Operation Cayacos: Is this the beginning of the end for Filthy Britain?

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Does Operation Cayacos, the police investigation into wide-scale child-abuse in the UK, signal the beginning of the end for the filthy British Establishment?

Quite possibly, yes.

According to Exaro News:

” Detectives expect to press charges within weeks in an investigation that was sparked by a question in Parliament about a paedophile ring linked to politicians.

The charges would be the first to result directly from a dramatic intervention in the House of Commons by Tom Watson, the campaigning MP, in October 2012.

Officers on the case were astounded when a bishop in the Church of England came forward to allege that he was sexually abused as a child as a boy.

An eminent businessman also told police that he was sexually abused as a boy. In addition, detectives have interviewed a well-known journalist who reported an attempt to sexually abuse him when he was a boy.

Watson alleged in Parliament that a network run by Peter Righton, the notorious paedophile, reached into the top levels of British politics.”

The investigation is linked to Operation Fairbank which is looking into the shocking case of vulnerable boys who were trafficked from care homes to be abused by VIP filth at the Elm Guest House.

According to Exaro:

” Under ‘Operation Cayacos’, the Met has been conducting a parallel investigation into a network of abusers that over three decades as run by Righton, a convicted paedophile.

Detectives have interviewed 100 people, and are understood to be confident that the evidence is strong enough to support charges.

They are also certain that they have credible witnesses who would be capable of withstanding the ordeal of testifying in court and facing cross-examination.

One source said: ” Witnesses have flooded in from everywhere,” adding that the police expect serious jail sentences to result.

..police believe that in ‘Operation Cayacos’ they have uncovered abuse ” on the Savile scale”, with a high degree of co-ordination by a network of paedophiles”.

The clock is ticking on Britain’s dirty secrets……..


12 thoughts on “Operation Cayacos: Is this the beginning of the end for Filthy Britain?

  1. No chance.

    Expect another few fading, aged personalities/DJ’s to be arrested.
    This’ll keep the Sun readers happy.

    Meanwhile, we all know who the Lords who should be arrested are…..

  2. They’ll just throw us a few fading celebs and minor politicians to keep the dumbed down masses happy.
    We all know who the big names are and they’re untouchable in filthy Britain.

  3. A close freind of mine who died last year spent some years in the intelligence word, he told us Prince philip would often visit brothels as his marriage to the queen was in name only, the mysterious man in the mask with socks named my many boys independently could either be prince philip or he said lord rothschild, the two look similar and could be related, he gave me other info on this which i wont repeat. He did say Princess Margaret loved boys dicks and would often take two lovers at a time, she liked the earthy smell of black men she said. Sir Anthony Blunt has ben named again and again over many years, the police themselves say he was protected by rothschild until he was no more use, cameras installed on the london underground in early experiments showed Blunt and his boyfreind trawling the late night lavatories for boys to bring back for the night. Blunt also would bring young boys to tae with the queen mother, she said to Blunt in front ofa butler, ;you keep my secrets and i will keep yours ” this comes from a man whom i trusted implicitly and wa spart of the brit intelligence world

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