Filthy Britain’s Armageddon

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The severe storms battering Filthy Britain show no signs of abating.

The damage being wreaked on this septic isle of ours is now described as being of ‘biblical proportions.’

Are the battle lines being drawn for a final showdown between the forces of good and evil?

Are the paedophilic, murderous, lying, treasonous, thieving filth who run this country about to be punished with the most mightiest of punishments for their sordid ways?

Isn’t it about time they were called to account for all the misery they’ve inflicted over these decades?

For all the children they’ve snatched from loving parents.

For all the children they’ve raped and abused.

For all the people they’ve murdered who stumbled across their filthy secrets.

For all the treason they’ve committed by selling this once great nation down the swanney.

They deserve to be punished.

And it looks like they soon will be.

After all, throughout history every empire has eventually fallen.

Are these floods a signal that the end is finally nigh for the filthy British Establishment?

We bloody well hope so.

Don’t you?

12 thoughts on “Filthy Britain’s Armageddon

  1. Looks more like HAARP and how many rich morons affected by these current floods have u seen? Until ppl wont start doing their own justice, nothing will change. Sad but true. The crime, the abuse will go on and on and on, with or without floods, drought or else….

  2. I believe that good WILL finally triumph but that there may be a “diabolical contraption” to consider as part of the equation:

    The amount of energy needed to keep the manipulation going long term however (on more than one level) would surely be very costly indeed and I wonder, would the powers that be really feel strong enough to pull such an infernal grand scheme off?

  3. The people are to stupid to realise what’s happening, So long as the idiots can watch millionaires kicking a ball around twice a week nothing else matters.

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