Hypocrite Cliff Richard, forbidden songs, Tony Blackburn, Jet Harris, Jill Dando, Elm Guest House and the tightwad’s thank-you

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It’s becoming clearer, as each day passes, that beloved Christian singer Cliff Richard may not be quite the man we think he is.

Has Cliff hoodwinked the great British public, Jimmy Savile style, by pretending to be a wholesome, celibate, family entertainer?

Quite possibly, yes.

This disturbing article from the Mail, highlights Cliff’s infamous tightwad attitude when it comes to money.

” Tony Blackburn’s defiant broadcast of  forbidden Cliff Richard songs got him temporarily suspended from his job.

So when radio bosses eventually overturned  their ban, you might have expected a grand gesture of gratitude from the singer.

But it seems Sir Cliff’s idea of a big thank  you amounts to just half a bottle of champagne and a card.

Blackburn, now 71, defied controllers at  Classic Gold radio in 2004 when he played Summer Holiday after a bout of  sunshine.

Despite the ban, which ruled  that Sir Cliff’s music did not match the station’s ‘brand values’, the DJ  continued to play his tracks because of positive responses from  listeners.

He was suspended, but after fans inundated  the radio station with complaints and MP Peter Hain, then Leader of the Commons,  voiced his support, Classic Gold relented.

During an interview on ITV1’s Piers Morgan’s  Life Stories, Blackburn said: ‘It struck me as being rather stupid, being on a  60s, 70s and 80s station – Cliff Richard has had over 100 hit records – not to  be playing Cliff Richard.’

Morgan suggested that the 73-year-old pop  star ‘must have been incredibly grateful’, asking: ‘Did he send you  anything?’

Blackburn replied: ‘He sent me a thank-you  card and half a bottle  of champagne.'”

In an even nastier incident, Cliff refused to help his former band member, Jet Harris when he was dying from cancer:

” Jet Harris’s manager last night accused Sir Cliff Richard of being a ‘bloody  hypocrite’.

Peter Stockton launched his vitriolic attack after Harris, an original member  of Sir Cliff’s backing band The Shadows, died from throat cancer aged 71.

He claimed Sir Cliff had failed to offer Harris financial help for medical  treatment – despite a close friend of Harris’s writing to the singer.

Mr Stockton, 63, who managed Harris for the last two years of his life and  announced his death on Friday, said: ‘This man is meant to be a born-again  Christian and humanitarian, but he’s just a bloody hypocrite.

‘Cliff was contacted 18 months ago, by a friend of Jet named Audrey, about  Jet’s cancer.

‘She explained that Jet didn’t have the necessary funds to get specialist  treatment and wondered if Cliff might be able to be of assistance in some way or  other.

‘It wasn’t a direct request for cash although I suppose the intimation was  there. Anyone with any common sense would have said, “Okay, he needs some money  for specialist treatment”.

‘Audrey just got a letter back saying something like, “I’m sorry to hear  about Jet, I suggest that he contact the Macmillan cancer people for help”.’

‘It wasn’t even signed by Cliff, but instead by someone in his office, which is  absolutely disgusting.’

Mr Stockton went on: ‘If Jet had had specialist treatment straight away,  there could well have been a different outcome, but he couldn’t afford it…  though Cliff certainly could.

‘Why didn’t Cliff offer Jet something? It’d be the equivalent of me dropping  5p out of my pocket. It was like kicking a man when he’s down. I feel very, very  angry about the sequence of events. How Cliff can sleep at night is beyond my  comprehension. Sir Cliff Richard? Oh dear!’”

Of course being known as a tight-fisted, twisted piece of filth, is the very least of Cliff’s worries.

Rumours abound that he is linked to notorious boy-brothel the Elm Guest House, where vulnerable children were trafficked from local cares homes to be abused by VIPs.

He may also be linked to the BBC paedophile ring, which was run by Jimmy Savile.

Jill Dando was investigating the ring shortly before her murder and would most certainly have told her close chum Cliff what she knew. Did this contribute to her death?

In strange twist, Cliff was interviewed by the Met police on several occasions following the shooting and was one of the last people to have spoken to Jill on that fateful day in Fulham.

Some voices claim that both Cliff and Jimmy Savile were employed by the Intelligence Services and their disguises as family entertainer and “Christian” singer were thought up by MI5.

As we’ve now discovered, Savile was able to abuse, and possibly murder, children for nigh-on 50 years by hiding behind his false identity.

Has Cliff Richard been doing the same?

Is the real Cliff about to be revealed, after all these years?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?








12 thoughts on “Hypocrite Cliff Richard, forbidden songs, Tony Blackburn, Jet Harris, Jill Dando, Elm Guest House and the tightwad’s thank-you

  1. What a complete load of tosh. If there were more people like Cliff then this world would be a far better place. People need to get a life & not try & pick someone to pieces because they’re too nice – wouldn’t it make more sense to pat them on the back & say ‘good for you’. Full respect for Cliff in this corner – waste time & write something pointless about someone else.

    • I was told 30 odd years ago by my friend whose brother was a CID in Scotland yard that Savil was big time into the dead and ? loved the young boys we asked why do the police do nothing answer was
      Zoe you need to learn
      http://www.childrenscreamingtobeheard.com The silent witnesses here lies the truth
      Maggie Tuttle

  2. @Zoe McDowell – we dont thank u for ur imbecile post. I assume u believe Jimmy Savile was an angel of innocence too and Lady Di was simply killed by paparazzi. The world would be a better place without brainwashed people like u. There are countless proofs incriminating Cliff. Wake up and educate yourself….

    • Countless proof???… The why don’t you come up with all that proof??… There is no proof… This all started by someones stupid notes in form of a so called ‘guest list’ which isn’t even accurate. There is NO proof!

  3. Nothing would surprise me any more. Savile got away with it so why not Cliff and of course poor Jill Dando probably died on CR’s orders.

  4. Maria’s and Zoe’s replies really perplex me. They are obviously not burdened with completely closed minds since they’ve taken the opportunity to read this AM site. Rumours had been circulating around Savile for years and now on his death those rumours appear to have had some substance. I can think of at least a dozen politicians and media stars in the same boat where rumour and conjecture have played a part in the arrest and incarceration of these monsters. Don’t be too hasty to dismiss ‘rumour’ . They don’t exist in a vacuum.

    • karol …. You say don’t be too hasty in dismissing rumour……well I say, “Don’t be too hasty in believing rumour!”

  5. Clearly for some reason there are people that have taken a significant dislike to CR, but to blindly throw around extremely serious accusations his way with zero credible foundation is extremely worrying… I just hope you people don’t get any where near the justice system. People who know nothing yet claim to have all the answers… Self-righteous blind judges

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