The untold scandal of filthy British celebrities and High Court ‘super-injunctions’

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Rumours abound that certain British celebs have paid thousands of pounds to wangle themselves a super-injunction.

A super-injunction is a legal ‘ gagging order’ that prevents the press from reporting on certain stories.

It appears that many celebs don’t want the public to know about their filthy predilections.

For some unknown reason it also appears that  Britain’s whiter-than-white judges are more than happy to go along with this heinous charade.

Super-injunctions should only be used in extreme cases.

They should only be used to protect the identity of vulnerable children and adults.

Why the hell are High Court judges granting injunctions for wealthy celebs who have been up to filth?

It doesn’t make sense.

Even top judge Neuberger said it is “impossible to verify” the number of rulings being handed down which make it a criminal offence to publish certain information about individuals.

His report into injunctions stated:

“The absence of evidence has encouraged a view that an entirely secret process has developed in the civil courts, and that this is improper in principle, risks neutering press freedom to report matters of public interest and undermines the public’s right to be informed of court proceedings.”

According to an explosive investigation by the Independent there are hundreds of gagging-orders in place today.

They include the following cases:

* A footballer alleging blackmail after a group-sex session in a hotel was captured on mobile phone video

* A male celebrity with a disabled son

* At least four child abusers protecting their new identities

* A company accused of pollution

* A member of the public who didn’t want the press to report his sex change

* A television personality who received death threats

* A woman who had a laptop containing her sex videos stolen

* A paedophile who gained an injunction prohibiting reporting of his rehabilitation trips

* A football manager who strayed

* A gambling spouse

* A betting company that obtained an injunction against disclosing information about its clients’ betting

* A murderer’s ex-girlfriend given a new identity – and the psychiatrist who assessed her

* A blackmailed aristocrat

* A “leading actor” who slept with Helen Wood (only she can be named)

* Tens of Premier League footballers who are family men in public but who are in reality promiscuous cheats

* A media personality who denied alcohol addiction

* A sportsman’s child who is subject to court proceedings

* An actress whose laptop containing intimate photographs was stolen

* At least half a dozen since unmasked, among them the commodities trader Trafigura, Andrew Marr (who broke his own injunction), Sir Fred Goodwin, John Terry and Ryan Giggs (named in Parliament).

Just how many more celebs and VIPs have super- injunctions is not known but without a doubt some very high-profile names are using their wealth to ensure their filthy secrets are kept out of the public domain.

Isn’t it high bloody time the Government put an end to this scandalous situation?

After all, why the hell wouldn’t they?


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