, one of the suspects put forward by the public was, in fact, Jimmy Savile.”

Was Jimmy Savile responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of deaths over the past 50 years?

Was he egged-on, and helped, by his satanic pals in the Royal Family?

By a strange coincidence, one of the main suspects in the Jack the Ripper case was none other than Queen Victoria’s son, Albert:

” Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward (known as “Eddy” to his friends) is one of the most famous suspects in the Jack the Ripper case, figuring in no less than three major theories. Over the years, different versions of his personality, mental stability, and manner of death have appeared.

Eddy was born in 1864 to Prince Albert Edward (known as “Bertie”and son to Queen Victoria –Bertie would later become King Edward VII) and Princess Alexandra. Bertie was well known by the English public and not highly respected by many of the lower, and some of the upper, classes. He had a reputation for being a ‘ladies man’ and was rumored to have been a party to many a scandal that was hushed up by the Palace. Princess Alexandra, on the other hand, was an equivalent to today’s Princess Di in that she was much loved by the public who had great sympathy for her having to put up with the antics of her husband.”

The Daily Star recently reported on the shocking cover-up of Savile’s links to the Royals:

” Royal cover up: Police censor Jimmy Savile interview transcript

PAEDOPHILE Jimmy Savile named the royal family in his bombshell interview with police but any mention of them was removed from the released transcripts.

There is no mention of Buckingham Palace or anyone from the royal family in the edited scripts.

And Savile – given an OBE by the Queen in 1972, followed by a knighthood in 1990 – was someone who liked to name-drop his royal connections.

The presenter, who died in 2011 aged 84, two years after Surrey’s bungled probe into sex abuse claims, often boasted of his friendship with Prince Charles. He was also a confidant of Princess Diana and claimed to have helped the Duchess of York as her marriage to Prince Andrew fell apart.

Crucially, in his 1974 autobiography Savile boasted of his friendship with the same cousin of the Queen he mentioned in the 2009 police interview.”

Earlier this year, a fire broke out at the National Archives, Kew Gardens.

In a strange twist, less than two weeks before the fire broke out, we reported on the 100-year D-Notice that had been placed on records relating to Prince Philip:

SECRET files about Prince Philip’s private life are to remain locked behind closed doors for 100 years.

Most confidential Cabinet documents relating to relating to the royals and government are covered by the “30-year rule”.

But at least 27 royal files in the vaults of the Public Records Office at Kew, West London and many of , are considered so delicate they are labelled: “Closed for 100 years“.

Does Prince Philip have lots to tell us about his links to Jimmy Savile, mass murder and ritual abuse?

Was Savile given the keys to Broadmoor because of his close ties to Royalty?

Savile is now dead but Edwina Currie, Kenneth Clarke, Queenie, Prince Philip and Charlie are all very much alive.

Isn’t it about bloody time the police hauled the whole stinking lot of them in for questioning?

After all, why the hell wouldn’t they?



















6 thoughts on “Why was Jimmy Savile given the keys to Broadmoor?

  1. Prince Eddy was Q Vic’s grandson. John Hamer’s theory about the Jack the Ripper murders is interesting. He was interviewed by Theo Chalmers (On the Edge) on the old Edge Media/Controversial TV channel a few years ago. He implicates, among others, Lord Randolph Churchill, the future King Edward VII and Sir William Gull (Q Vic’s surgeon) in the Ripper murders.
    Funny how a body can be found a mile or so from Sandringham House – no prosecutions due to “insufficient evidence”, last time I looked – and nobody connected to Sandringham, least of all the royals, ever questioned. If a body was found in my backyard I bet I’d be questioned pdq.

  2. Abel Danger have some interesting theories on how the American penal system is employed, via ‘Con-Air’ to do dirty deeds on behalf of TPTB, and are then returned to incarceration, and rewarded.
    Maybe our own psychos were similarly employed through Saville.

  3. Edwina’s in the news again due to being on TV show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here:


    I tried several times to post a comment on the Daily Mail site above asking if anybody was going to ask her about Jimmy Saville. Each time my post was blocked and deleted. So much for free speech.

    Also does anybody else think its strange she was selected straightaway to be a member of the “Celebrity Intelligence Agency” to spy on and manipulate the other celebrities? And is it just me or is she getting relentlessly positive coverage?

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