Is Prince William really the son of King Juan Carlos of Spain?

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In 2012, the Mail reported on the alleged affair between Princess Diana and King Juan Carlos of Spain.

Could it be that Prince William is in fact the son of Juan Carlos, conceived after Diana’s liaison?

According to the article:

Did Spain’s King Don Juan Carlos have an affair with Diana? The exposure claim  made in a new book.

Juan Di Wills and Charles

On the face of things, it looks like a happy  family snap.

King Juan Carlos of Spain sits with the small  Prince William, while a radiant Princess Diana, a protective arm round toddler  Prince Harry, leans in to share a pleasantry with the good-looking  monarch.

But look again. At the other end of the  couch, Prince Charles seems scarcely part of the same holiday party in 1986. He  is staring glumly straight ahead like the proverbial gooseberry.

Princess Diana is rumoured to be just one of  the many young ladies the king, now 74, pursued in a romantic career in which —  like his namesake, the seducer Don Juan — he is said to have bedded more than  1,500 women.’

Apparently, it is an open secret in his circles  that he is such a keen womaniser that the only woman he does not spend much time  with is his wife, Greek-born Queen Sofia.

But can it really be true that our very own  Princess Diana was one of Juan Carlos’s most significant conquests? And that it  was the relationship between her and the then 48-year-old king, in the prime of  his romantic life, that finally put paid to any chance of reviving his  marriage?

It is certainly the case that the Princess,  together with Prince Charles and their young children, holidayed in Majorca with  the Spanish royal family several times during the Eighties.

Charles never felt at ease on the sunshine  island and much preferred visiting the Duke of Wellington’s estate near Granada  on the mainland where the shooting was good.’

According to the Hallett Report:

Now it’s well known that Prince Harry is not Prince Charles’ son. Prince Harry is James Hewitt’s son. And what’s not so much acknowledged is that Prince William is not Prince Charles’ son either. Prince William is the son of King Juan Carlos of Spain and they both married incredibly similar looking women. Princess Diana used to go on private cruises with King Juan Carlos and that was how she got pregnant to him.”

Prince William and King Juan Carlos have exactly the same ears. It’s just  phenomenal how close their ears are! And ears is one of the ways that you    tell who your true parentage is. Prince Williams’ ears are absolutely nothing like Prince Charles, nothing at all. Prince Charles has absolute wing-nuts.”

Is Prince William not actually the son of Charles, but the illegitimate child of King Juan Carlos?

Does he have no legitimate claim to the UK throne?

Should he be on a plane to Madrid on a one-way ticket?

Is there no end to the sordid antics of the filthy British Establishment?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?

14 thoughts on “Is Prince William really the son of King Juan Carlos of Spain?

  1. Even if William was the son of Charles he’d still have no legitimate ‘right’ to the British throne. No such thing as ‘royalty’ I’m afraid ……………………..they’re as ordinary as me or you and only our apathy lets them get away with pretending otherwise.

  2. I doubt Diana had even met Juan Carlos between her wedding in July1981 & William’s birth in June 1982. Alleged affair only mentioned after William & Harry’s births!

  3. Why can’t people leave Diana alone…………..take a passage from the Bible…….he without sin cast the 1st stone…………people focus on the good she did in her short life and compare it with your contribution to this world

  4. William has no right?Harry has no right?Elisabeth did not have any right to be queen as appeared in videos on YouTube ?And more than it there are videos online disclosing crimes of queen and pope and other politicians?SATANIC WORLD how much I hate it!

  5. William has no right?Harry has no right?Elisabeth did not have any right to be queen as appeared in videos on YouTube ?And more than it there are videos online disclosing crimes of queen and pope and other politicians?From the beginning,the background of kings and queens is full of crimes and killings and fights for thrones.And idiots people bowed to them criminals.

  6. Media like to talk about Diana so they don’t mention that Lord Porchester is father of Prince Andrew and Plunket father of Edward.

  7. MQedia like to say lies about Diana so people don’t talk about Lord Porchester being father of Prince Andrew and Plunket father of Edward.

  8. What’s wrong with some of you people? OPEN your eyes to see that Prince William and King Carlos have identical ears not to mention other features. And you should know by now that much of the press is corrupt, with journalists cowards who do not write much of any “uncomfortable truth” and if they do–it is sketchy. Yes, there have been articles about Prince Andrew and Prince Edward in the press, here and there, never consistently. And no WISE media person talks about William and Harry’s parenthood –which had nothing to do with Prince Charles– to insult Diana. Her sex life is a non issue for anyone with some brain. Only idiots salivate over it and get offended in her defense ! The issue is the perpetual, sleazy and multi -leg LIE about the British royal family. THE LIE brainwashing millions of people who pay taxes to keep this sleazy royal fairy tale alive. Diana lived a LIE–fine. Charles, Harry and WIlliam, Edward and Andrew live a LIE–that’s OK too. But why the whole society and the whole world should live with the LIE, keep it with their taxes, tickets to the royal palaces, prices of royal memorabilia ? Keeping royalty anywhere would make some sense if it represented something noble like stability of relationships. If it doesn’t, it is a joke . Paid for with society’s money. And that’s not a joke any more given poverty in the country, other noble ways to spend the money on.

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