Why was Cyril Smith given a knighthood?

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More proof, if needed, that this country is run by filth.

According to the Daily Star, child-rapist MP, Cyril Smith, was put forward for a knighthood by Lib Dem grandee, David Steel:

THE Liberal Democrats were last night engulfed in a fresh scandal over child sex beast Cyril Smith.

A document obtained by this newspaper reveals it was longtime Liberal party leader David Steel who put Smith forward for a knighthood in 1988.

Nine years earlier, the now Lord Steel had been made aware of allegations that Smith had abused several children in the 1960s.

At the time, his office dismissed the claims, which were published in a magazine, saying: “All he seems to have done is spanked a few bare bottoms.”

Under pressure last year, Lord Steel said he had confronted Smith, who denied wrongdoing and said police had already investigated and closed their file.

That was correct but evidence now suggests Smith, who died in 2010 aged 82, had been a prolific paedophile who should have faced court

And last month the Information Commissioner’s Office ruled that Mr Steel’s involvement in recommending him for a knighthood should be made public.

The Cabinet Office, whose ministers include Lib Dems Nick Clegg and David Laws, spent more than six months trying to hide the revelation from us.

It claimed disclosure would breach data protection rules but the ICO found that there was a “legitimate public interest” in it being disclosed.”

Of course, we’ve all seen that the Queen is more than happy to dish out honours to any piece of filth going, and being a child-abuser appears to be a pre-requisite for a knighthood.

Murderous child-rapist, Jimmy Savile was given honours like confetti. Was he being rewarded for procuring children for the Royals?

Quite possibly, yes.

Queenie is also in the habit of allowing known paedophiles to become her Lord Lieutenants:

” Who are the Queen’s Lord Lieutenants?

According to Wikipedia:

” The title Lord Lieutenant is given to the British monarch‘s personal representatives in the United Kingdom, usually in a county or similar circumscription, with varying tasks throughout history. Usually a retired local notable, senior military officer, peer or business person is given the post honorarily.

Lieutenants were first appointed to a number of English historic counties by Henry VIII in the 1540s.

Lord-lieutenants are the monarch’s representatives in their lieutenancy. It is their foremost duty to uphold the dignity of the Crown, and in so doing they seek to promote a spirit of co-operation and good atmosphere by the time they give to voluntary and benevolent organisations and by the interest they take in the business and social life of their counties.

The lord-lieutenant is supported by a vice lord-lieutenant and deputy lieutenants“.

How very noble.

Or is it?

As with most things in filthy Britain, the Queen’s Lieutenants may not be all they appear to be.

It’s now been revealed that child-rapist and MP for Rochdale, the late Cyril Smith, visited notorious boy-brothel Elm Guest House, where vulnerable boys were trafficked from local care homes.

As in the case of murderous Jimmy Savile, the police knew about Smith’s abuse for years but did nothing.

Were the police given a warning not to fully investigate by the intelligence services, who had been filming VIP child-abuse in order to blackmail the perpetrators?

In a moving eulogy to Cyril Smith, the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, heaped praise on the perverted paedophile:

Cyril Smith was a larger-than-life character and one of the most recognisable and likeable politicians of his day.

I am deeply saddened to hear the news of his death today, and offer my sincere condolences to his family and friends.

“Everybody in Rochdale knew him, not only as their MP but also as a friend.

“He was a true Liberal, dedicated to his constituency, always showing great passion and determination.

“Cyril was a colourful politician who kept the flame of Liberalism alive when the party was much smaller than it is today.

Rochdale and Britain have sadly lost one of their great MPs, and I think we can safely say there will never be an MP quite like Cyril Smith again.”

Why would Clegg pretend he knew nothing about Smith’s child-raping ways when he was obviously aware of all the rumours? Is Nick Clegg himself being blackmailed?

Cyril Smith was knighted in 1988 but less well-known was his appointment as the Queen’s Deputy-Lieutenant for Greater Manchester in 1991. Why were the Royals so fond of the larger-than-life paedophile that they gave him a prestigious and powerful role?”

If the other parties think they’ve got away with it, they bloody well haven’t.

The Labour party has this week been linked to the disgusting Paedophile Information Exchange group, who advocated the age of consent be lowered to just four years old.

The Tories have their own worries with the media on the brink of naming a former cabinet minister who was videoed at a child-abuse party.

We now know that Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg himself used to be a Tory:

At first glance, Nick Clegg is everything he appears to be: a snivelling, two-faced creep who sold his party down the swanny for political and personal gain.

Scratch the surface a little though, and an even more disturbing picture emerges of Clegg’s links to Leon Brittan, the Conservative Party and mysterious VIP child-abuse cover-ups.

Despite professing to being a die-hard Lib Dem, Clegg was once a member of Cambridge University’s Conservative Association. of which Leon Brittan was once chairman:

” In 1992 The Economist wrote that “competition to rise to the top of CUCA is good preparation for a political career in the Conservative Party, for several reasons. Ideology counts for nothing.

What matters is knowing how to make friends and when to stab them in the back. If you cut your political teeth at CUCA, you are liable to end up sporting a sharp set of fangs.”

In 2005 The Daily Telegraph described “a classic CUCA manoeuvre” as being “secretive, conspiratorial, overcomplicated, probably calculated to benefit some chum or other, so clever that it is stupid.”

The list of former chairmen of CUCA makes for very interesting reading.

They include the following:

Geoffrey Howe

Leon Brittan

Norman Fowler

Kenneth Clark

Norman Lamont

Alan Bradley

David Mellor

John Selwyn Gummer

Andrew Mitchell

Simon Milton

Some of these names have been linked to very unpleasant allegations dating back years.”

” Leon Brittan has been Clegg’s political sugar daddy.”

” At exactly the same time Nick Clegg was at Cambridge, records show someone by the name of N. Clegg joined the Cambridge University Conservative Association between 1986 and 1987. Clegg however maintains he has “no recollection whatsoever” of joining the association.

After university, Clegg then worked for EU Trade Commissioner and senior Conservative Party member, Leon Brittan in his private office, as his speech writer and adviser.

After the 2010 general election, Nick Clegg unexpectedly went into a full coalition with the Conservative Party – when he could have accepted a looser Confidence & Supply arrangement between the two parties.”

Leon Brittan himself is a very shady character:

It’s a little known fact that Leon Brittan, was once the director of a company called Life Sciences International Ltd.

His Director ID for this role is listed as: 100274658

The Company Registration number for this company is : 01417123

Despite being worth millions, there is very little information about the company on the internet.

Leon Brittan does not seem to ever mention his links to Life Sciences International Ltd.

….extremely controversial company, Ludgate Communications Ltd, is also registered at the same address as Life Sciences.

Ludgate Communications Ltd was run by the highly-suspicious Derek Laud.

Laud has links to Dolphin Square.

A notorious boy-brothel was in operation at the sordid address and vulnerable boys were trafficked from care homes to satisfy VIP filth.”

So you see, the fact that Cyril Smith was knighted, despite being a perverted child-rapist, is only the tip of the iceberg in the paedophile scandal engulfing the British Establishment.

When the full horror of the true-scale of Britain’s satanic, child-abuse network is finally revealed, this country will be shaken to it’s very foundations.

That day may be coming sooner than you think.




8 thoughts on “Why was Cyril Smith given a knighthood?

  1. It is encouraging to see someone in the media not grovelling before the appalling status quo. However although the vast majority of people in this country want the truth to emerge, it will not. The whole rotten crowd government, policing authorities and of course the deplorable self serving royals will gang up and keep it hidden. Just like at the Freedom of Information Act as one example of selective exclusion!

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