Is there more to Elton John than meets the eye?

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What do we really know about national treasure Elton John?

At first glance he appears to be no more than a song-writing, wig-wearing, fat, short-arsed, gaylord who loves having hissy-fits and adopting babies.

Look a little closer though, and an altogether more disturbing picture emerges.

Does Elton John have anything to tell us about VIP child-abuse rings operating in this country?

In 1989, the Sun published a story alleging that he had a taste for young rent boys.

They also claimed he demanded that any boys found for him should be drugged with vast amounts of coke before being brought to his bed.

Elton John sued and was awarded £1 million damages by an apparently contrite Rupert Murdoch.

Was the whole episode staged to prevent other newspapers from ever reporting on Elton’s sick predilections?

In 1999, he caused outrage by  performing at a charity concert with dancers dressed as boy scouts and forced them to strip. He was joined on stage by George Michael and the audience included none other than perverts-pal Cherie Blair and Simon Hughes MP.

John Fogg, a spokesman for the Scout Association, said at the time:

We think it is pretty deplorable and in bad taste in terms of denigrating our uniform and what it stands for. We are disappointed that someone of Sir Elton’s standing should involve himself in something of such poor taste. It linked homosexuality with paedophilia. If Stonewall are completely for the rights of homosexual people, they have not done themselves any favours.”

By a strange coincidence, child-raping murderous filth, Jimmy Savile was also very fond of boy-scouts and loved to be in their company.

Murderous child-rapist Sidney Cooke had links to a paedophile ring who abused many scouts.

The head of the scouts in the UK is survival expert Bear Grylls.

Grylls shares a business with Tory filth Derek Laud, who is implicated in the Dolphin Square boy-brothel scandal where care-home boys were trafficked to be abused by VIP’s.

Laud also shares a business with Conservative peer, Lord Montagu who was charged and committed for trial a allegedly taking sexual advantage of a 14-year-old Boy Scout.

In 2005, Have I Got News For You host, Dara O’Briain made a remark about Elton John’s role writing the score for stage musical Billy Elliot.

Elton sees a little bit of himself in Billy,” he said, referring to the fictional 11-year-old ballet dancer.

OutRage! called it “offensive” and “a cheap shot” but strangely no other complaints were made about the ‘joke’.

We now know that the Royals are up to their necks in filth of the highest order. They love dishing out OBE’s to perverts and have awarded ‘honours’ to, amongst others, :

  • Cyril Smith MP
  • Jimmy Savile
  • Cliff Richard
  • Rolf Harris

Were they being rewarded for being part of a paedophile network linked to the Royals?

Quite possibly, yes.

Interestingly, Elton John himself was also knighted by Queenie and appears to be very much part of the British Establishment.

In a little reported incident, Elton John was stopped and searched at an airport in 2007.

A paedophilic photograph was confiscated from his person. John’s excuse was that the photograph was part of an art exhibition.  The photo in question was amateurish and any real photographer would be able to point out the elementary technical mistakes but John’s name gives it ‘status’ as so called ‘art

He is also known to collect  ‘artwork’ by convicted sex-offender Graham Ovenden.

On the Free Republic website which was discussing his wealth, the following comment was made

” Elton had a powdered wig ball at a rented estate in the South of France a few years back mimicking Louis IV and with all his cakeboy pals.

… and they had adolescent scantily clad adolescent boys as footmen for the festivities.”

On the Snopes message board an even more disturbing comment was left:

” I heard an unpleasant rumor about Elton John, in which he
supposedly buggered a rent boy to death in Brazil, and was then able to
cover the whole thing up by bribing officials. The source of the story was
a friend-of-a-friend (of course!) who works in broadcasting.”

Is there more to Elton John than meets the eye?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?;f=75;t=001380;p=1











38 thoughts on “Is there more to Elton John than meets the eye?

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  2. Dont forget he is a Satanist too. I really pity his sons…. How about his longtime lover, David Furnish? More interesting info on him?

  3. Yes, a National Treasure, to be valued and raised upon the highest pedestal (well, not the highest… that one is surely reserved for members of the fantastic Rothschild family, but still….).

    Someone else mentioned the wonderfully named David Furnish…. My guess? David Furnish was indeed the furnisher, another National Treasure (admittedly a lower order than the great ass plunger that is Elton) who originally became close to Dear Ol’ Elton thru his ability to ‘acquire’ the appropriate drugs and the appropriate boys needed in order for the National Treasure to exist.

    Really this has turned out to be a lovely world, this world as expressed thru the eyes and deeds of the Chosens. Makes me really happy to be raising two boys. Yep. Fanfuckingtastic.

  4. because of what elton john knows from his freinds of a like sexual persuasion, MI5 decided to keep watch, Eltons house in windsor needed some work done on the roof, and one of the team was MI5, when elton went out the lads would all drop in and use his sinclair C5s scooters to have races up and down the halls, while the MI5 man went through looking for documents,
    several incrimiating photos were taken away quietly, but unfortunately when the workmen were there in the morning they would often see known young rentboys leaving his house, word got out from the workmen to the newspapers who printed the story, which elton took egal action, the papers were told back down or else so elton won huge damages when all along he was guilty as hell

  5. Simon cowell wasa known supplier of young boys, some willingly for the money and some taken by force
    witnesses have said many times elton john and the furnish chap both abused these lads
    David Camerom our prime minister has refused many times an investigation into thes ecrimes against boys as it “would turn intoa gay witch hunt ”
    well maybe thats what we need.
    When police went through the home of Walter Clack they found evidence of documentation to Jimmy Saville Sydney Cooke Fred Seaman and Robin Gibb, with several connections to sir Anthony Blunt, for police to scknowledge this and then to say they can take it no further is a scandal in itself.

  6. I seem to remember that Elton John was once quoted in a British rag as saying his current bloke saved him from his addiction to “the worst kind of sex imaginable“.

  7. Information about Elton & Elitist monarchy was removed from the internet. Ons antwoord nie die owerhede of bose geeste in die Lug nie, maar ons enige Almagtige God, & messias Jesus.

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  10. Oh my, I remember back when Elton was touring back in the 70s and it seemed the more outlandish he was, the better (to him I mean). I remember seeing some of his appearances on TV and some anthology shows about his career and remember seeing young men, in their teens in all sorts of dress and undressed. Back then I was younger and just thought it was just a costume party thing, but now that I’m older I get a stomach churning thinking that those boys may have gone through something unspeakably wrong. You really have to wonder about some people’s predilections. To reply to those who ask why worry about it now is that no matter how long ago any abuse happens, it’s something victims never forget and the perpetrators need made to remember it and what they did to someone.

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