Filthy Britain’s Biggest Racket

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We all know beloved Queenie is up to her neck in filth of the highest order.

What’s less well known is that she works in cahoots with the Mafioso who run the Vatican.

If they’re not trafficking children around the world to be abused in Satanic rituals, they’re money-laundering billions of pounds from illegal drugs and arms profits.

Is it any wonder Pope Ratty Ratzinger did a runner last year when an International Arrest Warrant was issued against him for his sickening crimes?

Queenie herself was also named in the warrant and she too may feel the need to ‘retire’ in the not-too-distant future.

You see, her regal and majestic appearance is nothing but a front, used to disguise her real character.

As in the case of Jimmy Savile, she’s been hoodwinking the Great British Public all these years by pretending to be a hard-working and loyal monarch, when in reality she’s anything but.

What she really is, is one of the biggest criminals ever to have walked the earth.

The mask is slipping though and we may well be about to see the real  Queen Elizabeth at long last.

After all, isn’t it about bloody time she was exposed, once and for all?

4 thoughts on “Filthy Britain’s Biggest Racket

  1. I recall noticing that ‘Queenie’ did in fact scuttle off to hide in her private hospital, crying that she had gastro-enteritis, when the warrant was issued/Ratzinger resigned. I saw a photo of her standing at the hospital doorway with a nurse who had a big masonic buckle on her belt, on Vigilant Citizens site (can’t find it now).
    Gastro-enteritis my arse. Shitting herself about warrant, more likely

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