Who knows the truth about what happened to Andrew Gosden?

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It’s a tragic fact that thousands of children go missing from the UK every year.


Many of them are never found.


The authorities refuse to keep official records on the number who disappear.




What is really happening to Britain’s missing children?


Take the tragic case of 14-year-old Andrew Gosden.


In September 2007, he disappeared from the face of the earth.


Andrew was a quiet boy and a very gifted mathematician.


On the day he went missing, Andrew withdrew £200 from his bank account.


This was the last time the account was ever used.


He left his home in Doncaster and bought a single ticket to King’s Cross.


When the woman at the ticket booth tried to explain to him that a return ticket was cheaper, he refused to buy it.


This may mean one of two things:


1) He never intended to return




2) He’d already made arrangements to return to Doncaster with someone but this person let him down.


Who was that person?


Andrew arrived at King’s Cross station and this is confirmed by CCTV images.


Strangely, the police have not been able to find any other CCTV evidence of Andrew in London.


This is despite King’s Cross being one of the busiest areas of London and home to thousands of CCTV cameras.


Was Andrew picked up by somebody in a car?


There have been many theories about Andrew’s disappearance.


Some claim he’d made friends with a stranger on the internet and had arranged to meet them.


Some claim he’d gone to meet someone to buy computer games, hence the £200 withdrawal, but the seller was not who he appeared to be.


Others claim he’d wanted to go missing and had pre-planned everything.


Andrew left home without a change of clothes or any of his personal belongings.


To this day, police investigations have failed to uncover what really happened to Andrew, which has caused terrible anguish for his family.


Why has no progress been made on the case?


The following comment was left on an internet site which was discussing missing children:


I remember a report of a man going to a police station in London, saying he had information about Andrew.


He was told to come back at a later date but never did “.


If this is authentic, who was that man?


Have these reports been followed up?


Are the Metropolitan Police really doing everything within their power to find Andrew Gosden?


Are the police really doing everything within their power to find all of Britain’s missing children?


We bloody well hope so.


Don’t you?








3 thoughts on “Who knows the truth about what happened to Andrew Gosden?

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  2. Maybe the Police did see Andrew on another CCTV camera with someone or getting into a vehicle, but covered this up, as possibly it might involve well known paedophile behavier amongst civil servants or the Government. Kings Cross is a well known area for paedophiles.

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